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Gruden: "Don't Believe Everything That's Out There"

A recent report in the Examiner about Jon Gruden topping Daniel Snyder's wish list drew tons of national attention, as did even more recent reports that Louisville was interested in Gruden. Considering Gruden was the second big name of the week to reportedly top Daniel Snyder's wish list, maybe it's worth waiting before calling this job search over.

(If you want to vote on the next coach, Mister Irrelevant has a poll going.)

Anyhow, Gruden was on Mike and Mike this morning, and he was asked about the reports linking him to those two jobs.

"I'm really respectful of the people that have those jobs," he said. "I got a job. I just got fired from a job, I'm trying to hang on to the one I've got, man. I'm gonna stick to my guns here and do my job, and don't believe everything that's out there. Just do the best you can, finish the job that you have, and that's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna work hard and try to do better at the broadcast this Monday night."

Translation: Add one more zero please, Mr. Snyder. Gruden faced two other questions with D.C. overtones, both about the job security of Jim Zorn and Dick Jauron.

"These are good guys," Gruden said. "These guys have been through a lot. Injuries have hurt both of these teams tremendously. I just want to remind everybody, Washington is right there in the thick of things. There's a lot of football left to be played, but you have to rely on your coaches, your preparation. These are NFL lifers. Dick Jauron, Jim Zorn have been in the National Football League a LONG time, so I'm sure they're confident in themselves. And like I said a couple weeks ago, you just can't listen to all the elevator music and all the talk shows, you've got to really roll your fist up, be mentally tough, fight through it and hopefully you get some breaks. But the injuries are really mounting on the Buffalo Bills, and so too are they on the Washington Redskins, particularly on that offensive line."

The follow-up question concerned what the constant chatter about job security does to a coach, which led to this.

"Oh, there's no question it's tough on your wife, your family," Gruden said. "It's tough on your assistant coaches and their families. There's a lot of people on the support staff also that struggle with negativity, and when you lose, unfortunately in the NFL or in major college sports these days, there's plenty of negativity to choose from. That's one of the things I really don't like about this business. There's a lot of reports out there that are just trying to make news instead of reporting news, if you want to ask me to be honest. But I just hope that both of these teams get it together, because you won't find better people than Jim Zorn and Dick Jauron, I do know that for sure."

By Dan Steinberg  |  October 15, 2009; 12:44 PM ET
Categories:  Media , NFL , Redskins  
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FIRST to say that's a class response.

Posted by: Kenbeatrizz | October 15, 2009 1:27 PM | Report abuse

who was the first big name coach to be mentioned atop The Danny's wish list?

Posted by: rone1 | October 15, 2009 1:29 PM | Report abuse


Posted by: mopp04 | October 15, 2009 1:32 PM | Report abuse

I would be feeling the "Blues" too if my family only had "$17 million" to live on based on the last contract in Tampa Bay. Boo Hoo, I am sure my wife and family is sooooo worried about where the food will be coming from in the future! But I am sure like most people in the sporting industry, Gruden has already plundered all that money and is really living in a mobile home in Arizona. So, please come to Washington and get your share of the welfare checks from Dan Snyder.

Posted by: JohnWWW | October 15, 2009 1:34 PM | Report abuse

Why isn't Tony Dungy on the Danny's wish list? after all Gruden won a Super Bowl with players that Dungy developed Gruden's act wore thin after a while in Tampa and the same thing would happen here. I am not a Zorn supporter, but they have basically set up Zorn and Campbell for failure by not addressing the O-line on draft day which pisses me off to no end i'm just wondering did they ever consult Joe Bugel about the o-line situation?

