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Local Poll Week IX: Hoyas and Terps, again

(Photo by Gail Burton - AP, editing by Ian Oland. Follow his twitter feed.)

At the top of this poll is Georgetown, which is in the process of playing four Top 10 teams in six days. At the bottom of this poll is George Washington, which is 1-4 in the Atlantic 10. We need to institute relegation, obviously. Next year we're only ranking three teams.

The Hoyas--good in basketball, bad in flip cup--are ranked seventh by the AP, 11th by the coaches, and 6th in RPI. They are my surest bet toward winning an April trip to Indianapolis, which is the definition of winning by losing, or possibly vice versa. The only time I've ever been to the Final Four was in Indianapolis, incidentally. And, in the natural order of things, the Terps are again second. Now and forever, these two.

Maryland, Old Dominion and Virginia all receive AP votes, in that order, with the latter not showing up in the coaches poll. And the Commonwealth's RPI excellence has completely unraveled; Old Dominion (36th) is holding on, but Richmond (41st), William & Mary (44th) and VCU (48th) are not. Maryland is 54th. William & Mary and Richmond fell to 29th and 30th, respectively. Old Dominion remained at 40th, VCU moved up to 46th (but down in the Atlantic 11). Maryland (54th), Virginia Tech (70th) and Virginia (90th) are representing the ACC.

Here are the totals. We have team, record (through Sunday's games), points and first-place votes. Last week's standings are found below, and there's more hilarity even further below.

1. Georgetown (15-3) 668 (62)
--Next: Monday at Syracuse, Saturday vs. Duke.
--Hoyas hoping big win over Rutgers bodes well for them against Duke, another school with a student body that's mostly from New Jersey. (Ivan Snyder)

2. Maryland (13-5) 510 (3)
--Next: Tuesday vs. Miami, Sunday at Clemson.
--Tied for first place with Virginia in ACC conference play. In other news, Daniel Snyder has announced he's lowering concession prices and Gilbert Arenas has just released a book on locker room etiquette. (Kyle Scriven)

3. Old Dominion (16-5) 505 (2)
--Next: Thursday vs. Georgia State, Saturday at Northeastern.
--Star Gerald Lee is originally from Uusikaupunki, Finland, but those of us in the know just call it The U. (Markus Videnieks)

4. Virginia Tech (15-3) 417
--Next: Thursday at No. 6 Virginia, Sunday at Miami.
--Hokies beat UNC Central, whom some would call the other UNC, except that they've won more games than the Tarheels in the last two week. (Bill Fitzgerald)

5. William & Mary (14-5) 382 (1)
--Next: Wednesday at James Madison, Saturday vs. Drexel.
--JMU already cuing up Tom Petty's "Freefallin'" for Tribe's visit on Wednesday. If that doesn't work, then they'll have to try the "hot dog on the court" thing again. (Jamie Paquette)

6. Virginia (12-5) 288
--Next: Thursday vs. No. 4 Virginia Tech, Sunday at North Carolina.
--Did you catch Conan's farewell speech where he said cynicism was his least favorite quality? Mine is local basketball fans' outrage when their mediocre team isn't ranked higher in a stupid regional basketball poll. (Jack Lambert)

7. VCU (13-5) 248
--Next: Wednesday vs. Towson, Saturday vs. Georgia State.
--Larry Sanders puts up 22 and 10 in losing effort to Northeastern, tries to decide between a future in the NBDL or HBO-Plus. (Jacques Arsenault)

8. George Mason (13-7) 223
--Next: Wednesday vs. Delaware, Saturday vs. James Madison.
--Leading their conference after an unremarkable start to the season. Who do the Patriots think they are, Virginia? (Max Wasserman)

9. Richmond (15-6) 221
--Next: Saturday vs. Saint Louis.
--The Spiders are off until Saturday when they face Saint Louis. At the behest of their coach Rick Majerus, all of the Bilikens rehydrate with gravy. (John Albers)

10. Morgan State (13-7) 73
--Next: Monday vs. Md.-Eastern Shore, Saturday at Norfolk State.
--Their win over Delaware State this weekend was notable because DSU was without their fourth-leading scorer, Alibaba Odd, which was weird. (Markus Videnieks)

11. George Washington (11-7) 72
--Next: Wednesday vs. Saint Louis, Saturday at Rhode Island.
--Colonials are again fully embracing the "Swoonuary" concept. (Ted Gotsch)

Also receiving votes: Radford 35, Loyola 13, Towson 7, American 6, Norfolk State 6, Coppin State 4, VMI 4, Mount St. Mary's 2, Navy 2.

