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Obama Polls Ahead

Our Readers Who Comment this morning are unusually unified in their views of two articles, suggesting either that most of them are Democrats or that Republicans have decided to take a pass. RWC are cheering a new Washington Post-ABC News poll that shows Democrat Barack Obama with a 10-point lead over Republican John McCain in the presidential race.

They are attacking Jeffrey M. Frederick, the chairman of the
Virginia republican party, who told volunteers working for McCain that Obama and bin Laden "both have friends that bombed the Pentagon." That story was first reported by Time.

The poll story is questioned by a few who see a closer race in some other polls. Many of the comments decry the negative tone of the Republican campaign, and the poll shows that "voters' impressions of Obama are up, and views of McCain have slipped," Anne E. Kornblut and Jon Cohen write. Cohen, the Post's polling chief, said this morning that "The Post-ABC poll is what we stand by."

The fact that, at this hour, the preponderance of comments on both articles strongly support Democratic positions is a shift from the norm on political stories.

We'll start with the comments on the poll.

chaskarr said, "This election is all about judgment: Obama has it; McCain doesn't."?

sonofbill wrote, "McCain is not the same candidate from 8 years ago. The Straight Talk Express is now the Loose Lips Local."

votewithyourfeet said, "It's not true, but the Post doesn't care about truth. The most accurate poll historically is the Zogby/Reuters, which has Obama up by just 4, almost within the margin of error."

ScottinNC wrote, "How many times do we have to say it? It's the economy, stupid! The more the McCain campaign tries to distract voters with nonsensical attacks, the more ground he loses. If the McCain campaign really believes that they need gimmicks and can't win on economic issues, they should pack up and go home now."

crlchild said, "Whilst it is my firm belief that John McCain would not make a good president I do admire him for standing up to the Repuglican rabble by stating clearly that Obama was a good and honorable man."

ElrodinTN wrote, "When this poll had Obama up by 9 last month the McCain campaign freaked out and suspended to "fix" the financial crisis. After narrowing to four points, the race is back up to 10 for Obama. What crazy thing will McCain do tomorrow?"

DrWho2 [That would be Patrick Troughton] said, "For once, the Rovian tactics are back firing, as people are seeing through the mud and are looking for substance."

dan3 wrote, "Fear & Bigotry does not fill up my tank or place food on my table. GOP offers me nothing and deserves nothing."

All comments on the polling story are here.

Now to the comments on the Frederick story.
coberyl said, "This is truly despicable speech, and this man should be removed from his position immediately..."

halifar59 presumably with tongue firmly in cheek, wrote, "Well then I guess I'll be voting for bin Laden."

But Scruffy1970, who posted a similar comment on the poll story, said, "I fully agree with what the Chairman has stated. Barrack Hussein Obama is more likely than not a Muslim extremist and terrorist... Obama is not an American name."

sjones77 wrote, "One wonders how either Obama or McCain can possibly unite this country in January 2009 after the mean-spirited, dishonest and hysterical rantings of the right-wing during this election. They've brought out the worst in people and opened wounds that will not easily healed..."

We'll close with veloboldie, who wrote, "He should apologize and resign, period!"

All comments on the Frederick story are here.

By Doug Feaver  |  October 13, 2008; 9:45 AM ET
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Quote from another comment: "Republicans built this Country"

Um. No. Read your history. The Democratic party is the oldest political party in the U.S. The Republican party wasn't even founded until the 1850s. And it started as an anti-slavery platform. Remember, the first 'Republican' president was Abraham Lincoln. You knew that, right?

Don't be afraid. Knowledge isn't as painful as you think.

Posted by: ThisIsNotYourBlog | October 15, 2008 7:56 AM | Report abuse

i'm sure if we reminded americans that mccain was born in panama and not in the U.S. his polls would drop significantly. Come on people. It's the law per the constitution. Here's the satire explaining the situation.

Posted by: chris fresh | October 14, 2008 5:03 PM | Report abuse

"Underdog" and "Pitbull"? What's this thing the republicans have for the canine? One is a roll over on his back and accept whatever Karl Rover feeds him as he rubs his tummy. And the other, barking and snapping and easy to enrage.

A party joke.

Chris Brown in Hamburg

Posted by: chrisbrown1 | October 14, 2008 12:37 PM | Report abuse

Marvin, you bring up some good points. You sound like a hard working man that has legitimate concerns about Barrack's tax plan. I actually had a similar concern about my company's owner. Not because I think it would hurt our company but just because he's a good guy and, if I had to guess, that's probably about his tax bracket. Now, I don't know what kind of business you're in, but I'm assuming there's some form of production involved. If he tries to replace his personal income with payroll money he's going to have less workers. If he has less workers, he's going to have a tougher time cranking out the production, hence, probably have to downsize his clientel as well. I know I'm sort of rationalizing here, but I think your boss will be all right. Now there is also the chance that he is a two hundered and fifty thousand-aire that's living beyond his means...That could be trouble for him, but, if he's a business man, I highly doubt that's the case. Also, I'm sure that if he (or my boss for that matter) are that close to the 250 mark, they, or their accountant, can find some way to put themselves outside of the tax hike. Either way, it's a legitimate concern that those of us working for a small to mid-sized business should be asking the Obama campaign about...I'm still voting for him though!

Posted by: JesusWizardo | October 14, 2008 6:27 AM | Report abuse

Wow. It's bizarre reading some of these conservatives' comments. Phrases like: socialism and dictatorship. You'd think the Democratic Party was some new, unheard of, mysterious party. We've had Democratic presidents before and I don't recall any dictatorships. True, perhaps some VERY mild forms of socialism like, oh, I don't know, funding for schools, police forces, health care for the elderly, you know, those little things that, apparently, republicans don't think we need. So, I guess what I'm wondering is: What exactly is it about this particular candidate that seems to invoke such extreme takes on American liberal ethos? Hmmm...I wonder what it could be...

