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In case you missed it, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton won the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania last night by about 10 percentage points over Sen. Barack Obama. Dan Balz, the Post's senior political writer, says the victory threw the Clinton candidacy a lifeline, but that her path to the nomination remains "extraordinarily treacherous."

Not all our Readers Who Comment agree with Dan. In fact, they're all over the map in morning-after comment writing. Some see the results as bad for Obama. Some see them as the death of Clinton even if she doesn't know it. Some look at the exit polls and conclude that only Clinton can defeat presumed Republican nominee Sen. John McCain. Some just wish this noise would stop. It's only two weeks to the Indiana primary, the next biggie, and it's only going to get louder.

We'll start with howdy999, who quoted the article in writing, "The cold pill Obama must swallow: 'Obama's loss raised anew questions about his ability to win the big industrial states that will be critical to the Democrats' hopes of winning back the White House in November.' "

jgood1 said, "Its a s[h]ame that people in this modern day society that claims itself to be improving on race, have people in penn. saying they would never vote for a black person. This is how hillary clinton won the primary. Is this something to be proud about..."

MikeJ9116 wrote, "The big news for this primary is that Obama can't win the voters that will be necessary for him to win in the fall. The Obamabots can't spin this loss as anything but a disaster for their candidate. He outspent her four to one and he still got clobbered. Obama's relationships with racist pastors, terrorists, his elitist beliefs are deal breakers for most voters..."

dnjake seconded the motion, asking, "How much chance does Barack Obama have to win in November? A candidate who loses by 10% in Pennsylvania at this point in the campaign is not a candidate who looks on his way to victory in the fall..."

But dj333 suggested that Obama's "bitter" comment "...only hurt him among people who weren't going to vote for him anyway. This is exactly the group everybody has spent the last few weeks telling to be offended, yet Obama does marginally better. As the Bard called it: 'a tale of sound and fury, symbolizing nothing' "

Skinsfan1978 agreed, saying, "... After spending more in PA than any candidate in history as well as outspending Hillary 3-1 the Democratic base has rejected Obama. No amount of spin will overcome the fact that Hillary has won 4 of the last 5 contests, and Obama cannot win the swing states."

thall1 said, "The Barry Obama balloon has burst. Let the games begin anew! If you are a Republican, you keep thinking: Can it keep getting any better than this?"

TheodoreRoosevelt essentially agreed, writing, "With that Weinerdog attack mentality, Clintoon sure didn't do very well, 10% just isn't enough... Well at least her plan B seems to be working, make sure McCain gets elected and run again in 2012"

panchenlama asked, "and why are we assuming everone would rally around obama in the fall? if anything, penn provided proof that mccain will appeal to large swaths of heretofor democratic voters..."

And truthbomb said, "Regardless of who wins the nomination, without primaries in Michigan and Florida, the outcome will be tainted. Obama is not a clear winner unless all voices are heard... It would be nice to have a current poll in Michigan and Florida."

JohnAdams1 wrote, "Obama now has a solid vote majority in the black community. Pennsylania vote by county looks like Reagan had won the state. The continued media propaganda needs to stop. Obama cannot win the general election and in fact will now lose more democrats than Carter."

But thisworld said, "If we consider the Clinton victory in PA in context we realize how insignificant it really is. Clinton is a household name with a vast network of powerful friends... Put that up against this obsecure young guy... we begin to wonder who the real loser is. You guessed it right. It is Clinton. Big time."

MHughes976 seems to long for substance in writing, "This very long campaign... does not seem to have opened up any real gap on policy matters between C and O. They scratch each other's eyes out over which of them is the Better Person, generally making themsevles worse persons in the process. This while the situation of the Western economies is becoming very serious."

postfan1 said, "The PA election... didn't tell us much at all, other than people more or less stuck to their preconceived notions. If Clinton had won by less than 10 points, she'd be begging her own political machine to stick with her... In spite of looking like the cat who swallowed the canary, she knows she's on the ropes now. She needed a big win, but didn't get it."

But djstates wrote, "Indiana is now a must win for Obama. If he can not convince voters in a big state to go for him, he is going to be just another Iowa caucus luminary like McGovern and Dukakis."

Last word goes to ea55375, who said, "A very good movie. I want to see the whole of it till the final ending. Then we can make the final analysis. Those who made it right and those who made it wrong. It will be a very good lesson in politics. Don't you agree, the Obamanites and Clintonites?"

All comments on this article are here.

By Doug Feaver  |  April 23, 2008; 9:10 AM ET
Categories:  Clinton , Obama , Presidential Politics  
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