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The Hampton Double Golden Pirates

In an effort to increase athletic event spirit, some Hampton students formed the Blue Lightning last spring.

Hampton is in the news right now, of course, due to their No. 11 ranking in the Atlantic 11, and also their stirring win over Florida A&M last night.

S anyhow, Hampton now boasts both the Frantic 40 Club and the Blue Lightning, which did tremendous work in naming their membership categories, which include Buccaneer, Blue Pirate, Silver Pirate, Platinum Pirate, Double Golden Pirate and Triple Secret Invisible Pirate. Only the last one is fake.

It takes 1,000 membership points to gain Platinum status, and with regular-season tennis matches only yielding three membership points, it would seem that ardent tennis fans would have to stay in school for at least 14 or 15 years to go Platinum. But I guess you can get points from serving on committees and being spirited and performing odd jobs, so maybe that's not a concern.

More interesting, though, are the benefits you accrue from these lofty titles. For example, Platinum members will get, among other things, "player interaction, 1 personal item to be signed by coach/player, photo opportunities with players." Player interaction? Couldn't you just go to class, or walk across the quad, and get a bit of player interaction? Would you really go to 334 men's tennis matches just for the ability to get one item signed by a Hampton men's basketball player?

Anyhow, that was all just an excuse to use yesterday's leftover pith. No poetry this week, but Scott Allen, voting from the Cayman Islands, chose to use his ballot to pay homage to various sorts of Marine Life, making him this week's featured commenter. Marine life, and other pith, after the jump.

1. Georgetown

Georgetown radio man Rich Chvotkin's summary of the season thus far: "Hoyas win, Hoyas win, Hoyas win, Hoyas win, Hoyas win, Hoyas win, Hoyas win, Hoyas win, Hoyas lose, Hoyas win, Hoyas win, Hoyas win, Hoyas win, Hoyas win. (Bill Fitzgerald)

The words "Roy Hibbert" and "three-pointer" go together about as well as "who wants to" and "sex Mutombo." (Matt Bonesteel)

Most people's thoughts on Saturday: "Why the hell is Hibbert taki-AAAAAAAAAAAAH!" (Max Wass)

Say what you will about the Hoyas pulling out a clutch win this past weekend, but UCONN was pretty stupid to leave a career 100% three point shooter totally unguarded at the top of the key. (Markus V.)

Thank God Hibbert can hits thres, because he's ranked 444th in defensive rebound percentage (at 7' 2"!). (Jamie Paquette)

We'll see now that their paper mache schedule has ended and the Big East one has begun. (Greg Cota)

What's more likely, Roy Hibbert hitting another three-point shot this season or any other local area team playing fundamentally sound basketball for 40 minutes? Wake me when this local hoops nightmare is over. (Julian Gompertz)

The nurse shark is gray in color, armed with a pair of short barbels and is commonly found from Rhode Island to Brazil. The Hoyas are gray in color, lift a lot of barbells and are commonly found in the top spot of the Atlantic 11 Bog Poll. (Scott Allen)

2. Virginia

Radio analyst Jim Hobgood said Ryan Pettinella shoots a free throw with the same form a baseball pitcher throws a curveball. At 1 for 12 from the line this season, Pettinella is about to walk the bases loaded. (Sean McLernon)

It's always great when you flip on the TV Sunday night and see the second-best team in the area getting lit up in Cameron Indoor. Does it get any better than me sitting and praying Virginia loses by less than 20 points to validate their No. 2 ranking? (Julian Gompertz)

Back-to-back losses by 38 and 22 points? Sounds like a top 5 Atlantic 11 team to me. (Eric Swensen)

If they can't keep those 20+ point losses to a minimum, I might have to consider bumping them down as far as No. 5. (Jamie Paquette)

Ten days after losing by 38, the Cavaliers lost by 22; if they can just continue to improve at this rate, they'll get their next win on January 27 and go on to win the national championship game on April 7 by 104.4 points. (Bill Fitzgerald)