Posted by: JesusWizardo | October 14, 2008 6:00 AM | Report abuse

From each, according to his ability; to each, according to his need." Sounds great on paper, until you realize it's a quote from Karl Marx.


"I am not a Marxist." Sounds great on paper, until you realize it's a quote from Karl Marx. You know, Marx had something rather more drastic in mind than merely taxing the rich. Maybe you should just stick to associating Obama with Ayers, the Marxist bow looks a little to long to pull.

Posted by: Anonymous | October 14, 2008 4:03 AM | Report abuse

Republicans built this Country, Democrats will destroy it. Time to move somewhere else and replicate the glorious American way of life.

Posted by: Right wing | October 14, 2008 2:55 AM | Report abuse

When it comes down to it, America is not a socialist nation and will never be one, regardless of whether or not Hussein becomes President. If you want to live in a socialist state, move to Canada or Germany, people like me are willing to die and kill to preserve Capitalism. I voted for Bush in 2004 and would vote for him again if hypothetically, he was allowed to run.

Posted by: Barry Sotero | October 14, 2008 2:53 AM | Report abuse

What about that pastor that prayed.? I am a christian, but do not think that is the kind of Pastor I would have pray for me to even get a girlfriend.

Posted by: nemo | October 14, 2008 12:44 AM | Report abuse

And the reason I'd say it's bad for Bush to claim a personal relationship with Jesus is simple, he's lying through his teeth. He spent years without any church membership at all, but claims this close personal relationship with Jesus? Dude, that's just not true. Bush claims his religon just like he claims to be a rancher, as political conveniences. Neither is true. And his ranch is for sale. He sold his soul long ago.

Posted by: PDavis | October 13, 2008 11:52 PM | Report abuse

Oh, I dunno, I think raising taxes on the wealthy who pay about 10% now sounds like a good idea to me. Or did you think they paid more than that? If so, you are pretty ignorant of the real world. Yes, they love to talk about DOLLAR terms, but getting them to admit the percentage of their gross income they pay in taxes is nearly impossible. But the figures don't lie and as you move up that income ladder, the numbers reported by the IRA as a percentage fall like a brick. Now, we are talking about PERSONAL INCOME TAX here, lets not get into that dear old republican game of confusing the issue by adding in all sorts of sales taxes and things that don't fall under PERSONAL INCOME TAX. FLATLY, PERSONAL INCOME TAX paid by the upper 5% is paid at A LOWER PERCENTAGE than any group excepting only the very bottom income bracket. And it runs about 10% or less. Warren Buffett pays eleven percent. Now, why am I paying 22% of gross, when Buffett is paying 11%? Care to explain why that is good policy? Because I'd really really really like to see that explanation.

Posted by: PDavis | October 13, 2008 11:45 PM | Report abuse

Canada's federal election is on Tuesday. Our campaings pale in comparison to the money spent on U.S. campaigns. We do not have candidates with charisma. Some of us in Canada say a minority government is the best type of government because compromise has to occur in order for the parlaiment to continue.
Your U.S. election is more about personality and personal attacks. Yours seems more divisive than one that brings the country together.
Finally, whomever you choose come your election day, one north of the border hopes you consider such things as the failing economy, a fair health care system and most importantly, leadership in world diplomacy. After all, the U.S. was once known as the beacon of freedom and liberty.
Best wishes in your deliberations!
-Peace from Canada

Posted by: whitenorth | October 13, 2008 10:47 PM | Report abuse

"1) Obama is a Christian and has told the story of his close relationship with Jesus many times"

That is great, but Hey!, Didn't Bush also have a close relationship with Jesus?

Why is that bad for Bush and good for Obama? Or perhaps you think that Obama does not really have a close relationship with Jesus but says so, so that people won't say he is a Muslim.

Just curious...

Posted by: rohitcuny | October 13, 2008 10:32 PM | Report abuse

Marvin before you write a novel, look into what your talking about. Don't go by what your boss is telling you. If his company is doing so well that he can afford to pay himself over 250K a year he should pay higher taxes. If he was putting all his money back into his business, he wouldn't be able to afford to pay himslef a penny. Your boss is the reason you make nothing and he only wants a Republican so that he can keep paying himself so much and not pay higher taxes. He benefits more than you from your hard work and from people buying his products. He uses this contries infrastructure and he is protected by this country's gov't, so he owes this country more. Wake up and realize the rich are only rich because they are given that right by our country as a whole. Teddy Rosevelt felt the same way, try reading a history book.

Posted by: Scott | October 13, 2008 9:14 PM | Report abuse

I don't see any difference between a McCain-Palin rally and a KKK rally. These are angry, bitter, disenfranchised, ignorant, under-educated and gullible people who want to blame someone else for the problems they've brought upon themselves through their blind ignorance by supporting the party that has pushed them into the ranks of the working poor. McCain and his crew of miscreants are just whipping up the angry mobs of peasants that they've created through their wealthy-over-the-working policies.

McCain in his desperate and dirty grasp for a last shot at the presidency chose the corrupt, vindictive, ignorant, backward governor of a Alaska as his running mate for no other reason than pandering to disenfranchised Hillary supporters. Not only did this scheme fail to attract Hillary Democrats it put McCain's judgment in question with her first interview. The woman has proven to be the female Joseph Goebbels of the McCain campaign stirring up hate and rage with speeches filled with lies and distortions.

