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Olympic Basketball 'Predictions'

Have you ever noticed that sportswriters rarely make flat-out predictions? Instead, they tend to make noncommittal, loophole-filled anti-prediction previews that are factually accurate and insightful, yet somewhat frustrating to read. An example, from Michael Wilbon's column about the newly-named U.S. Olympic basketball team: "If the reciting of names can win...

By Lindsay Applebaum | June 24, 2008; 11:39 AM ET | Comments (8)

Welcome to the New 'Gate'

Disgraced referee Tim Donaghy casts the NBA in a bad light with allegations of game-fixing during the 2002 playoffs, and suddenly it's "Refgate." Thank you for that, Michael Wilbon. Have we become so lazy that we have to use the same suffix for every single scandal? I'm taking a stand....

By Lindsay Applebaum | June 12, 2008; 11:52 AM ET | Comments (5)

Roundup: Best of the Week

Looking back on a week of top-notch, borderline offensive comments in sports: -- On the sad Nats: Bob L. Head: losing sucks. the offense sucks. i'm thinking of going fully longterm with longterm. i'm even going to type in all lower case letters until i feel better. which will probably...

By Lindsay Applebaum | May 30, 2008; 01:37 PM ET | Comments (1)

Selling Fouls?

When is a no-call a bad call? When the Lakers' Derek Fisher clearly bumped the Spurs' Brent Barry on Barry's last-second shot last night, official Joey Crawford didn't call a foul. Conspiracy? Not so, writes the Post's Michael Lee: Why wasn't the foul called? Because Barry didn't sell it well...

By Lindsay Applebaum | May 28, 2008; 02:57 PM ET | Comments (3)

Caption Contest

What's going on between the Lakers' Pau Gasol and the Spurs' Manu Ginobili? Caption it up. (Lucy Nicholson -- Reuters)...

By Lindsay Applebaum | May 27, 2008; 03:51 PM ET | Comments (12)

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