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Dueling videos in mayor's race

Tim Craig

After more than two dozen candidates forums, three televised debates and numerous radio and television commercials, the Sept. 14 Democratic primary for mayor is coming down to a battle of the YouTube videos.

In one video, "Fenty Must Go," a resident produces a scathing critique of the Fenty administration. The video takes aim at the mayor's record, leadership style and his association with Peaceoholics co-founder Ronald Moten.

In another, Moten releases the latest installment in his series of music videos designed to promote Fenty's record. "Oh You, Fenty, Huh" features Stinky Dink, Kel Extraordinaire, Sike G and STINKY & Wali. The catchy video, uploaded on the mayor's Facebook page, credits Fenty for building new parks and recreational centers, cutting crime and improving schools.

By Tim Craig  |  September 10, 2010; 6:10 PM ET
Categories:  2010 District Election  
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Wow. I found the first video really ghetto and thought it painted Fenty with too broad of a stroke. The information scrolled at the end was effective, however, in showing all of the reasons one should not vote for Fenty. I thought the second video by the Fenty campaign was creative - however, I still question why Fenty feels like the only way to appeal to African American voters is to rap and host go go concerts. Both videos were disappointing for their own reasons.

Posted by: LoveTheCapitol | September 10, 2010 8:14 PM | Report abuse

Fenty is A fool,he let a street corner retarded snake like Moten pull the wool over eyes. Fenty just woke up about three weeks ago that Moten con him real good. His campaingn leader is no match 4 Moten. None of them don't know anybody in this city,Moten had them fools thinking he speak 4 the people. what i mean is the lower income residents inthe city. Moten is hustling this election in everyway he can. Fenty forgot that Moten is the same guy that hated him when he was an ANC up in ward 4. every body in them video,is getting paid. Moten is over charging the campaign 4 every GO-GO act he bring on board. Wali and some of the other like Big G,moten pay them a couple hundred a week 2 hang around him when he go in 2 some of the area 2 help with his creditblity. i know that them same vans who brought and payed the voter 2 vote 4 FENTY,FENTY was greeting all the people who Moten paid 2 vote right at the election door. these are the same vans who move the GO-GO people around the last three weeks. they are all rented by the FENTY campaign. have a good day...

Posted by: alleyes | September 10, 2010 9:16 PM | Report abuse

Love the 1st video. It speaks beyond personality. The 2nd one is more of the same.

Posted by: thelildiva4u | September 10, 2010 10:20 PM | Report abuse

WOW! I am actually disgusted by the first video. That lady in the beginning is the epitome of what is wrong with the "old" DC mentality. People seem to think they are entitled to a government job with benefits without being educated or working hard. I am an African-American male who has worked hard to come from nothing and to make something of my life. Seeing people like this complain b/c they aren't getting enough in handouts is truly shameful.

Some clarity about the day care "closures" they are referencing... the centers were never closed. They were privatized. The United Planning Organization (UPO) now operates all of the day care programs that were previously run by DPR. For the record, I don't think the Stoddert Terrace location is closed permanently for business as they alluded to in the video. It looks like they went on a day when it was not open (maybe a weekend or a holiday). I plan to see for myself on Monday.

The programs were privatized b/c unlike what was stated in the video, it was costing the District tons of money. The centers were under-enrolled and over-staffed, causing a major budget gap. DC was spending over $4M a year to provide daycare services for a little more than a hundred kids. This was an terrible waste of money and I am glad it was stopped. When UPO assumed leadership, parents didn't even have to re-enroll their kids, so there was never a break in service.

The worst thing about some of these programs were the quality. Many of them were staffed by people like the woman in this video who complains she lost her job. Honestly, would you want a woman like that taking care of your child? I know I wouldn't. Well she and people like her were receiving salaries ranging from $35,000 - 70,000 a year plus benefits AND this is without having any certification or background in Early Childhood Education. Some didn't even have a HS diploma. The ones who did (really the majority) were hired by UPO, but for those with no education and no credentials, they weren't hired. Whose fault is that? And from this woman's behavior it is no wonder.

The other lady who said there is NO opportunity for black people in this city is equally disturbing. There are tons of opportunities for people who actually want to stay in school, abide by the law, and work hard. Lots of people choose not to take advantage of them. There are kids in 3rd world countries who would kill to have the kinds of chances for school and college that DC youth are afforded. Let's keep things in perspective.

