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Scottie Reynolds Metros to Verizon Center

(By John McDonnell - TWP)

When Villanova's Scottie Reynolds, a teammate and a couple of staffers took the Metro to Verizon Center on Saturday morning, the predictable happened. Dana O'Neil told the story on

Reynolds and Pena kept their blue sweatshirt hoods pulled over their heads and kept their heads down, but decked out in Villanova gear they would have needed a burqa to go unnoticed. As they finally boarded the Metro and headed to the back of the train, students whipped out their camera phones and pointed. "Is that Scottie Reynolds...on the Metro?'' one girl asked her neighbor. "Wow, we're riding with Scottie Reynolds,'' another guy said before adding, 'Go Hoyas.'

And yet I can't find any photos of Scottie Reynolds on the Metro. Send 'em here. In the meantime, here's the rest of last week's Atlantic 11 pith.

1. Georgetown

[Joke involving guns and the President's visit to the Verizon Center has been redacted by the Secret Service] (Chris Olson)

The Hoyas game against Duke served as the official start of Obama's campaign for Clark Kellogg's job. Change we can believe in. (John Albers)

Hoyas will reciprocate home-and-home series with Obama by sitting in on foreign policy briefing. (Mike Steele)

Jon Scheyer Singler Nolan Smith, his name is my name too, whenever we go out, all the Hoya fans they shout "There goes Jon Scheyer Singler Nolan Smith! Na Na Na Na Na Na Na!" (Ivan Snyder)

Against Duke, Hoyas put up the highest shooting percentage with a President present since John Hinckley, Jr. (Jamie Paquette, who apologizes for the tastelessness)

After seeing Mike Wise photographed with President Obama again, Tony Kornheiser is reportedly going to start being a hang-around guy for Jimmy Carter. (Grant Kronenberg)

If I mention Mike Wise, President Obama and Georgetown, will Dan publish this comment? (Sean R.)

Looks like Obama's first accomplishment in D.C was motivating Georgetown to a win. Now if he would only show up to the health care debate. (Devin Perry)

Pretty sure POTUS would have to consider remodeling the Oval Office after the Verizon Center if it could assure him over 70 percent of anything these days. (Julian Gompertz)

President Obama's slumping approval rating received a much needed boost after teaming up with VP Joe Biden to beat some Georgetown students at Flip Cup. (Bryan Stabbe)

As punishment for his favorite team losing in his presence, Reggie Love now has to spend a month doing the unfortunate job of delivering the dead goat carcasses to Rahm Emanuel's office. (Max Wasserman)

As a Maryland fan, watching the Georgetown-Duke game was like kissing your cou... uhh making out with your sis ... cheering for the terrori ... oh screw it, I couldn't think of anything funny to finish this comparison. (Joey Flyntz)

2. Maryland

Gary Williams will motivate team with chip-on-the-shoulder "The Washington Post is out to get us" mentality following the paper's closure of its College Park printing press. (Mike Steele)

It's February in College Park, the month of weekly must-win ACC games and shattered remote controls. Or as cardiologists, bracketologists and TV repairmen in PG County call it: "Christmas." (Joey Flyntz)

When it comes to college athletics, Clemson's is Jerai Grant proof you'll probably be better off ending up with the son on a former NBA player than the son of the drummer for Ratt. (John Albers)

Scott Van Pelt spent over four minutes hyping and presenting the highlights of Maryland's win over Miami on SportsCenter. As a result, we can look forward to an exclusive recap of the Ithaca College-Cortland State men's lacrosse game the next time Karl Ravech hosts. (Max Wasserman)

Gary is complaining because Obama won't complete a home and home. (Ben Shlesinger)

Maryland fans are left wondering why Obama never shows up to their games against Duke. Secret Service may be worried about stray projectiles thrown at Reggie Love hitting the President. (Ivan Snyder)

3. Old Dominion

Trian Iliadis went 0-5 from the field against Northeastern in recording his 11th scoreless game of the season. In light of such an epic quest for points perhaps a more appropriate surname would Odysseyis. (Bill Fitzgerald)

4. Virginia Tech

Not sure which is more pathetic: spending an hour or so each week writing jokes about middling college basketball teams or posting a whining comment complaining about the quality of those jokes. On second thought, I'm pretty sure I know. (Jamie Paquette)

Recent play has inspired possible new school motto. Virginia Tech: Where average results get above average rewards. (M. Pettiford)

5. Virginia

[insert joke regarding Virginia fans being elitists and/or Virginia basketball being mediocre. Rinse, repeat.] (Grant Kronenberg)

Thank god Virginia beat UNC on the road. Could you imagine all those loafers scuffing up the court if UVA students had a chance to rush the floor? (Devin Perry)

Improved to 6-63 all time against North Carolina. "Not too shabby" says Al Groh. (Chris Olson)

