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Ted Lerner is Richer Than Daniel Snyder, By a Lot

(By John McDonnell - TWP)

Forbes's list of international billionaires came out earlier this month, and as Chris Needham noted at the time, Ted Lerner is doing ok for himself. He's ranked 191st in the world, is richer than Donald Trump, Oprah and Mark Cuban, and is worth about $3.2 billion.

Here's someone else Lerner is richer than: Daniel Snyder. By a lot. Dude might swing a big stick in the NFL, but among the local sports owners, he's a way, way distant No. 2 to Lerner among D.C. sports owners. Snyder is ranked 701st in the world, with an even $1.0 billion. Which sounds like a lot, but still, to have less than a third of the Nats' owner? I mean, you might as well tell me that D.C. United's Victor MacFarlane out-points Snyder. (He doesn't, for the record.)

The Snyder blurb in Forbes is even more depressing: "Net worth down more than 20% since last March as recession racks restaurant and entertainment portfolio; shares of his Six Flags amusement parks down nearly 90% in past 12 months."

Know who else has more money than Snyder? Steve Bisciotti. $1.2 billion, ranked 601st in the world. So of the world's 793 billionaires, three own local-ish sports franchises. (Abe Pollin, Ted Leonsis and Tony Kornheiser all failed to make the billionaire list.)

But it's that $2.2 billion Lerner deficit that I can't get over. Just for an example, here are a few things you could buy for $2.2 billion:

* 22 Albert Haynesworths, at $100 mil each. How's that for a coincidence: that's exactly enough Haynesworths to fill out an NFL team. Well, along with one Shaun Suisham and one punter I've never heard of. (Though, for nine figures, maybe one of the Haynesworths could kick something. Besides an o-lineman's head.)

* 110 Adam Dunns, for two years each. That's like a whole minor-league system of Adam Dunns. Imagine batting practice. Heck, imagine the fielding percentage. Can fielding percentage go below 0.000?

* 147 Jim Zorns. I think my computer would explode. (This is a great interview with Zorn over at The Redskins Blog, but here's my favorite part, when Zorn is explaining how some of the off-field stuff that blogs focus on can be great for fans. "Well, I think what is very interesting about the game is that certain fans really want to get to know the personalities of the players and the team itself. I think especially a lot of women are far more relationship-oriented." Yeah. Thanks, Coach.)

* 2,178 Shaun Suishams. (Actual redeemable value: one Gostkowski.)

* 366,667 pairs of club seats, if I'm doing some quick math correctly. And yet you'd still see yellow on Sundays. Or gold, I suppose.

* 30,559,799 Haynesworth replica jerseys, along with 30,559,700 FREE Jason Taylor giveaways.

* 55,000,000 cash lot parking spaces at FedEx Field. Another coincidence: going by the latest numbers, I believe that's one spot for every person on the season-ticket wait list.

(Via forever Sports staffer Tom Heath.)

By Dan Steinberg  |  March 25, 2009; 11:55 AM ET
Categories:  NFL , Nats , Redskins  
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It must suck to be as broke as Dan Snyder.

Posted by: Barno1 | March 25, 2009 12:00 PM | Report abuse

which would you rather have owning what team is the fun question.
Odd enough I think Dan Snyders, buy a champ style would have a better chance working in MLB then the NFL, kinda works for the Yankees but not really.

Posted by: alex35332 | March 25, 2009 12:19 PM | Report abuse

Surely this doesn't include their actual ownership stakes in the teams? I mean, we always hear how the Redskins are worth $1 billion on their own. I dunno how much of the team Danny Boy actually owns, but all that ownership stake must be part of his assets. If that's included in the $1 billion worth figure then, yeesh, Danny's going broke! Should've kept some of those trees, maybe he could've gone into the lumber business.

Posted by: pipkin42 | March 25, 2009 12:44 PM | Report abuse

He manages several billions, but what type of hundred millionaire is Victor MacFarlane?

Posted by: sitruc | March 25, 2009 12:44 PM | Report abuse

Id Daniel Snyder was as rich as Lerner, he actually might have purchased 22 Albert Haynesworths. Not player caliber, but guys named Albert Haynesworth.

You know, just to stick it to us bloggers.

Posted by: StetSportsBlog | March 25, 2009 12:45 PM | Report abuse

* 2,178 Shaun Suishams. (Actual redeemable value: one Gostkowski.)

Made me do a spit-take.

Posted by: kjhealey | March 25, 2009 1:15 PM | Report abuse

Which is why I have a big problem with Learner treating the Nationals like he is broke.

Say what you want about Snyder (and plenty of you do) he tries to win. You might not like he tried to do in back in 2000, but he was trying to win. What is Learners excuse for not getting top notch players here?

Posted by: punchdaclock | March 25, 2009 1:17 PM | Report abuse

So he has all that coin and made D.C. pay for the most of the stadium and gave us a sub-par ballpark?? What a dou*he bag. He could have built a world class field but instead we got that park that's second rate to ballparks like Philly's. Way to go Lerner you jerk.

Posted by: RiggoisDrunk | March 25, 2009 1:35 PM | Report abuse

Hey Riggo --- the city built the stadium, not the Lerners.

Posted by: erocks33 | March 25, 2009 2:00 PM | Report abuse

Is this net?

Posted by: 4thFloor | March 25, 2009 2:13 PM | Report abuse

So Lerner, when are you going to spend some %#%#@!$%$# money and get us a real team?

Posted by: daddy00 | March 25, 2009 2:43 PM | Report abuse

He could have built a world class field but instead we got that park that's second rate to ballparks like Philly's. Way to go Lerner you jerk.

Posted by: RiggoisDrunk | March 25, 2009 1:35 PM

Second rate?? Have you been to the Nats Stadium? It does not sound like it.

Posted by: Barno1 | March 25, 2009 2:44 PM | Report abuse

but Snyder is richest midget in the world

Posted by: nativedc | March 25, 2009 5:49 PM | Report abuse

His theme park/restaurant venture has bankruptcy lawyers salivating.

Posted by: rdpinva | March 26, 2009 8:39 AM | Report abuse

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