But all I really need to know about John McCain is that he has helped to create a whole new generation of disabled veterans while consistently voting against them along with veterans that preceded them and the ones to follow. It seems that since he has his O-6 retirement, concurrent VA disability compensation, senate pay, per diem, priority medical care at Bethesda Naval Hospital as well as his wealthy wife, seven homes, thirteen cars and a Learjet he forgot all about life before the senate.

If McCain can't relate to his fellow veterans how in the name of reason can his supporters expect him to relate to them? Then again it would appear his supporters are incapable of reason.

Posted by: bfjackjernigan | October 13, 2008 8:50 PM | Report abuse

Obama supporters should listen to Hillary Clinton and not get complacent about this election. Make sure you actually vote. Obama needs to be about 15 to 20 points ahead in the polls to actually win. Please cast your votes for Obama! Polls don't elect candidates. Voters do. Maybe the next 8 years can be ours as we turn back the conservative movement to irrelevance. Here's to middle America! Our time is finally here. VOTE!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Den104 | October 13, 2008 6:36 PM | Report abuse

Rye Bread, The media report the news, and since McCain and his campaign have been dishonest, vicious, and incoherent the media's reporting is not favoritism. It is simply truthful, and it's the truth that definitely favors Obama. Of course, since republicans have existed on a diet of lies for so long, the truth is almost impossible for them to recognize.

Posted by: ODUG | October 13, 2008 5:54 PM | Report abuse

We are currently hiring uneducated and unskilled workers to go into downtrodden areas to solicit poor and/or homeless persons to vote for PALIN/mccain. Applicants should have no prior working history, no education, no morals, no skills, no military background and speak poorly. Compensation will be paid on a "per registration" basis. Multiple solicitations to the same persons is acceptable and encouraged.

Posted by: Mooseman | October 13, 2008 5:48 PM | Report abuse


Posted by: NETHERLANDS ANTILLES | October 13, 2008 3:59 PM | Report abuse

Jeffrey M. Frederick is an idiot. Did he remember to take off his white sheet when he was speaking?

Posted by: Jill | October 13, 2008 3:35 PM | Report abuse

Mark said: "There is a lot I don't like about the social policies, religious tenants of the rebublican party but they will probably still get my vote simply because 1) IMHO they have a better overall economic goal of smaller government, less taxes and 2) IMHO they are more apt to prevent terrorist attacks on US soil....
Has the Bush administration screwed that up? Certainly, but the errors of one administration does not mean a different guy in the same party will screw up."

Problem w/ this idea is that McCain has hired all Bush's dim-witted neocon people and he has embraced the same poorly thought out policies. That's why everyone says McCain will be 4 more years. Everyone knows McCain is a different person w/ different DNA. In 4 more years we will be a hopeless 3rd world country. We cannot afford 4 more years.

Posted by: Kent | October 13, 2008 3:35 PM | Report abuse

Barrack is the next prez - get readi for reel. Now has never ben like today.
vote Barrack vote chang

Posted by: Chi boi | October 13, 2008 3:35 PM | Report abuse

In response to the comment on the Fredricks article from SCRUFFY1970, who said "Obama is not an American name"

He's right - Obama is African...
and McCain is Scottish, and Bush, Cheyne, and Ashcroft are all English. Rumsfeld is German, Reagan is Irish, and I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure that the name "Palin" has non-American roots too.

So Scruffy...unless your real name is something like "Running Elk" or "War Cloud" --- your name isn't American either.

...what's your point?

Posted by: agilroy6 | October 13, 2008 3:27 PM | Report abuse

We are currently hiring uneducated and unskilled workers to go into downtrodden areas to solicit poor and/or homeless persons to vote for NOBAMA. Applicants should have no prior working history, no education, no morals, no skills, no military background and speak poorly. Compensation will be paid on a "per registration" basis. Multiple solicitations to the same persons is acceptable and encouraged. Applications should apply in person at their local ACORN office.

Posted by: ACORN | October 13, 2008 3:22 PM | Report abuse

Barry Soetoro will take care of all of us poor people that barely make ends meet. How? By doing his best Robin Hood imitation. Take from the rich, give to the poor... just like America intended. Poor people should not have to work for their money people!

Posted by: Sonja | October 13, 2008 3:17 PM | Report abuse

On second thought, the democrats are in charge of the congress... and they got us into this financial crisis. The democrats are in charge in Illinois and they have the highest sales taxes, highest crime rates, highest unemployment and worst schools in all the country. Screw the democrats... MCCAIN/PALIN!

Posted by: D Minor | October 13, 2008 3:15 PM | Report abuse

I can't believe how many uninformed people actually think their pointless point of view is of any interest to anyone.

By the way, nationwide polls really mean nothing. I don't know why anyone bothers or pays attention to them anymore.
It just shows how uninformed we Americans are.

There, now you have my pointless point of view.

Posted by: Monk | October 13, 2008 3:15 PM | Report abuse

Get ready for NOBAMA's half-hour TV infomercial!

What you might see/hear...

Hi! This is Billy Mays! You've seen me sell detergent and scratch removers, but this is our most important product yet! BARRY HUSSEIN NOBAMA! This product can single-handedly destroy democracy and implement a near dictorial state. Together with the wacky liberal congress and senate, you can have no fear that all of your needs will be provided for you. But don't stand in our way, cause the Truth Squads are completely prepared to bash you over the head and publicly humiliate you if you do.

And if you order within the next ten minutes we'll DOUBLE your order and give you SMILIN JOE BIDEN for the incredibly low price of $700 billion dollars!

But don't take our word for it! Listen to these completely satisfied customers: Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Nancy Pelosi, William Ayers, Tony Rezko, and so many more.


