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Police union undecided on mayor's race

Washington Post Editors

It turns out that the 100 or so police officers who work for Protective Services are still undecided in the D.C. mayoral election between Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray and incumbent Adrian M. Fenty.

On Tuesday, D.C. Wire reported that Fraternal Order of Police lodges representing guards at the D.C. Jail, employees with the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services and Protective Services police officers had endorsed Gray (D). The information was based on a news release distributed by the labor committee of the Department of Corrections' union and other FOP leaders.

But Michael Wilhelm, secretary of the FOP Protective Services labor committee, said the release was premature in stating his organization's support for Gray. Wilhelm said that, although his union's chairperson indicated to other FOP leaders that she supports Gray, the Protective Services executive board has not voted on which candidate will win the official endorsement.

"We intend to make one," said Wilhelm, adding that an endorsement could come by the end of the week. "At this time, we are not prepared to endorse any candidate."

By Tim Craig  |  July 14, 2010; 11:47 AM ET
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All of you are so quick to taint Fenty, including Mr Loose Lips.. that you are forgetting that you are journalist.

Posted by: pdv1 | July 14, 2010 5:15 PM | Report abuse


They aren't Journalists. They are Gossip columnists.

When have you ever heard Nikita do anything but gossip. Have you ever heard her make a policy argument? How about Debonis? Ever read him make a point of his own that was not a critic or a restatement of a critic. Never.

They are gossip columnists. They are more interested in raising emotion than broadening perceptive. They are salavating for a "gottcha" moment.

Remember when they reported for three days that Rhee had a budget surplus when those teachers were fired? Then, it turned out that it never happened. Did that shame them? No.

And, what about this BULLCRAP Parks investigation that will now...suprise suprise...take until after the primary to release its findings? This investigation started in October of last year. If they haven't found anything illegal in a year..>they aren't going to find anything.

But, they will take thier leaks (Gossip) from it until that time.

Now when they drop the investigation...will you gossip columnists apologize to the private citizens that you tarred and feathered? Of course not, that isn't good gossip.

They just move on to qouting people like Robert Brannum as "concerned citizens" and people like Ron Moten "Cronies."

The people that built Gray's fence for free (before he was forced to pay for it) were "long-time friends" while Fenty's suppporters and "frat brothers...falling upward" Like a 100 year old fraternity with 200,000 members was created in order to get over on Vince Gray's City Council.

They are playing to thier fan base. Nikita, Debonis, the new resident smart-butt on Loose Lips are the scribes for the Anyone but Fenty movement.

They don't check facts first. And, they repeat whatever gossip they can find.

What they need to be reporting is the number of signatures that Gray is handing in tomorrow or that he has already turned in. Fenty did 21,000. There are only about 100k people voting. That is 21% of the vote on his signiture list.

Does that sound like someone that is playing hide and seek with voters? Sounds more like "walking and seeking out voters" to me.

Then, these debates that Fenty did not show to. Lets look at what the common thread was. In the first, the moderator was to be Colbert King. A articulate and insightful Fenty opponent. The second was Robert Brannum, one of the most intense Rhee/Fenty haters in the city. In the two previous debates..Gray supportes interupted him, insulted him and boo'ed him. That is ridiculous. Gray's campaign wants to make everything a circus. Name calling, subjective reporters.

Fenty was wise to knock on doors and go to intersections. He let Gray stand in the room by himself and throw out sacracstic insults. If Fenty is not there, people won't pay much attention to Gray. He is very Blah when he doen't get to put the word Crony in a sentence.

Posted by: politicalrealist | July 15, 2010 10:41 AM | Report abuse

Classy Debonis at it again.

This man just said that the election is about style. Wow!

Then, he fights for Gray with Rose-Barras.

Mike...who do you work for? Wow!

Posted by: politicalrealist | July 15, 2010 11:15 AM | Report abuse

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