Thank you for making this video b/c it just reminded me exactly why I would NEVER vote for Gray. The majority of his "supporters" don't want smart growth and efficient government, they want a handout. They're not mad at Moten getting contracts, they're mad that they aren't getting their cut.

People like the ones in the video above are the product of Marion Barry style government.

Hopefully others will see the light before it's too late... VOTE FENTY 2010!

Posted by: At-willEmployee | September 10, 2010 10:48 PM | Report abuse

I watched the 1st video and it's raw and straight from the heart and not a high priced, staged production like the 2nd video.

The disclaimer states that the 1st video was produced by" pissed-off DC residents at no cost." The people are mad as HE!! and fighting back.

I love it! It’s so inspiring to see DC residents, regardless of their social economic status, take an act role in the democratic process and speak- out for what they believe and their forgotten communities.

Yes, the 1st video is an EXCELLENT tool to get the disenfranchised off their butts and out to the polls.

KUDOS to the residents that produced it and I’m sending video #1 to everyone I know to incite even more disdain for the Mayor.

Fenty is anti-poor and he wants to rid the city of everyone that earns less than 200K a year.

To those that stated the video is too “ghetto”; well, sorry but we all don’t live in 500K homes and there are still a few low-income housing complexes that Fenty hasn’t bulldozed and turned into condos.

The late, great Senator Paul Wellstone said, “a politics that is not sensitive to the concerns and circumstances of people's lives, a politics that does not speak to and include people, is an intellectually arrogant politics that deserves to fail.”

Fenty discounted the poor and low income residents and now they are speaking out and galvanizing others to discount him at the polls.

Bye, bye Fenty!

On another note, did anyone pick-up the strange occurrence in the 1st video:

Please watch it and pay close attention to how the Mayor of the Nation’s Capital is standing behind Moten at the press conference with Big G. Fenty has his head bowed and he’s in a submissive, scared stance. Something ain’t right with this picture!

I don’t know what’s up with those two, but it will make national headlines if it’s ever exposed. Please post your thoughts after you watch it; I’m just saying, it’s weird to see Fenty constantly defending Moten and in Moten’s presence Fenty is so submissive !!

The 2nd video is another attempt for Fenty to Pimp the poor via his, sorry I meant dc taxpayers’ $10 million dollar man – Ron Moten.

Posted by: dcnatives | September 11, 2010 1:12 AM | Report abuse


Sounds like Fenty's new campaign strategist, Anita Dunn, gave you the "race baiting; poor people need to get off their good for nothing butts; no more free government cheese, talking points."

This ain't the Midwest and your tea party rhetoric will not sway any new votes for Fenty.

Posted by: dcnatives | September 11, 2010 1:29 AM | Report abuse


I wrote in the 1st comment- take an act role...

It should read- take an "active" role in ...

Posted by: dcnatives | September 11, 2010 1:36 AM | Report abuse

Interesting.1) So the women in the 1st video is Ghetto but the go-go isn't? Even after the clearly violate musice copyright laws? Ok folks now we have subsets of ghetto 2) as stated in the video this was federal funding 3) I have a hard time believing that a ward w/ a high perctage of number of households headed by single women has daycares that are underenrolled. I'm going to guess you don't have children b/c anyone who does or knows someone knows that the going rate is between $ 900 and up. I'm sure that this would be a cost burden on many households and especially those in this neighborhood. So the low rate was the usual spin of the Fenty campaign. Also they just closed those center and there was no transition period. In the video it mentions that Wards 1, 2 and 3 didn't close. Why? Were they not staffed by the same ghetto people? Are there more kids in those wards? 4) I don't think she wanted a hanout bQc as she states she was employed. If she needed additional skills then training should have been offered. Now she really has to rely on employment if she doesn't have a job. The funny thing is the she more than likely receive training from UPO (which is a non-profit) not private. Lastly love your boot strap storty I hope this applies to Frat brother and People like Kelly Valentine girlfriend of the Mayors wife) or how about all those unqualified people nominated to boards and commisions? Hsrtstock? One could even say Rhee isn't qualified to head a school but she has "experience" in the classroom.

Your coment was very elitist and I bet you would think Jesus himself wanted a handout and claim he wanted to "go back" to the Berry days. Way to marginalize the poor and their issues.
On that note I think there is noway this city could do that. We have too many residents and groups who understand how to hold politicians accountable.

