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Georgetown-Duke: Techs and Cheer Sheets

(By Ellen Ozier - Reuters)

And other observations from a game I probably should have attended.

* I meant to post a poll last week asking Maryland fans whom they'd root for in Georgetown-Duke. Well, I never asked, but as far as I'm concerned the answer was provided yesterday. Because Duke cheats*. And because the Duke Basketball Report hinted that the Hoyas were thugs, describing Kyle Singler's intentional foul like this:

In the second half, after getting hacked and mugged, he pushed back. Again, it's not something you see from him on a regular basis. We can't ever remember seeing it. He's a tough kid, though, and apparently reached his limit.

And because someone on a Duke message board posted this:

Loved seeing Greg get worked up. I don't know if the camera caught it, but did anyone see Greg slap the floor? You can't beat that!

(By Kevin C. Cox - Getty)

* And while even the North Carolina media was pointing out Greg Monroe's incredulous denial of having said anything before he got that technical, which game him four fouls, here's what the Duke student paper reported:

After a foul was called on teammate Henry Sims, Monroe appeared to say something to an official walking by the Hoya bench. Monroe was hit with a technical foul and Scheyer made both free throws for Duke-two points which incited a 15-3 swing in the Blue Devils' favor.

I have found nothing else that hinted at Monroe appearing to say anything. Even the Syracuse fans were outraged.

* The fan who caused the tech apparently was wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers cap, according to Mike Wise. That's now three strikes against Pittsburgh in three months, after the Monday Night Invasion and the Crosby-Malkin-Semin-Ovie Wars.

* There were cheer sheets, of course. From The Hoya blog:

The student section's cheer sheet included Monroe's decision to spurn K-ville for Georgetown (that was to be expected) and his rap for being lackadaisical, Henry Sims' stepfather's last name, which is Awkward (good find), and Julian Vaughn's supposedly-questionable decision to transfer from Florida State to Georgetown for more playing time (just false). Take that, for what it's worth.

Georgetown fans also had cheer sheets for Duke once upon a time, urging chants of "You're adopted" for Greg Paulus. And The Hoya Blog also reports "a long, painful conversation before the game with one Dukie who kept asking me, 'What's a Hoya?' He really didn't like that I kept answering, 'Yes.' " Talk about rooting for a tie.

Anyhow, while Atlantic 11 voters debate whether a win over VMI is better than a loss to Florida State, here are the extra highlights from last week's pith:

* Joking. Basking in the glow of striped love isn't cheating.

1. Georgetown

Think the Hoyas don't get anything from their bench players? Then you should see the incredibly lifelike figurines they whittled from driftwood during the win over Providence. (David Larimer)

I am just waiting for Mescheriakov to catch a cold so I can trot out the line "La Phlegm Nikita." (John Albers)

Let's get Wattaded! Wattad matta wid' you? Wattad: Dead or Alive. I could go on all day. (Max Wasserman)

2. George Mason

Is Legg Mason George's wife or sister? (Michael Palan)

First Gunston is gone, and now Vlad Moldoveanu is transferring. Its as if Mason is trying to eliminate anyone associated with the program who might be good joke fodder in the Post. (Markus Videnieks)

Taking a page from Randy Shannon, Jim Larranaga is blocking Vlad Moldoveanu from transferring anywhere in the Atlantic 11. (David Larimer)

Picture the 2011 NBA Draft, Jay Bilas is speaking on Cam Long, "That Long kid is long, long, long, long, long, long! Did I mention he's long?" Bilas' head would then explode. (Chris Bocquet)

With 14 points, 14 rebounds and one assist against Old Dominion, Darryl Monroe was only 13 assists away from the extraordinarily rare triple fourteen. (Bill Fitzgerald)

Mason players were disappointed to learn that Fairfax County's plans to start school later will not apply to their 9am "Introductory Geology" classes. (Jamie Paquette)

Larranaga's whistle is less pleasant than a long birdsong. (Chris Stratton)

3. Maryland

The Terps have so little size, Gary Williams is starting to take a closer look at the e-mails he gets promising "massive growth." (Max Wasserman)

Running out of options for local mid-major opponents, the Terps are in serious negotiations for a home-and-home with the University of Phoenix. (Jarrett Carter)

The Terrapins' loss to Morgan State at home can best be described in a word Chris McCray heard often when he was at Maryland: FAIL! (Max Wasserman)

Did you really think Maryland was going to go an entire season without losing to a mediocre team from one of the lowest-rated conferences in the country? (Sean McLernon)

