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Local Preseason Poll: Additional Pithy Comments

As always, featuring more funnies, which might or might not still apply five days after they were written but which are numerous enough to make your eyes bleed. And apologies for the delay. Not yet in regular season form.

And first, how about Towson's upset of Local No. 10 Loyola!?!?!? Pat Kennedy calls it the biggest win of his Towson tenure, and Loyola's Jimmy Patsos calls it his worst loss. Shocking.

No. 1 Georgetown

Wikipedia's entry on John Thompson (Jr.) has a section about '"Hoya Paranoia" which originally was "used to describe Hoya fans' insecurity toward pro-Maryland media bias." Perhaps they can break out a slogan for this year's team - "25 years of deluded whining" - though I'm not sure that they will get any competition for the #1 poll spot all year. (Jamie Paquette. Not very pithy.)

Since as of this voting no local team had played, I saw no reason to change my ballot from the end of last season. Problem is, all I can clearly remember is Hoyas at No. 1, because I was really impressed at how they handled Belmont; and George Mason at No. 8, out of sheer muscle memory. (David Larimer. Also not pithy.)

Duh. (Dan Diamond. Pithy.)

The two other teams that play at Verizon Center have sucked this year. Just sayin'. (Matt Bonesteel)

The first premier Bog Poll matchup comes today when the Hoyas face William & Mary. Hoya fans claim the Post wants Maryland to win. (Paul Campbell)

Roy Hibbert is sandwiched between Roy Rogers and Roy Munson for the biggest Roy heroes of all-time. (Doug McKinney)

Is it time to talk about where Roy Hibbert is going in the NBA draft yet? (Gavin Weiss)

2. Maryland

In honor of the start of college basketball season, College Park Mattress Discounters store holds a "Burn One, Get One Free" sale. (Bill Fitzgerald)

One anagram for "James Gist" is "jism gates" which sounds like a fun metaphor for the [edited for good taste]. (Jamie Paquette)

This team looks worse than my new book "Muttonchops: A Portrait of 19th Century Hair." (Eric Holmberg)

Never a good thing when a team has more suspended players than wins. (CapsNut)

Your season might be in trouble when DJ Strawberry is going to be missed (Chimpanzee Rage)

The one thing Robert Novak and Hugo Chavez can agree on - Greivis Vasquez is a baller. (Eric Swensen)

No truth to the rumor that guarding Kobe at the Pan-Am Games this summer has Greivis Vasquez mulling a trade demand. (Markus Videnieks)

Vasquez already has that unlikable WoJo feel to him. (Matt Bonesteel)

Blah blah blah, can't we fast forward to February when they're underachieving again? (Tim Jones)

3. Virginia

Dave Leitao asks much-maligned Mike Groh to join his staff as an Associate Good Luck Charm when the UVA football team's unfathomably ridiculous season ends. (Scott Allen)

The mysterious absence of forward Lars Mikalauskas from Sunday's exhibition win could mean that Ryan Pettinella may need to carry UVa's rich tradition of underachieving white big man all by himself. (Sean McLernon)

Leitao always does a lot with a little. This year he has even less. (Chimpanzee Rage)

We'll see if it's season of Cavs or Cavs not. (Michael Palan)

4. George Mason

Flights from Dulles to San Antonio are already sold out for the Final Four weekend. (Bill Fitzgerald)

In attempt to emulate coach of the better-known Patriots, Larranaga to dress like a hobo for the entire season, speak in a series of unintelligible grunts. (Matt Bonesteel)

Out: Final Four jokes. Back in: Paul Mason jokes. (Ted Gotsch)

5. Virginia Commonwealth

Duke's Greg Paulus still has his ankles taped up after what Eric Maynor did to him in March. (Markus Videnieks)

Is anyone else still doing a Kevin Harlan impression while yelling "Is this the dagger?" while playing HORSE? I don't think that will ever get old. (Sean McLernon)

By beating Duke last March, Anthony Grant locked the first lines of his obituary in stone. (Adam Anthony)

Jamal Shuler > Heath Shuler Ed Nixon > Richard Nixon Kiril Pishchalnikov > ... (Scott Allen)

Are we at the point where we have to ask who will be the next Virginia "The Next George Mason" Commonwealth? (Paul Campbell)

After hearing about Billy Donovan's back troubles, Anthony Grant called Florida AD Jeremy Foley just to, you know, say hello. (Eric Swensen)

6. George Washington

Karl Hobbs sees some promising freshmen to yell at on the staff of the GW Hatchet. (Eric Swensen)

I think its safe to say Karl Hobbs is angry about something right now. (Sean McLernon)

Sub-par schedule, check. Under-the-radar, check. Term "over-achieving" being used 500 times by Karl Hobbs, check. (Joshua Meredith)

I actually read an article the other day about how GW ought to be praised as the best basketball team in the area. I cried I laughed so hard. (Georgetown fan Peter Keszler)

So a Jewish GW student draws swastikas on her own door, a Muslim student group puts up Islamophobic posters, and Karl Hobbs continues to create an out-of-conference schedule as if he were a caricature of Karl Hobbs? The Colonials are so meta. (Paul Campbell)

They have a player (Jospeh Katuka) who looks like a shorter Roy Hibbert. I feel like this bodes well for the Colonials. Yet another season of overachieving. (Robert Lintott)

