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Maryland Has Talent

(By Toni L. Sandys - TWP)

So I've read pretty frequently on this site the thought that, absent Greivis Vasquez, the Terps had less talent than Morgan State. So now I can think of a few possibilities.

* Absent the equivalent of Greivis Vasquez, the MEAC's (likely) best team has more talent than No. 3 North Carolina.

* Some of Maryland's players took illicit talent injections in recent weeks.

* Sometimes teams that are less talented end up beating teams that are more talented.

While wondering whether I should go see Bruce Boudreau appear at a local Wendy's or the Terps play Duke on Wednesday night, here's the rest of last week's Atlantic 11 pith. Bear in mind that these rankings were last week's, and do not include recent games. Bear in mind also that it's almost inevitable the Terps will be No. 1 when the new rankings are released tomorrow, which is basically as weird as the U.S. electing a black president.

1. Virginia Tech

AIG executives were so impressed with how the Hokies handled their week at the top that they have recommended the team get a $13.8M bonus. (Jamie Paquette)

After fouling out against the Terps, Jeff Allen signaled to all who could see, that the Hokies were indeed still number one, in what I can only assume, is the sign language the kids are using these days. (John Albers)

When Jeff Allen gave the "We're Number 1" symbol to the Maryland students with his middle finger after fouling out, maybe he was referring to the Atlantic 11 poll. (Markus Videnieks)

Jeff Allen actually was flipping off Yanda and Prisbell for picking on Gary. (Matt Bonesteel)

Seth Greenberg was smart enough not to do too well at Virginia Tech, like Gary Williams did at Maryland. Otherwise, after six or seven losses, people might be talking about firing him. (Sean McLernon)

Maryland psychology professors will use Jeff Allen's one-finger salute as an example of a person modeling the behavior of his environment, namely the Comcast Center student section. (Scott Allen)

2. Maryland

Imagine the length of The Post series if Gary Williams had recruited Omar Williams. (Matt Bonesteel)

Greivis Vasquez' essential grasp of economics and finance make him my pick to be Barack Obama's Secretary of Commerce, but I bet those Republican UVa fans would dig up some tax problems to disqualify him. (Bill Fitzgerald)

It took awhile to submit my Maryland as number one ranking as I had to keep dodging the pig feces falling from the sky. (Jack Lambert)

Gary Williams should get a mohawk too, but instead of completely shaving the sides of his head he should get it cut with dollar signs on each side. (Sean McLernon)

I'm disappointed Gary Williams didn't open his latest post-game press conference with an emphatic, "How do you like me now, #@*&$?!" (Scott Allen)

My friend e-mailed me the link to the Jordan Williams video, writing "this is a Maryland recruit". I wrote back, "is it a video of him doing drugs or failing a midterm?" (Max Wasserman)

Gary Williams has more lives than the guy from the Twilight books. And Dave Neal may be a vampire. Just saying. (Jamie Jones)

3. VCU

Eric Maynor has drawn comparisons to Dwyane Wade. Sans the rumors of herpes and rampant infidelity, but yeah, he's a little like Dwyane Wade. (Jarrett Carter)

Eric Maynor's hometown is Raeford, North Carolina, the county seat of Hoke County. The county's most famous event occurred in July of 1952 when Charles E. "Croatan" Whitmeyer delivered 20 gallons of moonshine from Pamlico County after the local supplier had been arrested for bootlegging. Wikipedia never lets you down. (Bill Fitzgerald)

The state of the Atlantic 11 is such that the Rams were just ahead of the Washington Generals in last week's rankings. (John Albers)

I believe Bradford Burgess' family home outside of Richmond goes by the name of The House of Burgesses. (Michael Palan)

With odds of a seven-way tie atop the standings growing, CAA officials are looking to eschew tiebreakers in favor of a "Battle of the Networks Stars"-type competition to be hosted by Gabe Kaplan. (Jamie Paquette)

4. George Mason

The Patriots have a better home record than the Capitals and a worse road record than the Wizards. Not possible! (Scott Allen)

You'd stink on the road, too, if the most exotic locale you visited was Newark, Del. (Matt Bonesteel)