Posted by: thelildiva4u | September 11, 2010 7:54 AM | Report abuse

Also didn't the mayor just announce YESTERDAY on the job training at the Depat of Employment Service? I bet Daycare aid is one of them. Sorry for the mistake rushing out but had to comment

Posted by: thelildiva4u | September 11, 2010 8:00 AM | Report abuse

The quote from the late Sen. Wellstone is right on point for the Fenty administration. The quote says, “a politics that is not sensitive to the concerns and circumstances of people's lives, a politics that does not speak to and include people, is an intellectually arrogant politics that deserves to fail.”

The late Sen Wellstone’s statement rings true for Fenty and the Senator’s final words "deserves to fail" will come to fruition for the Mayor on Sept 14, 2010.

Posted by: GoldCoast | September 11, 2010 9:39 AM | Report abuse

LOL! I don't speak for Fenty or Anita Dunn, I speak for myself. And I am laughing out loud at being called an elitist with "Midwest tea party rhetoric"! LOL!

I am a black man, born and raised in this great city. I live in this city and work in this city. I bought my first and current home in this city and while I don't have any kids yet, I plan to raise them and put them to school in this city. I love DC, which is why I don't want to see it fall back into the mess it used to be back when I was coming up.

And the late Senator would turn in his grave if he thought for a second his words were being misinterpreted the way they are by you.

Politics should be sensitive and inclusive, but you need to wake up and realize that politics isn't going to raise your child, it's not going to give you a job, and it's not going to move you forward. It can help you do those things, but you need to take initiative or you will never get anywhere except for making silly youtube videos.

Vote Fenty in 2010!

Posted by: At-willEmployee | September 11, 2010 10:43 AM | Report abuse

So my guess was correct about you not having kids your comment showed your disconnect to the daycare situation. So you work for the city, interesting and you must be an at-will employee meaning that you could lose employment if the election goes to Gray.

More than likely you’re a mid-level manager who came into the District Gov't w/ a mindset that all employees that have been working more than 10 years in city gov’t are lazy and unqualified. You more than likely starting to terrorize them so you could be the lone manager who got rid of those no good employees.

Well, for the record black can be elitist too. I’m African-American, my son was born here, I was born here, mother was born here and grandmother was born here. And wow we all own our own homes.

At-will said “Politics should be sensitive and inclusive, but you need to wake up and realize that politics isn't going to raise your child, it's not going to give you a job, and it's not going to move you forward. It can help you do those things, but you need to take initiative or you will never get anywhere except for making silly YouTube videos”

Fenty was neither sensitive nor inclusive, which he has admitted. But politics should neither allow you to send your child to a better school because “you know people” ****cough Lafayette and Oyster***** politics shouldn’t allow you to have the inside track on contracts so that you can “move forward” from on top off a Dry Cleaners to a $700,000 home on the gold coast with a new porches ***cough*** Sinclair Skinner.

If you were referencing the lady in the video when you mentioned “helping you do things” I can only believe that this is what she was trying to do. It seems that she was mad b/c he took that opportunity from her which may have required her to go on unemployment. Instead of saying (if this is the case) hey let’s get you some training so you can become certified and be self sufficient. I call that initiative. If she went on unemployment you would have beat her down for that.

So it’s a no win and your eyes. It’s obvious that you have distain for those who are poor and lack a British accent or aren’t a size four. Those who “know politicians” and use these relationships to move up are ok. But, kick, beat, punch the poor for being poor and push them out b/c this city is no longer for them. They don't have the income to the politically relationship to be here.

So go-go videos aren’t silly? Way to marginalize those who at the very least try to participate in the politically process.

Posted by: thelildiva4u | September 11, 2010 11:54 AM | Report abuse

Here is video about the closings.

Posted by: thelildiva4u | September 11, 2010 12:06 PM | Report abuse

It is amazing to read comments that put down hard working people simply because they do not posess a college degree. In the first video you see a former daycare worker who has worked for many years caring for children of working professionals. The question is, would these working professionals have been able to pursue their careers without those trained and certified daycare professionals? What most people don't know is that funds to run the daycare program under DC Parks and Recreation were federal funds and no DC taxpayer funds were ever appropriated to DC Parks and Recreation. The program was a nationally accredited, gold star program. The classification of the lady in the video as "ghetto" could be construed as being as arrogant as the mayor himself. It was not that long ago that the grandmother or great grandmother of the person who made that negative comment was cleaning the home or caring for the children of someone with more resources and education, but while doing so maintained the highest level of dignity and pride.

