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Local 14 Extra Hoops Pith

Last week some of you seemed to miss the extra hoops pith due to the words "extra hoops pith" not appearing in the blog title, so I've fixed that mistake. To pad this with a bit of actual content in addition to voter-supplied jokes, let me urge you to read Bog friend Kyle Whelliston's take on UMBC, gleaned from last Sunday's game with BU. The passage of interest:

No other school can match the rich repertoire of the Down and Dirty Dawg Band, easily the tightest brass section in the league. And then there's the remarkably ravishing dance squad, long noted as a farm club for the Baltimore Ravens' dance team -- the league tournament loses a lot of luster whenever UMBC is eliminated early.

Remarkably ravishing? Down and Dirty Dawg? And the pep band has a blog? Send those chaps to the Verizon Center, please, tournament committee.

I should also note that there was more disagreement about UMBC than any other team in the Atlantic 11 this week; one voter left the Retrievers unranked, two had them ranked No. 2, and at least one voter chose every spot in between. Personally, I was one of 15 voters that had the Retrievers No. 4, believing that at some point you have to find a way to reward a team that does not lose, and believing also that George Mason's losses to Georgia State and East Carolina make up for UMBC's equally unsightly losses to Lafayette and Central Connecticut State.

Pith after jump.

1. Georgetown

Rich Chvotkin's play-by-play call from the Villanova game now a part of NPR's "This I Believe" series. (Bill Fitzgerald)

Roy Hibbert seems strangely guileless on the court, a person who doesn't seem to be aware of his own size. Kind of like Will Ferrell in "Elf." (David Larimer)

Rich Chvotkin believes that saying Weyinmi Efejuku is a muscle tussle for his tongue. (Scott Allen)

God Shammgod is planning a copyrighting infringement suit against the Hoyas for illegal usage of his name in the description of their game. (Jarrett Carter)

Hoyas should have learned from last year not to eat at Dinosaur BBQ an hour before gametime. (Jamie Paquette)

I thought the Big East would have checked the references on Tim Donaghy's resume before letting him ref the Villanova game. (Markus Videnieks)

Two straight weeks with a loss? If they do that five more times, I might have to begin considering the possibility of maybe ranking them second. (Max Wass)

Yeah, you lost to a team with six players. Don't worry, you're still No. 1 in our book. (Matt Bonesteel)

What's more unreliable, Georgetown's conference play or the voting patterns of the Atlantic 11 pollsters? (Briscoe)

I think I caught a glimpse of Greivis Vasquez rushing the court along with the Syracuse kids. (Glenn Arnold)

The Hoyas keep my No. 1 vote largely because JTIII used the phrase "pep in their step" during Saturday's postgame press conference. (Sean McLernon)

2. Maryland

How long is it before Joe Lunardi adds "Assisted Wins" to his bracket breakdown? I mean, Duke obviously lost to Wake Forest because Maryland took so much out of them in the previous game. That should really count for something. (Scott Allen)

The yellow uniforms were nice, but I definitely prefer the maroon and black ones. (Glenn Arnold)

Boom Osby's success may be able to single-handedly revive the music careers of the members of P.O.D. (Sean McLernon)

3. VCU

Don't forget that they beat Maryland. But also don't forget that they lost to JMU. (Glenn Arnold)

Kirill Pishchalnikov is the greatest Russian name since Yegor Mescheriakov. But any more losses to ODU, and people are gonna think you're some sort of Commie Pinko. Think about it. (Matt Bonesteel)

Rams loss to ODU is the latest fallout of the subprime crisis. (Jamie Paquette)

Duke Dogs don't swim and VCU continues to plunder. (Nat Elliott)

4. George Mason

With all of this fuss over Gunston, GMU should take this opportunity to bring in a new mascot: Masonic the Hedgehog. (Sean McLernon)

Only in the CAA could the Seahawks beat the Patriots twice. (Michael Palan)

With visions of 2 bids starting to fade, CAA released inspirational new slogan this week: "Yes, We CAAn!" (Jamie Paquette)


If the Retrievers beat the Hoyas in the first round, the Thigh Master better be ready to be interviewed by the Today show. (Matt Bonesteel)

The #5 team in this poll has to win it's conference tourney to have any shot at the NCAAs. Which means that this poll is stronger than the MVC and CUSA, but possibly weaker than the A10. (Jamie Paquette)

Enraged by the choice of Uno the beagle as Best in Show at Westminster, Retrievers vow to track and kill every opponent in the America East. (Bill Fitzgerald)

Beagles are so last week. The Retriever is the new beagle. (Sean McLernon)

An overheard rumor: When UMBC inevitably wins the American East Tourney, scores of rioting students will rush the campus's "SportsZone" in the Commons and haul down the 40 ft long canoe hanging from the ceiling and burn it on Wilkens Avenue. (Ian Oland)

If there's a hotter team in the country, then we don't want to know about it. (Michael Palan)

I'd love to see UMBC in one of those early-season holiday tournaments with UMKC, IUPUI, and UTEP. (Markus Videnieks)

Following Sunday's win in which the Retrievers used six players, head coach Randy Monroe dismissed the notion that he is considering going to a four-man rotation for the stretch run. (Scott Allen)

6. Virginia Tech

If I left for Blacksburg right now, I would arrive just in time to see two other teams play for the NCAA championship in April. (Jason Anderson)

Fans revert to "we'll beat them in football" consolations this time of year. (MD fan Matt Holohan. Whoops.)

