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Local Hoops Poll Week 15: Additional Pithy Comments

Dan Steinberg here.

Are these 11 days late? Yes. Are many of them outdated to the point of making no sense? Yes. Is this a foolish entry? Yes. But I promised the Local Voters I would publish these before tonight's games begin, and I never break a promise, except the promise I made to myself about three years ago that I would quit sports journalism and find a real career.

Also, I need to find a way to get one free post a week from reader contributions after the college basketball season is over. Could we feasibly do a Major League Baseball Top 11, with pithy comments? Would I be able to get one voter who's a native fan of every MLB team to participate? Would you, in particular, like to participate? Lemme know. I have no interest in forfeiting the free labor I've gotten out of my readers the past four months.

Also, lemme take this Maryland pithy comment out of context in order to launch an important update.

They got too high of a seed, but I guess the NCAA tournament Comittee has the same Terp bias as the Washington Post. (Peter Keszler)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Columnist Tom Boswell was scheduled to be in Winston-Salem last weekend. Every flight leaving BWI got canceled. He waited for hours in vain, by which time it was too late to drive. So, Hoya fans, we weren't out to get you. Also, for the Hoya fans who are still convinced they get a bad deal in the Post, read this entry in The DCeiver. See, he/she believes we're Hoya cheerleaders. This is what I'm telling you. Every fan base thinks we're biased against its particular school. The Terp boards have regular discussions asking why The Post hates them so much. We should just come out and say we hate everybody, to end the debate.

Finally, bear in mind that these rankings were pre-tournament, although I don't know how much they'll really change when we do our final poll in a couple weeks.

1. Georgetown

Jeff Green and Roy Hibbert are good at basketball. (Doug McKinney)

Is there anything more disconcerting for a Hoya fan than all the prognosticators picking them to make the Final Four? (Nathan Fennessy)

I have a column labeled "Quality Wins" in my Atlantic 11 spreadsheet and every week Georgetown makes me widen that column just a little bit more. (Glenn Arnold)

At least there's a potential GW-GU Sweet 16 matchup, assuming they don't find some reason not to play GW like usual. (Andrew Wiseman, and now there's even more humor in this comment.)

Georgetown is already quaking at thought of Sweet 16 matchup vs. GW. (Ted Gotsch. This one too.)

Fantastic, the committee gave GW fans something to look forward to: a forced match-up with the Hoyas in the Sweet 16... G-Town tried to hide, if GW does its job they will be smoked out of their cave after 25-years... (Joshua Meredith. This one too.)

My only worry: why does Roy Hibbert have to be one of "those guys." You know, those guys that wear goofy t-shirts underneath their jersey. "Those guys" never win the NCAAs. (Dan Y)

I'm not sure they can beat Carolina, but no one else in this poll can touch them. (Jonathan T.)

2. Maryland

If I was a coach, and I had my choice of Area-11 teams to play in the tourney, I would pick Maryland hands down. (the prophetic or possibly deranged Robert Lintott).

Terps' effort to get back to the NIT was too little, too late. (Andrew Alberg)

First-round opponent Davidson had a star named Stephen Curry, but it's pronounced ste-fan. First guy to do that since Urkel. (Eric Holmberg)

Crabs, Boating on the Bay, and Being Seeded Just High Enough for a Devastating Second-Round Flameout. [Open the envelope]. What are three things that are just classic Maryland. (Dan Y, and well done sir.)

Team evidently though it was supposed to drink hurricanes at the ACC Tourney, not play them. (Ted Gotsch)

Apparently the city of Miami is kryptonite to DC area teams. I don't have the stats in front of me, but I guarantee Constantino Popa dominated Georgetown in the old Big East too. (Markus Videnieks)

3. Virginia Tech

If Virginia Tech is looking at a Sweet Sixteen match up against Kansas, they shouldn't be. (Glenn Arnold, well done sir.)

Over/under on Deron Washington facials in the tournament: 6. (Ajay Vellore. Final tally?)

Thought Sidney Lowe was a big stop sign, evidently. (John Taylor)

To be fair, in the real world, a Wolf Pack is going to take down a Hokie about 999,999 times out of 1,000,000. (Jamie Paquette)

Spring football is around the corner. (Matt Holohan)

They have to be the #1 seed in the "which ACC team will totally lay an egg this year" bracket. (Chris Olson, who overlooked Duke)

4. Virginia

Greater economic boon for Tampa -- one weekend of the ACC Tournament or a whole summer of Devil Rays baseball? Pick 'em. (Markus Videnieks)

Lucky to get a 4 seed--no chance of making the Sweet 16. (Andrew Alberg)

Average to below road team + disappointing ACC tourney appearance = I don't see them dancing past the first weekend. (Nat Elliott)

Singletary and Reynolds were exactly the kind of backcourt Thomas Jefferson envisioned when he founded UVA in 1819. (Gavin Weiss)

Easily the worst number 4 seed. (Eric Holmberg)

Cavs lose last two games to bad teams, finish 55th in the RPI, yet still get No. 4 seed. Yeah, that makes sense. (Matt Bonesteel)

UVa given a 4 seed under the mistaken assumption that the entire NCAA tournament would be played at John Paul Jones Arena. (Eric Swensen)

5. VCU

Eric Maynor is going to give Greg Paulus all sorts of problems. (Doug McKinney)

