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Local Hoops Poll Week Nine: Additional Pithy Comments

But first, a message from John Feinstein, who sent me an e-mail today that ended with the following two lines, concerning the pithy comments that appear in the newspaper:

"Are those really reader comments or do you make them up? They seem a little too clever for real people..."

Ha! Too clever for real people! John was joking, btw, but still, this ought to become the Atlantic 11's slogan. I mean, that's just as good as "Yup, these are my readers," right?

Oh, and this guy is selling all sorts of Tony Kornheiser swag for charity, and I'm trying to get him to make some Atlantic 11 swag. Clearly, any swag should quote John saying "A little too clever for real people" on the back. If I get a President's Day bonus this year, I'll personally buy those t-shirts for everyone who's voted more than 83 percent of the time.

Anyhow, the comments. Remember, they were all written before the week started.

1. Georgetown

Nice win streak against a bunch of crappy teams. VCU could beat St. John's with its JV roster. (Steve Argeris)

Be careful what you wish for, Hoyas fans - taking the top spot in this poll is like appearing on a Sports Illustrated cover. (Eric Swensen)

Every team I put at number one loses the next week. Louisville or Marquette: take your pick. (Frank Dale)

The worst part of my Super Bowl hangover was waking up knowing that I would have to rank this team #1. It wouldn't surprise me to see them lose 4 straight games. (Jamie Paquette)

Ah! There you are, Georgetown! We've been waiting for you... (Glenn Arnold)

The ACC's Reign over this poll is finally over! (HoyaSinceBirth, use real names if you wanna get in the paper please)

No. 1 merely by default. (Matt Mandel)

About to enter the 'challenging' part of their Big East schedule. (Thigh Master)

2. Virginia

Apparently, Sean Singletary is the lovechild of Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer. (Sean McLernon. Btw, Sean, one of the kids I lectured to at yesterday's high school seminar knows you. You used to date his sister or his cousin or something. Small world.)

Link. (Ed Lee)

Wahoo for the Wahoos for their two wins this week, especially beating Duke. Unless, of course, you hate the Cavs, in which case, screw 'em. (Ted Gotsch)

Dave Leitao must convince Cavaliers not to look past upcoming game at Virginia Tech in anticipation of hated foe Longwood next week. (Bill Fitzgerald)

Every time Duke loses an angel gets its wings... thank you UVA. (Robert Lintott)

This is the only poll in America where you can jump five spots after "underachieving" all season... (Josh Meredith)


If my dad (Va Tech '68) ever finds out i ranked UVA this high, he will write me out of the his will. (Matt Mandel)

Sean Singletary Fun Fact: Singletary yells out "Harmonica!" when he takes last-second one-handed shots. (Glenn Arnold)

Dave Leitao desperately hoping guards Singletary and Reynolds consider enrolling in one of UVa's fine graduate programs. (Adam Anthony)

3. Virginia Tech: Seth, buddy, what happened? Right the ship before you're .500 in the ACC...and staring at a NIT bid. Since when did the hoops team adopt the football team's strategy of "Early Season Success, Late Season Collapse"? (Gheorghe the Blog)

Hokies playing Beamer Ball (a.k.a., choking in the second half of the season). (Matt Bonesteel)

Oh Hokies, we hardly knew ye. (Matt Mandel)

No-longer top area team is still a short 4 1/2 drive to see play. (Scott Jackson)

Two losses this week allows a team within a 250-mile radius of D.C. to take over top spot. (Ted Gotsch)

'Score Only 59 Points' was their motto last week. (Thigh Master)

It's going to get worse before it gets better. (Frank Dale)

4. VCU

20 wins. Nuff said. (Sean McLernon)

Hofstra leaves the gun, takes the cannoli, and ends Rams 10-game win streak. (Bill Fitzgerald. Someone explain this to me.)

A win against a Hofstra would have guaranteed them an at-large bid. Too bad they lost. (Josh Meredith)

From the shameless self promotion file: DC Sports Bog 1/16/07: "The George Mason of Richmond? (Matt Mandel)" Sports Illustrated 1/30/07 (Matt Mandel)

You see any other 20 win teams on this list? Didn't think so. (Gheorghe the Blog)

If they were looking to take a page from George Mason's 2006 playbook, they should have skipped the section titled "Lose to Hofstra, But Get In Anyway." (Jamie Paquette)

Maybe those "next George Mason" comparisons were a little premature, especially since VCU's mascot doesn't do the Cabbage Patch. (Eric Swensen)

I'm tired of all this mid-major love. It's crap. I'm all for supporting the little guy, and making sure deserving teams are not left out, but there is no way that VCU would be 20-4 in the ACC, no matter how watered-down it is. The pendulum of sympathy needs to swing back to the BCS powers, and yes, I am typing this on a Microsoft-based computer, drinking a Starbucks coffee and wearing a Yankees hat. (Steve Argeris)

5. Maryland

Next three games: Home Duke, at N.C. State, at Clemson. And a Gary Williams blood vessel just burst. (Sean McLernon)

Winning on the road by only five against Wake Forest: almost as good as a loss. (Ed Lee)

Game this week vs. the Cavs was to decide once and for all which is the greatest country on earth, Mexico or Portugal!

