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Jimmy Patsos Sits in the Stands

Jimmy Patsos, staying far away from his team. (By Charles Krupa - AP)

(Scroll to the jump for this week's extra Atlantic 11 pith, an assortment of droll comments from poll voters about our local basketball teams. It's basically 14,000 words worth of inside jokes, but maybe you'll find it amusing. And at least 84 people will be interested.)

Many of the most compelling results from the first week of the college basketball season have involved local teams. Kentucky's loss at home? Courtesy of VMI. Oregon State's loss in the debut of Obama's brother-in-law? Courtesy of Howard. Syracuse's major scare at home? Courtesy of Richmond. Virginia Tech's? Courtesy of Mount St. Mary's. The debut of The Patriot? Happened in Fairfax. A 5-foot-10 dude blocking eight shots? Happened against Towson.

But this one's probably the best yet. After jabbering at an official, accusing him of favoring the Cornell coach because they're from the same city, and getting a technical and repeated severe warning, Loyola coach (and former Terps assistant) Jimmy Patsos watched the end of the Greyhounds' loss to Cornell from the end of his bench. And, for a time, from the stands. Wonder if he put up his hands before free throws. From the AP:

"I didn't want to get tossed out. I had my hands up in the surrender position," he said.

Patsos said video of the scene shows Loyola athletic director Joe Boylan in the stands, placing his hands on his head in astonishment. Seconds later, Patsos climbed about two rows into the seats to sit behind Boylan and ask for some advice.

"I didn't want to hurt the school or the program, but at that point I really didn't know what to do," Patsos said.

Read more in the Baltimore Sun, the Sporting Blog and Fox Sports, and please, please, local coaches, use Patsos as a model and start climbing into the stands. I want to see Gary Williams's chest used as the "G" in "Greivis" before this season ends.

And now, for the pith.

1. Georgetown

Where's the parity?? (Jamie Jones)

Top spot by default. Just like their academic standing in the local area. (Raphael Mazzone)

Still No. 1 because, in the grand scheme of the universe and eternity, seven months is a reasonable amount of time for inertia to hold. (Paul Campbell)

If Greg Monroe doesn't wear a t-shirt under his jersey, the Hoyas automatically move down three spots. (Chris Chase)

Obviously, Jeremiah Rivers was the player to be named later in the Patrick Ewing Jr. transfer. (Bill Fitzgerald)

Nikita Mescheriakov refuses to play H-O-R-S-E with his brother Yegor in keeping with the Hoyas' tradition of ducking GW. (David Larimer)

The journey begins towards forgetting Stephen Curry ever existed...erm, I mean a fourth consecutive NCAA appearance. (John Hawkes)

While most of the country was attentive to the mantras of "Yes We Can" and "Time for Change" throughout the summer, the Hoyas hope that their slogan of "Curry for Three" gives them the same kind of momentous result. (Jarrett Carter)

Georgetown dining hall has discontinued weekly Curry Night promotion. (Matt Bonesteel)

2. Virginia Tech

I would rank them higher, but several of their players may have to suit up at QB in the coming weeks. (Jake Leffler)

Tremendous defensively. Could contend for the ACC title if they figure out their quarterback situation. (Matt Trogdon)

The Hokies' basketball team will be better than the football team? Ha! Good one. Next you'll try to convince me that the state voted for a Democrat in the presidential election. (Bill Fitzgerald)

St. John's is closer to D.C. than Virginia Tech. I petition for the Red Storm's inclusion in the Atlantic 11 as well. And while we're at it, it's only a four-hour flight to London. Where's Oxford? (Chris Chase)

Stuff to improve from last season: defense, rebounding, not throwing up on the court. (Jack Lambert)

Jeff Allen lost 28 pounds during the offseason by adhering to the increasingly popular Dorenzo Hudson diet. You can throw it, er, look it up. (Scott Allen)

The Hokies have more freshmen and sophomores than the alcohol-poisoning wing of Montgomery Regional Hospital on a Friday night (Matt Bonesteel)

3. VCU

It will be so nice for Richmond sports bloggers once Eric Maynor & Anthony Grant leave town at the end of the year. I can't wait to turn my attention to Richmond Kickers soccer & the desperate search for a vagrant minor league baseball team willing to play in a 44-year old park that drops pieces of the concrete roof on patrons. (The Bald Spot)