They'll upset Duke. (Paul Campbell)

Will beat Duke. Further proving that it's not how many teams you have in the field but how far they go that matters. (Peter Keszler)

Every mid-major player/coach/fan in the country is pulling for this 11-6 upset. (Dave Richardson)

Their first round match up against Duke might be Thursday's best game. (Glenn Arnold)

Duke has no chance. (Markus Videnieks)

They get Duke in Round 1. I say VCU wins that game. (Gheorghe: The Blog)

Don't you think Coach K is a little scared? (Rich Arnold)

I wonder if Coach K tivo-ed VCU dancing like Hari Krishnas after hearing they were playing Duke. And has been replaying it over and over and over and over. (Dan Y)

Having drawn Duke in the first round, I'm officially nominating VCU as America's Team. (Eric Swensen)

Gets a dream matchup with Duke: The little guy against a hobbled Goliath. (Eric Holmberg)

Not as good as ODU, but should beat Duke. Yes, I said should. (Jonathan T)

Playing really well at the right time, now gets to carry the hopes of every Duke hater on their back. Good chance they won't disappoint. (Andrew Alberg)

6. George Washington

Wooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! (Matt Bonesteel. Remember when you felt that way, Colonial fans?)

Coach Hobbs forces Hatchet to apologize for all its negative coverage during the season after big A-10 victory. Team responds by losing in the first round. (Nathan Fennessy, well done sir.)

7. Old Dominion

Everyone's talking about ODU as a sleeper, but let me ask you this: would a national contender like North Carolina ever allow itself to lose to a team like George Mason? Didn't think so. (Tim Lemke. Good point.)

I hope they win just so Norfolk copy editors don't feel compelled to put "The Butler Did It" as the headline on Friday. (Josh Frank)

ODU trying to avoid Friday headlines in the Virginian Pilot that might say "The Butler Did It." (The Thigh Master)

8. George Mason

2006 Final Four to 2007 NIT non-invitee. That's...uncomfortable. (Paul Campbell)

Almost became this year's George Mason, but i bet you get this joke at least five times. (Peter Keszler)

Officially out of the running to be this year's George Mason. (Eric Swensen)

Since they didn't even make the NIT, they will now be referred to as the Randolf and Mortimer of College Basketball. (Glenn Arnold)

Their swag was phenomenal for 3 and 19/20 games in Richmond. (Markus Videnieks)

Patriots now free to finally savor the many historic sights of Fairfax. (Matt Bonesteel)

Finishing as the highest-ranked non-tournament team is about as impressive as Gilbert Arenas' promised 85-point game against Duke. (Rob Yunich)

Tournament teams only George Mason! Stay out of our elite local poll! (Eric Holmberg)

The Jim Larranaga Burger at Brion's Grille in Fairfax just won't taste the same this month... (Sean McLernon)

Jim Larranaga will be on Washington Post Live next week. (Dan Steinberg)

9. American

And I'd like to get Brayden Billbe on at some point. (Dan Steinberg)

10. Loyola

If it's March on North Charles Street, that can mean only one thing: lacrosse season. (Bill Fitzgerald)

11. VMI

If Winthorp is this year's George Mason than VMI is next year's Winthrop. (The Thigh Master)

Also Receiving Comments

W&M: I think their St. Valentine's Day victory over Drexel killed the Dragons. Seriously. (Gheorghe the Blog)

By Dan Steinberg  |  March 22, 2007; 5:40 PM ET
Categories:  College Basketball  
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Stephen Curry did not have the same pronounciation as Urkel's alter-ego.

Stephen Curry's name was pronounced "Stefen"

Urkel's alterego was pronounced "Stefaan"

Posted by: Karl W. | March 22, 2007 8:36 PM | Report abuse

Guys who wear t-shirts under their jerseys don't win championships? Obviously this fellow forgets the immortal Toby Bailey and the last Georgetown team to win the National Championship.

Posted by: Chris | March 23, 2007 10:07 AM | Report abuse

Markus Videnieks for president!!!

Posted by: thigh master | March 23, 2007 10:08 AM | Report abuse

It's obvious from its coverage that the Washington Post hates all local college basketball teams. Just look at this.

Posted by: Lindemann | March 23, 2007 11:05 AM | Report abuse

FYI/DC Sports Connection:

Luke Winn: This is a random style question, but I wanted to know why you opt to wear a T-shirt under jersey during games -- is it to follow suit with Ewing, Mutombo and Mourning, who all wore Ts as Hoyas too?

Roy Hibbert: The reason why I do it is because the Verizon Center has ice [for the Washington Capitals] under the court, and it gets cold sometimes. When I was a freshman, the first few games I was coming off the bench, and I decided I'd rather stay warm than come in cold.

[Ed note: According to Georgetown sports information director Bill Shapland, in the days when Ewing's Hoyas shared the old Capital Centre with the Caps, they had the T-shirts sewn into jerseys to stay warm. The NHL has had a major impact on Hoya fashion.]

Posted by: danj | March 23, 2007 12:44 PM | Report abuse

Actually, Georgetown was 6-2 against Popa. And 3-0 against Miami in their final seasons in the Big East.

Posted by: HOYAS | March 24, 2007 6:02 PM | Report abuse

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