Is seems odd that people of the District don't see that the mayor is more than willing to sell out the workers of the District, those who actually provide the services they expect and enjoy, to the lowest bidder as long as they contribute to his campaign. The evidence of that has been presented all too many times. Another thing that people should know is that none of the renovation projects in DC Recreation centers was begun with the Fenty Administration. The plans for these projects precede his being elected to office. The timing of his taking office allowed he and his friends to take advantage of the funds he could control or divert simply because he became mayor.

If Fenty is reelected, you can expect to see more money steered toward his friends and more government contracts given without due process. This raises other questions, is any of the money being steered toward his friends coming back to him? Is he getting his "cut" of the proceeds?

Organized labor, with whom he has refused to meet at any time during his term, will continue to be attacked. It is a well known fact that Fenty views workers's rights as an impediment to government reform and uses the people's attorney to find legal ways to justify his acts.

If Adrian Fenty is reelected, the District of Columbia will no longer be a city in which the residents can take pride, but one which will go down as the scandal capitol of the country.

Posted by: AFGEPrez | September 11, 2010 12:49 PM | Report abuse

This article is from Fox5 on 8/31/09

Daycares Closing; Workers Fired in D.C.

WASHINGTON - Over 160 D.C. child care workers are losing their jobs and more than a dozen child care centers, mostly in Wards 6, 7 and 8, are being shut down.
It's a move by D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty's administration to privatize the system run by the Department of Parks and Recreation.
The centers are slated to be shut down by September 30th, but some city leaders are fighting the move.

Council Member Harry Thomas Jr. is the Chairman of the Department of Parks and Recreation. He has introduced emergency legislation and the Council unanimously passed it. It requires the Mayor to provide analysis of the impact of the closings prior to the closing or relocation of any of the services.
The Administration has not complied.
Now hundreds of families are scrambling to find day care.

McKinney hasn't been able to work in weeks. She has no one to watch her 2-year old daughter, Vegas. She says, "It hurts me tremendously to know that child care is holding me back from going back to work."
The D.C. school bus driver counted on the daycare services at Malcolm X Elementary in South East. Now the center and dozens more are being shut down.

Williams has worked with DPR as a child care provider for more than 10-years. She says she was suddenly let go and has not been paid. She blames the mayor.
She says, "It is a mess and Mayor Fenty made the mess."

Mayor Fenty eliminated the budget for the early childhood and out of school time programs for next fiscal year. It's a move to privatize the system. It's forcing the closure of at least 20 D.C. run child care centers.

Now hundreds of families have no where to go or are faced with the tough task of finding other government run child care programs.

"This is a major crisis for us," says Parisa Norouzi of Empower D.C., It's an advocacy group that's helping to fight the move. She says, "These programs were fully funded from federal money from the child care block grant and head start funds. This was not a local budget issue.

D.C. Council Member Harry Thomas, Jr. chairs the Department of Parks and Recreation. He says what's going on is "outrageous".

Thomas says Fenty has so far ignored a request to deliver analysis of the impact of the closings and proposed privatization. He's vowing to take action.
"We have families, workers and residents that are dependent on this and by closing these centers we're only going to harden the system," Thomas says.

Thomas plans to hold hearings, and DPR's worker's union has filed a lawsuit against the District. D.C. Attorney General Peter Nichols' office says he had not seen the lawsuit.

McKinney says it's all politics that's leaving D.C.'s smallest citizens and their families at risk.

Posted by: dcnatives | September 11, 2010 2:29 PM | Report abuse

i'm with you lildiva4u, although i came from very humble beginnings, albeit that i'm a dc resident transplanted from n.c., i too have the notion that Fenty and certain subscribers to his philosophy don't give a damn about the disenfranchised save for attempting to placate them with a few rec centers and libraries. i guess the thinking is: if you're poor, go to the library and become smart then go to the rec centers and work off your frustrations as you advance, THEN pull your lazy selves up by your bootstraps and rise. while it is admirable to rise above one's circumstances, provisions (define them as you choose)have to be made for the disadvantaged. (i believe most of our civil rights leaders would have embraced this view - oh, but that's right, those Fenty'ites see civil rights leaders as rabble rousers and trouble makers).

i believe that our society risks peril when it attempts to eviscerate the poor. so many of us who have "arrived" have this "i've-pulled-myself-up-by-my-bootstraps-why-can't-you" mentality. what you will never hear them tell you is the people they stepped on during their "ascents".