Posted by: dargregmag | October 15, 2009 1:39 PM | Report abuse


If the GM happens to pick Russ Grimm, all the better

Posted by: jpfterps | October 15, 2009 1:46 PM | Report abuse

"This franchise went from 900 million to 1.5 billion since Gibbs came here in 2004. That's the bottom line here. Snyder is not gonna give the head coaching job to someone that doesn't have that big name, that sex appeal, who is not going to help him sell club level seats, and expensive suites." -Jason La Canfora, January 8

"I keep hearing that Jim Fassel is in a great position to get this job" -Jason La Canfora, January 22

"Gregg Williams is by far the leading candidate for this job." -Jason La Canfora, January 12

"Bill Cowher fits the bill for what Snyder would be attracted to" -Jason La Canfora, January 8

"Former Baltimore DC Rex Ryan would replace Gregg Williams if it goes down this way" -Jason La Canfora, January 22

"The Redskins have still said nothing to Williams and the rest of the coaches and all signs pointing to Fassel." -Jason La Canfora, January 22

"I Need A Job Where I Can Just Make Things Up And Create The News" -Jason La Canfora, January 21

"In an era of rampant speculation I am being as careful as I can." -Jason La Canfora, January 21

"the consensus I keep coming to is Gregg Williams is the guy" -Jason La Canfora, January 12

"For all of the yapping about continuity and stability, sure sounds like a blood-letting is upon us. Owner Dan Snyder was given multiple opportunities to endorse an in-house candidate, and specifically Gregg Williams, and declined to do so." -Jason La Canfora, January 8

"Jim Fassel, former Giants coach and Baltimore assistant, could be getting a look." -Jason La Canfora, January 21

Posted by: Barno1 | October 15, 2009 1:51 PM | Report abuse

"Now, as I mentioned earlier Cowher would want full roster and personnel control and probably want to bring some of his own people in as well" -Jason La Canfora, January 8

"Cowher is off the market...He knows the kind of $$$ Snyder spends and he is not wavering in his stance" -Jason La Canfora, January 10

"I'd be stunned if the Skins don't reach out to Cowher soon" -Jason La Canfora, January 8

"If it's Gregg Williams, the process will be over in 3-5 days" -Jason La Canfora, January 8

"the consensus I keep coming to is Williams is the guy" -Jason La Canfora, January 12

"Several NFL sources said that they took the identification of Schwartz as a candidate as another sign that Williams, who the players strongly support, does not appear to be the front runner." -Jason La Canfora, January 10

"It doesn't come off as a great sign that they bring in Williams's former assistant, obviously" -Jason La Canfora, January 10

"We've just started this process. It's the first interview of many. We need to slow down. It's impossible to see the entire picture right now. It's a fluid situation and this isn't free agency - you don't hire every guy you bring into town." -Jason La Canfora, January 10

"I thought he and Gibbs could have sent a much stronger message about the validity of their in house people as candidates at the press conference" -Jason La Canfora, January 10

"Wouldn't it be an indictment of this entire Joe Gibbs 2.0 era if Snyder went through the process then handed it over to someone with little-to-no head coaching experience - without at least talking to the in-house guys first" -Jason La Canfora, January 10

"Greg Williams will most definitely be a part of the process and, as I posted earlier, he is expected to interview at the end of the cycle, likely the final interview." -Jason La Canfora, January 11

"But to this point I do not have anything firm enough to meet the Post's standards" -Jason La Canfora, January 12

"It would really be something to have none of Gibbs's guys even get an interview" -Jason La Canfora, January 12

"the consensus I keep coming to is Williams is the guy" -Jason La Canfora, January 12

"Just got off the phone with sources with knowledge of the situation. Zorn will be the next head coach." -Jason La Canfora, February 9

"Snyder is not gonna give the head coaching job to someone that doesn't have that big name, that sex appeal, who is not going to help him sell club level seats, and expensive suites." -Jason La Canfora January 8

Posted by: Barno1 | October 15, 2009 1:51 PM | Report abuse

First of all, who would want to come in and coach in Washington with the managmeent structure the way it is? Gruden, Shanahan, etc. would be crazy to come in without an agreement with Snyder to get a real GM in place. My son-in-law says the money will be enough to get one of these guys (or someone else)but I don't think so. Who wants to be a failure, albeit a well-compensated one?

Posted by: patriggs1 | October 15, 2009 1:52 PM | Report abuse

It's not clear to me that Gruden's comments conflict in any respect with Snider's prior report. Snider stated that Gruden tops Snyder's wish list but Snyder hasn't spoken with Gruden about the coaching job. Being PC and respectful to another coach (i.e., Zorn) who still holds the coaching job, Gruden makes the politically correct statement that he has a job to work hard for this season and does not wish anything bad (like being fired) on Zorn or any other coach. What would people expect Gruden to say at this point, "I'd love to have that job. Can't wait for Zorn to get canned and for Snyder to call me to discuss the coaching vacancy."

