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Fan Questions About Game 7

Question: What exactly is happening in the above video?

Answer: The real answer is that the ad agency for the National Geographic Museum has a Chinese Terra Cotta Warrior statue exhibit coming up, so they hired this living statue to help promote it, bringing a film crew to Game 7 as the living statue person thing interacted with various Reds, including this man who once described himself to me as an "Angry Zit."

The fake answer is that these two men, through 11 seconds of Internet performance art, were reminding us that while history whizzes past us like so many F Street taxis, things that are worth remembering are remembered to the point that they're literally alive, able to interact with us, able even to stop in at Rosa Mexicano for some guacamole.

Question: Compare and contrast the above shirts.

Answer: The shirt on the left pays homage to Donald Brashear and his six-game suspension, which, in retrospect, might very well have marked the end of his tenure with the Capitals. Luckily, he's wearing a playoff beard in what might be his final Caps t-shirt. It's available for $20.99, and even--or maybe especially--if he never plays here again, you should buy it. Doc Walker, for the record, was wearing a red Brashear sweater last night. He won't be written into the history of the Caps' pop-culture resurgence in this market, but he played a role.

The shirt on the right is a stomach-churning abomination, one you wouldn't permit your worst enemy to wear in public. It was spotted by a reader at Game 5 of this series. I love it.

Question: What do you think it was like to be carrying around this sign last night?

Answer: A bit like showing up at the American Idol elimination round with Danny Gokey's name spelled out in silver glitter across your abdomen, I'd reckon. (Thanks to Cheryl Nichols of Capitals News Network for the pic.)

Question: What's an extremely sad way to sum up the evening?

Answer: Comcast SportsNet's audience peaked with a 6.5 rating, meaning 152,000 households. At the quarter-hour beginning at 7:30. Great number, but 7:30 shouldn't really be the peak.

Among the game's key demographic, men aged 18-49, the game was the highest-rated CSN Caps broadcast of all time, earning a bigger audience than any primetime show last night, including Lost and American Idol. That number was a 7.6, meaning 104,000 18-49 year old dudes were watching.

Question: How orange is Barry Melrose in person?

Answer: Not as orange as I would have guessed, actually. But certainly more orange than is Tony Kornheiser in person. Thanks to Capitals Outsider for this photo, and many more.

Question: Any truth to the rumor that a local watering hole replaced all its pint glasses with these Penguins numbers, prompting talk of a fan boycott, as evidenced by the above cell phone pic?

Answer: I got one e-mail to that effect, but some phone calls indicated that despite a shipment of Pens glasses to that establishment, they have been properly disposed of, and no boycott is necessary.

Question: Why did the team's final salute to the fans seem more moving than even the celebration after David Steckel's Game 6 winner?

Answer: Great question. It's something like the reason that dramas earn more Oscars than buddy comedies, that Wagner weighs a few more ounces than the Marriage of Figaro, that as much as you love PTI it's still not Outside the Lines, that you remember Shoeless Joe disappearing into the cornfields more than you do his arrival.

Steckel's goal, in my head, is still just a Twitter feed, 140 dashed-off characters of red shirts and white smiles with sloppy punctuation and ha-ha abbreviations. The salute is a series of stills: the team waiting for Ovechkin to complete the handshake line. Ovechkin slowly heading toward them, helmet off, and then raising his stick. His teammates responding in kind, slowly clapping.

Question: When do OTAs resume?

Answer: Go away.

(Lovely salute photo by Jonathan Newton - TWP)

By Dan Steinberg  |  May 14, 2009; 1:57 PM ET
Categories:  Caps , Media  
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Thanks for this and all your other coverage. Being a Caps fan in NYC I have really enjoyed seeing pics of the fans etc over the series. Look forward to it again next year.

Posted by: mrszilla | May 14, 2009 2:28 PM | Report abuse

so bogtastic!

Posted by: parkerbros | May 14, 2009 10:28 PM | Report abuse

Why was Brashear not playing? That was the missing defensive presence that was missing in games 5 and 7. You need a strong tough guy persona in the back to get in there and "mix-it-up". Leaving him inactive was a very bad decision.

Posted by: gponsmash | May 15, 2009 12:15 PM | Report abuse

I saw Melrose and Levy on the concourse before the game and I believe the ESPN cameras add 20% orange to the skin tone of everybody behind a desk on the network.

And no, I didn't stop to give them and guff, friendly or otherwise, as they both had the "we HAVE to get where we're going as close to NOW as possible" faces on.

Oh well.

Posted by: Goat_74 | May 15, 2009 12:36 PM | Report abuse

Mr. Steinberg,

Though you may be uninformed, I still take offense to your rather curt statement regarding my jersey. My name is Ben Skupien, also known as "Scoops," and I have been wearing #31 (or some derivation of the numbers 3 and 1 when 31 was unavailable) as long as I have been playing organized hockey. I don't know what you are insinuating, but I assure you that your pejorative comments are neither warranted nor appreciated. Please explain your aversion to an aficionado displaying his team pride with a personalized jersey.

The only explanation I can fathom is an erroneous assumption made on your behalf regarding any affiliation with Baskin Robins. Regardless, you spoke out of ignorance, not dissimilar to your capricious reader who took my picture without my permission and sent it to you. To the reader - if you want a picture of someone you don't know, ask before you take it. To you, Mr. Steinberg - if you need clarification, seek it out or don't proceed airing haphazard statements without it. Bottom line - don't make assumptions that lead to broadcasting debasing comments in mass-media form. It does not represent you or the Post well.

However, your excellent word choice does bring up one good point. There was a "stomach-churning abomination" that occurred this past week, but it was not related to myself or my jersey. It was the abysmal defensive meltdown that we witnessed in Game 7 as we gave up 19 turnovers compared to Pittsburgh's 4, thus failing Varlamov in one the most important nights in contemporary Caps hockey history. We are the Caps. We are better than that and we will learn from our mistakes. Next year will be a tremendous year for us and this whole experience will serve to greatly mature an already illustrious team that will at least advance to the Conference Finals, and hopefully even bring home a cup, under Boudreau's leadership.

Scoops, #31
Section 107

Posted by: Scoops_31 | May 15, 2009 3:52 PM | Report abuse

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