The Balloonfish has a stubby, oval, and lightly depressed body, which, if attacked, swells and raises its spines in defense. Much like a balloon, the Cavaliers could either soar or just pop. (Scott Allen)

3. VCU

Rams' top three-point shooter is shooting 54.2% worse than Roy Hibbert. (Cole Wilson)

Silenced the Pride and Antoine Agudio, whose family may or may not own a store called Agudio & Vgideo. (Michael Palan)

The Rams take down Georgia State and Hofstra consecutively, placing their bid for the most "meh"-inspiring winning streak of the season. (Jason Anderson)

The Tobaccofish lives near sandy sea beds and tends to become gregarious beyond 150 feet in depth. The Rams have been known to beat teams from Tobacco Road. (Scott Allen)

4. George Mason

To Gunston or not to Gunston isn't even a question. Get rid of that green blob so you don't look so silly when your games are on TV. (Greg Cota)

Just seen on a water tower bordering the Patriots' campus: "Save Gunston!" (Ted Gotsch)

On the minus side, the Patriots lost at Delaware. On the plus side, they stayed overnight and had a whole day of sales tax-free shopping. (Bill Fitzgerald)

Killed the same Northeastern team that Maryland only beat by two. This season is enough to drive a loyal Maryland fan insane. (Markus V.)

The green moray eel is easily recognizable by its dark green color and may attack if excessively disturbed. The same can be said for George Mason's fearless mascot, Gunston. (Scott Allen)

5. Virginia Tech

Malcolm Delaney was as hot against the Terps as Dana Delany was in Exit To Eden. (Michael Palan)

Seth Greenberg throws up when his team loses close games? So that's how he keeps so trim. (Bill Fitzgerald)

Vassallo is actually here in College Park, draining threes over kids at the HHP. (Jason Anderson)

The Peppermint Bass remains hidden in crevices and creases and for this reason is not easy to identify. Will the real Virginia Tech -- and the Peppermint Bass -- please stand up? (Scott Allen)

6. James Madison

The buzz over JMU is so strong, you can hear it driving through Harrisonburg. Or maybe that's just electricity finally arriving in the town.... (Sean McLernon)

They're starting to call Abdullai Jalloh the "next Kent Culuko" in Harrisonburg. (Matt Bonesteel)

After the failure of, the Dukes hammered one of the other UNCs. (Nat Elliott)

The Fairy Basslet is unique due to its dual yellow and purple color and it swims upside down. The similarly colored Dukes are threatening to turn this poll upside down. (Scott Allen)


You lost to Maine!? Maine?! (Peter Keszler)

Yet doesn't fall off my ballot. I don't know if you guys have noticed this, but we maybe don't have the best teams in our region. (Jason Anderson)

Lost at home to Maine, ruining their shot at the first undefeated America East season since Delaware in '91-'92. Just like that gutterball in the 3rd frame ruined my chance at a 300 game. (Jamie Paquette)

That loss to Maine is gonna look a whole lot worse when the Black Bears finish 5-23. (Matt Bonesteel)

They had no answer for Maine's Philippe Tchekane Bofia. They also had no answer for how to pronounce his name. (Michael Palan)

The Retrievers were unable to stop Maine's Phillippe Tchekane Bofia, though spell-check catches him every time. (Markus V.)

Retrievers roll over and play dead against the Maine Black Bears, an excellent survival tactic in the wild, not so good on the basketball court. (Bill Fitzgerald)

Everyone knows that when you encounter a Black Bear, you're supposed to come out aggressively and he'll run away. Against Maine, the Retrievers got confused and simply played dead. (Tim Lemke)

The Upside Down Jellyfish will swim normal-like if someone picks it up. The Retrievers just need someone to pick them up. (Scott Allen)

8. Maryland

After Terps lose to Virginia Tech, Gary Williams takes away sneakers, forces players to practice in Birkenstocks. (Bill Fitzgerald)

I'm excited for Maryland's upcoming annual improbable win-streak that gets them onto the bubble, yet horribly depressed about it at the same time. (Markus V.)