Terp fans aren't saying, "Boo!," they're saying, (a) "Nice MOUSSE!", (b) "Wow, he made that shot from the ZOO! (c) "mmm, I love Irish STEW!" or (d) (Cough) I think I'm coming down with the FLU!" (Bill Fitzgerald)

Maryland students booed the best player on the team and the only hope the Terps have of somehow cobbling together a respectable season. It just goes to show that raising admission standards = lowering sports IQs. (Markus Videnieks)

A note to Greivis Vasquez, the fans aren't booing you because the team isn't playing well it's because of your uncanny resemblance to Mike Tyson's Punch Out character, Don Flamenco, who everyone secretly despised. (Chris Bocquet)

What was the bigger upset last week? Morgan State over Maryland, or the fact that Grevis Vasquez isn't a cast member on VH1's new reality show "Tool Academy?" (Christopher Ring)

That incident with the fans must have made things kind of awkward last week in whatever class Greivis was supposed to be attending. (Jack Lambert)

Greivis Vasquez might need that armored car Gary Williams used during Midnight Madness after cursing his own classmates. On second thought, the Maryland student body might need the armored vehicle for protection against Vasquez. (Devin Perry)

Sixty percent of Maryland students believe that the Terps would be much better without Greivis Vasquez. Coincidentally, 60 percent of Maryland students didn't get accepted anywhere else. (Max Wasserman)

This is all a big misunderstanding. Greivis was shouting "SHUT THAT DUCK UP" at Terpsy, Maryland's peculiar yet vocal secondary mascot. (Matt Bonesteel)

Even Hugo Chavez thinks Greivis Vasquez talks too much. (Chris Chase)

If you're going to submit anti-Greivis Vasquez pith, then you can get the [expletive] out! (Scott Allen)

4. Virginia Tech

Watching UVA-Tech is like watching two children fight for who Mommy loves least. In this case, Mommy is the state of Virginia. (Jack Lambert)

One can't spell "Virginia Technically Can't Beat the Hokies at Anything" without "VIRGINIA TECH." (Matt Bonesteel)

In the press conference following the Hokies' win over Virginia, head coach Seth Greenberg said he watches eight zillion games. Yeah, I want that television package. (Scott Allen)

Tiers of ACC slowly shaking out. Top teams, pretty good teams, and teams worse than or equal to VT. (B. Sopchak)

You'd think that the 'A.D.' in A.D. Vassallo would mean 'All Day', but actually it stands for 'Anno Domini.' (Michael Palan)

5. VMI

VMI pulled off a one-point victory last week over the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers, which begs the obvious question, "What the hell is a Keydet?" (Christopher Ring)

Beat Costal Carolina Chanticleers, whose nickname is just a clever way to disguise a chicken. Better way to hide the fact that you're a chicken: Claim that you knew Morgan State was a tough opponent and that they shouldn't hurt your strength of schedule. (Jack Lambert)

Voting the Keydets No. 2 and then watching them lose tonight to Presbyterian could start a shame spiral that ends with me drinking whiskey straight from the bottle and eating an entire package of Newman-O's. (Jamie Paquette. Dated, obviously, but still awesome.)

6. VCU

Rams' game vs. Hofstra described as "good, rugged CAA basketball" by Hofstra's coach. Which is a nice way of saying neither team shot better than 40 percent. (Matt Bonesteel)

Considering his parents are named George and Barbara, Eric Maynor is clearly destined to become the next worst president of the United States. (Sean McLernon)

Junior forward Kirill Pishchalnikov transferred to VCU from Russia's MGGTKAGU only after getting rejected from N.J.I.T, UTSA, and IUPUI. (Christopher Ring)

Eric Maynor moved into ninth place on VCU's all-time scoring list after passing Gerald Henderson, who is the only player in the top 10 that anyone outside of Richmond has heard of. (Scott Allen)

Jack Bauer:Homeland Security::Eric Maynor:VCU's Postseason Hopes. (Jamie Paquette)

7. Navy

Next year's Alumni Game should feature one team against David Robinson. (Scott Allen)

The last time Navy was on a roll like this John Paul Jones was calling the shots. (Christopher Ring)

Local blog contributor goes overboard on naval puns while recounting the battle with Bucknell, where the Midshipmen's shooting was on target in the final minutes, sinking the Bison's hopes. Also, starboard. (John Albers)

Mark Veazy is getting comparisons to David Robinson. Mostly the ones that say "He's not nearly as good as David Robinson." (Max Wasserman)