Their season is more convoluted than a Dan Rather metaphor. (Chris Olson)

Let's see, George Mason beat Northeastern, who beat VCU who beat James Madison who beat Old Dominion ... looks like the CAA is gong to come down to a good old fashioned pose down. (Bill Fitzgerald)

5. VMI

North Carolina? Sure. South Carolina? Yup. East Carolina? Hmm, okay, I guess. Coastal Carolina? Sorry, no, you'll have to wait in line like everyone else. (Bill Fitzgerald)

Is 'Losing to Coastal' the new 'Going Postal?' (Michael Palan)

Don't worry, Keydets. We all have trouble with Coastal Carolina. Just last Memorial Day, I got a really wicked sunburn while at the Outer Banks. (Matt Bonesteel)

The Keydets were recently featured on Jay Leno's Headlines segment, giving them the second best A-11 cameo on national television after Georgetown's appearance on Without a Trace. (Jack Lambert)

The Keydets shot 51 three pointers in last week's loss to Coastal Carolina. The fact that Greivis Vasquez doesn't play for VMI has to make that some sort of record. (Christopher Ring)

VMI's Holmes twins claimed that they switched places to shoot free throws back in December. Gary Williams is hoping Eric Hayes can do the same with his brother, Elvin. (Chris Chase)

6. Georgetown

Tomorrow in the Washington Post: Part 1 of 3 in a series examining the Hoyas' sudden and dramatic fall from the top of the Atlantic 11 under John Thompson III. (Scott Allen)

A two-part series by the Washington Examiner on Georgetown's troubles fails to revive the team. (Josh Prywes)

Georgetown, Syracuse, overtime. I remember when this result didn't mean 12th place in the Big East, mainly because Big East only had nine teams. I also remember Captain 20, the Washington Star and Hot Shoppes. (Bill Fitzgerald)

Still has a chance at a record breaking season if they can be the first team to drop from pre-season A-11 number one to post-season A-11 number 11. (Kevin O'Connor)

I think we finally figured out what "Hoya Saxa" really means: "Mid-Major." (Christopher Ring)

More Ls than The People's Court host Doug Llewellyn interviewing a guy named Lloyd about his lair of llamas. (Markus Videnieks)

I finally saw "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" this week and I think I've figured out what's going on with Greg Monroe. (Jamie Paquette)

7. American

Eagles should hire George W. Bush to do color commentary for their games if only because I already kind of miss hearing him say "a-MUR-i-cun". (Jamie Paquette)

When Steve Perry sang, "Streetlight people" he really meant to say "Bender Arena." (Christopher Ring)

If the Patriots Eagles keep playing like this, the NCAA tournament selection committee might be impressed enough to give them a No. 14 seed. (Sean McLernon)

Will go to battle with the Army and Navy this week and is still waiting for a call back for a practice with the Coast Guard. (Chris Bocquet)

Who isn't looking forward to poking fun of '09 recruit Josh Snodgrass' name? (Michael Palan)

The D.C. area's NCAA Tournament hopes -- and John Feinstein's dreams -- ride on the shoulders of Garrison Carr. (Scott Allen)

Clearly the best local team whose initials are the chemical symbol for a precious metal. (Markus Videnieks)

8. Old Dominion

Recent lost to Hofstra last week in what turned out to be the biggest blow to the Monarchs since Prince Harry dressed up as a Nazi. (Christopher Ring)

9. Liberty

The only good thing about Stephen Curry's recent ankle injury: it set up the possibility of a Mary-Kate and Ashley like switch with him and Seth during the tournament. (Jack Lambert)

Seth Curry is the only NCAA Division I player that can score 20 points in a victory and then get the 12-and-under discount at the local movie theatre. (Sean McLernon)

Unlike his foolish older brother, Seth understands you need both ankles to impress NBA scouts. (Chris Olson)

Included in Liberty's Code of Conduct is a reprimand against attending dances. Will Seth Curry be put on double secret probation if he leads the Flames to the Big Dance? (Markus Videnieks)

10. Mount St. Mary's

I knew a girl named Mary once, she was also a ten. Sadly, the grading scales aren't comparable. (Chris Olson)