I was going to coin flip between VTech and UMD, and then I just put UMD lower because I knew it would irk Gary Williams if he knew. (Robert Lintott)

Anyone else get the sense that the Terps are about to go on a major tear and run the table? Yeah, me neither. (Matt Mandel)

Free Gini Chukura! Terps are 9-0 when walk-on Chukura plays. (Markus Videnieks)

Resurgent Terps like their odds of making the tournament based on their late-season conference schedule. Well except for those two against Duke, and those two against NC State, and those games against, Florida State, UNC and Clemson. (Bryce Onaran)

6. George Washington

They were once in the A-10 driver's seat. After that Saint Louis loss, they're stuck in the back seat between a couple of fat guys. (Tim Lemke)

Hobbs got two technicals on Wednesday, and was heard asking to be given one on the telecast Saturday. Such histrionics work much better than, you know, actual coaching. (Matt Bonesteel)

After last week, the GW coaching staff has bigger problems than what we think about them. (Eric Swensen)

Karl Hobbs asks official for a technical at St. Louis but doesn't get that call, either. (Bill Fitzgerald)

A week of overachieving at underachieving, well done Karl Hobbs. (Also worth noting, GW Women are the area women's team with the fewest losses and best winning percentage (.904), take that Twerps... please give them a 1st place vote from me.) (Robert Lintott)

Carl Elliott: Best local player with two first names your grandfather might have? (Markus Videnieks)

A 20-win pace means GW students are paying $2,000 per victory. And apparently not majoring in economics. (Bryce Onaran)

7. Old Dominion

Big Blue is distressed that beating Mason twice no longer counts as important in the eyes of the Committee. (Paul Campbell)

Valdas Vasylius Fun Fact: Vasylius' name in English roughly translates to "Many Pithy Comments for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Lithuania." (Glenn Arnold)

Where else can I legitimately type the phrase: "I'm looking forward to the ODU-VCU showdown this week?" (Robert Lintott)

Where was the prop bet for A. Dahi outscoring (25) Joseph Addai's rushing attempts (19)? Same say biggest lock of Super Bowl Sunday. (Thigh Master)

Hotter than Gary Williams in a sauna. (Sean McLernon)

8. George Mason

There are three constants regarding these comments: Karl Hobbs jokes, references to riots at Maryland, and one-liners about Mason not returning to the Final Four. I'll leave it up to someone else to fulfill the last one. (Frank Dale)

The former Final Four team is now the fifth best squad in the state. (Sean McLernon)

They are just about the peak, any moment now. (Ted Gotsch)

After scoreless overtime vs. ODU, Patriots seem to be taking this Agent Zero business a bit too seriously. I blame Steinberg. (Matt Bonesteel)

Life comes at you fast, Jim Larranaga. (Bill Fitzgerald)

UNC Wilmington? Are you kidding me? (Matt Mandel)

Nowadays everybody want to talk like they got something to say. But nothing comes out when the move their lips, its a bunch of gibberish, and the Delaware Hens act like they forgot about Dre (Smith). (Markus Videnieks)

After failing to register a point in overtime against ODU, Patriots prove what kids attending Mason and living with their parents have known for years: it's awfully hard to score at home. (Bryce Onaran)

9. Loyola

If Loyola wins the MAAC and makes the NCAA tournament, will they show Bo Kimble sinking left-handed free throws? Will anyone complain? (Bryce Onaran)

With conference foe Iona finally snapping their 23-game losing streak, Loyola's RPI is certainly going to skyrocket. (Glenn Arnold)

Has as many conference wins as they do total loses. What does it all mean, Alfie? (Thigh Master)

Hate to say it, but their matchup against Tennessee State may be the least compelling of all the BracketBuster games. But at least they made it. (Tim Lemke)

Anybody else looking forward to the inevitable Marist-Loyola rematch in the MAAC title game? No? Just me? (Sean McLernon)

Choosing a #9 team is like choosing something to eat in a high school cafeteria. (Thigh Master)

10. Towson

The best .500 team in the country... really. (Nathan Fennessy)

If the Tigers keep this up, they'll play themselves right out of the draft lottery. (Bill Fitzgerald)

Is this the week Gary Neal and Towson are finally ranked higher than #10 in the Poll? Apparently not. (Glenn Arnold)