7. Morgan State

What's the difference between Morgan State and the city of New Orleans? One got beat by FAMU and the other got beat by FEMA. (Max Wass)

I-95 has become the new Tobacco Road - albeit a much more congested version with a hearty prevalence of road rage. (Sean McLernon)

Todd Bozeman promotes a Morganic basketball lifestyle as the cornerstone of his team's success and the future health of the planet. (Bill Fitzgerald)

Who knew that an early conference loss to Norfolk State could actually mean something in this world? (Michael Palan)

With Patriots, Eagles and Bears, this poll is becoming an episode of the Colbert Report, only with worse writing and fewer cameos by politicians. (Jamie Paquette)

8. American

If John Feinstein had a nickle for every three-pointer Garrison Carr made, he'd be an even wealthier man. (David Larimer)

Garrison Carr is the most exciting thing to happen in Tenleytown since they got that Chipotle a few yeas ago. (Markus Videnieks)

Screaming Eagles > American Eagles > The Eagles (The Dude was 100% right). (Jason Anderson)

That sound you hear is American storming through the Patriot League - or maybe it's just Derrick Mercer working on his latest audio technology assignment. (Scott Allen)

Being 8-3 in the Patriot League is kind of like an ACC team going 8-3 in non-conference games. (Glenn Arnold)

Holy Cross, Batman! American is in first place in the Patriot League! (Sean McLernon)

Only five teams in Division I have more road/neutral wins than AU's 10. Will the selection commitee protect AU and send them to Verizon Center if the Eagles make the tournament? (David Storm)

Eagles' dominance of the Patriot League reportedly began shortly after Jeff Jones and his wife attended a party at the home of Jose Canseco. (Bill Fitzgerald)

Knowing the NCAA tournament committee's pension for pitting local teams against each other (see 2001), I'm already expecting an American-Morgan State play-in game. (Max Wass)

9. Old Dominion

If I was on the NCAA selection committee, I'd keep a very close watch on ODU -- they've played a tough schedule, are picking up some important wins in conference, and they have a coach whose mustache would look FANTASTIC during One Shining Moment. (Markus Videnieks)

10. Virginia

My reluctance at letting them back into the poll knows no bounds. Damn you other Local 11 teams!!! (Jason Anderson)

I just can't quit those Cavaliers. (David Storm)

Freshman guard Jeff Jones was a big-time shooter in high school and originally committed to Maryland, but then spurned them for UVA. This year he's an Ibekwe-esque 7-30 on three pointers. I think the Terps will be fine. (Markus Videnieks)

If only the Hoos could play BC every weekend.... (Mike Sewell)

11. Hampton

Let's face it, everyone has a bad week. (Grady Bryant)

Rashad West > NBA West All-Stars. (Scott Allen)

Losing to UMES has to be the most legitimate reason to use "shiver me timbers!" that I'm ever going get. (Jamie Paquette)

C'mon Pirates, you gotta save those half-court miracles for when you play limp-offensed Georgetown in the the first round! (Matt Bonesteel)

Also Receiving Pith


I usually avoid Richmond on I-295. Should the Spiders keep winning, I'll definitely take 95. (Matt Bonesteel)

Norfolk State

Big win vs DSU was followed by a big spending spree at DSW.

Spartans follow 2-8 start with 11-2 run. Let's just hope they can stay on their meds for the rest of the season. (Bill Fitzgerald)


After Greyhounds struggle at Niagara again, Jimmy Patsos decides to play next year's game on the Canadian side. (Bill Fitzgerald)

Unlike Hassan Fofana, the Greyhounds continue to exceed all expectations. (Scott Allen)

They tried to get a team bus with "Greyhounds" painted on the side, but a bunch of sketchy people started lining up to enter it at every stop. (Max Wass)

George Washington

Just the fact that they are in a race to make the A-10 Tournament shows that they are indeed overachieving. (Joshua Meredith)


Feinstein Vote of the Week. Michelle Obama visits campus, then the Hawks shock Hampton, making it the most exciting day on the Eastern Shore since "Jacob Have I Loved" hit bookstores. (David Larimer)

By Dan Steinberg  |  February 22, 2008; 10:32 AM ET
Categories:  College Basketball  
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