After drubbing by the Cavaliers, Roy Williams thinking about sending his team to a Sylven Learning Center. (Ivan Snyder)

After dropping 29 on UNC, Sylven Landesberg won the coveted "Just for Men" player of the game award; which is an absurd award to give to college students. The only two college players ever old enough to use their product were Greg Oden and Eric Maynor. (Jake Leffler)

The thought of Atlantic 11 teams overachieving is unsettling to me. Any chance we could replace the Cavaliers with North Carolina? (Max Wasserman)

6. VCU

I still voted for Georgetown No. 1, but they got my Miss Congeniality vote. (Jake Leffler)

Larry Sanders had 13 points and 13 rebounds in the Rams' victory over Georgia State, while Jeffrey Tambor had 13 Martinis and 13 doughnuts. (Chris Bocquet)

I totally had a joke for VCU this week, but jrchris didn't like it, so I scrapped it. (Jamie Paquette)

7. William & Mary

Today is day 335 of William & Mary's mascot watch, and I think I can speak for everyone when I say "Just pick Jon Stewart already." (John Albers)

After losing 3 in a row, Disney's plan to make a movie of their Cinderella season entitled "A Pug's Life" put on indefinite hold. (Jamie Jones)

The Tribe may not have been jobbed in their loss to James Madison, unlike Lady Gaga, who only wrote the BEST POP ALBUM OF THE DECADE, although Grammy voters can't comprehend that because they are INCOMPETENT MORONS! STUPIDEST DECISION EVER! (Max Wasserman)

Tribe pulls out desperately needed win vs. Drexel after senior guards draw bows and arrows in the locker room before the game. (Adam Anthony)

In order to mark the relevancy of this contest, the trophy for the game vs. ODU is now a piece of bark with "Croatan" scratched into it. (M. Pettiford)

8. George Mason

Finally got that monkey off their back by beating James Madison without hot dog assistance. (Devin Perry)

Mason AD forced to have serious sit-down with Larrenega asking him not to use KRAM as a verb during interviews. (David Adkins)

Wanted to move them up this week based on great start in CAA play, but was stopped in my tracks by my personal rule not to take a team seriously until it passes Buffalo, Northern Colorado and Wofford in the RPI. (Joey Flyntz)

9. Richmond

Dominated St. Louis so badly that they should have been wearing thigh-high boots and charging $300 an hour. (Jamie Paquette)

Spiders held St. Louis to 36 points. My sons' team of 12-year olds scored 34 last night in a game of eight minute quarters, running time. They also made three three-pointers to the Billikens' zero. (Bill Fitzgerald)

The 36 points St. Louis scored against the Spiders is what happens when a team takes on the personality of their coach, and that coach is a 300-pound point guard. (John Albers)

Beat Saint Louis by 26, forcing coach Majerus to sit on each and every one of his players for an hour longer than usual. (Chris Bocquet)

How can Richmond get any more depressing? Throw in a foot of snow. (Devin Perry)

The Spiders have a Mooney in charge, but I don't think he's nearly as loony as the ones who run a sports page-less newspaper. (Lacy Lusk)

10. Morgan State

Morgan State's schedule has more @'s than Arianna Huffington's twitter feed. (Bill Fitzgerald)

In support of Lady Gaga, Morgan State should change their name for one game to the Morgan State Grammy Voters Should All Be Eaten By Bears. (Max Wasserman)

I would pay money to see the outfit Todd Bozeman wears to shovel snow. (John Albers)

11. George Washington


Also receiving pith

American: Eagles have the lowest steal percentage in the nation, leading some to question whether they are indeed located in DC. (Jamie Paquette)

AU has changed its name to Romanian University in honor of Vlad Moldoveanu. (Joe Vidulich)

Towson: Isaiah Philmore is listed in the box score as "I. Philmore," which is almost as funny as I.P. Daily or Al Coholic. (Ivan Snyder)

UMBC: After finally getting on the board in the America East conference, Retrievers fans celebrated by sleeping in and skipping their 8am classes....Oh wait.... (Kyle Scriven)

Liberty: Receives some consideration this week, for pulling their record to .500 with a win over a woeful VMI team. They may get as many votes as American this week...or for that matter, Obama's new budget proposal. (Will Prunka)

By Dan Steinberg  |  February 7, 2010; 8:59 AM ET
Categories:  Atlantic 11 , College Basketball  
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Who let Mottram sit in the student section?

Posted by: fitzfacts | February 7, 2010 9:18 AM | Report abuse

Still no love for Richmond. We keep winning and we still get dumped on.

Posted by: Randy_Hawkins | February 7, 2010 10:38 PM | Report abuse

this post would have been a lot better if you'd mentioned that Scottie Reynolds is from the area and graduated from Herndon High School, so he was probably pretty familiar with the Metro growing up.

Posted by: FlyersSuck | February 8, 2010 12:16 AM | Report abuse

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