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Local Hoops Poll Week 10: Additional Pithy Comments

Look, I remembered to post these before the week is over. That's a huge triumph for me, personally.

1. Georgetown

And here come a flurry of articles about how the Hoyas are hot at the right time and will be dangerous in the tournament. (Jon Lauder)

I have no doubt they can make a deep run in March. The only catch would be they're peaking too soon (winners of seven straight), but I don't think that's the case here. I think we're looking at the #1 team in this poll for the rest of the year. (Gheorghe the Blog)

The big men are getting involved again. Which John Thompson is now coaching? (Ira Weintraub)

Hoyas dismantle Marquette, located in Milwaukee, pronounced "mill-e-wah-que" which is Algonquin for "the good land." (Bill Fitzgerald)

I correctly predicted their loss to Marquette. What? That was the women's team? Do I get partial credit? (Jamie Paquette)

Roy Hibbert's touch around the basket is representative of his school's touch at the beer pong table. (Andrew Alberg)

Congrats to my great uncle Danny Kraus for getting inducted to the Georgetown Men's basketball All-Century team. (Doug McKinney, and congrats from me, too)

New Hoya fan beef: My comments about them are not pithy enough. (Jason Anderson)

2. Virginia Tech

The Hokies take home the official titles of "best team in Virginia" and "best team with a player named Zabian." (Adam Lewis)

Maybe we should stop having the CAA vs. A-10 debate and starting having an ACC vs CAA debate because honestly the ACC sucks this year. (Jon Lauder)

Nice win for the Hokies, but I notice that the official Virginia Tech Web site reporter is named "Jimmy." Please tell me he wears a bowtie, takes pictures with an ancient camera and always finds himself in ludicrously perilous situations. (Matt Bonesteel, who would be a major pithy comment award winner if his boss would allow his items to appear in print.)

How again did they lose to GW? (Joshua Meredith)

The biggest thing to hit Blacksburg since electricity finally arrived in 1992. (Sean McLernon)

So if it's really "Just like football," as the Hokie fans chanted at UVa on Saturday, shouldn't a couple of Virginia Tech basketball players been arrested by now? (Eric Swensen)

SAT answer -- VT:UVA :: assorted drugs, diet pills, & painkillers:Anna Nicole Smith. (Markus Videnieks. I'd say too soon, but I don't want to stand in the way of human progress)

A.D. Vassallo outscores J.R. Reynolds 22-21 in Tech's win over UVA, sets sights on B.A Walker for Bog Poll 'Initials for Name' Top Scorer honors. (Bill Fitzgerald)

3. Virginia

Had blowout loss to Tech taken place on Pluto, where 2 hours = 30 earth years, the final score would have been 100 billion to 59. (Adam Anthony)

Big win in College Park followed by getting hammered at Va. Tech. But please, tell us some more about how great your guards are. (Jason Anderson)

Apparently Virginia Tech is located in Puerto Rico. (Jamie Paquette)

As states go Maryland's better. As basketball teams go Virginia's better. (Peter Keszler)

A haiku for Dave Leitao:
How do I pronounce
Lay-doh? Or Lay-toe? Lei-dao?
Lee-toe or Lay-tauw? (David Larimer)

84-57. Note to Roger Mason: that's why nobody would give UVA credit for beating Maryland. (Jon Lauder)

4. Maryland

Victory over Duke solidifies status as NIT favorites. (Sean McLernon)

The Terps move up in the rankings with a thumping of Duke and a fan base that actually acts like they've been there before! (Adam Lewis)

No riots after beating Duke? You're on notice, College Park. (Frank Dale)

Duke's shame-spiral grows deeper. (Dan Y)

Beating Duke now is a bit like hooking up with Anna Nicole... (too soon?) (Robert Lintott) (Like I said....)

I'm sorry, but beating Duke in 2007 is like beating Dukakis in 1988. (Matt Bonesteel)

Nice win over Duke. Too bad they suck now. (Sean Perkins)

With a win over Duke, they have nudged themselves past UMBC and UMES in the Maryland Basketball Poll. (Eric Holmberg)

The only thing scarier than Duke's 4 game slide is Jon Scheyer's face. (Thigh Master) (And look at his work here, please.)

It's a bad sign when the high point of your season is a home win over the worst Duke team in recent history. It's even worse when the previous high point was an 81-63 home win over High Point. (Bryce Onaran)

Beating Duke is not the end; it is not even the beginning of the end; but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. (With apologies to Sir Winston Churchill) (Dave Richardson)

Paulus makes Wojo look like Oscar Robertson. (Josh something)

Big win against Duke doesn't mean much when everybody else is beating Duke this year (except of course the Hoyas) (Nathan Fennessy)

5. VCU

Trounced by Old Dominion...they probably drank Barq's before the game instead. (Jason Anderson)

Coach Anthony Grant blamed loss to ODU on his preoccupation over whether he might be the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby. (Jamie Paquette/Bill Fitzgerald)

Rams fall to ODU in a game featuring 54 free throws. Historic Atlantic 10-CAA "Incompetent Referee Exchange" apparently going strong. (Matt Bonesteel)

6. Old Dominion

Blaine Taylor coached at Montana, gave personal boyhood hero Larry Krystkowiak his first college coaching job and has a full, proud mustache. Blaine Taylor rules. (David Larimer)

I've said this before and I'll say it again: Blaine Taylor has a great mustache. (Doug McKinney)