Posted by: | September 11, 2010 2:39 PM | Report abuse

FACT CHECK: The number of day care slots did not reduce. Access to day care was centralized into one agency - the Office of the State Superintendent for Education as part of broader early education strategy. Federal funds are still used on day care. Those employees were not paid by 100% federal funds. The purpose of the day care program is to provide day care slots it is not an employment program.

Posted by: jmc39 | September 11, 2010 4:17 PM | Report abuse

JMC39 is there a link? Nobody said that this was an employment program. If the worker in the program had experience like Rhee but didn't have the right edu background like Rhee then why wasn't she given an oppunity to keep her job like rhee. Is b/c she didn't have the right dialict? Was she not the right size? Wrong neighborhood? Why hold a press conf for "Big G" to get his job back and not others? Is Radio one an employment agency? Knowing how bad unployment is especially in certain parts of the Wards within this city why not provide them w/ training? Even if the weren't keep on they would now have the correct edu along with their "experience" to work else where thus giving them the ability to become protective tax-paying citizens who don't need to rely on govt human services? Again if we aren't providing employment programs why would the Mayor announce an on the job multi million dollar program YESTERDAY? Again child care workers and aids are always within job training programs? Why lie and say they were underenrolled when in fact they stop accepting applications for new parents to apply? Lastly hollaring fact check doesn't mean "just believe me"

Posted by: thelildiva4u | September 11, 2010 7:20 PM | Report abuse

thelildiva4u et al

Go to and look at the budget chapters for DPR that explain the changes to day care centers. Also go to to watch the Council hearings on the budget where the Executive testifies before the Council on the day care slots.

Posted by: jmc39 | September 12, 2010 12:00 AM | Report abuse

The first video shows how people are entitled to their opinion; however those opinions should not be stated FACT when they are actually MYTHS.

MYTH (1) from the video: Closed the Department of Mental Health (DMH)

FACT on getting results:

a. Providing school based mental health services in 58 DC Public and Charter Schools
b. Opened new state of the art Saint Elizabeths Hospital which has contributed to a reduction of fixed costs by over $ 8 million

MYTH (2) HIV rates climbed to its highest level and the federal budget for HIV prevention/education was mismanaged

FACT on getting results:

a. Released the third HIV epidemiology report which showed our first ever decline in new AIDS cases and deaths from AIDS.

MYTH (3) Handling of the Banita Jack's case. Fired workers without knowing the true extent of how their cases loads had jumped. Didn't provide the resources to help caseworkers.

FACT on getting results: The fired workers did not have high caseloads. The child welfare agency has the caseloads well below the national average. The child welfare budget is one of the largest per capita in the nation.

MYTH (4) Planned to cut housing for homeless families.

FACT on getting results: The budget for homeless services has increased during the Fenty administration (see Over 1000 homeless individuals and families have

MYTH (5) DDOT director is also co-owner of Zip Cars.

FACT on getting results: DDOT director is not a co-owner of ZipCars. DDOT services have improved - increases in the % of parking meters working daily; increases in potholes filed withing 48 hours; increases of Street lights fixed within schedule of service (based on type of repair) see

Posted by: jmc39 | September 12, 2010 12:02 AM | Report abuse

There is no justification to the devastation that Fenty’s administration has caused to many districts workers, parents and families. It is quite disturbing to try to defend the indefensible when the insensitive and desperate major is now shamefully “repenting”. The excuse given by him and his wife is that he has been moving at such a very speedy pace to the point of missing to engage and listen to the constituents. And anyone has seen the response they have gotten from the residents.
The fact of the matter is that, this is not a basic step that Fenty and his team do not know about or simply forgot to take. In fact in 2006, he had successfully led a campaign of proximity and engagement, scrolled every possible street and knocked at as many doors as possible to solicit residents’ vote. At a golden moment of project implementation and contracts ”awarding”, him and his administration unilaterally made their decision discounting community residents. As you know, in community economic development, there is one thing to build a structure, but another one to do it with and to the benefit of the community members. Ward 7 & 8 of the District should not be satisfied because the city has used some of their taxes dollars to build or renovate edifices that their communities like any other are entitled to. The city progress should include all citizens from all social and economic classes. It is very sad this election has polarized the city along racial lines and this is only reflective to the policies and practices of this administration. It would be absurd to think that disagreeing with him or not voting for him is synonymous of not siding for progress. The fact of matter is Fenty (puppet) and his Etat-major have their own agenda and it is apparent how radical their position has been vis-à-vis the issue of poverty, social services etc… I wish the supporters of the mayor told him or had the guts to decry his injustice. Maybe they would have helped “repent” a bit earlier or redress his lack of sensitivity or connection to the people who elected him.