Posted by: Monty2 | October 15, 2009 1:53 PM | Report abuse

Gruden can say this because he is young enough, and has a big enough name, not to worry too too much at the moment about his financial security in retirement. In other words, he's not desperate enough to come coach in DC under Snyder's structure.

What kind of guy would agree to coach a team where Snyder is shopping for the groceries?

Posted by: rooster75 | October 15, 2009 2:02 PM | Report abuse

Barno1 - Of all the trolls on all the message boards in all the world, you are the trolliest.

LaCanfora should probably get a restraining order against you. You are scary and sad.

Posted by: thediesel | October 15, 2009 2:08 PM | Report abuse

Snyder will always find someone to take his money for the opportunity and ego gratification of having one of 32 NFL head coaching positions. That's a no-brainer. It's workded for Al Davis for years. However it seems unlikely the next head coach will be named Cowher, Shanahan, Holmgren or Gruden; with or without Cerrato. Things won't change until they pry Snyders cold, dead fingers off the steering wheel.

Posted by: SackMan | October 15, 2009 2:52 PM | Report abuse

"Just do the best you can, finish the job that you have, and that's what I'm gonna do."

Telling statement right there.

Posted by: Predator48 | October 15, 2009 3:04 PM | Report abuse

That's the first time anyone's called Barno a troll as far as I've seen. In my defense, while i might be sad and scary, I'm no troll. My comments are almost always on topic, relevant, and factual. Trolls are guys like Poopy McPoop, who never add anything to the discussion and are only here in an attempt to aggravate others. That's sad, if you ask me.

But that's not my intent at all. My intent is to balance the venom that is spewed by so many on here, reporters and readers alike, with a more positive, optimistic outlook on our teams--all while pointing and responding to irresponsible or factually incorrect comments made by others. Love it or hate it, that's why i'm here.

That, and it keeps me busy when I'm done with my work at the office.

Posted by: Barno1 | October 15, 2009 3:15 PM | Report abuse


It would be helpful if you put your quotes in chronological order, otherwise, it's very confusing.

Posted by: jsmith33351 | October 15, 2009 3:19 PM | Report abuse

barno, do the same thing for the mayor... I bet it has the same concept...

Posted by: dimatuma | October 15, 2009 3:33 PM | Report abuse

I actually think the mayor is a little better than Jayson Blair, WHOOPS, i mean Jason La Canfora (Freudian slip). No doubt, the mayor has taken on a more negative tone since he first started covering the team about 2 years ago. But it's nowhere near the level of hostility and hatred and propagandist as JLC.

You know who was good covering the Skins? Maske. He was right down the middle: objective, tough, but fair. I don't want a cheerleader covering the team, but I don't want a Raven fan covering it either.

Posted by: Barno1 | October 15, 2009 3:38 PM | Report abuse

It would be helpful if you put your quotes in chronological order, otherwise, it's very confusing.

Posted by: jsmith33351 | October 15, 2009 3:19 PM | Report abuse

It's more effective if you keep them in the order they're in rather than chron order. Besides, it's what La Canfora would do.

Posted by: Barno1 | October 15, 2009 3:40 PM | Report abuse

that's a pathological obsession with someone who doesn't even write for the post anymore.

As far as Gruden is concerned, to quote the immortal Monty Python...
RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: jbanks979 | October 15, 2009 5:31 PM | Report abuse


You've popped up on the blogs recently spewing a lot of hate at Barno, so you can be forgiven for being out of the loop. JLC and Barno had a nice little feud for a while after JLC held a Redskins song contest on the Redskins Insider and got Chris Cooley to judge the winner. Barno won, and JLC promised on the blog a sweet little dvd autographed by Cooley. JLC never came through though. That's really not why Barno despised the guy so much--mostly it was his agenda-driven reporting--but it's sorta where it all started.

Anyhow, Barno put those quotes together at the time (almost 2 years ago) so the fact that he no longer works at the Post is pretty irrelevant.

And yes, sometimes Barno refers to himself in 3rd person.

Posted by: Barno1 | October 15, 2009 8:30 PM | Report abuse

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