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Our first national primary has produced in a fascinating fight for the Democratic nomination that some predict could go unresolved into the convention and a Republican frontrunner who looks to be on his way to the nomination with the curious help of a candidate nobody outside of Arkansas had heard of six months ago.

All this has our Readers Who Comment (RWC) saying essentially the same things they've been saying for weeks, depending on whom they support. Many more of them have discussed the Democratic situation than the Republican one, but there's a strong crossover element. RWC whose comments would suggest that they are probably Democrats file in the Republican story and vice versa.

They analyze and predict and spot conspiracies. They complain that the MSM and WaPo don't get it or have bias in their reportage or both. They lead cheers for their candidates and attack the others. It seems like an angry group this morning, perhaps because everybody on the East Coast had to stay up late to learn about how California came out.

We'll start with the Democratic primaries because, for some reason, the story about the Clinton-Obama contest has attracted many more comments than the Republican primary story.

meldupree said, "Clinton was supposed to have this deal done by now!... Clinton did not knock Obama out and got a few little surprises last night (i.e., Missouri). Let the Clintons spin this one. The dogfight continues (are looking at a floor brawl in Denver?)"

dbeins agreed, writing, "This may very well be a real convention this year for the Dems. I dont see this race getting any clearer in the next few states. This will be interesting stuff. Lets hope they keep it clean"

jcrozier1 asserted that "This story has a very pro-Clinton bias to it. This is a woman who was leading by over 30 points in national polls a month ago. Today she lost the majority of the states in a landscape that was very favorable to her... Now she's barely managed to stay in front of Obama in the delegate count and he's surging all the time. A little balance here please Washington Post."

But jd-winterbottom, reading the same story, wrote, "Ever faithful tools of the Obama campaign Balz and Kornblut give you the best spin possible once again. Despite building up Obama for weeks, despite all the fawning articles in this and other media outlets about him, Hillary Clinton handed him his head last night..."

NMP1 wrote, "Please someone explain to me why the media is making a big deal of Senator Clinton winning her home state (by a bare majority) and her neighboring state of NJ. Why is this a big deal when it was a given. Yet, no mention of Senator Obama winning his home state by 66% (twice the number of Hillary Clintons) and more actual votes than she got in her home state?"

alchartreux wrote that "The Obama camp should be very pleased with the results from Super Tuesday. I love how the Clinton camp tries to spin its Mass. victory as some huge upset... At the end of the day, on the major foreign policy question of our time, the unassailable fact is that Senator Clinton voted to authorize the most immoral, ill-conceived and plain unjustified act of American military aggression in this country's history..."

johnycheng1 wrote, "...all the states that Obama won are either black dominant or Republicans supported. I have to give Karl Rove a lot of credit of plotting this, but in the end it will be Hillary vis McCain as Americans demanded... All the endorsements of Ed Kennedy,Kerry,Oprah and hypes mean very little, Americans are smarter than that."

BasicInstinct said, "It was just month ago that Hillary expected to have this thing in the bag on Super Tuesday. But guess what? IT WON'T BE THAT EASY!... Just by listening to Hillary and Obama's speeches last night, there was a huge difference... Hillary had a regular "stump" speech, but Obama delivered a speech filled with current issues, hope and the future..."

And zbob99 wrote, "This is huge victory for Obama. He was behind in all but 2 or 3 states just about 1 week ago. Now the remaining schedule looks beneficial to Obama especially the next 3 weeks...This will now be a war of attrition that Obama looks to win."