Posted by: Michelle Obama | October 13, 2008 3:12 PM | Report abuse

Palin's secessionist Messiah was a guy blown up in a plastic explosives deal who wanted Alaska to break away from the U.S.


Posted by: Crazy Joe Vogler | October 13, 2008 3:08 PM | Report abuse

Obama is the only hope we have right now. I will quote Barbara Bush,,,If you vote for my son I promise you that he will not dissapoint you,,end quote. Well Mrs. Bush many of us are dissapointed, then again we are not Exxon, Haliburton, The Carlyle Group and the rest of The Haves and Have Mores. McCain is Bush Lite and this is his only chance for the White House so he will do anything to get in. Even if that sad day would come and McCain would be elected anything is better than that Lunatic named George Bush,,,and Barbara Bush is The Mother Of All Idiots.

Posted by: Greg | October 13, 2008 3:04 PM | Report abuse

"Obama say our languish show not be English"

Well, if you are not a spoof, which I doubt, then maybe English is not an issue you need to be talking about? Your mastery of it is still a little ways off. If you are a spoof, you really don't need to try so hard. Tone it down a notch, and be a little less obvious.

Posted by: Anonymous | October 13, 2008 3:04 PM | Report abuse

As a lifelong Republican I have looked long and hard at the issues the candidates and the Bush and Reagan legacies and the current state of my beloved country and have reached the same conclusion as many other lifelong Republicans. I Quit! Obama 2008!

Posted by: D Miner | October 13, 2008 2:58 PM | Report abuse

yes Obama is the man for change.. change to take our given right that our fathers fought for take away guns from everyone. most people who have guns legally don't abuse the gun. that law won't stop the bad from having them. Obama say our languish show not be English that has been spoken here for ever. what languish does he want? African, Spanish? He say we must talk not take action what do we do wait tell we get hit before he thinks about a plan? Obama is white and black but from what i understand from him and others he has turned on his white family why is that? Why can't be have both? Mrs Obama say she had to work hard for her collage but she was giving a grant that payed for her collage.look it up.Her these stated some scary things about how she feels about white people. Shouldn't she love both blacks and whites. She said her family were slaves i am sorry for that but my family had to fight also every day of their lives when they came over in the 1800's. whats the difference? These two don't add up and its scary that so many take every word they say as truth.

Posted by: Terry | October 13, 2008 2:56 PM | Report abuse

Goverment run evrything is the wrose thing that can happen to this country. Obama thinks the government is the answer. Look what the government has done to us now.less government is what we need. They say be American . but what have we done for pride? stopped teaching or kids the pledge to the flag why because some people think the word god is wrong.If a war isn't going good get out? If you don't believe in the war call people killers.Not to respect the men and woman when they come home from war because you don't agree with the war. Go to their grave site and spit on them. Protest how bad their daddy was for going to war at their grave site. Call our leader names just because we don't agree instead of explaining to them why we don't agree.Kids remember what their parents do they learn from you and what we are teaching them is disrespect and hatred. America should be proud because its the people who have taught the younger kids how not to be proud of their country.Obama isn't helping this with him calling our leader names and saying we should be ashamed of what we are doing. He can disagree but be a man about it.

Posted by: Kim | October 13, 2008 2:42 PM | Report abuse

what truns me off of Obama is how the people treat him like he is from heaven. He is just a man he lies and cheats the system just like any other man.He smoked his dope and did cocaine just like many others but you seem to think he is like some can say if he did those things he is just like the rest of us. not true. He is different. what makes him different respect. he only shows respect when it benefits him.He say he knows what good for America.He knows? He knows whats good for him. My boss says if he has to pay higher tax's he just makes over 250,000. he will have to lay people off. He puts back all the money he makes back into his company now to make ends meet.Obama says make them pay for us. What i see is make them pay for the government and let the works get hurt.My sisters boss is thinking about going across seas to do his work witch means she will also lose her job.He makes about the same money as my boss and says he can't afford the new tax's Obama wants him to pay and he can do better over seas where they want the work. you will see more and more of this in the years.The guy down the road said he will have to raise prises on his stuff to be able to pay the tax's witch means we either pay more or he go's out of work. Sounds good middle class get a brake but at the same time middle class will get hurt.there is other ways to pay for our debts besides raising tax's let start by getting rid of the $500,00 retirement congress men and woman get and make them work for it like the middle class. maybe then they will feel what it is like to live payday to payday.When Obama and mccain get rid of their million dollar home they have and live in a $200,00 or less home then they will know what the middle class has to deal with or maybe rent a apartment that is falling apart then they can say i know what its like.They have not a clue. congress has not a clue.They have their $60,000. Dollars a plate party's and we have our $4.00 a plate dinners if we can afford that and they say they know whats best for us. yes whats best is to fill their bank accounts up with more and more money while we try and make rent. i would vote for the first person that gave up those things to live like the rest of us any time.Obama would never go that low because he thinks he is better then that witch to me means he is better then the rest of us.

Posted by: marvin | October 13, 2008 2:24 PM | Report abuse

Either we want 4 more years of the same politics or we want change, and Obama is change, he may lose a few votes but it won't cost him the election, McCain is to erratic, if one thing don't work for him he moves to another just to get votes, why wasn't the economy his topic a few months ago when he was down by a few points, now that Obama has him by a large margin, now he wants to talk about it, so this leads me to think that he doesn't know what he wants. And don't get me started on Palin, if they win the election will she fire the butler for not putting enough sugar in her coffee? We all know that she has abuses her power.

