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Local Hoops Poll Week 13: Additional Pithy Comments

Some good ones in here. I would like to state, for the record, that I am contractually prohibited from including pithy comments from David Larimer and Matt Bonesteel in the Official Local Hoops Poll. Otherwise, there would be a lot of them in there. But seriously, read all of these. There's some good stuff.

1. Georgetown

This week's Hoya fan beef: The poll hasn't yet been renamed the "Georgetown is Super! Basketball Poll." (Jason Anderson)

Hmm that #8 preseason ranking looks awfully accurate right about now. Georgetown remains #1 in the bog poll for an unprecidented fourth straight week. Why was georgetown able to do what Maryland and Virginia Tech Couldn't? Because they're a much better basketball team than either of those schools are. (Peter Keszler)

They may be for real. I am going to have to move. (Matt Mandel)

Still don't know what a Hoya is. Still don't care. (Ted Gotsch)

Play GW. Please? (Andrew Wiseman)

It's amazing how every article about G-town starts with a Thompson on the bench and a Ewing on the floor. We get it! (Eric Holmberg)

Roy Hibbert achieves escape velocity from the "Shawn Bradley with a nasty streak" zone, and soars into "almost as coordinated as Marcus Camby, but taller" territory. (Dan Y)

I saw one of the Pitt assitants doing game prep at the Regatta Bar on Friday night. If you're getting ready for a huge game at a crappy hotel bar...well I just don't think a victory is likely. (Markus Videnieks)

"Who wants to sex Hibbert?" just doesn't have the same ring to it. (Sean McLernon)

Even though the Hoyas are going to lose tonight at Syracuse, they're still the best local team. (Rob Yunich, well done sir, well done)

With wins over Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, JTIII's crew completes the sweep of schools in cities nobody wants to visit. (Adam Lewis)

Here's to hoping Georgetown and Maryland face off in a quintuple-overtime Elite Eight thriller, thus forcing The Powers That Be to realize the two teams need to play each other every year. Seriously, enough already. (Tim Lemke)

No. 2 Maryland

The calm Gary of the Natl Championship season has returned? (William Anderson)

Maryland fans excited at 5 game winning streak and Will Bowers' Oscar for Assistant Oaf. (Eric Holmberg)

In light of John Amaeche's book, Gary Williams took 5 minutes this week to talk about the difference between "peaking at the right time" and "peeking at the right time." (Jamie Paquette)

This is strange: I don't even know how to trash UMD this week. They played two solid games of basketball, and beat a top 5 team. Oh, wait, men's lax: Georgetown 8, Maryland 6. There it is. (Paul Campbell)

I remember the good old days. After a win like this, you could stroll down the avenues and promenades of College Park bathed in the hot soft light of a hundred burning cars. (Dan Y)

Maybe it is the UCLA of the East. (Dave Richardson)

Beating North Carolina at full strength > Beating Pittsburgh with their best player limping up and down the court. (Corey Masisak, the one voter not to vote Georgetown No. 1)

Wow. Maybe we should keep this Gary Williams guy around. He seems to know what he is doing. (Matt Mandel)

Why would Gary Williams keep trying to win and get an even higher seed in the NCAAs when he already has the #1 seed and homecourt in the NIT locked up? (Ajay Vellore)

The red-hot Terps next face a trip to Duke, where the Cameron Crazies are busy making signs that are clever enough to impress Dick Vitale. I'm guessing that just means some shiny aluminum foil, though. (Jason Anderson)

I was all set to jump Maryland above UVA after that stirring upset of Carolina tonight, until I actually did a little research and realized the Terps lost both games to Virginia this year, and for that reason just couldn't do it. See how easy that was Billy Packer - I got on the ole email machine and used the eBays to find out how teams performed over the course of the season. Try to give it a try in the next two weeks (or at least have an intern do it for your drooling, geriatric [bleep]). (Gheorghe the Blog)

Seems like they've finaly figured out the RPI code: Quit lobbying and win games. (David Larimer)

Gary goes all Vermeil after upset of UNC. You'd cry, too, if your dry-cleaning bill was $26,988 a year. (Matt Bonesteel)

No. 3. Virginia Tech

This team is more up and down than Britney Spears on a bender. (Jamie Paquette)

With Georgetown so hot, the only thing Virginia Tech is going to get is the home version of the Atlantic Eleven game. (Glenn Arnold)

It's a well-known scientific fact that light from the sun reaches Earth in about 8 minutes. However, it takes about 4 more minutes to get to Blacksburg. (Jason Anderson)

They may have been crushed by the Hokies, but at least the Hurricanes get to leave Blacksburg after the game. (Sean McLernon)

The Hokies' dunkfest win over BC and win over Miami make them the Old Big East Champions, right? (Paul Campbell)

Deron Washington should have been in Vegas to enter the NBA slam dunk contest. (Adam Littlefield)

NBA announces dunk competition will be replaced by Hokies' hoops team. (Scott Jackson)

Maybe Eddie Jordan should hire Al Skinner to coach up the Wizards defense. Did EVERY Tech possession end in a dunk? (Chris Olson)