Osby and Gist also collided while trying to talk to the same girl one night at the Thirsty Turtle. I guess the lesson went unlearned. (Jason Anderson)

Predicated UMD vs St. Louis score 21-20, UMD goes on a 5-1 run late in the second half to pull away. (Todd Turner)

I think I saw Gary Williams at the Giant in College Park wearing one of those nose, eyebrows and mustache disguise glasses. (Sean McLernon)

The only team the 2007-2008 Terps can beat will be the 2008-2009 Terps. (Briscoe)

The Red Hind is often observed lying motionless on the sea floor. Yeah, that could describe the Terps by the end of the ACC season. (Scott Allen)

9. American

Other than Georgetown, American might have the best chance at an NCAA Tournament bid. In related news, local college basketball is terrible. (Cole Wilson)

As a member of the Patriot League, AU is allowed to spy on other teams' practices without obtaining a warrant. (Markus V.)

Solid win over Lehigh following Brown loss provides evidence that there are second acts in American lives. (Sean McLernon)

The Surgeonfish is a solitary species that grows up to 10 inches in length. American is carving up opponents with the utmost precision. (Scott Allen)

10. Richmond

Spiders need three overtimes to score 75 points against LaSalle. Over-under for total score in Richmond's game against St. Louis University currently hovering at 50. (Bill Fitzgerald)

11. Hampton

Seriously, nothing.

Also Receiving Pith


With win over St. Louis, the Colonials move up from "underachieving" to "achieving" in Hobbs' lexicon. (Ted Gotsch)

Gained national attention by holding St. Louis to a post-shot clock record low 20 points; also made headlines when the team boarded a locomotive powered by steam coming from an angry Karl Hobbs' ears. (Jason Anderson)

More than 3,000 people witnessed history in Foggy Bottom. 3,213 to be exact... -- That amazing defense held Alabama to 93 in their previous game. (Greg Cota)

One could probably make more words from 'Billikens' than the points they barely put up against the Colonials. To get you started: 'kills', 'bilks', 'bikini' and 'kilns.' (Michael Palan)

Colonials Basically Blank Billikens...Try saying that 10 times without losing interest. (Michael Palan)

GW is holding teams to 20 points, and VMI scores 20 points in 2 minutes. Please use your extensive Sports Bog powers to create this match up. Thanks in advance. (Briscoe)


Laugh if you want at this vote, but they have two wins over other local teams. Five if you also count Southern Virginia University, Columbia Union College, and the Newport News Apprentice School. (Max Wass)

Beat Newport News Apprentice School. If you take away their wins against non D-1 schools, they're 5-6. (Drew Wiseman)

William & Mary: Huge win at James Madison calls into question the whole premise behind the Federalist Papers and Marbury v. Madison; chaos in the republic ensues.

Villanova, St. Joe's, etc: Are closer geographically than Blacksburg and have Washington-area players on the roster. (J. Tannenwald)

Delaware: They are better than every other CAA team in the poll, and it's three times closer to DC than Tech is, so it gets my vote. (J. Jones)

By Dan Steinberg  |  January 15, 2008; 4:01 PM ET
Categories:  College Basketball  
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Hey, Bonesteel: I lived in the 'Burg during the Kent C. era: "Kent Culuuuukoooooo!" Good times.

Posted by: Arlington Pimp | January 15, 2008 4:13 PM | Report abuse

Hampton is quickly becoming the Duke University of the MEAC.

Posted by: | January 16, 2008 9:57 AM | Report abuse

So on Tuesday I posted about Culuko, and last night during the ODU game the broadcasters interviewed Lefty D. and they talked about--what else?--Culuko's game-winning shot against ODU that sent JMU to the Dance. Good times.

Posted by: Arlington Pimp | January 17, 2008 5:46 PM | Report abuse

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