Actually had a game in which Gary Neal wasn't their leading scorer. Seemed worth mentioning. (Jamie Paquette)

11. William & Mary

Sometimes you get the Will; these days you are getting mostly the Mary. (Dan Y)

Also Receiving Votes

Radford: My beer pong partner after the super bowl was from Radford and we won a bunch of games. Go Highlanders! (Nat Elliott)

Liberty: I like the concept of Liberty, and they won four in a row in conference. Their mascot should have been the Bells. (Andrew Wiseman)

Hampton: This isn't a vote celebrating Hampton; it's a punishment for all the teams ahead of them who lost. "Big" wins over North Carolina A&T and Bethune-Cookman. (Paul Campbell)

Coppin State Women: The Lady Eagles set a conference record this past Saturday for most consecutive regular season wins with 33. In the 58-53 win over Delaware State, guard Rashida Suber became the ninth player in school history to go over the 1,000 point mark. (Gary Digital Williams)

American: Remember Eagles, it's AmeriCAN, not AmeriCAN'T. (Matt Bonesteel)

By Dan Steinberg  |  February 7, 2007; 7:02 PM ET
Categories:  College Basketball  
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So Agent Steinbog are you pulling together a Local Atlantic 11 Poll voter pool for march madness?

And you say that 70 people vote yet we only get comments from like 5. Not that I'm complaining I laughed out loud at a bunch of these.

Posted by: Marc | February 7, 2007 8:32 PM | Report abuse

Now that's an interesting idea. What would the prize be?

Posted by: Dan Steinberg | February 7, 2007 8:38 PM | Report abuse

thank you for posting this before my Georgetown prediction becomes invalidated. i want one of those shirts, but i want it to say "a little too clever to come from real journalists."

Posted by: jamie | February 7, 2007 8:43 PM | Report abuse

Hotter than Gary Williams in a sauna.

I plan on working that one into several conversations over the next few weeks. Good stuff.

And we definitely need to do an Atlantic Eleven March Madness pool. The winner/loser has to/gets to dogsit Rimando's dogs for a week.

And we need t-shirts. Hello? Designer? Anyone? Wizznutzz? Someone step up. I'll buy one.

Posted by: Reader Glenn | February 7, 2007 9:09 PM | Report abuse

Okay, Big Stein, here's what you do ... go out and rent the Godfather Trilogy. Watch parts I and II and use part III as a coaster or let your dog chew on it. Then watch part I again and pay close attention to Clemenza at the end. That should explain my pithy comment. Then watch part II again because it's just that good, and it explains the finer points of a philosophy of life that you should find very useful in your chosen profession.

Or just google "take the cannoli."

Posted by: Bill Fitzgerald | February 7, 2007 9:21 PM | Report abuse

"If Loyola wins the MAAC and makes the NCAA tournament, will they show Bo Kimble sinking left-handed free throws? Will anyone complain?"

Damn, I thought they were going to show that grainy film of the exciting OT win over Cincinnati in the '63 NCAA finals...

Posted by: Vincent | February 7, 2007 9:46 PM | Report abuse

Stein! Here's my blog/pics from the Mason/ODU game. ODU will beat VCU on Saturday. Book it!

Posted by: Hugh | February 8, 2007 12:51 AM | Report abuse

An Atlantic 11 voters tournament pool is a must, especially since my father-in-law has half-jokingly threatened to boot me from the family tournament pool now that I'm a "college basketball expert."

Posted by: Eric Swensen | February 8, 2007 8:03 AM | Report abuse

Some thoughts on prizes.

1. If the Post overlords agree... a guest 500 word post on the Bog about any sports related subject the winner wants.

2. If The mothering hut would be so kind... a free mothering hut T-shirt of the winners choice.

3. Gilbert Posters.. no wait we already got those.

Posted by: Marc | February 8, 2007 8:10 AM | Report abuse

What's better than seeing the Hoyas at the top where they rightfully belong? Hearing Twerps fans sing da blues....

Posted by: Chico | February 8, 2007 10:57 AM | Report abuse

You think that's better Chico? Personally, I never really knew anyone at Georgetown who gave Maryland more than a second thought, and yet for you Maryland being bad is better than Georgetown being decent.

Posted by: Chris | February 8, 2007 11:26 AM | Report abuse

In light of the teams in our poll, maybe we should do an NIT pool?

Posted by: Adam Lewis | February 8, 2007 12:41 PM | Report abuse

NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez

Posted by: ProgonkaOne | February 9, 2007 5:32 PM | Report abuse

Can the firebirds of U.D.C. get some division II love for upcoming valentine's day? My alma mater is regionally ranked and on their way to a NCAA postseason birth........

They may be the only team playing on CBS in late March/Early April!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Daniel | February 9, 2007 10:48 PM | Report abuse

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