Myk Brown's decision to transfer was based at least in part on his desire to find a school more accepting of his curiously spelled first name. Like, say, Division III D'Youville. (Scott Allen)

I'm sad that Billy Packer won't be around in March to mangle the pronunciation of Kirill Pishchalnikov. (Chris Olson)

Five years from now Ram fans are going to look back and admire the premiere program Anthony Grant has put together. Unfortunately for VCU, it won't be at their school. (Christopher Ring)

The last year of the Anthony Grant stepping-stone campaign starts with the Rams picked to win the Colonial. (Matt Trogdon)

Richmond International Airport adding extra runway to accommodate major conference suitors for Anthony Grant. (Eric Swensen)

The Rams are looking strong in the third consecutive "final year with Anthony Grant before a bigger school hires him away." (Markus Videnieks)

The two best days of the Bush Administration: 11/4/08 (Obama over McCain) and 3/15/07 (VCU over Duke). (Jamie Paquette)

Heath Shuler goes back to being the #1 Shuler in the DC area now that Jamal graduated. (Michael Palan)

Does anybody else think that Eric Maynor should've graduated by now? I mean, seriously, how old is the guy? (John Willmott)

America's most entertaining non-BCS conference welcomes Eric Maynor back for his 17th season in Richmond. (John Hawkes)

Jamal Schuler is not walking through that door! Will Fameni is not walking through that door! Eric Maynor is not walking ... what? Wait a sec' ... Okay, Eric Maynor is back - apparently his petition for a 15th season of eligibility was approved. (Bill Fitzgerald)

4. Maryland

I almost wanted to put them No. 1 just to get the "This poll is biased towards Maryland" crowd riled up early. (Jamie Paquette)

Faced with the prospect of a four-guard starting five, Greivis Vasquez has already alerted officials from the Guinness Book of World Records about his upcoming effort at most shot attempts in a single season. (Jarrett Carter)

The closest thing Maryland has to a big man is sitting in the head coach's office of the football team. (Glenn Arnold)

Maryland Terps' three and four-guard offenses more effective than their don't-guard defense. (Bill Fitzgerald)

Rapidly becoming the Ja Rule of college basketball. (John Hawkes)

Honestly, is there any chance that Gary didn't consider pulling off a reverse "Juwanna Mann" move last year by recruiting Crystal Langhorne to play for the men? (Christopher Ring)

At least this year a loss to American at home won't look so bad. (Sean McLernon)

How long before people start complaining Brenda doesn't recruit local talent? (Ben Shlesinger)

2002 national champion gets another program-changing victory this season by finally making it back to the quarterfinals of the ACC tournament. (Matt Trogdon)

Maryland fans have talked themselves into Jin Soo Kim, which will make the fallout from the inevitable December loss to a 200+ RPI team that much more devastating. (Tim Hanson)

Terps beat writers were dismayed to find that addition of Jin Soo Kim to roster also meant addition of kimchi to the media buffet. (John Willmott)

Are there any local five-star recruits that Gary won't recruit this year? Yes. (Cole Wilson)

Gary Williams has a healthy endocrine system that is efficient at cooling his body during stressful moments. Greivis Vazquez, on the other hand, is a freak. (Eric Angevine)

They can be #1 if the team sweats during practice as much as Gary Williams sweats during games. (John Regan)

/Generic Gary Williams sweat joke. (Chris Stratton)

5. George Mason

Losing Will Thomas to Fox 5 is really gonna hurt. (Glenn Arnold)

The Patriots need a new mascot. Billy Packer needs a new job. Hmm... (Max Wass)

Mason mourning the loss of its Bill Russell (Will Thomas), Magic Johnson (Floarin Campbell) and Oliver Miller (Gunston). (Jack Lambert)

I'm sure I can't be the only one to suggest that GMU will have a season marred by losses connected to the abandonment of their beloved Mascot, Gunston. I predict March articles that discuss a "Curse of Gunston." (Kevin O'Connor)

Does the Patriots' pep band take requests? If so, Madonna's "4 Minutes" would sound kinda hot during warm-ups. (David Larimer)

