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Time for Clinton To Quit?

We all know this morning that Sen. Barack Obama won North Carolina big and came awfully close to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in Indiana. Our Readers Who Comment are talking about an article by Perry Bacon Jr. and Anne E. Kornblut which says that Clinton's aides concede "it would be difficult for her to catch Sen. Barack Obama in either delegates or overall votes" in the seemingly never-to-end struggle for the Democratic presidential nomination.

There is unusual near unanimity among our readers. Many of them seem to want Clinton to concede and go home. There is considerable discussion about what would happen the Florida and Michigan primary results could be counted; there is the debate about whether Obama is electable, and there is an extended conversation about one paragraph in story, which said, "A Clinton adviser said the situation was increasingly becoming one in which 'she cannot be nominated and he can't get elected.' "

We'll start with brewstercounty, who quoted the article in writing, "Pretty much says it all: "she cannot be nominated and he can't get elected."

But castillomark wrote, "It's time for Hillary to gracefully bow out of the primary, it's over. The "nuclear" option is idiotic. It's time to face and beat McClain."

infuse said, "By Friday I predict that more than enough of the superdelegates will have endorsed Barack Obama to end the insanity. Let the snake writhe about with no chance of recovery. It's head has been cut off."

Which caused anna_rc_1999 to ask, "Do you think Obama can win GE without Clinton supporters voting for him?"

And infuse to respond, "Absolutely! Clearly you haven't been paying attention to the Republican primaries. In PA the uncontested McSame was rejected by 27% of the Republican voters. In NC today, he was rejected by 26%, and in IN he was rejected by 22%. He has no chance at all when so many Republicans are showing such disdain for him..."

denniswine pleaded, "Hillary: for the sake of our party and our country please show some class and endorse Senator Obama. If you are so worried about him winning in the fall then work your butt off to get him elected..."

robinhood2 said, "Voted for her, but she is done now!!!!Time to move on!!!!"

Thinker started another conversation and sees nothing good for Democrats coming from these developments, writing, "Obama divided this party by running this time around... He can pay for it dearly with 50% of Democrats STAYING HOME.
McCain / Powell
McCain / Condollezza...EXPERIENCE In a heartbeat over incompetence..."

But Bud0 said, "...Your threats are empty. Not because I don't believe you'll vote for McCain -- I'm sure many of you will -- but because you people ALWAYS run off to the GOP in election years.... Obama is just this year's excuse. If it weren't Obama, it would be gay marriage or windsurfing or something..."

HuckFinn entered the Florida-Michigan conversation in writing, "
I fully appreciate the "rules are rules" rationale for denying votes to MI & FL. I am not saying this viewpoint is wrong, but there is another valid way of looking at it - a revote was possible and more fair. There's a difference of opinion, and a lot of people think Obama was a real chump."

And egrib said, "Un-freaking-believable that the stupid, corrupt Party bosses of the Democratic Party are not going to count the votes of two HUGE states... Florida!!!! Michigan!!!...It is a national disgrace and embarrassment. And now representing the Democrats we are going to have an un-American, socialist, racist candidate. Well done!!"

dbeins explained that "Michigan and Florida were told by the DNC that if they moved their primaries forward, that the votes from those primaries wouldnt count. They decided to move them anyway. If people should be mad at anyone it seems to me that the local party officials in Florida and Michigan should be the target of that wrath. The votes should NOT count Hilary is out"

Martinedwinandersen suggested that "... A deal should be struck whereby Hillary agrees to withdraw from the race, and Obama agrees to let most of the Florida and Michigan delegations be seated at the convention...It requires noblesse oblige from both sides..."

But darrren12000 said, "Well, Martin, the "echo effect" of web-based venom on both Clinton and Obama sides will keep a lot of anger and division going"

mcdcl2 discovered a "news flash" that said "...Hillary's Second Grade Report Card was leaked from White House documents... The report shows that she failed Math...Finally, the report recommends that Hillary be given a psychological evaluation noting an insistence on being treated as a princess..."

Last word to itsagreatday1, who wrote, "The party is over. Time to pack it in and throw her support behind Obama. The way it is is the way it is. I'd say the same thing if Obama was hanging on by a thumbnail... McCain is out there on the rant with the whole stage to himself...It's looking silly now. Time to leave gracefully."

All comments on this article are here.

By Doug Feaver  |  May 7, 2008; 9:20 AM ET
Categories:  Clinton , Obama , Presidential Politics  
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