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D.C. Sports Media Approval Ratings: Kelli Johnson

What better way to kickoff Redskins Training Camp Week than with a look at some of the Reporters Who Cover the Redskins? And where better to start than with Kelli Johnson, the team's beat reporter on Comcast SportsNet.

Johnson also anchors SportsNite and SportsRise, but she's clearly made her biggest local impact as the source of both serious and silly Redskins reporting. Leonard Shapiro profiled her in these parts last season, providing all the necessary background information, along with quotes on how she approaches her job:

I enjoy doing the interviews. I try to ask the questions that need to be asked. I also take pride in sit-downs where you're just not talking football. You talk about their lives, their families. It's fun to get these guys to open up a little, and as a woman, it's an area I think I have an advantage. It's a little easier for a woman to show a softer side, to have a conversation about their lives. I think it's an area I excel in, and it makes for good television.

Per her official bio, Johnson joined CSN in 2004, originally drawing the Orioles beat before switching to the Skins. She's from Idaho, grew up a Seahawks fan, has worked in Austin and St. Louis, and was a four-year hoops starter at the University of Idaho, which she credits for helping her relate to pro athletes.

Bearing in mind that you have just two options, here's your chance to judge Kelli Johnson. Choose carefully, and offer explanation below.

Previously, in order of approval: Steve Buckhantz, Dave Johnson, Joe Beninati, Sonny Jurgensen, Johnny Holliday, Charlie Slowes, Russ Thaler, Chick Hernandez, The Junkies, Mike Wise, Tony Kornheiser, Steve Czaban, Dave Feldman, Rick "Doc" Walker, George Michael, Brett Haber, John Riggins, Andy Pollin, Larry Michael.

By Dan Steinberg  |  July 21, 2008; 1:08 PM ET
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i approve, kelli johnson is hot, id hit it

Posted by: X-E | July 21, 2008 1:21 PM | Report abuse

She's a great talent that Comcast is lucky to have. She's very knowledgable and observant, not afraid to ask the tough questions, can ask the tough questions in a non-threatening manner as to elicit a response, and can run with the fun stuff also.

Probably one of my favorite reporters. I'm just waiting for one of the big networks to sweep her up. That will be a sad day for Comcast.

Posted by: je suis un pizza | July 21, 2008 1:27 PM | Report abuse

Kelli is my favorite 'skins reporter. She's cut from the cloth of Brenner and Michaels. She has the knowledge, self confidence, and direct manner that the hacks who populate the nbc4 sports department lack these days. Thank god I just got comcast HD so I can watch real sports news on CSN! When did ESPN become MTV for jocks?

Posted by: Section 102 Seat 19 | July 21, 2008 1:30 PM | Report abuse

I saw Kelli last Thursday night at Town Hall in Glover Park. Her and her girlfriends were all having a good time, enjoying their drinks. She's a lot taller than I thought she was, and a lot more attractive too.

Posted by: H Street | July 21, 2008 1:30 PM | Report abuse

Not so much sold on her anchoring - but I think she's a quality reporter and could be in the mix as one of ESPN's "bureau" reporters, covering all things DC/Baltimore, in the future.

I mean, for Christ sakes, they hired Bram Weinstein.

Posted by: Eddie C | July 21, 2008 1:44 PM | Report abuse

Does a pretty nice job with the Skins post-game interviews

Posted by: Kev | July 21, 2008 2:00 PM | Report abuse

She loses points for Kelli with an I, though I suppose that's more her parents' fault.

Posted by: NTPNate | July 21, 2008 2:19 PM | Report abuse

I approve. There's nothing wrong with having a pretty face deliver the news, and ever since Sage Steele left our local airwaves for ESPN, Kelli Johnson's been near the top. But she's got to stop being so chummy/flirty with the athletes on camera. Those dining out with the Redskins features were embarrassing. And she really should stop picking her teeth in the press box. It harms her beguiling allure.

Posted by: UMD's Burning Couch | July 21, 2008 2:23 PM | Report abuse

i can't get over the mertin hanks-like neck size

Posted by: hmmmmm | July 21, 2008 2:26 PM | Report abuse

The first time I saw Kelli Johnson, I thought, "Oh, hey, CSN hired another blonde bimbo to cover sports."

Then I started hearing her conduct an interview, and I realized within 5 minutes that she probably knows more about football than I do. She's probably the best non-hockey reason to ever watch CSN.

Posted by: FS | July 21, 2008 2:48 PM | Report abuse

she reminds me of that cartoon character whose profile had nothing but hair and a nose

Posted by: fullnow | July 21, 2008 3:18 PM | Report abuse

She's very good. I wish she covered the Wizards.

Posted by: Anonymous | July 21, 2008 3:22 PM | Report abuse

Kelli doesn't do much for me. She tries hard enough, but I like my sports reporters more offbeat. As with many of the of the personalities Steinz has had us vote on, I wish there was a "neutral" category. But in its absence, I have to go with disapprove.

Posted by: Doesn't do much for me | July 21, 2008 3:23 PM | Report abuse

wow. snarky sex-related comment in the first post.

I figured it would have taken til post #5 at least.

Posted by: odessasteps | July 21, 2008 4:27 PM | Report abuse

she's alright but she's no amber theoharis

Posted by: Anonymous | July 21, 2008 6:11 PM | Report abuse

Smart, centered and just fun enough without being over-the-top (read: Michael Jenkins). I approve. However, I wish she were still on the baseball beat, but with the Nationals, not the O's.

Posted by: Incredulous | July 22, 2008 8:43 AM | Report abuse

I'll give COMCAST credit. They do get hot babes. The Caps babe is nice too.

Posted by: Joe | July 22, 2008 9:58 AM | Report abuse

Just in case Kelli, Lisa Hillary or any other female sports reporters ever happen to look in the comments here, I'd like to apologize on behalf of my commenters. Sorry.

Posted by: Dan Steinberg | July 22, 2008 11:27 AM | Report abuse

Steinberg, you're such a wuss. What did you EXPECT?

Posted by: Joe | July 23, 2008 5:39 PM | Report abuse

Agreed. Perhaps Steinberg thinks it is a coincidence that these are hot looking blondes. When is the last time COMCAST hired a fat ugly broad to do sportscasts?

Posted by: Jimbo | July 23, 2008 11:05 PM | Report abuse

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