Posted by: Sonja | October 13, 2008 1:25 PM | Report abuse

Our Founding Fathers left us their voices of reason, knowing that only an intelligent, well-informed citizenry would safeguard our democracy. Their voices have been drowned out by hatred and ignorance, threatening our democracy and standard of living. Ignorance and illiteracy results in citizens voting against themselves, their own self interests and the country, unable to comprehend that the rich and powerful will say and do whatever it takes to remain in power.

One of America's founding principles is that the government is Of the people, For the people and By the people. The bible tells us that the government shall be upon His shoulders! Wake up America and let's take the country back from the greedy. When 911 happened, all of us were in the same boat, and everyone was praying that God would bless America. He will bless us when we look to Him for guidance and leadership, not man!

In a democracy, everyone must participate, and when we cast our votes, we should ask ourselves: What would God want us to do, not only in the midst of a moral and economic crisis, but everyday of our lives. God Bless America!

Posted by: anonymous | October 13, 2008 1:15 PM | Report abuse

Rye bread

Are evangelicals what? when they vote for the candidate who is against abortion? forgiving that candidate other sins.

Or the person who votes for a veteran because the voter himself/herself is a veteran?

I believe in this country you have the right to vote your interests, or your personal feelings about a candiate, or whether he's humorous or not. It might not be the correct way to choose a candidate but you can vote for whomever you want.

The problem with the conservative movement is it has become "my way or the highway!" and their way has been to concentrate on personality, character assumptions, or anything but the issues.

Forgetting all other qualities of the candidates in the 2004 election I still haven't gotten over the sliming of a candadate's reputation and questioning whether the purple hearts he received were received in a qualified way--conservatives thought his record was a fraud! That's not conservatism that's hatred!

Posted by: Anonymous | October 13, 2008 1:15 PM | Report abuse

PDRCONSERV announced:

"Obama believes that those that believe in Christ,personal responsibility,and the right to defend themselves, their family and their property are ignorant.
Posted by: prdconserv"

pdr, If these are the things that matter to you, then you need to know the truth:

1) Obama is a Christian and has told the story of his close relationship with Jesus many times. Someone must have lied to you. Read Barak Obamas books where his is very candid about his Christian faith.

2) Obama very much believes in personal responsibilites - not only by the example of his own life but for all of us. In fact, he took some heat from some in the black community for the speeches he gave saying that many young black fathers are not taking enough personal responsibility for their own lives and those of their children. Someone must have lied to you about this one also.

3) Barak Obama gas stated repeatedly that he believes people have a right to own a gun and should be able to have guns to defend themselves and their families. Once again, someone is not telling you the truth.

4) Obama does not believe in homosexual marriage.

5) Obama believe that those who succeed in school, don't birth or father children they can't support, that don't use drugs or alcohol, that obey the laws of our land, and risk everything to be sucessful are the SOLUTION - NOT the problem. He wants to REWARD those that take responsibility. Agsin, someone is telling you things that are not true.

Now for the things where you and Obama may disagree:

A) Obama IS in favor of stem cell research.

B) Obama DOES believe each women (not the government) should decide whether or not to have an abortion.

C) Obama IS in favor of health care for all (though he never said it was in the Constitution)

Anyway, prdconserv, I am glad you are not a racists but it turns out that Obama DOES share many (though not all) of your views.

So...if Barak Obama's positions on A, B, or C (where you disagree with Obama) outweigh his positions on 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 (where you agree w/ Obama) then don't vote him.

But at least base your vote on the facts not on rumors and outright lies.

Posted by: get it straight! | October 13, 2008 1:12 PM | Report abuse

the readers of the post want poll numbers for the swing states, not the entire enchilada.

the popular vote is meaningless.

it all hinges on a few states.

the virginia GOP's incendiary tongue proves this: they hope to swing just a handfull of votes to capture an upset.

Posted by: bloggod | October 13, 2008 1:10 PM | Report abuse

The liberal media and it's Republican owners is unfairly sexist in drawing attention to Palin's criminal behavior, intellectual blundering, and inexperience. She already said she's a dog with makeup and that's exactly what this country needs: an animal painted to look like a person.

How come no one is reporting that Barrack Hussein Hussein Hussein Obama is a muslim terrorist, like all those emails and text messages tell me? I got a great one today where he turns into a monkey with a banana! A monkey, get it? HA!

McCain is the maverick with the plan to save us all and kill bin Laden--he just can't tell us how because that would spoil the surprise and we'd be a bad electorate if we made our leaders explain everything and not just act as they see fit.

Vote for McCain cause he's a good white Christian warrior who will lead us to victory over the Middle East and the terrorists trying to give oil revenues to evil Arab muslim citizens, many of whom have the surname Hussein!! McCain will keep the bombs dropping, the bullets flying, the oil pumping, and the Arabs bleeding! Hurrah!

Did you know there are still a few Christians in the Middle East? I just learned that today. We need to invest heavily in our military to make Christian-proof bombs, or somehow figure out how to bomb around the Christians. Surely, McCain already has it in his budget. Woo hoo!

