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Letter to the Editor: Donna Brazile

Donna Brazile, the political strategist and D.C. superdelegate, called in to take issue with today's Page One story about the disconnect between the superdelegates and local D.C. delegates to next week's Democratic National Convention. A former aide to Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Brazile has remained active in local city affairs even as she's risen to the highest ranks of national political circles. (The Post had attempted to contact her ahead of time for the story, but she was on vacation and unable to be reached.)

This morning, Brazile left this telephone message for the Post:

"The people you played gotcha with? The shadow senators and shadow represenatives would not even be superdelegates had it not been for the support I got from Minyon Moore and Harold Ickes. So while it's nice to play gotcha--and God knows you can't play gotcha with me; I was Eleanor's chief of staff for 10 years and know a lot more about that delegation than anybody will ever know. And hell yeah I'm glad I am a [big] shot even though I'm not all that big. But we got the damn superdelegates in that category because of those people. It would have been nice to be a little kinder and not [make it] look like we're a bunch of out-of-touch, don't-care District residents who pay some of the highest taxes in the country, because we do. And those unions you mentioned have given Eleanor Holmes Norton broad support for her statehood effort and have helped the D.C. statehood people raise money. And when the state party couldn't come up with funds ... it was me who called those unions and asked for resources.

"I wish I was in town to set the record straight. It was insulting to read that and I'm going to tell my colleagues when I see them in Denver not to be so arrogant and not push the supers away because those supers have been very supportive of D.C. politics the last 25 years I've been involved."

By David A Nakamura  |  August 21, 2008; 2:02 PM ET
Categories:  2008 Presidential Race  
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Nakamura strikes again!

Posted by: stecky | August 21, 2008 2:36 PM | Report abuse

Wow...bitter much Donna? The superdelegates who couldn't even name their councilmember or the council chair should be ashamed of themselves no two ways about it....

Posted by: The District | August 21, 2008 3:38 PM | Report abuse

Between the Washington Post's Fenty Flunky Nakamura or the Fenty Administration itself, I don't know who hurts the prospect of a voting District Congressional Representative the most.

Neither do their homework before opening their trap.

Nakamura may as well quite his position with the post and become the Mayor's PIO. (Public Information Officer). He is anything BUT non-biased.

Posted by: Ward6ForNow | August 21, 2008 3:39 PM | Report abuse

I'm with "The District." Ms. Brazile may have some valid points, but for someone who claims to be a voice of reason for the Democratic Party (that's the purpose of Superdelegates, right?) to not know the name of their councilmember... that's inexcusable.

All politics is local...

Posted by: BrentwoodGuy | August 21, 2008 7:37 PM | Report abuse

Can someone enlighten me on this quote from Donna:

And when the state party couldn't come up with funds ... it was me who called those unions and asked for resources.

When did "the unions" pony up for funds that the state party didn't have? Is she saying that DC's national unions and their locals BAILED OUT the DC Democratic Party? When did this happen? What unions?

Posted by: uniongal | August 21, 2008 11:33 PM | Report abuse

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