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Big South Hoops Pith

(By Preston Keres - TWP)

On the eve of another week of Atlantic 11 voting, observe the best of last week's pith. Much of it was about the Big South. But it's easier to find Hoyas photos.

1. Georgetown

The Hoyas held American to 12 first half points... an amount of points that totally made Jim Zorn jealous. (Michael Palan)

When Obama won the election with promises of bringing "Change" to Washington, he didn't mean the top spot in the Atlantic 11. (Cole Wilson)

Typical Hoya mentality, always ducking the best local teams. What JTIII? Liberty not up to your level? VMI too easy? No, just go ahead and keep scheduling your cupcakes like Memphis. (Max Wass)

Counting down the minutes until Greg Monroe joins Greg Oden in those "ESPN the Magazine" big men can sell commercials. (Devin Perry)

Heavy is the crown...unless your talking about the Local 11 hoops poll. (Nat Elliott)

2. Maryland

Probably the best team in Maryland. (Jamie Paquette)

Landon Milbourne's supremacy over GW was more impressive than the Milbourne identity against Michigan, but my personal favorite was the Milbourne ultimatum against Youngstown State. (Bill Fitzgerald)

With wins over MSU and U of M in hand, AD Debbie Yow looking to add Ford, GM, and Chrysler to Spring '09 schedule. (Adam Anthony)

BB&T Champions? pairs nicely with a 6th place Old Spice finish, right? (Paul Campbell)

If the attendance at the BB&T gets any worse, those children are gonna have to learn how to use

Greivis Vasquez's switch over to no-slip hair gel deserves the credit for his drop in turnovers. (John Albers)

At this rate, Braxton Dupree should be announcing his decision to transfer to Loyola by Christmas (Scott Allen)

Terps hoping W-L record vs. teams wearing blue and gold is now part of RPI formula. (Matt Bonesteel)

Maybe Maryland's 23-point shellacking of GW will finally knock the Colonials out the rankings. Then again, maybe not. (Glenn Arnold)

"OH THE HUMANIT" - arian Bowl. (Chris Olson)

Maryland continues to build wins on its Best of the 90's basketball tour and is trying desperately to fit Kentucky onto this year's schedule. (Laurence Reszetar)

3. Virginia Tech

If they lose again before they play Duke on Jan. 4th, then we should divide this poll into the "Georgetown Subdivision" and the "Hopeless Mediocrity Subdivision." (Jamie Paquette)

Hanging on to the #3 ranking like Barack Obama clutching his last Marlboro. (Bill Fitzgerald)

Hokies fans were too busy not buying ACC football championship tickets to notice that basketball team keeps getting killed at the buzzer. (Matt Bonesteel)

It was 12:59:59 and I was a second away from submitting my ranking when a basketball crashed through my window, hit the mouse, and moved Tech from No. 2 to No. 4. (Laurence Reszetar)

Three days before their football team plays Cincinnati in the Orange Bowl, the Virginia Tech basketball team will face-off against Charleston Southern. The basketball game should get slightly higher television ratings. (Chris Chase)

Fool me once (Stephen Curry), shame on you. Fool me twice (Seth Curry) shame on me. (Devin Perry)

4. George Mason

Patriots have two weeks to scheme for Radford, most of which will involve brushing up on their flip cup and beer pong skills. (Scott Allen)

Tough back to back against Liberty Flames and Drexel Dragons raises strength of schedule rating to "Medieval." (Chris Olson)

Darryl Monroe's intentional foul eerily reminiscent of the sweeping of leg incident at the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament. (Raphael Mazzone)

Patriots' overtime loss at Liberty presents tremendous opportunity for political statement about Patriot Act and civil liberties that would have been so witty in 2003, but not so much now. Why couldn't they have lost to the Citibanks? (Bill Fitzgerald)

The phrase "this year's George Mason" now refers to a team from a mid-major conference that finishes third in the regular season standings, wins the conference tournament and then gets blown out in an NCAA first round game. (Sean McLernon)

Attempts to locate "Mason Green" and "Mason Gold" paint colors at Home Depot prove fruitless (John Albers)

5. VCU

Larry Sanders is averaging three blocks per game; expect him to start at tackle for the Redskins next week. (Bill Fitzgerald)

I vote Eric Maynor for Atlantic 11 Player of the Month for November. (Sean McLernon)

Remember when Anthony Grant was the next hot coaching prospect? What happened? Are we sure he and Russ Grimm aren't the same person? (Chris Chase)

Dominated the WMs last week with wins over Western Michigan and William & Mary. Too bad they don't play Watkins Mill HS or a celebrity team featuring Wynton Marsalis, Walter Matthau, and Wink Martindale next. (Markus Videnieks)

Maynor may not matter much
If no one else can score.
Defeating Duke was great and all,
But where is our encore? (Jamie Paquette)

6. Liberty

Would probably beat every team in this poll except for Georgetown. I'm still not ranking them higher than this. (Matt Bonesteel)

Frantically trying to reconcile the Cinderella story with a literal interpretation of the Bible. (Adam Anthony)

The finest thing to come out of Lynchburg, Va. since Jerry Fal -- no, the finest thing to come out of Lynchburg, Va. (Chris Chase)

Converting non-believers one win at a time. (John Albers)

New creed: "Winningness is next to Godliness."

