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Local Hoops Poll Week Eight: Additional Pithy Comments

I got dozens and dozens of pithy comments this week. If all of you would enter each pithy comment as an actual comment on the Bog, I would have, well, dozens and dozens more comments, anyhow. Barring that, I'll publish a bunch of them right here, and each of you can post dozen and dozens of comments about each other's pithy comments. And I had to do this quickly, so forgive me if I spelled your name wrong or ruined your comment somehow. As always, these are in no special order.

1. Virginia Tech

Does anybody else thing Seth Greenberg is becoming the next Jim Larranaga? He's everywhere: on the Bog, Comcast Sportsnet; the man's even got his own website. (Chris Olson, and the site's worth a look)

I wanted to drop MD out of the poll when they lost to Miami. What will I do if VT does it on Tuesday? (Josh Frank)

Is there a law that requires the "Trivia Question of the Game" during any VT sporting event to be "What is a Hokie"? (Jason Anderson)

Game with Maryland was just like the Maryland/Wake Forest snow game a few years ago, except with one good team playing instead of two. (Harrison Goodman)

If the Hokies beat the Terps but everyone's watching the AFC Championship game, did it really happen? (Ira Weintraub)

Last season's Jewish Coach of the Year: Bruce Pearl. This season's Jewish Coach of the Year: Seth Greenberg. (Yoni Cohen)

Reluctantly, I thought about dropping them solely based on the fact that I didn't like Seth Greenberg's suit and tie on Sunday. But then I didn't want to be excused of being a tie hating "thug." I would like Seth better if he rocked a comb over. (Jon Lauder)

2. Georgetown

After sweeping the Big East's New Jersey schools, John Thompson's crew plans to celebrate by showering until that "Turnpike smell" rubs off. (Adam Lewis)

Team comes back from New Jersey Turnpike with two blow-out victories and smelling like garbage. (Bijan Ganji, who might be a made-up person. If not, did I ever invite you to join?)

Two game sweep on the Jersey road trip has Hoya fans all excited again, so it'll be fun when they find a way to lose to either Depaul or Cincy this week. (Jon Lauder)

Hoya fans are now complaining that I did not scroll down to Georgetown first and vote them #1 faster. (Jason Anderson, who did indeed give his first-place vote to G'town.)

I once saw Alonzo Morning at the Silver Diner on Rockville Pike and I offered to buy him a pie. He declined. I hate Georgetown. (The Thighmaster)

The creamy middle of the Big East. With any luck they'll fatten up to Double Stuf during this easy part of their schedule. (Jamie Paquette)

Wins over Rutgers and Seton Hall don't impress anyone ... well, at least not me. (Ted Gotsch)

Getting to play Rutgers and Seton Hall after two tough losses is like eating at Morton's after a binge on Hot Pockets. (Markus Videnieks)

3. George Washington

Colonials beat Charlotte. Instead of game coverage, Washington Post begins a five-part series on Karl Hobbs's hatred of puppies. (Bill Fitzgerald)

Omar Williams was at the Charlotte game. I'd like to think he was covering it for the WaPost. (Sean Perkins)

I'll admit it, I pay no attention to GW, even after their recent successes, mainly because the A-10 has sucked ever since Lamar Odom left. But GW has put themselves right in the NCAA mix again this year, and you could argue all 4 losses are quality losses (if such a thing exists). (Gheorghe the Blog, which voted GW third.)

GW wins its 23rd consecutive home game. That feat is bit scarier than the preview for Jim Carrey's 'The Number 23.' (The Thighmaster)

I'd be a lot more impressed if they were 4-1 in the CAA - somewhere, Mark Macon and Marcus Camby are shaking their heads in disbelief at that comment. (Eric Swensen)

GW's wins this week weren't that impressive, but Karl Hobbs will probably just blame that on the Hatchet anyway. (Adam Lewis)

A No. 1 ranking? How about a road win against a decent opponent first? (Sean McLernon)

all four of the colonials' losses are to teams currently in the top 70 of the rpi. the same can't be said for georgetown, maryland, virginia tech, virginia commonwealth, virginia, old dominion, george mason, or anyone else we consider for this poll. that says something. (Frank Dale)

4. VCU

They certainly look dominant in their league... for what that's worth. (Robert Lintott)

How long will Anthony Grant stay with the Rams? One year? Two? He just wins, baby. (Yoni Cohen)

If they had their record in any other conference they would probably be #1. (Kevin O'Connor, BCSist)

prolly should be higher, but i cant get over my BCS conference bias. (Ed Lee, BCSist)

Rushing the court after beating ODU? Come on Rams fans, that's about as weak as VMI's defense. (Sean McLernon)

Q:Do they lose another game this season? A: No. (Marc Gallant. Whoa.)