By far the best record of all teams who share the same name as a color. (Markus Videnieks)

In regards to last week's inappropriate Longwood humor: Does this mean we could've been making seamen jokes earlier in the season? (Jack Lambert)

8. Virginia

What do you call it when a Farrakhan leads you to an NCAA tournament berth? Million Man March Madnesss. (Sean McLernon)

If "performance against Longwood" was the only criteria, the Cavs would be rocking this poll. (Jamie Paquette)

It's all about playing for a good seeding in the post-season at this that tournament teams that don't make the NIT play in. (Markus Videnieks)

Is the John of John Paul Jones Arena the same John as the John of Littlejohn Coliseum? If so, AWK-WARD! (Max Wasserman)

Assane Sene makes an ass out of an and e. (Michael Palan)

9. Liberty

Rule No. 1: Don't lose to lingerie-themed schools (see "Blue Hose, Presbyterian"). (Glenn Arnold)

10. American

Bender? I just met her. (John Albers)

11. James Madison

Welcome, James Madison, to the Atlantic 11. Now there are two Dukes who Maryland couldn't beat this season. (Jack Lambert)

Welcome to the Top 11, Dukes! To quote Ned Flanders, "Looks like Heaven's easier to get into than Arizona State." (David Larimer)

The Dukes halted the "Kaplan Arena Curse" with their win over William & Mary. Now they just have to end the "Mediocre CAA Team That Can't Win Pivotal Late-Season Games Curse." (Sean McLernon)

Game against the Tribe played in awkward silence as it was evident to everyone in attendance that William & Mary had been fighting. (John Albers)

Lefty Driesell's Wikipedia page says "In 1994 he took James Madison University to NCAA tournament and almost every season he won conference title." Whoever wrote that is as good at research as they are at grammar. (Jamie Paquette)

Also receiving pith

Morgan State

To be fair to Greivis, if I lost to Morgan State I'd be looking to fight someone too. (Jack Lambert)

Before Maryland, the Bears last win was against William Jessup, which is presumably a college and not some dude they met on the street in Baltimore. (Chris Chase)

Bears don't scare. (Okay, if you haven't seen the first season of "The Wire," this is gonna simply seem like a lame rhyme and not some nice Baltimore pith, but jeez, why haven't you seen the first season of "The Wire" yet? Is there something wrong with you?) (Matt Bonesteel)

"Blogging with Boze" surprisingly silent on Maryland win, Israel-Palestine conflict and last week's Golden Globes. (Jamie Paquette)

Victory against Maryland was the biggest thing to happen to Morgan State since the Wu Tang Clan shout out on "Wu Tang Clan Ain't Nothin to #*@& With," or as its known on campus "The day Raekwon earned an honorary degree." (Jeffrey Vitkun)

Maryland unable to overcome confusion over whether coach Todd Bozeman was wearing a winter jacket or a suit jacket on the sidelines during last week's game. (Eric Swensen)

William & Mary

Win over UNCW proved that W&M is not the worst team in the CAA. As sea

William & Mary > Harvard > BC > UNC. Ergo, W&M is good enough to be 0-2 in the ACC. Sounds about right. (Chris Stratton)


Just got past BCC, which is odd because I did not know that local Bethesda high schools were allowed to play in the MEAC. (Chris Bocquet)

By Dan Steinberg  |  January 18, 2009; 11:16 AM ET
Categories:  Atlantic 11 , College Basketball  
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I should probably write this on one of Wise's columns, but eh.

How is the Monday Night invasion a strike against Pittsburgh? It was a strike against Washington. If the Skins management was even halfway competent, the fans wouldn't be breaking their necks to unload tickets.

Posted by: DSEIBEL | January 18, 2009 1:16 PM | Report abuse

That T on Greg was unbelievable. I hope there is some council of elder refs somewhere to review this and caution Cahill. One would think, with all the press Duke's treatment by the refs gets, the officials would try to avoid such blatantly stupid calls. When even Cuse fans are upset, something has gone terribly wrong.

Posted by: AnneG1 | January 18, 2009 5:25 PM | Report abuse

Memo to Matt Bonesteel, remember the Commonwealth Challenge? Yeah, the competition they had between the various teams of Virginia and Virginia Tech for two years in every sport combined? The one where they tried to make it more even by giving more points to sports Virginia Tech was good at? Remember what happened to it? Virginia Tech stopped supporting it because they got BLOWN OUT each year they competed for it.

Posted by: FlyersSuck | January 19, 2009 11:41 AM | Report abuse

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