Larranaga stays, but Gunston's gone- Everyone at Mason is okay with this arrangement, yes? (Paul Campbell)

Patriots' most promising newcomer is a 7-footer - their mascot. (Bill Fitzgerald)

My 2009 resolution is to figure out how to spell 'Larranaga' w/o using Google. (Michael Palan)

If the Wizards were eligible for the Atlantic 11, they'd be ranked in this spot. (Chris Chase)

6. American

Despite the high expectations for the Eagles this season, still remains available. (Jamie Paquette)

To adjust to the new 3-point line, Eagles sharpshooter Garrison Carr upped his bench pressing regimen from 150 to 152 pounds. (Scott Allen)

The two people who did not record a first-place vote for American in the preseason Patriot League poll must hate freedom. It's the only explanation. (Sean McLernon)

Very strong chance they're back in the NCAA Tournament this March...which would mark the second time EVER in recorded history that a group of college students sang along to "Don't Stop Believing (John Hawkes)

I know the Eagles didn't up and join the MEAC, but two home games in the first two months sure makes me think otherwise. (David Larimer)

I guess we'll see what they're made of in their Atlantic 11 stretch from Dec 1-22: vs. Mount St Mary's, at Georgetown, at GW, at UMBC, at Maryland. At least they can end it on a high note. (Paul Campbell)

Don't look now, but it looks like Bender Arena might be selling out more events than just crappy concerts this year! (Christopher Ring)

With eight games against Atlantic 11 teams, Jeff Jones is first coach in the country to base his scheduling on a mildly amusing Internet enterprise. (Matt Bonesteel)

7. Old Dominion

It can be hard to play basketball when your home arena expects there to be Constant Convocation. (Max Wass)

Primed for another season as the 127th best team in the country. (Jamie Paquette)

Etoile Imama's starting up a folk band called The Imama's and The Ipapa's. (Michael Palan)

The upside for Freshman Guard Etoile Imama coming to America to play basketball? Better competition. The downside? Four years of his teammates making Yo Mama / Imama jokes. (Markus Videnieks)

Still led by 6'10" Finnish sensation Gerald Lee, straight off the hardscrabble streets of Uusikaupunki. (Paul Campbell)

Gerald Lee's signature dunk at the end of a fast break is known as the Finnish finish. (Bill Fitzgerald)

Do you think Blaine Taylor's mustache is jealous of all the media hype about Tony Shaver's mustache? (Eric Angevine)

I'll let others handle the Gary Williams sweat jokes in favor of concentrating on another season of tributes to Blaine Taylor's Montana roots and full, proud mustache. (David Larimer)

8. Virginia

Frankly, they're just in the top ten because of pure, unadulterated big-conference bias. (Matt Trogdon)

Dave Leitao implementing a new motion offense to take the place of last year's "Sean, you take it" offense. (Jack Lambert)

The Wahoos just won't be the same without that legendary player that had been the face of the program over the last few seasons. Clearly, Ryan Pettinella will be missed. (Sean McLernon)

How could Sylven Landesberg not play for UVA? With that name, it sounds like he was born in khakis and a blue blazer. (Markus Videnieks)

To distract from last-place ACC prediction, Dave Leitao to lead chants of "Groh Must Go" at halftime. (Matt Bonesteel)

Like everybody else, I'm giving the Cavs a preseason vote pretty much just because they're in the ACC. But please, can we all agree they don't deserve one if they lose 11 of 12 again this season? (David Larimer)

With a little luck, this team could make another run at the CBI. (Jake Leffler)

Imaging if UVA had hired a coach who WASN'T a noted recruiter. (Tim Hanson)

With a former William and Mary player voting in the poll this year, maybe Dave Leitao will join the panel next year. (Chris Chase)


In December, UMBC plays on the road against Morgan St., Pitt, Nebraska and Saint Louis. We'll check back in with them in February. (Glenn Arnold)

First line from their official preview, "UMBC head men's basketball coach Randy Monroe is very fond of classic movies." (Andrew Maxham)

Knight to b3, and 1! (Chris LoBianco)

10. George Washington

Kornheiser got his hair done for their match-up with Binghamton last night. (John Albers)

Good thing they decided to keep the Hippo. He's the only one on the roster with any bulk. (John Hawkes)

