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Cutting-Edge Tax Proposal

Peter Baker tells us this morning that President Bush is considering a plan to cut tax rates for U.S. corporations to make them more competitive internationally. Our readers who comment are not supportive and a few are adding this proposal to the list of reasons the president should be impeached. Several suggest that a better way to help corporations would be to fix health care costs, which places major expenses on business. Others cited the country's infrastructure needs as another good reason not to cut taxes.

ag1976 said, "Why can't the middle class get a tax break....we are disappearing and no one seems to care." That was one of several comments along those lines.

809212876 had a different proposal. "...If Bush wants to make corporate America more competitive he can start with national health care, asap. One of the worst costs US firms face as they compete globally is the cost for employee health care benefits. No other industrialized nation hangs this weight on the back of its firms...Keep taxes where they are, switch health care to a single payer system, let our firms compete on equal footing..."

remain agreed with that, but spotted a technical problem, saying, "...What can we do to help the corporations want to stay here and want to keep jobs here? A) lower taxes on them. B) remove health benefit costs from them. I think we should do both, but realistically, that's not going to work unless the dems have 60% of the senate and the presidency."

fstrimper said, "I thought Bush had run out of stupid things to do!!"

IAmend noted that "Japan, France, and Britain all have some form of socialized health care while American taxpayers go without! Bush's war could surpass $1 trillion dollars--while only his corporate backers and terrorists profit from it! America's infrastructure is collapsing and killing people while cities lack the funds to fix it! This man is INSANE! IMPEACH BUSH AND CHENEY NOW!!!!!!!"

nicekid suggested that this proposal will have bipartisan support. "So the megacorporations that own George Bush and Hillary Clinton will get another tax cut. Meanwhile our infrastructre is crumbling. Obviously however, it is more important for large corporations to dodge paying their fair share than it is to shore up rotting tunnels and bridges."

And ctmont said, "Generally speaking, politics in Washington is rotten on both sides of the aisle. However... we absolutely MUST bring down the Republican party... After we break the back of the neo-con, pro corporate party, we can move on and deal with the Dems. If we don't fix things in Washington our country and our freedom will be doomed."

SarahBB wrote, "...Bush can't cut taxes unless the Dems in Congress sign up for it... Bush is shifting taxes, from corporations (who are only interested in cheap labor and will outsource, relocate, use illegals to get it) to people who have to work for a living. I think I've seen enough of that raw deal from his administration."

2greekdc said, "Let's cut more corporate taxes to make corporations that move jobs overseas more competitive, but let's threaten to veto an increase in payments to states for more health coverage for children. Is this really happening?"

All comments on the corporate tax article are here.

By Doug Feaver  |  August 9, 2007; 10:40 AM ET
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