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Gray apologizes, calls for probe

Mayor acknowledges "missteps" and says he wants city attorney general and D.C. Council to investigate allegations that aides to his campaign paid mayoral candidate Sulaimon Brown last summer to continue his attacks on incumbent Mayor Adrian M. Fenty in exchange for a city job.

Brown and Gray chat at a pre-election forum in 2010. (Linda Davidson/The Washington Post)
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Henderson is just more of Rheeform that served to destroy the few things that worked in DCPS. There's more to an ed policy that standardized test scores and casting teachers as the enemy. Thank goodness my family has options and we can get out of DCPS."

Title1SoccerMom, 9:32 p.m. | Kaya Henderson reportedly getting some job security | Weigh in
Election 2010

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  • Help define the Fenty-Gray race at the new campaign wiki page, built with our partners at WhoRunsGov. Discuss and add criticisms of candidates, post the latest ads and stances, and learn more about your elected officials.

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