Posted by: rckstrdave | October 13, 2008 1:05 PM | Report abuse

So sad to know that all McShame does when he and his pal Sarah Falin is campaiging is distort Obama's record on his character and even his policies. McShame has no intergreity left, he thinks American people are dumb. Well sorry, Mr McShame not all of us are dumb as you think. We can see exactly what you trying to do.Lets for once talk about Mcshame's record and his corruption on Keating Five-that financial crises in 1980s had a great impact on American economy, also let us tell American about Sarah Falin's association with Alaska Independence PArt-her direct affiliation with some terrorists who wanted to be separted from rest of USA. How can simply Sarah Falin take care of American needs when she couldn't even control her daughter from spreading her legs at young age, what example is that for American teenagers, what morals does she teach young women generation...poor judegment on McCain's part to pick her as a running mate.She totally undergualified went to 5 different schools to just get one simple dgree in communications...her education and record speaks for itself but McShame camp is hiding so much about themselves...Iran/Contra in 1980s and so on..I hope he loses and loses big..
from an indepentent

Posted by: Anonymous | October 13, 2008 1:02 PM | Report abuse

I can't believe the nastiness of attacks of McCain and Palin against Obama who is wiser, more virtuous, and visionary. Please hold off on the attacks, as the American people will think less of this attack dog approach.

Posted by: billdoc | October 13, 2008 12:53 PM | Report abuse

Legally Palin could fire the Safety Commissioner at her whim, but she wasn't interested in firing him until he wouldn't yield to her pressures to fire her ex-brother-in-law (something she couldn't do). So, then she got POed, and decided to fire the commissioner (which she could do at her whim). Since she didn't want to come off as being the dishonorable, petty B**ch that she is, she decided to make up a bogus reason for firing him. So, the problem isn't that she couldn't legally fire him at will. The problem is that she abused her power by pressuring him to do her dirty work!

Posted by: get it | October 13, 2008 12:47 PM | Report abuse

Oh and by the way, readers, I live in Arizona. I am not exactly unfamiliar with John McCain. Want to know what he really is about? Walk down any street in Arizona and ask 20 people what John McCain has done for Arizona. Ask them to name two important things. You won't need a notepad. You won't hear anything to write down.

Posted by: WileECoyote | October 13, 2008 12:43 PM | Report abuse

Why McCain's "comeback speech" won't work:

Like everything else in his campaign, it just fails to offer anything of value to a voter trying to decide who to vote for.

First it was "I was a POW, I have a lot of experience." That's about McCain. Then it was "I am a maverick, I was mavericky even while I was pimping the deregulation that destroyed your capital markets." Again, about him. Then it was "I'm suspending my campaign to show how involved I am." About him, and he contributed exactly nothing. Then it was "Obama: Scary negro terrorist guy with funny name who wants to raise your taxes." That was about demonizing his opponent. Now, it's "I like being the underdog, that's how you can tell I am really winning." Again, about him.

If I am a voter, I want the candidate to tell me what he wants to give back to me in return for my vote. Two years and I still haven't heard that answer from McCain. Not a clue. I just know that he really, really wants to win, and says he is winning even when he is losing.

Is he kidding? Why in the world would I vote for him?

Posted by: WileECoyote | October 13, 2008 12:41 PM | Report abuse

"How can anyone, and I mean this seriously, still support the Republican Party? Please, just give it a rest for the sake of the country, huh?"

There is a lot I don't like about the social policies, religious tenants of the rebublican party but they will probably still get my vote simply because 1) IMHO they have a better overall economic goal of smaller government, less taxes and 2) IMHO they are more apt to prevent terrorist attacks on US soil. Shore that stuff up THEN attack the social issues.

Has the Bush administration screwed that up? Certainly, but the errors of one administration does not mean a different guy in the same party will screw up.

So, believe it or not, there are many (for many different reasons) that see a Republican vote as being "for the sake of the country."

Posted by: Mark | October 13, 2008 12:39 PM | Report abuse

secede. you people are so wrong about that group. Back in 1958 Alaska wanted to either be a state or its own country.there were 4 things they wanted those were 2 of those things.In 1959 they got their wish they became a state. They are not trying to secede today.They are proud to be part of America and do some good things for us here in Alaska. You people need to stop talking trash about Alaska just because we are were we are its like we don't belong.We are good people but live in what you all think in is a far away world or something. But boy you want to come here and fish do your vacationing here. We must not be that bad

Posted by: dude | October 13, 2008 12:39 PM | Report abuse

The Virginia Republican chairman is confirming the point that the "Straight-talk Express" has morphed into the "Hate-talk Express."

Posted by: LJM | October 13, 2008 12:35 PM | Report abuse

Consider the possibility that the McCain camp is in the process of re-directing their campaign and told their blogging-trolls to back off for a bit until they get their new talking points.

Or it could be that their tiny brains have exploded as they've come to the conclusion that all is lost and Obama is going to be the next POTUS.

01/20/09. End of an Error!!

Posted by: thebob.bob | October 13, 2008 12:33 PM | Report abuse

Republicans historically have more to offer blacks than do Democrats. Bill Clinton signed welfare reform, but it was a Republican Congress that passed it. Skin color does matter for liberals. White liberal guilt also contributes to the idea that simply voting for a black candidate makes one less racist. It's the other way around. Republicans are the party for all, not just hypenated Americans.

Posted by: Rye Bread | October 13, 2008 12:32 PM | Report abuse

"Obama should be indicted shortly for his dealings with Rezko. Rezko is making deals right now to lessen his sentence. There is a lot more evidence against Obama than there was against Senator Stevens."


Posted by: Anonymous | October 13, 2008 12:32 PM | Report abuse

I'd like to remind Scruffy1970 that a little over 100 years ago most Americans thought that names like, say, "Sean Hannity" were too foreign sounding, and Irish people were discriminated against. It seems ridiculous in hindsight, but it happened to many "foreigners."

So what's in a name? Potential for fear-mongering is what. The notion that Obama is Muslim rather than Christian is not supported by any data other than right wing nuts saying it over and over to keep each other scared. If they had something positive to offer, their chances of winning this election would be better, but since they don't... Well, get used to the sound of the words "President Obama" my friends!

