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Local Hoops: More Pith

Sorry, you're crazy if you don't love these unis.

Just to give a little preview for tomorrow's poll, the state of Maryland shall rise again. Think about it. Maryland has won 10 out of 12 and become completely likeable (and does likeability just translate to wins and losses? I'm starting to doubt myself here). UMBC has won 9 out of 11. Loyola has won 7 out of 8 entering today. And Morgan State has won seven straight.

Meanwhile, former Atlantic 11 stalwarts from the Commonwealth are playing Rudy Giuliani to Maryland's John McCain. Virginia has lost 9 out of 10. James Madison has lost 9 out of 11. Hampton has dropped 2 out of 4 after winning its first five MEAC games. VMI has lost 5 out of 6 after getting with sniffing distance of a ranking.

And I can't wait to see how many voters give first-place nods to the Terps. From resume alone, it's obviously impossible to justify, but you know some closet Terps fan will convince himself that Maryland is really the hottest team in the A-11, and that in a head-to-head game on a neutral floor the Terps would be right there with the Hoyas. Plus, both teams have a fan who dresses like a cow, but Maryland's cow costume is way, way better. As soon as I find my card reader, I'll prove it to you.

In the meantime, a two-week backlog of some additional pithy comments is after the jump. Some pith was lost for all time due to a clerical error. Apologies. You can always read Bill Fitzgerald's offerings here.

1. Georgetown

Comments on hiatus due to writer's strike. (Jamie Paquette)

Reason No. 352 that Georgetown is for real is at the top of Jonathan Wallace's Wikipedia page: "This article is about the American basketball player. For the U.S. Representative from Ohio, see Jonathan H. Wallace." That's right Congressman, take a seat. (Sean McLernon)

Walk-on Bryon Jansen joined Roy Hibbert in the 100% from behind the arc club with his buzzer-beater over St. John's. How many other teams have automatic deep shooters playing center and last man off the bench? (Paul Campbell)

Expected a postponement last Tuesday, thinking the geography wizards from a school that's actually located 200 miles from South Florida would likely show up for a game at a small Christian school in Kentucky. (David Larimer)

Desperate to claim the #1 spot in the Atlantic 11, Bill Clinton heard describing Georgetown's season as a "fairy tale." (Adam Anthony)

2. Maryland

Terps make Joe Lunardi's "Next Four Out," which sounds slightly better than "Next Four In the NIT." (Scott Allen)

Having Greivis Vasquez lead a comeback is like having Carrot Top open a movie. (Matt Bonesteel)

Krzyzewski said Maryland has "great fans" that "support their team in a positive manner." And he still kept a straight face. (Sean McLernon)

Back up to #2 in the Bog Poll. Probably not a good sign for the DC-MD-VA region that the second-best team still isn't a Tourney lock. (Paul Campbell)

Just when it looks like they're down, the Terrapins manage to remain standing and complete a metaphorical pass to David Tyree. (Max Wass)

If Comcast can find room on my cable package for HGTV, 14 Discovery Channels, and some sort of Russian channel, can't they just bite the bullet and give us ESPNU so I can watch the Maryland-BC game at home? (Markus V.)

3. George Mason

Is it me or does Jim Larranaga look exactly like a happy version of Tom Coughlin? (Michael Palan)

Any A-11 poll voter who didn't at least check in on ESPN2 for Mason-VCU would be better off participating in something that doesn't require any level of interest in the sport. The Harris Poll, for example. (David Larimer)

In the four games after he shot 10-10 from three-point range at James Madison, Dre Smith shot 3-23. Might be a good time to switch to southpaw. (Bill Fitzgerald)

Reminded Dukes fans, some of whom are more used to reciting the alphabet backwards, that 'G' still comes before 'J.' (Scott Allen)

After hammering some drinks, I went to the Pat Center to pass out while Mason hammered JMU. (WaPoLive Fan)

Patriots draw school-record 9,800 fans, Larranaga wins 200th game at GMU, but it all seemed anti-climactic when someone said "Remember that time we went to the Final Four? That was awesome." (Sean McLernon)

Mason AD lobbied unsuccessfully to have new economic stimulus package include a coupon good for free hot dog at any upcoming Mason home game. (Jamie Paquette)

4. VCU

I already used a Super Bowl analogy, so...the Rams hit a setback when their figurative Lindsay Davenport lost their symbolic rubber to George Mason's emblematic Sabine Lisicki. However, they rebounded to beat Towson and keep alive their hopes for the allegorical Federations Cup. (Max Wass)

Yet another reason to believe VCU is the team of destiny in the CAA: Nicer Ram, yo is an anagram for Eric Maynor. Did I just blow your mind? (Sean McLernon)

With another year of Rams success, Athony Grant, now rumored to be the next coach of Kentucky, St, John's, the Minnesota Timberwolves, and the Harlem Globetrotters. (Jamie Paquette)

VCU, which is this year's George Mason, as well as last year's George Mason, lost to the actual George Mason, which was the original George Mason. (Markus V.)