And now for the comments on the Republican story.

sque1 said, "McCain has to be very happy today, if you are in a three man race and you win the big ones you have every right to brag. The states coming up won't be Romney or Huckbee states. They need to bow out if McCain wins the state coming up..."

pojut observed that "Usually, the Republican nominations are dull and boring. This year, we have a religious fanatic with a hilarious sense of humour, an ex-POW who thinks that alone means he should be president, and a man who has a last name that when prefixed with "President" makes him sound like a traitor. I never vote for either a republican or a democrat, but at least this year the flock of folks are amusing..."

knjincvc said, "I certainly expected Gumby Romney to do better after the neo-con machine backed him. Personally I am elated by the GOP crackup..."

losthorizon10 wrote, "...Look at these two idiots who are the hope of the GOP! A wingnut religious hypocrite and a warmonger who wants to stay in the phony neocon Iraq war for the next 30 years! As if anybody with a brain wants another George Bush-style president!"

jack824 said, "With the exception of his home state Massachusetts, Romney couldn't take any of the 12 largest states last night. The hard right fringe is either delusional or planning a scorched earth strategy the unlike any ever seen."

oggtheblog wrote, "The GOP base HATES McNapalm. They HATE him.
How will the noise machine try to sell him? It won't work. The noise machine has already demonized McNapalm -- and the goobers sucked it up. Hoist on their own petard."

We'll close with a prediction from beth-wade, who said, "The GOP will rally behind McCain as "the TRUE heir of Ronald Reagan." And their crony Swift-Boaters will constantly repeat all of the old Clinton rumors. Vince Foster. Whitewater. Juanita Broderick. Lewinsky. GAG."

All comments on the Democrat primary story are here.

All comments on the Republican primary story are here.

By Doug Feaver  |  February 6, 2008; 9:48 AM ET
Categories:  Presidential Politics  
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Dear fellow readers, help me, please...featured above in Doug's column is a clip of a comment by "pojut' that refers to a GOP candidate other than Huckabee and McCain who "has a last name that when prefixed by "President" makes him sound like a traitor". That wouldn't be Romney, would it? I give up.

Posted by: jhbyer | February 6, 2008 10:23 PM | Report abuse

Why do we have double standards?

I am 60 and at my age when I apply for a job I am told I am too old for the job. My husband was laid off because he was over 60 and he was replaced by a younger engineer. A president's job is much more complicated yet we can hire a president who is over 70.

And when I was young always a more experienced person gets the job. I was rejected because I had less experience the other candidate. It didn't matter that I had masters' degree, hard working, and inspirational, good speaker. But we can hire a president with less experience?

This does not make sense to me. Then I think why it should make sense. We hired George Bush with fewer qualifications?

Posted by: nisha | February 6, 2008 2:46 PM | Report abuse

The media, neo con talk shows make the election of THE president to liik like a sideshow.They have no concept as to the importance of this election to the people.We have been taken us down the muddy road of lies and distortion from the present administration and we long for the truth and honesty we deserve.The most highly regarded news shows are those that spin and I have gotten dizzy from this and untrusting of the voting process.

Posted by: browneyes | February 6, 2008 2:46 PM | Report abuse

"All comments on the Democrat primary story are here."

That's Democratic primary, sir. You wouldn't call the other party's primary the "Repub" primary, would you?

Posted by: ancient_mariner | February 6, 2008 1:19 PM | Report abuse

Not surprised at the results considering how the candidates address the issues. Check out You can see how often a candidate gives an unclear response to a question, how many times they change their opinions, and how often they give a straight answer. The flip floppers fumbled.

Posted by: Tommy Flanagan | February 6, 2008 12:07 PM | Report abuse

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McCain is winning due to the ugly underground culture of hate that still exists in America. But, we can see through it. Although we would plug our noses while voting...If we vote for Barak or Clinton we have voted against Bigotry. That is why there is so much animosity toward McCain. It is his support from Huckabee (and his base of bigots) and the dirty games they're playing together that turn us to look for an alternate candidate.

In Florida, McCain said, "I gotta give you some straight talk, my friends; this is a tough war we're in; it's not going to be over right away. There are going to be other wars, I'm sorry to tell you, there are going to be other wars."

"There are going to be other wars..."

Posted by: Jane | February 6, 2008 10:59 AM | Report abuse

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