Last week's rankings
1. Georgetown
2. William & Mary
3. Old Dominion
4. Virginia Tech
5. Maryland
6. Richmond
7. Virginia
8. VCU
9. George Mason
10. George Washington
11. Radford

More pith

1. Georgetown

Any Maryland fans who wander into the Verizon Center for the game vs. Duke Saturday may spontaneously combust trying to figure out which team to begrudgingly root for. (Markus Videnieks)

Due to unavailability of St. Leo's this season, Georgetown will finish the cupcake portion of their schedule at Syracuse and home vs. Duke. (Jacques Arsenault)

Greg Monroe could be a future Wizards lottery pick. Let's hope he doesn't bring his own salad dressing when dinning out. (Devin Perry)

Can we just put Georgetown down for a loss in the Elite 8 and end their season right now? (Gavin Weiss)

In win at Pittsburgh, Chris Wright was hotter than the back room at Third Edition on a Thursday night. (Gerald O'Hara)

2. Maryland

Beat N.C. State by 24, which beat Duke by 14. I'm not using this clearly unreliably theory to jump to conclusions, I'm just saying we're going to beat Duke by 38. (Brendan Darr)

Since the Post has been praising the Terps this year, does that mean they will play poorly on purpose, just to prove the media wrong? (Jim Fox)

Gary Williams 1,000th coached game coincided with Greivis Vasquez's 1,000th jersey pop. (Devin Perry)

Five losses are all to RPI top-50 teams. So they're undefeated against bad teams! (Gavin Weiss)

Venezuela's petroleum reserves were severely depleted after Greivis Vasquez did his hair for Saturday's game against N.C. State. (John Albers)

Nothing says "Strength of Schedule" like a blowout win over Longwood. (Adam Kowalsky)

Greivis Vasquez on his way to being the Brett Favre of this team, right down to the killer turnover late in the ACC Tournament Championship game. (Jamie Paquette)

Dino Gregory gets voted most likely to get confused for a Jersey Shore Character. (Timothy Lyden)

When is Gary Williams going to take a sartorial clue from Oliver Purnell and Sidney Lowe and bust out the bright red sportcoat? Or at least the alternate home yellow number. (Bill Fitzgerald)

3. Old Dominion

Monarchs, among the worst in the nation at getting to the line, are bringing in Wyclef Jean to help them take advantage at the charity stripe. (Jamie Paquette)

Sometimes Blaine Taylor's mustache lets Blaine Taylor coach the Monarchs. (John Albers)

Monarchs are 7-1 in 2010; President Obama is very jealous. (Bill Fitzgerald)

Our country needs more ODUs and less IOUs. (Michael Palan)

Over seven thousand fans showed up for the Monarchs trip to William and Mary, making it the second most hostile reception of a royalist clan by the natives in Williamsburg history. (Jack Lambert)

4. Virginia Tech

"An NIT bid is on the line, as the Hokies face the Cavaliers tonight on Comcast SportsNet!" (Jamie Paquette)

Dorenzo Hudson is hoping to marry a Russian woman so he can fulfill his dreams of having a bit of 'Moscow On The Hudson.' (Michael Palan)

Word out of Richmond is that before the big Virginia Tech-Virginia game this week, both teams are going to have to reduce their rosters by 15 percent due to budget cuts. (Jack Lambert)

Will counter UVA Coach Tony Bennett's famous "pack line" defense with their less-heralded "Malcolm Delaney is way better than anyone on UVA" offense. (Markus Videnieks)

Seth Greenberg has been bragging about a big win over a team from Durham, North Carolina. He's leaving out that it was North Carolina Central. (Ivan Snyder)

According to his Twitter, Coach Greenberg is a Rex Ryan fan. Must have been watching the NFL pre-game show when he could have been coaching a coherent second half offense against BC. (John Albers)

Ben Boggs, Cadarian Raines, and Dorenzo Hudson lobby Seth Greenberg to exploit water-based recruiting and seek transfers of IU's Jeremiah Rivers and Miami's James Dews. (Jacques Arsenault)

5. William & Mary

Cancel the order for the pewter slipper. (Greg Cota)