Key loss to George Mason will haunt them for years or maybe just a month... whichever happens first. (Michael Palan)

Did the Rams really expect to win a big game in the D.C. area with a player named Shuler in their starting lineup? (Sean McLernon)

I'm starting to sense a pattern in the Rams' headlines: Maynor, Shuler lead VCU past [insert opponent here]. Repeat. (Paul Campbell)

Why is VCU only an 11-seed in the Post's mock field of 65? Duke anyone? (Greg Cota)

When the Rams learned they would play in a televised BracketBuster, their first question wasn't who they were playing, but rather, "Will Erin Andrews be working the game?" (Scott Allen)

5. Virginia Tech

Seth Greenberg gets an extension. Five more years of Uncle Fester jokes and mediocre results. (Matt Holohan)

97.5 million Americans tuned in to watch Super Bowl XLII. That's roughly 157.8 million less than the amount of people who've looked at those super hot pics of Seth Greenberg's daughter. (Michael Palan)

You had to think Greenberg could turn things around eventually. The ability of that bald, roundish man to father such a hot daughter makes me believe he can accomplish anything. (Sean McLernon)

Hokies entered the week 3-1 in overtime games this season, but a woeful 0-7 in games in which they trailed at the end of regulation. (Bill Fitzgerald)

Hokies Fan: Leitao sucks! Disgruntled UVA forward Mike Scott: That's what she said! (Scott Allen)

f someone proved to me that Deron Washington and Exree Hipp were actually the same person, I can't say I'd be surprised. (Markus V.)


Retrievers carry injured opponents to their bench where coach Randy Monroe humanely puts them out of their misery by quickly wringing their necks. (Bill Fitzgerald)

Maybe we should start a pool: What #1 seed will UMBC face in the NCAA Tournament? (Glenn Arnold)

Get the headline ready: UMBC retrieves America East title. (Sean McLernon)

They've been sneaking up on opponents all year long who have been expecting rec league games when they see the word 'County' on the schedule. (Markus V.)

7. Virginia

Starting to show pasty shades of the late Jeff Jones era. (Matt Bonesteel)

Having already taken away locker room privileges, Dave Leitao's latest punishment plans for a flailing UVA team include confiscating team uniforms and making his players practice naked. As if Lars Mikalauskas doesn't look bad enough with clothes on.... (Sean McLernon)

Because of injuries the Cavs are relying heavily on freshman Mike Scott -- a name that hasn't been relevant in pro sports since RBI Baseball. (Markus V.)

Sean Singletary recently went 16-for-44 in a three-game stretch, inlcuding 1-for-14 from 3. At that rate, he'll fit right in on the Knicks next year. (Jamie Paquette)

"Hey, JR, it's Sean ... How you been? .... Good, good, the team's doing real good ... No, no, nothing's wrong, I was just calling to say hey, you know, see what's up ... " (Bill Fitzgerald)

Can't J.R. Reynolds enroll in grad school or something? (Glenn Arnold)

Like some teams in the NBA's Eastern Conference, even the mediocre should be ranked. (Rob Yunich)

Forward Ryan Pettinella looks so much like Mark Cuban that the refs call technical fouls on him every time he steps foot on the court. (Markus V.)

Not a good sign when you're 1-6 in conference and your post-game reports note that such a record is your worst conference start since...three years ago. (Paul Campbell)

8. Hampton

By this point in the MEAC season, Kevin Nickelberry has usually begun scouting the projected two seeds in the NCAA tournament. (Scott Allen)

Second in the MEAC is good enough for top 11 in this poll. (Greg Cota)

Jerry West > Rashad West > Adam West (Bill Fitzgerald)

9. William & Mary

Scored 70 in each of two wins last week -- perfectly matching my test average as a student there. (Adam Anthony)

10. Morgan State

I owned a Boubacar once. It had a nice round body, but it was always leaking. Then it started to sag. (Max Wass)

If it wouldn't sound so ridiculous, I would totally name my kid Boubacar. (Jamie Paquette)

Mark it down: If the Bears win the MEAC, the selection committee is putting Todd Bozeman in the play-in game. It doesn't matter if four teams with losing records win their conference tournaments. (David Larimer)

11. Richmond

The Spiders don't watch any video of opposing teams before playing them, and have improved on last season's 8-22 record. The less they know, the better they play. The same strategy has not worked too well in the classroom, however. (Sean McLernon)

Rooting for the Spiders must be kind of like having that alcoholic dad who is generally disappointing but occasionally surprises you by pulling it together for a weekend and taking you out for pizza and a movie. (Jamie Paquette)

Also receiving pith

Loyola: The Greyhounds were excited about celebrating after their school record 18 3-pointers in their win at Canisius, but then they realized they were in Buffalo. (Sean McLernon)

Mount St. Mary's: Virginia doesn't deserve my vote until it wins again; instead, I'll cast a Feinstein Vote to the Mountaineers, in honor of the season-sweep gas face they gave to St. Francis of New York (coached by Brian Nash, brother of Prime Minister Pete Nice).

By Dan Steinberg  |  February 10, 2008; 11:07 AM ET
Categories:  College Basketball  
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Was this written before or after Georgetown's loss to Louisville? What a crappy game on behalf of the Hoyas. MD deserves the #1.

Posted by: JDP | February 10, 2008 3:03 PM | Report abuse

we beat gu the last 2 times we played them....tourney and joe smith's first game

why would we be worried about them? we will score before hibbert crosses half court

Posted by: delusional terps fan | February 10, 2008 5:57 PM | Report abuse

How can I join this poll? The only way Georgetown outdoes Maryland is in the number of ugly women on campus. Let's put it this way: Dave Neil would start for the Hoyas.

Posted by: College Park Is Burning | February 10, 2008 9:52 PM | Report abuse

Sean McLernon needs to go back and rethink his comment about VCU. But lets take it back to December 2nd @ Verizon Center. VCU defeated Maryland 85-76. That's all I have to say.

Posted by: GQ | February 11, 2008 12:49 PM | Report abuse

AU is first in the Patriot League now after tearing it up on ESPNU! Give em the love!

Posted by: AU | February 11, 2008 1:46 PM | Report abuse

I am outraged AU is not in the top 11.

I just... I can't take this poll seriously anymore. I hope the selection committee doesn't take it into consideration this year.

Posted by: KC in DC | February 11, 2008 2:48 PM | Report abuse

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