Posted by: dc4metoo | September 12, 2010 1:07 AM | Report abuse


Here are the FACTS straight for identified sources, including Councilmember Harry Thomas, and not from an anonymous government employees that pee his/her pants when thinking about Gray’s lead in the poll and how his/her sweet, do nothing,overpaid job at DPR will be axed once Fenty is ushered out by the people he discounted.

Unlike you JMC39, my facts come with supporting documents and links (see below). OK, here are verifiable FACTS:

FACT 1: Mayor Fenty's fiscal year 2010 budget eliminated funding for the Early Childhood and Out of School Time programs operating out of 13 Department of Parks & Recreation sites, primarily in Wards 6, 7 & 8.

FACT 2: Mayor Fenty didn’t close The Cooperative Play sites which are part-time, play-time programs ONLY in Wards 1, 2 & 3.

FACT 3: Mayor Fenty has a disdain for low income people and their children,--see FACTS 1 & 2

FACT 4: The daycare programs were funded from Federal Head Start and Child Care Development Block Grant monies - NOT local tax dollars

FACT 5: Fenty stated he wanted to privatize the child care services, which equates to unemployed government workers; increased unemployment claims for DC; increased foreclosures ,and possible higher defaults on DC’s sponsored HPAP and/or MPAP mortgage loans.

FACT 6: The then interim Parks & Rec Director Ximena Hartsock said that the Department should "not be in the education business."

FACT 7: Councilman Harry Thomas introduced and the Council passed Emergency Legislation that requires the Mayor to deliver substantial analysis of what impact the closings and proposed privatization would have on residents and worker

FACT 8: Fenty and Director Hartsock never delivered any analysis to the council

FACT 9: The council had to vote on and approved the use of *Subpoena Power* to investigate the Sate Superintendent for Education (OSSE) illegally transfer of funds from the daycare program

FACT 10: The DPR director, Dr. Hartsock, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in February 2009 agreeing to a reduction of allotted daycare funds from $6.2 million to $4.5 million.

FACT 11: DPR was instructed by OSSE to freeze enrollment in the program despite a long waiting list for openings.

FACT 12: OSSE slashed DPR's daycare funding based on artificial under enrollment

FACT 13: DPR officials, Dr. Harsock and crew, refused to meet with the city council—these are city officials that DC’s constituents elected to provide oversight of government and its employees.

FACT 14: The city council had to SUBPOENA Dr. Hartsock to get her to meet with the council and answer questions regarding the scheme to manufacture a: (1) reduction in enrollment by freezing enrollment; (2) Reducing the daycare’s federal funds by $1.7 million.

(Cont'd on next post)

Posted by: dcnatives | September 12, 2010 2:13 AM | Report abuse

(continuation from earlier post)

FACT 15: Dogs or Daycare - On 2/22/09, The Examiner asked, “Dogs or Daycare in DC” and questioned the Fenty’s administration priority to make dogs its prime interest above day care centers.

FACT 16: While cutting daycares in 2009, DPR planned to spend as much as $350,000 on the development of a dog park at Newark and 39th streets NW.

FACT 17: In 2009, the dog park designed included an “artificial dog turf,” which alone would cost $150,000.

FACT 18: Jerome Akman, Ward 3 resident told the Examiner, “under the Obama stimulus plan, ordinary human beings will only get $400 each. But if you are a dog in McLean Gardens, the [DPR] is about to lavish over $1,000 on each of you.”

FACT 19: Yesterday, on 9/11/2010, Mayor Fenty officially opened the Newark Street Dog Park , it’s 10,000-square-foot that cost taxpayers $400,000. Four days before the election Fenty is personally kissing-up to residents in affluent neighborhoods, while he sends ex-cons to try and pimp low-income residents in Wards 7 & 8.

