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Mourning for Clinton

On the Thursday preceding Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's graceful and official withdrawal from the Democratic presidential nomination contest, Post reporter Eli Saslow sat in a Pennsylvania living room and talked to a family that had committed fully to Clinton. Saslow reports that family members "mourned the political passing of a woman who so inspired them that she felt less like a distant politician than a dear friend."

Many of our readers who comment share that view this morning after reading Saslow's account. Some are ready to reluctantly support Sen. Barack Obama, now the presumptive Democratic nominee. Others say they'll sit it out or vote for Sen. John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee. Some suggest that Clinton should be Obama's running mate. Clinton bashers also join the chorus, as they have on every political story in this extended campaign season.

Finally, of course, The Washington Post and "the media" are being held responsible by some for Clinton's loss, along with the Democratic National Committee, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean. Regardless of who or what is to blame, as columnist David Broder wrote Sunday of Clinton's concession, "It was always a certainty that this accomplished Democratic pol would do what was in her own and her party's interests, namely, by behaving like the pro she is and thereby preserving her career options."

First we'll deal with the Who To Blame question, starting with kazekanazawa, who wrote, "I am surprised that Washington Post decided to publish such an article about Hillary Clinton. As an Independent voter I have noticed that Washington Post and Newsweek have been extremely bias towards Obama. Why changed suddenly?"

And AsperGirl said, "Great after digging her grave, shoving her in it while her candidacy was still alive and dumping dirt on her head to help get Barack Obama nominated, the Washington Post is now covering the wake."

JoyceV wrote, "...For months my husband and I have been convinced that the Washington Post had a Clinton bias. Now I notice that Clinton people complain of an Obama bias! We certainly do view things from different perspectives. Barack an honorable man who wants our political system to become as honorable as possible"

DwightHCollins wrote, "if the dnc had not decided that obama was their candidate, the outcome would be different. will hillary's supporters let them get away with it, lets hope not..."

jryan758 said, "Hillary is the real deal. She's brilliant (she knows all the issues inside and out - better than anyone) and sincere and a class act. Its too bad, but typical, that the media and "others" demonized her. I hope she'll be the VP. If not, that's another huge mistake."

And crrobin wrote, "I have left the Dem party for what they did to a woman. I will never vote for obama and I'm from Il. I'll work against him all I can. He's no reformer. [Sen. Majority Leader Harry] Reid, Pelosi and Dean ar dead to me."

So much for blame. Now to the other stuff, starting with mtravali, who wrote, "Great article. I love Hillary. She's the best. It's a terrible loss, she would have made a great President. Neither of those left in this race will. It's a sad day for the American people."

dissertator08 said, "I am heartsick that Hillary did not win the nomination. I wish Senator Obama would put her on the ticket... At this time, I plan to vote for Obama, but if Hillary were on the ticket, I wouldn't just vote for Obama but I'd work for him and contribute to the campaign..."

But MMCarhelp offered that "If McCain will make such a lousy President, then why are so many of Hillary's supporters going to vote for him come November? It shows that Obama is worse.....MUCH worse."

Itd345 said, " Democrat is voting for McCain. Obama supporters also threatened to vote McCain if Hillary won the's all bluster and that's it."

And katmandu1 wrote, "A lot of us will not be voting for Obama, either."

selam1 responded, saying, "...Why? Yes Hillary's run is historic so is Obama's. Young people and colored people have their inspirations as well as women, so we should be fair in our thinking for all the people. At the end of the day, it should not be about Hillary or Obama, it is about us the people, to improve our lives..."

agirl99 predicted, "...McCain will win as so many women are very angry how Hillary was treated during the campaign. It is now revenge time. Obama will never win. the working class, the older poeople and the women don't like Obama... there are way to many people out there who want revenge that Hillary did not win. yes it is revenge time for how Hillary was treated."

mimi424 wrote, "The Clintons have been the leaders of the Democratic Party for the past 16 years. That "terribly flawed selection process" was in place with the blessings of the Clintons... Hillary lost because she ran a 'terribly flawed' campaign that failed to pay heed to the primary process that they had supported with no complaint for the past 16 years."

angriestdogintheworld, who wrote:
Lost Tribe Of Hillary Holdouts Found
The first contact in several years with remnants of a holdout band of Hillary Clinton supporters took place yesterday, with a helicopter flyover identifying the handful of survivors..."

Jmcjojo said, "Those who vote for McCain or write-in Hillary care more about hurt and personal pride than the future of our country. You'll essentially be voting in Bush's third term."

dyinglikeflies wrote, "A week later it's still "all about Hillary". Obama's campaign has only McCain to run against now. All the buzz in this campaign has been about Clinton. When she left the room she took Obama's oxygen with her."

And armchair_genius said, "I have to admit that concession speech was great."

Last word goes to flcwalker, who said, "As a supporter of Senator Clinton's who is Black and Female, let's get one thing straight; not everyone who voted against Senator Obama is a racist and not everyone who voted against Senator Clinton is anti-female. Some of us just didn't buy what the candidate we did not vote for was selling..."

All comments on the Clinton article are here.

By Doug Feaver  |  June 9, 2008; 9:15 AM ET
Categories:  Clinton , Presidential Politics  
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