After beating UVA and losing to Clemson by only 5, they should at least get invited to the ACC Tournament. (Glenn Arnold)

Unable to start Clemson's inevitable collapse earlier than usual. (Chris Bocquet)

No wonder they lost to Clemson. Divine retribution for playing a game on a Sunday. (Paul Campbell)

"Lost by 5 to an ACC opponent" is a resume-builder in this poll. (Jamie Paquette)

Hoping for elevation to mid-major status. (Chris Olson)

The Flames have played just two road games, and lost both. See what happens to those Big South bullies when they finally give the little guys a return game? (David Larimer)

Seth Curry is on pace to become the most famous Liberty athlete since former MLB player Sid Bream, although Curry will never be able to match Bream's mustache. (Sean McLernon)

No. 7 VMI

After allowing 105 points to UNC Asheville, VMI head coach Duggar Baucom should consider asking Eddie Jordan to join his staff as a defensive specialist. (Scott Allen)

Coach Duggar Baucom said after the Keydets' last win, "I hoped it wasn't going to be one of those games where you have to outscore everybody," which is sort of like Ted Nugent saying, "I hoped it wasn't going to be one of those days where I slaughtered an animal." (David Larimer)

Beating Winthrop this year is sort of like beating the Republicans this year - it seems impressive until you look at their records. (Jamie Paquette)

Why did the parents of twins Chavis and Travis Holmes not give them crazy twin names that better suited their surname, like Sherlock and Theresnoplacelike? (Michael Palan)

More quality wins than everyone but Georgetown and Maryland, although they're even with Virginia Tech if you don't count Kentucky. (B Sopchak)

8. Navy

Midshipmen are 296th in the country in steal percentage, so they are bringing in consultants from Halliburton for a few lessons. (Jamie Paquette)

Out-rebounded by Virginia Tech 41-23, but held the edge in gallantry. (John Albers)

Impressed with the camouflage jerseys and helmets the Army football team sported on Saturday, Navy announces it will wear sailor outfits for its two games against the Black Knights this season. (Scott Allen)

Leading scorer Kaleo Kina's name means "The Voice From Heaven." I guess there was too much pressure to try singing, so it's good basketball is working out for him. (Sean McLernon)

Still waiting to become Fullshipmen. (Michael Palan)

9. Virginia

The Hoos are currently on a 15-day break for exams. Well, 26 days, if you count their last three games. (Chris Chase)

Maybe if they didn't take Greyhound home from Minneapolis, they wouldn't need 15 days off between games. (Matt Bonesteel)

Game against Minnesota not televised in HD, sparing fans a good look at the chipped paint on the rims after UVA's 31 percent shooting. (Eric Swensen)

Should take a chance and start paying recruits. Whats the worst that can happen? (Cole Wilson)

10. George Washington

Coach Karl Hobbs and the team's fans agree -- Colonials didn't "overachieve" in 23-point loss to Terps. (Ted Gotsch)

Using the transitive property and their recent results against Maryland, Georgetown is roughly 50 points ahead of GW. Just like the SATs! (John Hawkes)

Karl Hobbs still weighing offer from the Obama Administration to become Undersecretary of Barely Controlled Rage. (Bill Fitzgerald)

Dear Colonials: All I want is to give my wife a legitimate reason why I absolutely have to go to Atlantic City with Larimer, so let's stop looking so god-awful. Hugs and kisses, Matt Bonesteel (Class of 1997).

11. American

Also Receiving Pith


I wonder how many WASPs were in attendance at the Hornets/Spiders game? (Michael Palan)

Josh Duinker and Duncan McLean got in a fight at a Spiders practice this week over who could use the nickname "The Dunker." (Markus Videnieks)


Beat Howard 45-39 in Madison Square Garden; fortunately, Knick fans in attendance able to appreciate a game where the winner shoots 32 percent. (Bill Fitzgerald)

Old Dominion

Trying to rank teams at the bottom of the Atlantic 11 is like trying to pick my favorite Jonas Brother. (Chris Chase)

According to the ODU website, Junior Guard Marsharee Neely has a mother named Marvette, a sister named Mercedes, and a brother named Marquavious. That's marvelous. (Markus Videnieks)

Mount St. Mary's

If this isn't reason enough to rename this poll the Atlantic 2, I don't know what is. (Scott Allen)


Still playing in the shadow of the university's dance team. (John Albers)

Kevin Durant: 21.8 ppg, OKC Thunder: 2-19. Tony Durant: 1.7 ppg, Towson: 4-4. Kevin, listen to big bro and pass the ball. I got $10 on Towson finishing with more W's than OKC. (Chris Stratton)

I'm not sure what the joke is, but "Towson" is definitely the punchline. (Jamie Paquette)


That's what she said. (Chris Chase)


I've been in three Atlantic 11 gyms so far this season, and every time the home team has won. If Eastern Shore would like me to drop by for their next big game, I'm sure we can work out a reasonable appearance fee. (Eric Angevine)

By Dan Steinberg  |  December 14, 2008; 8:24 AM ET
Categories:  Atlantic 11 , College Basketball  
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I think a clear break is already needed btw GTown and "the rest".

Maryland in the BB&T was refreshing for them, at least they managed to get over that hump w/ GW...but placing them #2 right now is by default, they aren't impressing anyone.

It'll be interesting to see how far VT tumbles after a loss to a woeful Georgia...heck, I'd take Liberty over Georgia, and it may not be close.

Of course, with the SOS of most teams in the middle of the pack, the poll appears to be based more on W/L than what would happen head-to-head. Not as important now, but will obviously be much more important as teams hit conference play...where would teams #4-8 be with an ACC/Big East schedule?

Posted by: VamosUnited | December 15, 2008 7:38 AM | Report abuse

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