The one nice byproduct of having so many middling teams in the area is that I actually have tough choices for the lower spots in my ballot. This makes me happier than it should. (Jamie Paquette)

You can bid for a 1962 throwback jersey on the Mount Saint Mary's website, making you and Jim Phalen the only two people who would know that the Mount had a team in 1962. (Jack Lambert)

Rare tour group that wouldn't mind visiting Dayton in March in back-to-back years. (Eric Swensen)

No one could have guessed a loss to Georgetown would adversely affect the Mount's bracketability (Jarrett Carter)

11. Morgan State

Also receiving pith

Radford: Getting my "Feinstein Vote" until they lose a couple or until Feinstein's lawyers send me a cease and desist letter. (Jamie Paquette)

One of those colleges you know only because you pass it on the interstate. See also: Hollins, Virginia Intermont. (Andrew Wiseman)

Highlanders hoping to become the first ranked team in Atlantic 11 history to be named after a Sean Connery movie about a murderous 16th century Scotsman. (Chris Chase)

2Greenbergs1Poll. (Markus Videnieks)

James Madison: During his life, how often do you think Juwann James has been referred to as "Juwanna"? Just a ballpark figure. (John Albers)

Coach Matt Brady, the former head coach of the Marist Red Foxes, has petitioned the Dukes board of directors to rename their mascot to the JMU Tyler Perrys. (Christopher Ring)

I used to ask my parents why there was no "Children's Day" like there was Mother's Day and Father's Day and they always said "every day is Children's Day." I feel the same way about President's Day. (Jamie Paquette)

The Dukes clinched a winning record for the first time since 2000 and promptly ordered a banner to hang in the Convocation Center. (Scott Allen)

Clinched first winning season since 1999-2000, when this poll was just a glimmer in Steinberg's eye, and when JMU alum and poll voter Jamie Paquette was always sleeping on my couch. (Matt Bonesteel)

Virginia: Expecting the Cavs and the Terps to win within 24 hours of each other is like expecting Marion Barry to pay his taxes. I still don't believe either can happen. (Briscoe)

Who says that this is a down year for the A11. The 11th best team in the ACC can't sniff the this poll. (Jake Leffler)

By Dan Steinberg  |  February 22, 2009; 11:52 AM ET
Categories:  Atlantic 11 , College Basketball  
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If the Patriots keep playing like this, the NCAA tournament selection committee might be impressed enough to give them a No. 14 seed. (Sean McLernon)

Uh, that would be the Eagles. George Mason and New England are the Patriots.

Posted by: Incredulous2 | February 22, 2009 1:10 PM | Report abuse

That win over NC is the worst thing that can happen to MD basketball. It buys Williams another couple of years of living off his championship year ago and putting out a mediocre product.

Posted by: poguesmahone | February 22, 2009 1:39 PM | Report abuse

I could not agree less with poguesmahone. Leave Gary alone.

Posted by: pipkin42 | February 22, 2009 1:58 PM | Report abuse

Seeing Virginia Tech at the top of this poll is probably more depressing to Tech fans than it is frustrating to fans of other teams.

Posted by: sitruc | February 22, 2009 10:58 PM | Report abuse

That win over NC is the worst thing that can happen to MD basketball. It buys Williams another couple of years of living off his championship year ago and putting out a mediocre product.

Posted by: poguesmahone | February 22, 2009 1:39 PM

This quote is going in the Terrapin Insider Hall of Shame, even if it was posted on the sports bog.

Posted by: Barno1 | February 23, 2009 12:36 AM | Report abuse

I feel that I may have ignored Greivis Vasquez at my own peril.

Posted by: B_A_ | February 23, 2009 12:40 AM | Report abuse

VMI fans. Hoped you enjoyed your teams success. Because losing 3 in a row will get you booted out of the top 11. Well, unless your name is Georgetown.


Posted by: SkinsOsHokies | February 23, 2009 2:45 PM | Report abuse

Chicken, egg, hatch. Why do I get the annoying feeling that VMI will somehow still make the top 11?

Posted by: evwill | February 23, 2009 2:56 PM | Report abuse

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