I think Seth Greenberg has seperated himself from the pack, and is now officially the second most accomplished Greenberg in sports history behind Hank Greenberg. (Markus Videnieks)

It's a grand ACC tradition - two in-state rivals battling for the conference title in the final week of the regular season ... wait, you mean it's not Carolina and Duke? (Eric Swensen)

Jamon Gordon's name means "ham" in Spanish. And now you know. (Adam Lewis)

No. 4 Virginia

Miami? Seriously? (Kevin O'Connor)

Miami!??!! (Yoni Cohen)

You lost to Miami. What is wrong with you people? (Josh Frank)

Cavs clinch ACC tourney bye, which will shortly be followed by a second bye, as in bye-bye, when they exit said tourney in the second round. (Thigh Master, on record)

Will anyone actually be scared of this team during the postseason tournaments? Dave Leitao, put your hand down. (Ajay Vellore)

I'd like to see Dave Leitao do a Sam Kinison tribute. Come on, that's a good idea and you know it. (Jason Anderson)

big game in charlottesville on thursday night. somehow it impacts us, even though it's over 100 miles from the district. (Frank Dale)

Have 1st round bye in the ACC Tourney. Which gives Leitao a chance to rest his chest poking finger. (Marc Gallant)

Cover-2 defense works surprisingly well against Cavs. (Get it? Virginia has only two players who can score! It's gold, Jerry!) (Matt Bonesteel)

Dave Leitao overheard this week loudly questioning the "heart" and "hustle" of the guy rotating his tires at a Charlottesville area Midas. (Jamie Paquette)

At least they won't lose the play-in game in the ACC Tourney this year. (Glenn Arnold)

Beating a semi-decent Georgia Tech team is no way to cover up losing to Miami. Odd that that sentence would apply to similar results in football this past season. (Paul Campbell)

While Jason Cain will always make them No. 1 in the Porn 'Stache Poll, they need to not schedule three of the worst 25 teams in the country next year so when they are tied for 1st in the ACC they aren't 38th in the RPI. (Corey Masisak)

No. 5 Old Dominion

Monarchs need to win CAA tourney in order to keep Billy Packer's blood pressure down. (Scott Jackson)

Thanks to the Bog my interest in the CAA tournament is at an all-time high. (Chris Olson. And seriously. Me too.)

They've won like, what, 129 games in a row now? (Glenn Arnold)

Finishing the regular season 9-3 against Atlantic 11-eligible teams should be good enough for a 5 or 6 seed, shouldn't it? (Paul Campbell)

Monarchs are getting Colonial on the backsides of the competition. (Ted Gotsch)

Monarchs go all Colonial on their [bleep]. (Thigh Master. Amazing how many duplicates we get. Great minds, etc.)

If ODU makes this year's NCAA tournament, their spot in the little-known annual Root Beer tournament will be taken by Mug State (I know, I'm stretching now). (Jason Anderson, who has now made approximately 400 root beer Old Dominion jokes)

11 wins in a row and the #2 seed in the caa tournament. george mason was the #2 seed last season. destiny. (Frank Dale)

CAA gets two teams in the NCAA tourney. (Doug McKinney, on record)

The Monarchs petition to have wins over William and Mary count separately. (Adam Lewis)

No. 6 Virginia Commonwealth

Like the A-Team's B.A. Baracus, Rams leading scorer B.A. Walker does not tolerate jibber-jabber. (Matt Bonesteel)

B.A. Walker -- fewer gold chains, less exciting hair, but way more talent on the court than B.A. Baracus. (Markus Videnieks)

I tried to make a Commonwealth joke but couldn't pull the trigger, and then that dude beat me last week. Head hung, shame felt, ice cream and Jack Daniels consumed. (Josh Frank)

This year's NIT champion ladies and gentlemen. (Marc Gallant, on record)

I'm tempted to count beating JMU by only 11 as a loss. I'm going on record as saying that if VCU makes the tournament, they lose in the first round. (Jason Anderson, on record)

Two ways VCU can lock up an NCAA tournament spot: Win the CAA tournament or lose to Hofstra again. (Eric Swensen)

Could they be last year's George Mason this year in the NCAAs??? No. (Ajay Vellore)

Who gets left out if an underdog wins the CAA? (Dave Richardson. Answer: VCU.)

Congrats to the CAA regular season champs...who unfortunately are limping to the finish line (barely beating 10-19 Georgia St to clinch). As you know, I have been pulling for these guys all year, but either they got complacent in the last two weeks or they are more flawed than the 24-6 record would indicate. (Gheorghe the Blog)

No. 7 George Washington

Three-game win streak is the best 275th birthday gift that George Washington received last week. (Thigh Master)

I think they may be more ensconced in seventh than the Hoyas are in first. (Jason Anderson)

To simulate conditions at the A10 Tournament in Atlantic City, Karl Hobbs has team playing Monopoly after practices. (Jamie Paquette)

Good thing Karl Hobbs doesn't feel pressured to win the NCAA Tournament, since the first step toward winning is actually getting a tournament bid. (Eric Swensen)

"I spent $50,000 on my child's education, and all I got was this lousy NIT bid" T-shirts selling like hotcakes among GW parents. (Matt Bonesteel)