FACT 20: Fenty celebrates the opening of Newark Street Dog Park, which is $50,000 over budgeted; Fenty holds press conference for Big G and “Go Go” artist is rehired; Fenty closed DPR's daycares in Wards 6, 7 & 8 and fired 160 daycare workers in 2009 due to “so-call” budget constraints and Fenty never held a press conference or explained the closings.

** THE MOTHER OF ALL FACTS (#21): Fenty forgot---DOGS DON’T VOTE!**

Here are the links to city council hearing mentioned above:

Here are the links to supporting documents to verify the 21 facts stated above:

Posted by: dcnatives | September 12, 2010 2:18 AM | Report abuse

Love the personal attention from you, lildiva. For the record, I don't work for DC government anymore. I work for a private company, but guess what, I am an "At-will Employee". That means that if I am not performing, I can and will be let go. Go figure right? Actually having to perform in order to keep a job.

And why don't you go ahead and admit it. Clearly you are the lady in the video.

Posted by: At-willEmployee | September 12, 2010 3:11 AM | Report abuse

To At-willEmployee

From a black women born and raised in DC, who brought her first home in DC and still reside in DC, I can tell you that either you are foolish or selfish. Perhaps you do not know anyone who has been fired by Fenty and his thugs at agencies throughout DC government to be replaced by friends or family members of agency heads.

Most people fired from DC was not based on performance but a means of making way for the wave of "new residents".

Posted by: guylady201001 | September 12, 2010 12:57 PM | Report abuse

I just watched the first video and the women standing behind Fenty wearing the black and white dress with the glasses looks a lot the women in the recent so-called sting of Gray supporters offering gift cards for votes.

Please look at it closely and you decide.

Posted by: guylady201001 | September 12, 2010 1:05 PM | Report abuse

I just watched the video again and at 4:09 into the video, you see the lady wearing the Fenty cap.

At 07:00 seconds into the sting video uploaded by Moten, you see who looks to be the same lady. I believe she is wearing the same dress.

Posted by: guylady201001 | September 12, 2010 1:25 PM | Report abuse


I'm about to check it out. If it is, we need to forward this video to everyone.

Posted by: dcnatives | September 12, 2010 5:31 PM | Report abuse


OMG, I think you are right! It looks exactly like her and she has a Fenty cap on!

Do you think Fenty paid her to stage the "so-called" sting?

Posted by: dcnatives | September 12, 2010 5:36 PM | Report abuse

Your links to the dccouncil hearing is credible - your references to advocacy groups and newspaper articles are not an objective representation of the FACTS.

Notwithstanding, nothing you provided dispelled the FACTS that I posted:

(1) The number of day care slots did not reduce. (2) Access to day care was centralized into one agency - the Office of the State Superintendent for Education as part of broader early education strategy. (3) Federal funds are still used on day care. (4) Those employees were not paid by 100% federal funds. (5) The purpose of the day care program is to provide day care slots it is not an employment program.

Posted by: jmc39 | September 13, 2010 7:06 AM | Report abuse


Your links to the dccouncil hearing is credible - your references to advocacy groups and newspaper articles are not an objective representation of the FACTS. For example, level of funding does not always correlate with the number of day care slots funded. Also, number of day care slots funded does not necessarily mean every slot is utilized. Further, federal funding support for a program does not mean that salaries are supported 100% by that funding. In essence, your FACTS are based on unverified and often false assumptions, therefore your FACTS are inherently not true.

Notwithstanding, nothing you posted dispelled the FACTS that I posted (which in a subsequent post included links to and

(1) The number of day care slots did not reduce. (2) Access to day care was centralized into one agency - the Office of the State Superintendent for Education as part of broader early education strategy. (3) Federal funds are still used on day care. (4) Those employees were not paid by 100% federal funds. (5) The purpose of the day care program is to provide day care slots it is not an employment program. Review the primary sources of information: the budget chapters and executive testimony (under oath) which explain changes to the day care program.

Posted by: jmc39 | September 13, 2010 7:12 AM | Report abuse

Well, well, well.

@ at-will employee I see my assumption was right on again. thelildiva4u 0 for 2. You my dear are incorrect and if you had any idea who I really was I sure you would be surprised.