They're my favorite team (I named my parakeet Yinka), but I can't put them higher than 8 after their near-disaster against UDC. UDC is no Grand Valley State. Hell, they're not even Sweet Valley High. As a side note, I was looking up information on the Corning Bulldogs (a new ABA team which is now the closest pro team to Ithaca where I live) and found that they have on their roster Jaaron Greene, a seven footer who played for GW. Here's the thing: I barely remember him. I doubt he even started a game for the Colonials. I bet if I keep looking through the rosters of ABA teams, I'll find even more obscure local players. Next objective: Mike Grinnon. (Max Wass)

I think Vanderbilt just scored on them again. (Matt Bonesteel)

7. Virginia Tech

Bottom of the standings in the ACC = middle of the pack in the Atlantic 11. (Markus Videnieks)

Terrible ACC team, but still an ACC team. (Cole Wilson)

During the offseason, Blacksburg actually moved further away from the DC metro area. It is now located on Mars. (Jason Anderson)

Biggest question of the season is whether Coleman Collins will miss a dunk in the alumni game. (Bill Fitzgerald)

At least it's still football season. (Doug McKinney)

8. Old Dominion

Beat the Shepherd Rams in an exhibition game. Wait, why aren't they the Shepherd Shepherds? (Michael Palan)

Lost a lot this offseason, but coach Blaine Taylor still has a nice mustache. That gets votes alone. (Doug McKinney)

9. Richmond

Don't sleep on the Spiders - especially the poisonous ones. (Scott Allen)

10. Loyola

Will be ready to defend their title as "best of the teams that has no chance to get to the Big Dance" in this poll. (Jason Anderson)

Greyhounds are looking forward to sandwiching their losses to Fairfield around a drubbing at Kansas in January. (Jamie Paquette)

Jimmy Patsos counting on the emergence of Hassan Fofana, fana bobana, banana fana, fofana, fee, fi, momana, Fofana! (Bill Fitzgerald)

I just tried playing the "Name Game" using Hassan Fofana and, like stopping him, it's impossible. (Scott Allen)

The official team prospectus tells me "the progress has been undeniable" under Jimmy Patsos. And who am I to deny that? (Dan Diamond)

11. American

I'd vote the Bullets 10th but something tells me that AU could beat them right now. (CapsNut)

Also Receiving Votes


Beating Notre Dame in football gets you poll votes in both revenue sports. Future vote-getters in Area Poll: Air Force, Stanford, Duke. (Harrison Goodman)

Now if they could only end that basketball losing streak, against everyone. (Max Wass)

When's lacrosse season start again? (Rob Yunich)

James Madison

I only had to read one forecast that said JMU has "a chance to be decent" before I started salivating. Plus they have a transfer named Dazzmond which should lead to at least one "Dukes 'Dazz'-le Tigers" headline in the student newspaper. (Jamie Paquette)

DeMatha is probably better, but I'll give the benefit of the doubt for now. (Cole Wilson)


You have to like a team that promises fans free washer fluid if their team and opponent combine for 100 points. You should LOVE a team that allows that promise to be cashed in by halftime. (Gavin Weiss)


The day I heard that Jerry Falwell died, I high-fived at least ten people. I feel no remorse. (Max Wass)

William & Mary

Fun fact about sophomore forward Danny Sumner: He belongs to facebook groups titled "Give it to God", "Stand Up For God" and one about "Doing da Heisman on dat ho". Has anyone checked with the man upstairs about whether supermanning is kosher? (Paul Campbell)


I gotta be honest I only voted for them because I wanted all of Georgetown's local opponents to be in the top 10. (Georgetown fan Peter Keszler)


If loving the MEAC is wrong, then a whole lot of basketball fans want to be right. (Jamie Paquette)

Kevin Nickelberry is so confident of his team's prospects he has already requested film exchange with North Carolina and UCLA for his first round NCAA game. (Bill Fitzgerald)


School's SID finally getting around to putting out 2001-02 media guide. (Matt Bonesteel)

By Dan Steinberg  |  November 10, 2007; 7:23 AM ET
Categories:  College Basketball  
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1. The MEAC is classically plagued by late media guides.

2. No love for the MSU Bears, playing UCONN close and getting a win in the 2K losers bracket?

3. Perhaps I should reassess my pithy comments agenda.

Posted by: | November 10, 2007 10:42 AM | Report abuse

Tech beat Elon last night...

Tech held off Elon last night.

Posted by: sitruc | November 10, 2007 10:51 AM | Report abuse

I went to the Towson-Loyola game and posted my writeup on Two notes:

Towson is a lot better than anyone, even Pat Kennedy, knew. They will compete in the CAA. Remember the name Junior Hairston.

Gerald Brown wears green socks pulled up to his knees. Ridiculous look, but he has nice game.

Posted by: Bill Fitzgerald | November 10, 2007 9:57 PM | Report abuse

Bonesteel's comment about Howard's SID is priceless

Posted by: Dave | November 10, 2007 11:24 PM | Report abuse

It's beginning to look like the Tech women may outscore the Tech men this year.

Posted by: sitruc | November 11, 2007 4:27 PM | Report abuse

sitruc-both off and on the court?

Posted by: 20th Street & Pennsylvania Ave., NW | November 12, 2007 8:30 AM | Report abuse

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