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What We Learned From the Final Preseason Game

You can learn a lot from watching televised versions of these games, is the main thing I learned from the preseason finale. Oh, and also that the Redskins are apparently offering a lottery scratcher ticket, tho a few more ads might have helped drive home that message. Plus, there was no indication about whether you could be sued if you won the 20-year season ticket package. Here are other things I learned, with much thanks to CSN.

* Antwaan Randle El wears excellent postgame hats. See above

* Marko Mitchell is a confident chap. After finishing the preseason with 11 catches for 113 yards and three TDs, here's what he said to Kelli Johnson.

"I want to be just like those guys, like Santana," he said. "I want to be that number 1 guy. I want to show people that ok, he's a seventh-round draft pick and all, but this guy can play. I don't like being judged off by what round I went. Just showing people I can play, that's the only thing I go out there on the field and show."

* Albert Haynesworth believes the NFC East plays a different brand of football from the AFC Sunbelt. I guess this is still true, but is this something that will just last in perpetuity? At some point, after two decades, doesn't that reputation change? It's not like this is the worst weather division in football. Anyhow, here's Haynesworth:

"There, it's a lot of passing game and a lot of trickery and stuff like that. Washington and the Giants and Eagles and Dallas, you see they run right at you, you know, and I think that's my type of game. I like people to not try to trick you, but actually try to overpower you."

* The Trevor Matich-Greg Blache feud simmered down, with nary an outburst. In fact, Matich's only question to Blache was more vanilla than a wafer:

"Coach, for a lot of these players this will be the end of a dream when they're told to go home. On a human level, what's it like to have to tell them to go away, they're not good enough?" he asked.

This did not prompt Blache to ask Matich to answer that damn question himself. Too bad.

* On the other hand, Blache likely provided the day's most intriguing sound bite, when asked how many defensive roster spots were up for grabs during this game.

"There were three, and then a fourth one arose during the ball game," he said, which is damn interesting. "I mean, I went in, I was like 'OK, this guy's in,' " he continued, "and then all of the sudden you go 'Wait a minute, somebody didn't play up to the caliber I anticipated,' so all of the sudden that spot becomes a vulnerable position again.

"So we have to go and look and see, and the one thing about it is, guys tell us who they are, they tell us what they can and can't do, and it's up to us to listen to them and believe them. When they tell us who they are, believe them. And a couple guys said something that wasn't real positive about themselves tonight, and I just want to make sure I'm correct on that."

Who who who? Anthony Montgomery? One of the reserve linebackers? Who?

* Shaun Suisham is your kicker. I'm not sure if I'd want to be Marcus Mason this weekend. And if Mike Williams ever needs to play this year, Jason Campbell should make sure his life insurance is in order.

* Chris Wilson and Jeremy Jarmon are on the team, not that there was any doubt.

"Chris Wilson played well, he showed up and made some plays," Blache said, when asked who stood out, "but he already had a ticket on the boat, he was gonna be on the team, but I thought he stood up...Jeremy Jarmon made some plays, is gonna be on the team...Westbrook had some good plays, some bad plays, and then Tryon had the interception."

All true.

* Carlos Rogers thinks he'll return to practice on Monday. That would be a good time.

"I think with film study and my knowledge of the game will help me out a lot," he told Lindsay Czarniak. "I wouldn't say I'd be in tip-top shape, but I'm doing a lot of bike, a lot of cardio. Now that I'm starting to run it's gonna help me out a whole lot. No worries. I'll be going [against the Giants]. We practice Monday, so I'll start back praticing Monday and be ready for next week....If I'm feeling it a little bit, I'm still going."

* Joe Theismann says many silly things. I'll get to this in a separate post, but suffice it to say, this is how he assessed a Chase Daniel drive that ended in a punt, with the rookie desperately needing to make a strong impression:

"Well, it didn't result in much positive yardage but Chase made some good decisions, got the ball out of his hands. Nothing major in a negative way happened for him."

* Malcolm Kelly hears what you're saying.

"It really shot my confidence down, missing so many games, and hearing everybody say this and say that," he said of his rookie campaign. "I knew the whole time that once I got healthy, I knew that I can play the game of football."

* Jason Campbell's lips continue to be a source of endless locker room fascination. Witness this second-half dialog.

"I'm sorry Mike, they can't get all of your head onto the screen, they could only get half of it, so they recommended that I do [the interview]," Campbell said to Mike Sellers.

"One word: chapstick," Sellers responded.

"You are terrible," Kelli Johnson said. "We're not going there."

"Mike Sellers has a really ugly-looking beard," Theismann chimed in. "It's four inches long!"

* Chris Horton isn't interested in Twitter.

"Not at all," he said. "I feel like that's a waste of my time, going on there updating people on my status."

* Robert Henson is. The rookie linebacker sent this puppy out before midnight:

"I tried to make the team tonight, I left it all out there. Hope it was enough I love the DMV area!!"

Trent Shelton also chimed in shortly after the game ended. "Game done back to ashburn," he wrote. " I dnt play running back lol," he later added.

* People in Jacksonville don't care much about preseason football. See below, via @dcuniverse.

"Jags should have signed Vick. Or give away free Krispy Kreme or something. I've seen bigger crowds at an AU basketball game," Dan Hellie wrote.

"Not sure the attendance in Jax tonight but just announced 39k tickets were distributed," Rick Maese added. "Guess here is that 20k were distributed in Dumpster."

By Dan Steinberg  |  September 3, 2009; 11:51 PM ET
Categories:  Media , Redskins  
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I learned CSN has the hottest reporters

Posted by: Petey82 | September 4, 2009 2:00 AM | Report abuse

Jacksonville fans might be on to something. If everyone were to boycott paying for a preseason game, do you think the team would eventually auction tickets off for free? Or give them away first come first serve? It could be great PR and a chance for the less fortunate to see a game in person.

Posted by: Wonsapnatm | September 4, 2009 3:17 AM | Report abuse

yes, please a post on Theismann, I thought he was watching a completely different game than what was being broadcast. Robert Henson, had a 15 yard personal foul penalty after an interception, another penalty that negated a sack and fumble, let his man get free on a 3rd down that resulted in a 20 yard game, got run over on a 2nd and 30, and Theismann said that he made a very good impression. Huh?

Also, on that instant replay at the end of the game, I believe its NFL rules that a WR needs to finish the play with the ball in his hands, yet Theismann says that he thinks its definitely a catch, and it gets overruled.

Then he goes on about how its better opportunity for Chase to go against the first team Jax Defense. However, no mention about the fact that you are going against their first team D, with your second team OL, and second or possibly third team WR's and RB's.

Posted by: tedunni1 | September 4, 2009 7:59 AM | Report abuse

I learned that I'd prefer to look at the Czar during her sideline report...

Posted by: WaPoLiveFan16 | September 4, 2009 9:53 AM | Report abuse

So basically Haynesworth said Payton Manning isn't good enough to beat people straight-up and has to resort to trickery/borderline dishonesty to win.


Posted by: Josh86 | September 4, 2009 2:29 PM | Report abuse

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