Monarchs are as hot as Blaine Taylor's moustache was in the 70s... ok, that was forced. (Jon Lauder)

"ODU commanded a 47-30 bulge on the boards" has to be the dirtiest thing ever printed in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. (Matt Bonesteel)

A win at Hofstra would bump them into the top 3 of the polls (I am constantly amazed at the things I can say here that I can't anywhere else). (Robert Lintott)

The ODU Monarchs now occupy the same space in my heart that formerly housed my love for the WLAF's London Monarchs. (Thigh Master)

Crown 'em. (Sean McLernon)

7. George Washington

This team could really use Pops Mensah-Bonsu. Or Papa Smurf, at least. (Gavin Weiss)

Like the rest of the country, GW flipped over to the Florida-Kentucky game at halftime Saturday night. (Markus Videnieks)

What's not to love? They've won 14 straight, are undefeated in conference ... oh wait, that's the women's team. Nevermind. (Ted Gotsch)

Hail to the Buff (women!). Hail to the Blue (women!). Hail to the Buff and Blue (women!). (Matt Bonesteel)

After consecutive losses to Dayton, St. Louis and Xavier, Colonials take solace in the fact that they would be 6-1 in conference if they played in the STAACTTAC-10 (Schools That Are Actually Close To The Atlantic Conference). (Bryce Onaran)

Could lose out and would still probably maintain the No. 7 spot. (Sean McLernon)

Loss to Xavier had them tied with Duquesne in A10 standings. To quote Daffy Duck, quoting Chester Riley, "What a revoltin' development." (Jamie Paquette)

GW and Liberty are the only Top-11 eligible teams that are undefeated against Top-11 eligible competition. If I had a) more backbone and b) even worse myopia, I'd vote them 1-2. (David Larimer)

The team has been completely distracted by the planning for President's Day. (Marc Gallant)

Eighteen second-half points against Xavier to cap off a three-game losing streak. GW athletic department blames abundance of derogatory pithy comments on Bog poll - Karl Hobbs is expected to call out Bill Fitzgerald, Jamie Paquette, and some dude who calls himself the Thigh Master in a news conference this week. (Jon Lauder)

8. George Mason

GW loses by 29 AT HOME, and Mason still is nowhere near overtaking them. (Jason Anderson)

I would rather play Duke, Virginia, and Maryland in a three game stretch than ODU, VCU and Hofstra. Seriously. (Jon Lauder)

George Gunston Mason, you better watch it or I'm giving this vote to William & Mary! Don't think I won't do it, mister! (David Larimer)

Where have all the flowers gone? (Tim Lemke)

Plans for printing "2007 CAA Tournament Final Four" t-shirts are officially on hold. (Jamie Paquette)

Do the previous year's Final Four participants get tickets to the current year's event? (Ted Gotsch)

Paging Jai Lewis. (Frank Dale)

It was this or vote for Morgan State, but I'm above cheap ham sandwich jokes. Ok, I'm not. I just couldn't think of a good one. (Eric Swensen)

This is sad. (Ed Lee)

9. Loyola

Greyhounds lose to Fairfield twice in one week, thereby placing themselves on Bog Poll double-secret probation. (Bill Fitzgerald)

The good news for Loyola is that they probably won't see Fairfield in the postseason. (Adam Lewis)

Loyola got its name from Inigo Lopez de Loyola, an early Catholic leader. Slower to develop though inarguably more inspiring is a religion named after Inigo Montoya. You kill his father, prepare to die. (Markus Videnieks)

Still second to Loyola (IL) in Sports Bog Loyola Poll. (Andrew Wiseman)

The MAAC daddies. Or something. (Sean McLernon)

10. William & Mary

Second best team in the area with "Mary" in the name. (Markus Videnieks)

Undefeated since Anna Nicole Smith's death. (Sean McLernon)

Sign of the apocalypse: I actually got somewhat excited that William & Mary won two straight games. (Joshua Meredith)

It doesn't speak well of this poll that there are several ranked teams who stand a good chance of losing in the first round of the CAA tournament. (Jamie Paquette)

A reminder for William from Mary about Thursday -- every kiss begins with Kay. (Marc Gallant)

11. Towson

Tigers forward Winstonn Tubbs is surprisingly skinny. (Matt Bonesteel)

Fun fact: senior forward Winstonn Tubbs neither a smoker, nor fat. (Jamie Paquette. And those two guys are friends. Seriously)

This vote is for all of my friends in high school who couldn't get into Montgomery College.(Josh something)

Gary Neal... blah blah blah... i miss the Jewish Jordan (Nathan Fennessy)

You know why they stay on this list. Gary Neal, 25.5 ppg...good for fourth in the country, just ahead of some kid named Durant. Wish I knew more about this Durant guy, nobody ever mentions him. (Gheorghe the Blog)

This is sad. (Ed Lee)

Also Receiving Comments

American: They deserve to be ranked just for that amazing end of game play. Specifically drawing a charge with your best free throw shooter = brilliant. (Peter Keszler)

Liberty: Gave Winthrop a game... get a vote b/c I'm tired of voting for the same mediocre teams at the bottom. (Nathan Fennessy)

VMI: They'll give up a 100, but they'll score 100.5. (Doug McKinney)

By Dan Steinberg  |  February 13, 2007; 4:57 PM ET
Categories:  College Basketball  
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