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Booker to Bloomberg: Shave Your Head Like Fenty to Ensure Re-Election

Two mayors with whom Adrian Fenty has been allied in the past appeared on "Meet the Press" this past weekend, and the D.C. mayor's name came up. Cory Booker of Newark, whom Fenty has fundraised with, and Michael Bloomberg of New York, whom Fenty has collaborated with in advocating stronger gun laws, discussed the economy, swine flu preparations, and Bloomberg's pending re-election campaign on the show.

Here's what they and moderator David Gregory had to say on the latter topic:

MR. GREGORY: Before you both go, I want to talk politics.

Mayor Bloomberg, you're up for re-election for a, for a third term, and here's the headline recently about the poll. Polls suggest the mayor may be losing some ground. You were up in June by 22 percent -- 22 points, rather, over William Thompson, your, your rival. Now that's narrowed to 10 points. Why do you see the race tightening?

MAYOR BLOOMBERG: Well, number one, the polls don't matter other than the one that's taken on November 3rd, Election Day.

MR. GREGORY: I've heard that before.

MAYOR BLOOMBERG: Right. Number two, I think of -- some of these things are how you ask the question. But number three, I can't worry about that. I got elected twice because people wanted me to listen to them and then do what I think is right and stand up to the -- even if it's not good politically, but just focus on not giving away the store, making sure the government is efficient and delivers the kinds of services people want for the least cost. And I'm going to continue to do that. That will resonate with some people, and others say, "No, no, no. I want to have a political environment where I can get my friend appointed, or I don't want to change something because it's worked and I'm comfortable with it." And I happen to think there are new things you can do all the time, and if you don't you won't have a future. And I'm just going to do what I think is right.

MR. GREGORY: As you know, Mayor Booker's very politically astute, and on Twitter he recently offered some sage advice. This is what he wrote: "My advice for Bloomberg re-election: Fenty" -- talking about the mayor of Washington, D.C. -- "and I both have liberated scalps. If Mike shaves his head, young, hip vote is his, victory assured." So, Mayor, you can make news here. Will you shave your head for re-election?

MAYOR BLOOMBERG: Let me equivocate on that and, and duck the issue. But I think -- my hair is falling out at sufficient rate that I won't have to shave it. It's going to be gone.

MAYOR BOOKER: It's for a pre-emptive strike. It's time for a pre-emptive strike.

MAYOR BLOOMBERG: I know you're going to say that.

By Christopher Dean Hopkins  |  August 10, 2009; 11:23 AM ET
Categories:  Mayor Fenty  
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What difference does it make whether a politician's head is shaven or not? What is inside their head -- specifically a MIND -- should be what matters. Clearly all three municipalities have more pressing concerns: budget, crime, schools, etc. To shave or not to shave is hardly the question.

Posted by: southyrndiva | August 10, 2009 2:12 PM | Report abuse

southyrndiva - thats why we have the crappy mayor we have now... looks!!! I read this wondering why someone would even care to mention this story...

Posted by: boo2 | August 10, 2009 4:14 PM | Report abuse

I have noticed that Fenty's bald head is often shiny with sweat on tv (not attractive) and he has this big ugly vein that pulses and shows through his scalp. His kind of bald is not attractive unless he wears a hat.

And I like bald heads!

Posted by: tm7333 | August 12, 2009 8:31 PM | Report abuse

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