Rams guard Eric Maynor can't decide on his major or his minor. (The Thighmaster)

When do these guys get ranked in a nationwide poll? (Markus Videnieks)

Rams coach Anthony Grant is the most popular Grant in Richmond since Ulysses S. Grant, which isn't saying much. (Bill Fitzgerald)

5. Maryland

Would love to see them play ODU or VCU instead of Iona and Siena. Or give GW a chance to beat them for the third straight time. (Andrew Wiseman)

Wow, that performance against Va. Tech just sucked--much like the massive whirlpool created in 1981 by the Lake Peigneur disaster. (Chris Olson, providing your Bog history video of the week)

Will Bowers makes Mike Mardesich look like Wilt Chamberlain. (Josh Frank)

This year Gary Williams and Debbie Yow will have plenty of time to talk to each other before deciding on an NIT bid. (Matt Holohan)

Worse at math: Mike Jones or your average journalist? Push. (Harrison Goodman)

The silver lining in Sunday's loss to the Hokies? Now Gary Williams can finally say he has something in common with Roy. (Sean McLernon)

Every year, Terps talk about how important their upcoming games are. Every year, Terps fail to win their upcoming games. (Ajay Vellore)

If they played Virginia at a neutral site, the game would either end in a scoreless tie or one of them would win, which would tear a hole in the universe. (Adam Kilgore)

6. Virginia

how can we call ourselves one of the top universities in the nation and NOT have a cluck-u?? i say we cant. (Ed Lee)

I believe it was arena namesake John Paul Jones who said, "We have not yet begun to fight on the road." (Eric Swensen)

The Cavaliers are peaking in January, just like they did in November. (Ira Weintraub)

They would be a 3-point underdog on the road against a team led by injured poll voter Eric Prisbell. (Chris King)

This team has had so many ups and downs, they're like the Barbaro of college basketball. Except that I'm not actively wishing for this team to just freakin' die already. (Jamie Paquette)

7. George Mason

Did Jim Larranaga find another soul to sell to the devil? (Sean McLernon)

Jim Larranaga stole the Back To The Future DeLorean, drove to March 2006 and found out how to get Marty McFly to beat up Biff. (Doug McKinney)

You hear that creaking? That's the bandwagon loading again. (Robert Lintott)

8. Old Dominion

From now on, this team shall be called the "Charles Cotesworth Pinckneys." He lost to James Madison, too. (Tim Lemke)

You lose to JMU, you're lucky to be ranked at all. (Eric Swensen)

Seriously JMU? I would have felt better about it if they got beat up by community colleges in Puerto Rico like UVA. (Jon Lauder)

I want to like the Monarchs, but you can't do much when they lay an egg against James Madison. Help me, help you. (Chris Olson)

How do you lose to James Madison? No seriously, I'm not trying to be funny. How? (Doug McKinney)

It's a bad sign when you're on the losing end of "the game that turned JMU's season around." (Jamie Paquette)

I can't believe I'm ranking a team 8th in the CAA who has split a series with JMU. (Sean Perkins)

i am very disappointed in you. go to your room. (Frank Dale)

Their root beer is good, at least. (Jason Anderson)

9. Loyola

Still in first place in the MAAC, which is unbelievable, since this team was 1-27 three years ago and 6-22 two years ago. And Gerald Brown continues to "score the ball" (Hi Jay Bilas!) like a madman (23.3 ppg, good for 11th in the country). (Gheorghe the Blog)

The Riders vs the Greyhounds. In the end, the customer always loses to big bidness. (The Thighmaster)

Why don't we just go to a top 8? (Jason Anderson)

10. Towson

If you beat an NCAA team once-removed (UNCW), is that like kissing your second cousin? I mean, it's a kiss, but is it legit? (Robert Lintott)

Can we only vote for the top 9 instead? (Eric Holmberg)

another campus with a nearby cluck-u. im exceedingly jealous of this and gary neal. (Ed Lee)

Gary Neal blah blah blah Gary Neal. (Eric Swensen)

9-10 is the new 10-9. (The Thighmaster)

Towson research department feverishly working on Gary Neal cloning program. (I'm recycling this from a previous poll because it never got posted and because what else is there to say about Towson?) (Jamie Paquette)

Gary Neal is the best scorer Pat Kennedy's had since Bobby "an extra from The Simpsons" Sura. (Markus Videnieks)

11. William & Mary

Comments deleted

By Dan Steinberg  |  January 23, 2007; 4:44 PM ET
Categories:  College Basketball  
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Tribe Pride...silence is golden.

Posted by: GTB | January 23, 2007 4:54 PM | Report abuse

Seriously VCU plays Mason, JMU, W&M, Hofstra, Georgia State, UNCW and Drexel. (Not in that order)

Which of those teams has a shot at beating them? Besides JMU of course.

Posted by: Marc | January 23, 2007 4:59 PM | Report abuse

I want Marc the Mason hater to put his money where his mouth is. How are you going to shame yourself if VCU loses to Mason tomorrow?

If Mason loses we won't have to do anything to shame ourselves. We already wasted our college years at Mason, how much worse can it get?

PS- "Rams guard Eric Maynor can't decide on his major or his minor." I'm willing and ready to be Thigh Master's BFF.