Win over Richmond completes area's only undefeated run through top 11-eligible teams. Awesome. (David Larimer)

I think Coach Hobbs said the women were overachieving too. Or something. (Sean Perkins)

Yeah, I disrespect them every week, but they won both games last week, and honestly, the A-10 seems to be a crapshoot, so why not GW. Unless Karl Hobbs channels that coaching legend Bruiser Flint prior to the A-10 tourney. (Gheorge the Blog)

Karl Hobbs hopes his Colonials can be this year's version of Xavier in the A-10 tourney. (Doug McKinney)

All of a sudden they are in a position to get a bye in the first round of the A-10 tournament? Slow down there Karl, nobody expcts you to win championships. (PS, How bout those GW Women?? 14-0 in A-10 play and STILL the best DI winning percentage in the Local area... if you want a Final Four team, look at GTown... if you are tired of looking at them (they aren't that pretty) look at the GW Women.) (Robert Lintott)

No. 8 George Mason

Is it just me, or does that Final Four banner look more and more like "Mission Accomplished" every day? (Robert Lintott)

(Now that's a great line. I chickened out on putting that in the paper.)

Official site ( has the headline: "Men's basketball suffers worst loss in 2 seasons, falls at Northeastern." Way to rev up school spirit. (Andrew Alberg)

It says a lot about the bottom of this poll that there's virtually nothing Mason can do to fall past this spot. Except maybe lose to JMU. (Dustin Dopirak)

Ticks don't get this embedded. (David Larimer)

I'm just curious why they wasted Jessica Biel on the "sound editing" category. Not that this has anything to do with George Mason. (Josh Frank)

Any bets on how many they'll lose to JMU by? (Chris Olson)

I'm still waiting for the crotch shot that turns this season around. (Sean Perkins)

Tough loss to a defunct airline on Saturday. (Glenn Arnold)

Northwestern maybe, but NorthEASTERN??? (Ajay Vellore)

"We just beat a Final Four team by 23!" used to mean so much more. (Matt Bonesteel)

To quote the great Milli Vanilli, "It's a tragedy for me to see the dream is over..." (Markus Videnieks)

Bogie to Ingrid Bergman, "We'll always have Paris." Coach L. to GMU Faithfull, "We'll always have 2006." (Dave Richardson)

NIT Final Four? (Rich Arnold)

Reshuffling the teams in the bottom of this poll is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. (Eric Swensen)

May need some help from the influential Free Masons to get into any tourney this year. (Thigh Master)

No. 9 Loyola

Earned coveted first-round MAAC tournament bye. (Eric Swensen)

All of a sudden after BracketBusters, Loyola's two wins over Iona are looking a little...nevermind, 2-27 Iona is still god-awful. (Gavin Weiss)

They fell to fourth place in the MAAC standings, which it appears Marist or Siena will win (at least based on their second great game of the year Saturday - thank you DVR)...and whoa, did Jack Nicholson shave his head? Wow...sorry, Oscars on in the background, and I really have nothing else to say about Loyola. (Gheorghe the Blog)

at least lacrosse season has started up. (Ed Lee)

No. 10 American

On a roll, besting two service academies and a toothpaste manufacturer in their last four. (Chris Olson)

With all the love you've been giving AU, I'm wondering if you're setting something up for your daughter. (Sean Perkins) (Love? What love? I'm going to the game tonight, tho.)

Welcome to the poll. Goes to show you don't need to do too much to get in at the bottom. (Andrew Wiseman)

AU is losing five of its top six scorers after this season, so we might as well rank them one last time. (Markus Videnieks)

Nice article by Junior in the paper, but it still doesn't get them there for me. (Dave Richardson)

Welcome back... it just took some perseverance to crack back into the wasteland that is the back end of this poll. (Nathan Fennessy)

Hotter than Betsy Ross. (Sean McLernon)

Well, I guess they ARE better than Navy after all. (Adam Littlefield)

I think fewer girls at AU hate me than at the other remaining local there you go, AU, you get the vote. (Josh Frank)

Lekavicius to Joneliunas to Eitutavicius is Lithuanian for Tinker to Evers to Chance. (David Larimer)

No. 11 William & Mary

Being voted No. 10 in Bog Local Hoops Poll only slightly less embarassing than being voted No. 10 in list of America's 10 fattest cities. (Matt Bonesteel)

Only staying in the poll due to the failings of those below. Congratulations! (Jason Anderson)

Look on the bright side. Fifty percent off all three-cornered hats! (Dan Y)

Also Receiving Comments

Towson: I think Towson and American should go on an 11-city press tour to promote their fight for my 9th place vote. (Josh Frank, who was at the De La Hoya presser)

Towson: Here's to Gary Neal being introduced as that "brilliant rookie for Towson" in his first nationally televised NBA game as Dave Meggett was by Al Michaels on MNF after a long run against the Redskins in the season opener at RFK. (Dave Richardson)

James Madison: J-maddy, you are now on the clock.....oh wait this isn't the NFL. (Nat Elliott)

By Dan Steinberg  |  February 28, 2007; 6:41 PM ET
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