Last week was the harshest reality students have had to face at William and Mary since realizing that they spent $40,000 on a not quite Ivy-League liberal arts education. (Jack Lambert)

Can this relationship survive two losses in a week? (Brendan Darr)

One loss for each potential mascot. (Jake Leffler)

During the Tribe's loss to Old Dominion, William tussled with the Monarchs while Mary hit them with her purse. (John Albers)

That pesky CAA regular season always gets in the way of the Pugs' NCAA hopes. (Joey Flyntz)

Tribe's two game losing streak is the worst case of mustache fail since Chandler tried to emulate Tom Selleck on "Friends." (Bill Fitzgerald)

The Tribe is moving backwards so fast that Pocahontas will be cheerleading for Captain Smith at the next game. (Bill Antholis)

Tribe's 22-point loss to the Rams was revenge for all the ram horns used by the Tribe on the high holidays. (Ivan Snyder)

The key to the JMU game is containing Dukes' Denzel Bowles, who shares his name with the concept of a rejected Kingpin pre-quel that takes place before professional bowling was integrated. (Markus Videnieks)

6. Virginia

The 1-11 inevitable ACC finish has commenced, with the Cavs of course saving that one win for the finale against Maryland. (Joey Flyntz)

Tony Bennett's dad, with his videos of the Pack-Line defense, is the Tom Emanski of basketball. But good luck finding any U-Va. students to wear a Fred McGriff-style hat. (Lacy Lusk)

Signs that UVA's 3-0 record in the ACC may have been a fluke. Exhibit 1 -- need a buzzer-beater to win against 7-13 UNCW. Exhibit 2 -- Trail 34-15 at halftime @ Wake. Exhibit 3 -- It's UVA. (Markus Videnieks)

Virginia shot blanks for much of the first half against Wake Forest, but despite the Cavaliers' assertions that they were just goofballs, and that they didn't do anything wrong, the Cavaliers have been suspended indefinitely. (John Albers)

Cavaliers are tied with Maryland for first place in the ACC. In men's basketball, not lacrosse. (Bill Fitzgerald)

Joe Lunardi's current mock bracket has U-Va. in the tournament as a 13th seed, causing U-Va. alums to ask "There's a tournament after we lose in the first round of the ACC tournament?" (Briscoe)

7. VCU

Kirill Pishchalnikov's extra time on the bench this season is giving him more opportunities to decide what to do with his Interdisciplinary Studies major. (Jamie Paquette)

While many were disappointed to see Conan O'Brien go, Rams fans can take solace in the fact that they still get to watch the Larry Sanders show. (John Albers)

I know he's a great player, but is it too soon to call Larry Sanders a young Andray Blatche? You know, minus the whole teammate defecating in his shoes thing. (Jack Lambert)

How cool would it be if we found out at the end of this season that VCU's Larry Sanders was really named Garry Shandling? (Markus Videnieks)

8. George Mason

Beat Towson. Whoop-de-doo. That's like beating Radford. Oh wait.... (Brendan Darr)

Won at Towson on Saturday. Other things that happen at Towson on Saturdays -- Ed Hardy t-shirts, Beast light, and avoiding all but one part of Baltimore. (Markus Videnieks)

Disappointed to learn that Towson Tigers Coach Pat Kennedy sounds nothing like Mayor Quimby. (John Albers)

George Mason has won two consecutive games without hot dogs being thrown on the court. (Sean's Ramblings)

Patriots are on a roll headed into February. But just ask Tom Brady how things worked out the last time that statement was true. (Jamie Paquette)

9. Richmond

Some people have two first names, but David Gonzalvez sorta has two last names in his last name. (Michael Palan)

The Spiders are living and dying with every Florida buzzer beater. (Joey Flyntz)

Beat George Washington at the last second, a disappointing showing if you're a team looking for an at-large bid to the tournament but a great showing if you're the British royal army circa 1776. (Jack Lambert)

10. Morgan State

The Bears finally get their long-awaited rematch against the University of Maryland, who, since they last met, have apparently changed their mascot to the Hawks and relocated to Princess Anne, Maryland. (John Albers)

With all due respect, "Top Team in the MEAC" is sort of like being "Top Generic Store-brand Cereal." (Jamie Paquette)

Now that the Ravens' season is over, the Bears will have to thrive under the white hot spotlight of Baltimore media scrutiny. (Bill Fitzgerald)

If Charlie Daniels had been from Baltimore, he would have written a song about the devil losing a free throw shooting contest to Reggie Holmes. (Mike Steele)