Now JMC39...I provide some links to your so called dispelled rumors later. I see you Fenty folks are working overtime. In my Arnold swarchenegger voice "I'll be back"

Posted by: thelildiva4u | September 13, 2010 9:52 AM | Report abuse

jmc39, aka Anita Dunn,

Are you serious? DPR, Dr. Hartsock, reduced the agency’s funding by $1.7 mil and placed a freeze on enrollment, thereby reducing the number of daycare slots.

Here's an indisputable, vile FACT that you hired guns should have schooled the Mayor on:

On Saturday, 9/11, your self-centered Mayor personally opened the Newark Street Dog Park instead of participating in an event that paid homage to the ones that lost their lives in 9/11.

The Newark St Dog Park is a 10,000-square-foot boutique dog park that cost taxpayers $400,000. The Newark Street Dog Park was $50,000 over budgeted.

In 2009, Fenty closed DPR's daycare ctrs in Wards 6, 7 & 8 and fired 160 daycare workers in due to “so-called” budget constraints, but Fenty found money to lavish $1000 a piece on McLean Gardens’ dogs.

Fenty’s disdain for the city’s low-income residents should be unacceptable to every resident in the city.


In reference to what you call myths, Gabe Klein is the co-owner of ZipCar and On The Fly food carts. Klein told city council he would recuse himself from ZipCar, but we all know that's only "on paper".

Fenty is in the process of replacing all gov't vehicles with Klein's ZipCar.
The conflict of interest is clearly defined in D.C’s.regs--gov't employees can neither accept a mere cookie from an entity or individual that is doing business with the District, NOR can an employee use his/her job for personal gain, which is clearly why Gable Klien was offered the directorship at DDOT.

Also, why would Fenty hire this man based on his promise to recuse himself from any dealings with ZipCar and On the Fly? Did Fenty stipulate that Klien could NOT earn dividends on his stock while at DDOT and, was he required to recuse himself from all present and future earning from the ZipCar and “On the Fly”?

For a meager government salary, I don’t believe Klien would have accepted his present DDOT hook-up, without the conflict of interest benefits!

What a perfect opportunity for DDOT’s Director Klein to steer taxpayers’ dollars to his companies! Klien is another Fenty’s CRONY.

Posted by: dcnatives | September 13, 2010 11:29 AM | Report abuse

JMC39’s Myth (1) About the mentally ill. See about the closings and the impact of these services being privatized.

Posted by: thelildiva4u | September 13, 2010 11:34 AM | Report abuse

JMC39’s Myth (2) Fenty’s administration refused to comply with an audit and were threaten with potentially losing 12.2 million

Posted by: thelildiva4u | September 13, 2010 11:35 AM | Report abuse

JMC39’s Myth (2) Fenty’s administration refused to comply with an audit and were threaten with potentially losing $12.2 million

Posted by: thelildiva4u | September 13, 2010 11:38 AM | Report abuse

Sorry for the double post, but some background on why he with held the HIV Director from talking with HUD. Well he was mad that David Cantina voted for the Attorney General positon to be elected. Ego was more important this HIV

JMC39’s Myth (3)
“The national standard for a social worker's caseload is 12, but after the Jacks case, District social workers were dealing with 20 on average, and some had more than 30.

"You expect someone with 40 or 50 cases to perform at the level they would if they had 12 cases. That's unrealistic," said Wayne L. Enoch, a shop steward for Local 2401.”

Posted by: thelildiva4u | September 13, 2010 11:41 AM | Report abuse

JMC39’s Myth (4)- About the homeless families. Yes he was going to take money from them to pay for one more week for Summer Youth and the number of families has increased in the District.

Posted by: thelildiva4u | September 13, 2010 11:42 AM | Report abuse

JMC39’s Myth (5)- Co-owner yes (owns shares in the company) this according to the post and Oh Oh look here he is the co-owner of “on the fly vending”. JMC39 ask anyone who travels on Florida or New York Avenue about the results of that nightmare.

PLEASE stop potholes were being filled under Williams so where street lights all Gabe had to do was move over to the passage seat and continue to stir straight. Amazing simply amazing that Fenty folks keep making it seem that Williams didn’t exist.

Posted by: thelildiva4u | September 13, 2010 11:45 AM | Report abuse

@At-will employee this is what I want you to do. Please head over to one of our many Federal Buildings where Federal Employees work and make that same statment and left me know what happens to to you

Posted by: thelildiva4u | September 13, 2010 12:17 PM | Report abuse

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