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Lanier: Only 1 teacher arrested for abuse

D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier has filled in more of the holes left by Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee in the wake of her statement to "Fast Company" magazine about the behavior of some of the 266 teachers she laid off last October.

Rhee said she "got rid of teachers who had hit children, who had had sex with children," but touched off a furor when she took four days to specify that just one had been suspended for sexual misconduct and six (later amended to five) had faced disciplinary action for administering corporal punishment to students. The Post reported on Feb. 9 that school security personnel had logged 220 allegations of corporal punishment and verbal abuse during the 2008-2009 school year.

But a relatively small number of allegations were deemed substantial enough for police investigation. Pressed by D.C. Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray for more details, Rhee reported last month that the school system had referred 68 incidents to the police between July 2007 and Feb. 5.

Lanier told WTOP's Mark Segraves Thursday that arrest warrants were issued for four teachers in connection with incidents during this period, but that only one has been arrested. Lanier did not say what happened to the case in the court system. She said that police sent another "12 or 13" cases to the U.S. Attorney's office, which decided that they were not legally sufficient for prosecution.

"A lot of times in cases like this, it's one person's word against the other. We do the best we can to investigate or sustain one side or the other," she said. "But the attorneys have to make the decision whether they can prosecute that case. Just because a warrant was submitted and declined, it doesn't give you any real conclusions."

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By Bill Turque  |  March 4, 2010; 4:24 PM ET
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U.S. Schools have no excuse for administering Corporal Punishment. It is already ILLEGAL in Schools in 30 States and there are Non-Violent Alternatives to Discipline. It is a deterrent to attracting residents and businesses to improve communities.
As sent to: Mr. Geoffrey Canada, President and Founder Harlem Children's Zone - Please help our education system ABOLISH Corporal Punishment is SCHOOLS in 20 States. I am unable to protect my 3 children from overhearing classmates being threatened/paddled just outside class, then the battered student is further humiliated when they immediately face classmates when they return to their seat. Tennessee State Law does NOT require parental Consent or Notification for Children to be physically punished (Paddled) in Schools. Texas and Mississippi hold the first and second place spots for injuring children by paddling them with WOODEN PADDLES. Maintaining order through fear and violence is never justified and creates a learning environment filled with FEAR, INTIMIDATION, ANXIETY, DREAD and HUMILIATION and puts school districts at risk for lawsuits from paddling injuries.! An elementary school principal in La Vega, Texas was arrested for injuring an elementary school child last month and a Federal Lawsuit has been filed to ban school paddling in Miss. and also seeks a Declaration that School Corporal Punishment is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! In denying the restraining order, Judge Pepper said that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that Eighth Amendment to the United States Consti tution, a prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment cited in the lawsuit, did not apply to corporal punishment. Judge Pepper also ruled that the plaintiff failed to show that he was in imminent danger of another paddling. We've been working over 2 years to raise awareness and demand accountability (Abolishment of Physical/Corporal Punishment, where school employees HIT Children with WOODEN PADDLES to deliberately inflict physical pain and suffering intended to Punish them, A FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION!). My local school board INGORED our written/verbal presentation in April 2008 during "National Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month" to demand they Prohibit CP in Schools and Federal and State Govt's informed us that our children's healthy and safety in schools is a "Local Issue" left up to autonomous school district boards. For information on Non-Violent Discipline Alternatives please visit the website for the Center For Effective Discipline at stophitting dot org.

Posted by: gworley1 | March 4, 2010 6:49 PM | Report abuse

Braveheart Michelle Rhee, mother of the "Baltimore Miracle", has been shown to have a problem with the truth.
She is much like Lillian Hellman as described by Mary McCarthy.

Posted by: edlharris | March 4, 2010 7:48 PM | Report abuse

I'm glad Council Chairman Vincent Gray pressed Rhee for the facts. Thank you, Mr. Gray!

Posted by: Linda/RetiredTeacher | March 4, 2010 8:30 PM | Report abuse

And was that one arrested teacher among those who were RIFd?

And why has it taken this long to get what seems like rather routine information from the police department?

Posted by: efavorite | March 4, 2010 9:44 PM | Report abuse

It took so long because the Chief was trying to cover for Fenty and Rhee. She was probably hoping the matter would disappear.

Ms. Rhee does not have a problem with the truth. She just outright lies and those around including the WP continue to her spin her wicked web. Time and time again, Rhee has been exposed for lying about what she said, did or did not do. The WP will probably go on the attack to discredit the Chief’s statement. Perhaps they are in the process of putting together another list.

Good question—was this person riffed and/or found guilty of anything.

She is a poor example to the children of DC. Remember, get rid of Fenty and Rhee will follow. Let’s hope that all of the trash she has hired for six figure salaries is dumped to starting with Jason K.

Posted by: dccounselor72 | March 5, 2010 5:33 AM | Report abuse

It seems that the Chief is having problems keeping up with the lies.

Case in point comment from the WTOP article

“Initial reports said there were more than 200 allegations of abuse, but Lanier says it's a "deceiving number" because the reports came from a list compiled by Hawk One, the security contractor for D.C. Public Schools. “

Please read the complete article at the WTOP link above and you will get a true picture of how crazy this situation has become. The numbers are changing faster than Rhee can lie.

Posted by: dccounselor72 | March 5, 2010 5:54 AM | Report abuse

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