In honor of Conan O'Brien, they should play their next game as the Morgan State Masturbating Bears. (Max Wasserman)

11. George Washington

Typical GW: Not as good as Georgetown, but not a bad safety pick. (Ryan Donahue)

Colonials' season in so much trouble, Doctors Without Borders was seen setting up a treatment center at 22nd and G Streets, NW. (Jamie Paquette)

Death, Taxes & the mid-season fire-Hobbs discussion. (Julian Gompertz)

Lackluster week for the 1st Prez. But he did get a shoutout on 30 Rock. Anyone see that shirt? George W. Ashington. Funny stuff, eh? (Adam Kowalsky)

Also receiving pith

Radford: Pat Robertson blamed Highlanders' home loss to Liberty on 1964 pact with Satan that resulted in split from Virginia Tech. (Jamie Paquette)

By Dan Steinberg  |  January 25, 2010; 5:02 PM ET
Categories:  Atlantic 11 , College Basketball  
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"George Washington, which is 1-4 in the Atlantic 10. We need to institute relegation, obviously. Next year we're only ranking three teams."

I'm usually happy to jump in on the GW jokes, but in their defense, at least those 4 losses have been in a good A10 this year (Xavier, Dayton, Richmond, LaSalle).

Posted by: Kev29 | January 25, 2010 5:34 PM | Report abuse

Its 5:56 PM ....................and Georgetown still sucks.

Looking forward to our game on the neutral court next month, also called the Verizon Center.

Destroya the Hoya, Go Cuse.

Posted by: Natstural | January 25, 2010 5:58 PM | Report abuse

Natstural, the verizon center is the farthest thing from a neutral court, if you've ever been in there. The place is packed with g'town fans, good luck keeping up with Greg Monroe.

Posted by: Dlewis10 | January 25, 2010 8:29 PM | Report abuse

Hokies beat UNC Central, whom some would call the other UNC, except that they've won more games than the Tarheels in the last two week. (Bill Fitzgerald)

I know the facts don't help with the joke, but it is called NC Central University...

Posted by: lord_rockumus | January 25, 2010 9:21 PM | Report abuse

Morgan state should be higher.

Posted by: Dlewis10 | January 25, 2010 10:46 PM | Report abuse

Dan... I'm begging you. Please, do not ever post another "Jamie Paquette" submission. He is so awful that I remember his name from week to week and can tell who wrote it just from how unfunny and stupid it is.

Posted by: jrchris | January 25, 2010 11:02 PM | Report abuse

I was there when Gmac hit the game winner. I was there when Melo was at verizon. I have also been there for less heated games (UVA etc). When the other teams have a decent team, they have half the arena. The cuse had 80% of the upper deck.

The hoyas may get some votes in this poll, but when it comes to filling up a arena, the school is weak.

Posted by: Natstural | January 25, 2010 11:11 PM | Report abuse

Just glad somebody else also had the sense to vote ODU #1.

Posted by: fitzfacts | January 26, 2010 6:48 AM | Report abuse

William and Mary really took care of Maryland easily that should have gotten them a little higher.

Posted by: Dlewis10 | January 26, 2010 7:27 AM | Report abuse

William and Mary really took care of Maryland easily that should have gotten them a little higher.

Posted by: Dlewis10 | January 26, 2010 7:27 AM

Unfortunately for the Tribe, losses to UNC Wilmington and ODU at home and a pounding at VCU have happened since the win at Comcast. And the Terps have 4 ACC wins under their belt.

Posted by: Kev29 | January 26, 2010 10:18 AM | Report abuse

Markus V. is still the king of all pith.

Posted by: nordicus | January 26, 2010 11:01 AM | Report abuse

How sad is it that half the Tech comments are just more comments about UVa. Holy inferiority complex, Batman!

Posted by: FlyersSuck | January 26, 2010 4:15 PM | Report abuse

That's really applicable since all of the pith was made by Virginia Tech fans, ******Suck... I'm not sure if you heard, but the teams do play each other this week. Some consider it one of those in-state rivalry things. One would expect some of the comments to mention it and for Dan to pick some of those comments.

Posted by: sitruc | January 27, 2010 1:12 AM | Report abuse

Who are these punk VCU fans putting VCU so high? They're pathetic!

Posted by: Randy_Hawkins | January 27, 2010 5:19 PM | Report abuse

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