Posted by: Leo3 | October 13, 2008 12:31 PM | Report abuse

I can't stand it any longer.I am not a racist because I refuse to vote for Obama!! I will not vote for Obama because he doesn't believe in the same things I do.
Obama believes in abortion, I don't.
Obama believes in homosexual marriage, I don't. Obama believes that health care is a right, I can't seem to find that in the constitution.
Obama believes in embryonic stem cell research, I don't.
Obama believes that those who succeed in school, don't birth or father children they can't support, that don't use drugs or alcohol, that obey the laws of our land, and risk everything to be sucessful are the problem.
Punish those that take responsibility for their own lives. Take from those who risk everything to succeed and give it all to those who are irresponsible. Obama believes that those that believe in Christ,personal responsibility,and the right to defend themselves, their family and their property are ignorant.In general Obama believes he and his liberal,amoral, elitist friends know what is better for me and my family. Obama and the Democrats will create the largest socialist nanny state the world has ever dreamed of. The election of Obama will ensure the end of our democratic "Republic".That is why I will not vote for Obama

Posted by: prdconserv. | October 13, 2008 12:29 PM | Report abuse

To the person above who said that women need to unite and vote for McCain/Palin:

As a female I'm ready to see a woman in the White House (either president or vice president). However, I make my choice based on a person with knowledge of things like foreign policy and the economy. I watched the vice presidential debates and honestly I thought Palin's performance was embarrassing, not only to the Republican party but to women in general. She has no substance and is completely underqualified in my opinion.
I vote for the person I think will do the best job and I think this country would be in even more serious trouble than it already is if something were to happen to McCain and we were left with Palin running our country.
Vote for who you think would do the best job, not because of their gender or their race.

Posted by: Robyn | October 13, 2008 12:29 PM | Report abuse

just because you were top in your class does not mean you can run a country.I know smart people who were top in their class very very smart but can not do the every day stuff.They don't understand the simple be president you have to understand it all.You have to understand you don't always get everything you want. i don't think Obama at this time understands that.. He wants it all and he can't have it all. Thats what scares me.He is a bright man with lots of ambition but that doesn't make you the person to lead this country.

Posted by: spencer | October 13, 2008 12:28 PM | Report abuse

Polls are impossible given GOP sham tactics of disenfranchising Dem voters at the precincts or during the vote count. How can anyone, and I mean this seriously, still support the Republican Party? How is it possible? Used to be the elections would swing back and forth between the parties every four or eight years, and there was a calm transfer of power, but no more. Even after Barack's victory, the mean-spirited, self-righteous hatemongers will continue to tear down and destroy. Please, just give it a rest for the sake of the country, huh?

Posted by: Kat | October 13, 2008 12:27 PM | Report abuse

Maybe the conservatives are tired of WaPost's bias toward Obama, and have stopped taking the bait?

The 10% lead cited in your front-page article is the highest among the major polls by far, but you don't point this out.

On top of that, your coverage of McCain and Palin is 90% negative (even 1 of your few token "conservative" columnists, George Will, hates the guy), and when asked to defend the lack of corresponding critical articles about Obama, your Ombudsman argues that all of the negatives about Obama were reported a year ago---when nobody was paying attention---and so there's no need to repeat them now.

Posted by: Rightie | October 13, 2008 12:26 PM | Report abuse

America's Republicans long ago deserted the conservative political, economic and foreign policies of the greatest true conservative president, Dwight Eisenhower. "Ike" believed in small government, avoiding foreign wars and entanglements, a non-aggressive foreign policy, low taxes, restrained government spending and keeping government out of the social domain.
This greatest modern American president called for nuclear disarmament and rightly warned his nation of the dangers of what he called "the military industrial complex." Half a century later, I still like Ike -- and am proud to call myself an "Eisenhower Republican."
Equally important, traditional conservative principles demand hard work, thrift and saving. One does not buy anything until saved-up cash is available. Governments spend only what they collect in taxes, not future generations' money known as "deficit spending." While necessary for long-term investment, borrowing must be strictly limited and tightly supervised.
Today's Republicans call themselves "conservatives" but are nothing of the kind. Under President George W. Bush, government size, spending and deficits have become gargantuan. "Conservative" in the U.S. has become synonymous with social dogmatism of the religious hard right and rural crassness and ignorance. Now, thanks to their "rescue package," Republicans (and Democrats) seem well on their way to socialism. Eric Margolis

Posted by: Bob Field | October 13, 2008 12:23 PM | Report abuse

Hardcore Republican here. I've never voted Dem and never will due to my views on the overall issues, big vs small government, etc. However ...

McCain is out of touch with the people. I get more and more frustrated as I watch him stumble along. His health care plan? Ridiculous. His economic policies? Vague at best.

He's a war hero. We get that, but the #1 issue by a HUGE margin for ALL of us is the economy. Throw us a bone, John, and quit going after issues we don't care about. It's probably too late for a win, but at least give people that are not hardcore Rep SOMETHING to vote for.

Posted by: Jay | October 13, 2008 12:22 PM | Report abuse

Gosh, where are the men of vision? I am a conservative; JFK was a Democrat, but when I read his Inaugural Speech my heart fills up with pride for this country. Obama? Not even close...funny thing is, millions are voting for him for his health plan, which he is already saying he can't do because of the economic bailout packages! When will we learn that all of our current politicians are wimps compared to John F, Teddy, Abe, George, or a lot more? Where are the men or women of integrity and vision that could truly lead this country? My "Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Ron Paul" bumper sticker says it all!

Posted by: Virgil | October 13, 2008 12:19 PM | Report abuse

Good post blunderdog! We all need to get out and vote. Assuming that a double digit lead guarantees a win ignores the fact that the Republicans are desparate and are masters of get out the vote.