The Colonials have a new, more menacing mascot. But I'm pretty sure the first thing I learned as a GW history major was that George Washington didn't have terrifying black pupils. (Matt Bonesteel)

GW's best player, Rob Diggs, shares the same name as the Wu-Tang Clan's RZA. I'm not sure if GW's Diggs plans on basing his whole career around '70s kung-fu movies too. (Markus Videnieks)

A haiku: Sacramento State; does not really qualify; as a tough road game. (Tim Lemke)

11. Mount St. Mary's

Mountaineers had a better record on the road than at home last season which doesn't make sense, unless you've been to Emmitsburg. Then it totally makes sense. (Jack Lambert)

Losing to UNC in the NCAA tournament last year has them well prepared to lose to Georgetown in the regular season this year. (Glenn Arnold)

With hard work and a little luck, The Mount can once again finish the season as the 64th-best team in the country. (Sean McLernon)

Also Receiving Pith

Morgan State

Boubacar Coly is gone, Kyle Whelliston weeps. (Max Wass)

I can't wait for the Todd Bozeman Twitter feed so I can get quick updates like "this is a long a$$ game," "sittin in the Dulles airport waitin on a flight to the ATL" and "where's my steak sandwich??" sent directly to my phone. (Jamie Paquette)

Todd Bozeman is talking about prack tiss, man. Not a gaim, not a gaim, not a gaim. He's talking about prack tiss. How silly is that? (Scott Allen)

Even though his team will play in ESPN's Bracket Busters this season, Todd Bozeman is not letting the fame go to his head. Eschewing overtures from WordPress, Bozeman will stay true to his roots and maintain his blog on the Blogger platform. (Jarrett Carter)

You can't go wrong with a team that starts a player with the nickname Itchy. (Sean McLernon)

"Morgan State Basketball: At least it's not the SWAC!" (John Willmott)


The Spiders' trip to Europe taught them the advantages of standing around, passing the ball and taking long threes... oh wait... (Chris Fish)

Spiders trying to lure fans with $5 ticket offers and promise of "the world-renowned Zooperstars!" Slow-paced, plodding basketball apparently isn't the draw it used to be. (Matt Bonsteel)

William & Mary

Coach Shaver's mustache is gone. I don't know what else could be as important. (Chris Stratton)


My darkhorse pick for a Cinderella run at having to listen to all the AU kids singing Journey at the Patriot League Tournament championship game. (John Hawkes)

I'm pulling a Feinstein and putting in his favorite team that doesn't deserve a top 10 spot at the bottom of my ballot. For my next trick, I'll watch my restaurant fail. (Paul Campbell)

Coppin State

If you fly out of BWI between now and January, there's a good chance Tywain McKee will be on your flight. (The Bald Spot)

Because Fang Mitchell said so. (John Albers)


Just imagine how good the Greyhounds could be if head coach Jimmy Patsos ever convinces a GOOD player to transfer from Maryland. (Scott Allen)


Have you seen the roster on this team? Nope, me neither. (Matt Trogdon)

Remember when Steve Spurrier used to rank Duke #25 in every pre-season coach's poll? Well, I didn't coach at Radford, but my vote for them is based on the same principle. (Lost the name)

This week's Motley Fool stock tip: The iShares MSCI EAFE Index (EFA). This exchange-traded fund tracks the markets in Europe, Australasia (the coolest place ever if it actually existed), and the Far East. If you're lazy and believe -- as poll voter Tim Hanson does -- that global markets are oversold, this is your low-cost, long-term play.

By Dan Steinberg  |  November 20, 2008; 12:31 PM ET
Categories:  Atlantic 11 , College Basketball  
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Eh, Patsos probably deserved it.

/Cornell fan

Posted by: MaxWass | November 20, 2008 2:31 PM | Report abuse

I get the Anthony Grant jokes and the shuler ones were pseudo funny...but since when is staying 4 years too long? Maynor is a 4th year senior...this is only his 3rd season of playing since he was buried in the bench his freshman year.

Posted by: Petey82 | November 20, 2008 3:30 PM | Report abuse

It's a sign of respect, Petey. Maynor has been playing like a senior for the last two years. For my money, he's the best player in the Bog.

Posted by: fitzfacts | November 20, 2008 4:53 PM | Report abuse

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