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Voicemails From Barry to Ex-Girlfriend Leaked Online

A series of voice mails in which Marion Barry alternately cajoles and spurns his ex-girlfriend, Donna Watts-Brighthaupt, were posted online today by Washington City Paper (note: clips and transcripts contain crude language). The alt weekly received the recordings from Watts-Brighthaupt's husband, Delonta, from whom she is separated. Some excerpts follow.

"Delonta has his thumb on you and his foot on your neck and you don't know now. You got to tell him what I said and I said it because you won't tell him that he's responsible for this ... that he's wrecked your life. He's caused you to lose job after job ... and tell him also he better not call my house or do nothing because I'm gonna call the police if I see him. He threatens me, I'm gonna call the police. If he touches me, I'm gonna call the police. If he does anything, I'm gonna call the police. Simple as that. I'm gonna have his ass locked up for as long as I can. That's one way to get him out of your life."

The next voice mail appears to refer to a city contract like the one Barry gave Watts-Brighthaupt:

"If I sign this contract and you don't put together this support team to take the stress off me [unintelligible] and I want you to deal with every aspect of it as to why you shouldn't go to a psychiatrist, why you shouldn't have a support team, medical team, there's more cognition of what you have now and look at all your medical needs [unintelligible] why you shouldn't hold accountable the person that got you into this mess in the first place that's the No. 1 issue, you acknowledge that he's responsible for you [unintelligible] and um and why he shouldn't have anything to do with your house-cleaning and your kids."

The next two voicemails refer to an incident at the Wilson Building where Barry had Watts-Brighthaupt's husband removed from the building after finding out they'd be attending a film screening there:

"I didn't want you to get upset. He called me about a week and a half ago and made some threatening things to me ... so if he comes in here, the cops gonna put him out and if he refuses to go out, they gonna arrest him. I'm gonna be here. I'm gonna point him out to the police and I'm not gonna be in it. They gonna go over to him and tell him to leave. Alright? So if you want that kind of scene down here with you and with all your friends and the Chairman and Harry. ... I'm gonna call your mother after I send this after I send this, uh, e-mail out to you and starting tomorrow I'm gonna talk to other people about how you off on the deep end and you won't save your life and they'll talk to you because they love you like I do. Goodbye."

"Donna, I told you I was going to, that I been threatened and I was gonna do something about it. You didn't get in here, did you? You could've, but Delonta got up here, but he had to get his butt out of here. Police want me to file a warrant on you, but I don't want to do that. And I'm not, you know, I'm not interested in doing any of that. I'm interested in my life and I'm interested in saving your life so I want to meet with you and negotiate some way that you can work on saving your life and not be threatened by Delonta. That's it. As long as he doesn't threaten me and etcetera, he be part of the solution."

Finally, Barry leaves several messages saying he's going to cut off the relationship and then seeking to meet with Watts-Brighthaupt to mend fences:

"Donna, you don't have to answer your home phone but let me just say that I'm addicted to you. Don't call me back. I will not take a call from you. I'm not gonna call you so this is it. Don't call me back. I was trying to be amicable about it if we could. It's not right for us to have gone through all this whatever...I do apologize to you it and I'm not asking you to apologize to me. I'm just gonna end it. I like to end it amicably like I done most of my relationships and you've done most of yours. ... And tell Delonta he don't have to worry. He can go anywhere he wants to go, if it's an affair down here at the Wilson building, he can come with you, without you, etc. ... I'm doin' it because it's right to do. God would not like for me or you to do what we been doin'. And I prayed on it and God said: 'Stop it. Stop it.' And I'm stopping it."

By Christopher Dean Hopkins  |  July 8, 2009; 6:01 PM ET
Categories:  D.C. Council  
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Better yet: July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month.


Posted by: MikeLicht | July 9, 2009 1:04 AM | Report abuse

Ebonics at its finest.

Posted by: mintchocolatechip | July 9, 2009 8:35 AM | Report abuse

"The b*tch's husband set me up."

Posted by: tresangelas | July 9, 2009 10:31 AM | Report abuse

What a character...what characters! You must love the texture Marion Barry has added to our experiences. No need to slavishly submit to the television spectacle for the underclass when right here, the Post of Washington, the venerable Post of Washington, gives us wonderful tales about Magical Marion Barry. Only problem I have with these stories belong on the comics page. That way, we won't confuse them with anything important.

Posted by: howardrhart | July 9, 2009 10:56 AM | Report abuse

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