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Another Senator Warner?

The news that former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner (D) will seek to replace retiring Sen. John Warner (R-No Relation) has energized our RWC (Readers Who Comment) to discuss the state of politics in the Old Dominion. Many RWCs appear to be enthusiastic supporters of the former governor, but there are some detractors. Political junkies are debating the question of whom the Republicans will choose (there is a potential very-good-for-news GOP nomination battle between former Gov. James S. Gilmore III and Rep. Thomas M. Davis III). And finally, some RWCs, pointing to such issues as illegal immigration and gay rights, raise questions about whether Virginia, where I live, is a good place to do so.

We'll start with listats, who wrote, "If Mark Warner were to join [fellow Democrat James] Webb in the Senate, Virginia would have the most significant pair of Senators on the East Coast..."

But DwightCollinsDuarte said that "virginia doesn't need another webb, virginia needs another Allen [former governor and senator George]. isn't virginia tired of the do nothing dems we already have?"

FredEvil shouted, "RUN MARK RUN! VA needs another senator with a conscience, and some intelligence! Gilmore never delivered on his campaign promise to repeal the car tax, and it's been stuck in limbo ever since. Davis....bah, what can you say about Davis? My mother always told me if I didn't have anything nice to say, not to say anything at all." [Actually, Gilmore did succeed in passing a big reduction in the car tax, to the significant detriment of city and county government budgets across the state.]

suzeq , another shouter, said, "WON'T IT BE WONDERFUL WATCHING GILMORE (NO-CAR-TAX) ENGAGE DAVIS (I AM A "MODERATE" REPUBLICAN) FOR THE GOP RUN! It is so very gratifying to have a Mark Warner in this commonwealth; some smarts, some integrity, too bad he is not running for president, but we need that in the Senate."

fbros wrote, "He is the only reason I would vote Republican."

And musselmanm321 said, "Do all of you doubters see how committed his supporters are? As a resident of Virginia when he was in office I always thought what a wast he could only be Gov. once. I also was hoping for him to run for President. What a class act he is."

And zmptr opined, that "A Warner-Davis contest would be the best for Virginia."

sequoiaqueneaux generated several responses in writing, "Hmmmm,...I escaped from Red State Virginia to Maryland only to see VA have a Dem governor and probably 2 Dem senators (and likely going Dem in the 2008 Presidential election). Good to see VA evolving into a civilized state! :-)"

One of those responses came from smarty_pants who said that "VA remains a primarily red state in my opinion, but you'll see increasing pockets of blue for the next few years due to the unpopularity of Iraq. If Warner wins, which in my opinion would be likely regardless of Bush's failures, VA will have two of the most moderate Democrats in the Senate."

The immigrant issue played out in this exchange:
american1 asked, "Is he another Illegal Aliens lover and American hated like most Democrats!"

To which Jerryvov responded, "Even an illegal alien can write a more coherent, grammatically correct sentence than that bloviating tripe of yours."

ricklinguist raised the gay rights issue in saying, "...My partner and I made a conscious decision to move to Maryland rather than Virginia because, as a gay couple, there are few states as hostile to us in terms of the law as Virginia. Recently-passed legislation makes it unclear whether there is anything at all we could do to protect our relationship of many years under the law... Would YOU move to a state that actively worked to make it impossible for you to protect the most important relationship in the world to you? I, for one, would not. And did not."

Last word goes to an RWC who (1) recalled the on-the-stump gaffe that many think cost former Republican Sen. George Allen his seat and (2) inferentially suggested that both the sitting Sen. Warner and the Warner who hopes be senator are generally regarded as effective moderates. rocotten wrote, "Not sure this will be as interesting or tight as macaca considering many people, such as myself, were inclined to vote for whichever Warner ended up running."

All comments on the Warner story are here.

By Doug Feaver  |  September 13, 2007; 9:20 AM ET
Categories:  Virginia Politics  
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Posted by: Van Hartman | October 21, 2007 2:09 AM | Report abuse

As a proud Virginian I would be honored to have Mark Warner represent the Great Commonwealth. He is a reasonable man that maintains his integrity and independence. Best wishes. I hope many GOP in the state get confused and vote for him thinking he is John, not Mark Warner. Not that he will need it with an 80 something percent approval rating. Gilmore hah and Tom Davis who.

Posted by: dhobbs | September 14, 2007 10:51 AM | Report abuse

My hope for our country - Mark Warner - 2 time (2008, 2014) Senator becomes President in 2020.

Posted by: Ken | September 14, 2007 9:12 AM | Report abuse

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