Posted by: bryc3 | January 23, 2007 5:19 PM | Report abuse

What?!? No mention of the highly anticipated - and sure to be hotly contested - Navy at AU matchup tomorrow night?

FitzFacts, you better be there to see your boy DB (otherwise known as ellipsis ...)

Posted by: Incredulous | January 23, 2007 5:48 PM | Report abuse

GW beat VaTech... so the Colonials are #1.

Posted by: Buff&Blue | January 23, 2007 6:18 PM | Report abuse

Steinz, just let us know how many comments you need per day and we'll gladly oblige.

Posted by: Reader Glenn | January 23, 2007 6:20 PM | Report abuse

Ok I will paint myself gold and green and attend a Mason game with a sign that says I went to JMU but Mason owns my ass tonight.

Posted by: Marc | January 23, 2007 7:32 PM | Report abuse

FitzFacts would love to be at the Navy-AU (or St. Joe-GW or VCU-Mason)almost as much as he loves referring to himself in the third person, but some things just are not to be, Mr. Incredulous.

Posted by: Bill Fitzgerald | January 23, 2007 9:36 PM | Report abuse

in response to the comment about GW being the only team in the pool to only have lost to teams in the rpi top 70

your right it does say something, it says that they are the only team in the poll to have lost to four teams in the rpi top 70, nothing more and nothing less

Besides if you like RPI so much just use it to decide the rankings and the poll would be...
VA Tech

But somehow I dont think you were trying to make the argument that GW should be lower in the poll....

Posted by: Who Cares about RPI | January 24, 2007 12:23 AM | Report abuse

is 'Ajay Vellore' an anagram of 'Adam Kilgore'? i can't read like dexter manley, so please let me know if that is so

Posted by: thigh master | January 24, 2007 12:38 AM | Report abuse

"Last season's Jewish Coach of the Year: Bruce Pearl. This season's Jewish Coach of the Year: Seth Greenberg."

Heaven help us if Virginia Tech's women ever become a national power. Seth Greenberg, body-painted in maroon?

Posted by: Vincent | January 24, 2007 10:13 AM | Report abuse

Okay, Big Stein, you want pith on pith, here goes. Top five comments of the week, excluding my own, which can be found at, are Thighmaster's Maynor/Major/Minor (and, given my affection for the TM's comments, I really hope the TM is a girl), Lemke on JMU for the historical reference, Cohen on Va Tech for non-offensive ethnic humor, McLernon on GMU just because it's funny, and Paquette's UVA, which should land him alongside Rick Maese on a PETA watch list. Swensen on GW is a good premise, but loses points in choosing Camby and Macon since we know where they are, Camby in the NBA and Macon at Georgia State. Better choices would have been Harper Williams and Mike Vreeswyk.

Posted by: Bill Fitzgerald | January 24, 2007 10:41 AM | Report abuse

The A10 hasn't been good since "Lamar Odom left" - ?

03-04? The league had a 1 seed, 4 NCAA births and two schools in the Elite Eight - and just 5 total point short of two final four teams. That was far better than the league's achievements in '99 - Odom's final season at URHigh. And better than any year the oft praised MVC has ever had.

I agree that the league has been pretty crap most other seasons since the mid 90s, but at least give them 2004.

Posted by: Kev | January 24, 2007 11:05 AM | Report abuse

"Better choices would have been Harper Williams and Mike Vreeswyk."

I would have gone with Pepe Sanchez and Bernard Blunt.

Posted by: Kev | January 24, 2007 11:07 AM | Report abuse

Alternatively, I could've gone with Ramon Rivas and Dana Dingle.

Posted by: Eric Swensen | January 24, 2007 12:24 PM | Report abuse

I also thought about a Yinka Dare reference, but I wasn't sure how that would be received.

Posted by: Eric Swensen | January 24, 2007 12:43 PM | Report abuse

How can the Post print edition put a highlighted box on the front page of the sports section for all "key conference games being hosted by area schools" tonight and not spare two lines to at least list Navy @ American. They should be embarrassed for no other reason than that is incompetent and incomplete. No one should expect a lead story or preview, but how about at least telling the whole story. I guess Northwest DC and Annapolis don't fall within the "area". Shame on them.

Posted by: BoilerRoom | January 24, 2007 3:23 PM | Report abuse

To BoilerRoom, from college sports editor Matt Rennie: Tell your readers I feel the criticism of today's box is fair, and that despite today's omission, we felt all along that when two locals play, it's important that we're there, even on the busiest local hoops day in recent memory.

Indeed (and this is Dan again), five local local teams with decent home games on the same night...good stuff.

Posted by: Dan Steinberg | January 24, 2007 3:59 PM | Report abuse

Thanks for the response guys. There are enough Top 25 elitists in the national news to go around. Your efforts have to remain on all that is good about Washington regional college hoops and both AU and Navy represent that! Kudos for acknowledging this.

Posted by: BoilerRoom | January 24, 2007 5:17 PM | Report abuse

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