We all need to be part of taking back our country. A landslde will make Obama's job that much easier. God knows what he inherits from Bush means the guy needs all the help we can give him.

Posted by: cataplasm | October 13, 2008 12:17 PM | Report abuse

"How many times do we have to say it? It's the economy, stupid!"

Yeah, except no one can agree on the root cause of the problem. Was it Clinton policies finally coming to a head? Was it Repub degregulation? Was it Dem cogressional policies? How much did 9/11 and terrorism play?

Or really, is this simply a cycle in a free-market system? Economic policy has not changed all that much through Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush. Was was good for 20 years is now suddenly bad?

But forget blame because you probably will not get agreement nor is there a simple answer. How do you move forward?

Neither candidate has a lot of control nor are their ideas all that different. There is going to be some short turn propping up.

The McCain plan will lower taxes overall. What that is intended to do is stimulate business to spend, creating more jobs. While it will not give as much extra money to the working class, it is intended to save more jobs of the working class.

The Obama plan will give a bigger tax break from lower class to upper-middle class. But overall it will raise taxes and like it or not, any increase in taxes on buisness is going to cost jobs, which will mostly affect the lower to middle class. And has a greater chance of stagnating the economy.

If the economy as a whole is your goal, if preserving overall jobs is you goal, you don't want to raise taxes overall. Not until you have stabilized it.

I'm a centrist, I find a lot that I like and dislike from both the Dems and Republicans, but to me, if you want to stabilize the economy, you better not increase taxes on corporations or mega-consumers. Not yet.

Posted by: Mark | October 13, 2008 12:17 PM | Report abuse

Dan Mr terrorist declared war on Clinton.Before Bush ever took over office.people forget that.Clinton could have had him in jail but didn't do it thats fact.Bush wasn't in office long enough then to piss anyone off yet.not saying he hasn't pissed of people now but back then no.and about this crash it started many years ago really go do the research it takes more then 8 years to cause a crash like this.not saying he didn't help matters but the facts are out there.Obama wants you to think he is the man to change. thats ok but the question people really need to ask is he that man for change? he is a good talker he is young and good looking i guess thats what people say and yes he's black. but those things don't always make a good president.Well the changes he make make it better here or in the long run hurt us? He has a lot of plans that sound good but if you really do the investigating it will take a lot of money to make those changes where is that money coming from? From what i see he will spend more money in his changes then we have spent in the whole war and that could be in his first 2 months of office if he does what he wants to. go do the investigating its out there.Change is good but done slowly. Obama is to excited and pushy and this could be a bad thing.Obama did a simulation of if America was under attack where the button had to be pushed he couldn't do it. he couldn't make up his mind.In the simulation America died.You need to think about that. It was just a simluation and he thought it would look bad on him if he pushed it to defend this country what will he do if it really happens? will he worry about what he will look like? These are the questions you should be asking instead of i want my party to win. its not party lines who will keep America safe its a person who should have america intersert at heart. Another question if we had to fight Africa for some reason and we had to bomb them would Obama do it? His family is over there would he back off because of that? many questions have to be answered before you vote.

Posted by: Peter | October 13, 2008 12:17 PM | Report abuse

I think it is about time we stop electing "C" and "D" students to lead the class.Let's review- GEORGE BUSH,"C" student at best. There is solid evidence, 8 years worth, where he has taken us.Now we have John MCcain, "C" student at best.( at the bottom of his class). Then there is Sarah Palin,It took her 4 years to get a 2 year associate degree,"D" student at best. I think it is high time the "A" students lead the class. To those C and D students out there, if that's the best they can do, GOD BLESS THEM! But i want the BEST leading me. Current events demand it!

Posted by: zeke49 | October 13, 2008 12:16 PM | Report abuse

Perhaps we're just tired of biased media outlets running biased polls, and then turning around and using the biased poll to generate biased articles all with the net goal being the coronation of The Messiah.

I wonder how many of those polled are felons registered to vote by Obama's ACORN voter fraud allies? I wonder how many are the notorious "independent voter" plants from Code Pink? And I wonder how many people recall the media calling the election for John "Snaggletooth" Kerry in 2004?

Obama is the most liberal senator in the country. He is a filthy rich lawyer who nonetheless thinks we need to change America - the country that elevated him to greatness while Kenya condemned his half-brother to grinding poverty - immediately before it gets any worse. He shares our pain by complaining about the price of arugula and ballet lessons. When criticized, he threatens to sue people (in much the same manner he got himself elected in the first place). As an officially registered Candidate of Change Eagle Scout Class, Obama knew that the only way to change Washington was to make another lawyer with 30+ years of insider experience his gaffetastic VP. This showed that Obama's leadership is so amazing even the same old thing is actually Change!

I think the Democrats are in for yet another rude awakening come November 4th. Utterly failing to heed ANY of the lessons of Kerry's flameout (only a Democratic senator from MA could have lost that election), they went out and nominated the MOST LIBERAL unknown they could find. Just this time actually do us all a favor and finally move to Canada when you lose, like you always "threaten"/promise.

Posted by: Rory | October 13, 2008 12:15 PM | Report abuse

I have to comment on those who encourage that "everyone should vote". I guess some people who say that actually mean it, but frankly I don't want people to vote who are going to vote against my candidate. I hope they don't vote.

Is there anyone out there who really wants everyone to vote? Who could be so uninterested in the outcome that they could be so non-partisan about this?

I think it's fine if everyone votes, but I'd rather have my candidate win with 50% turnout than lose with a higher turnout. Is there some independent value in a high turnout? It seems to sound good - democracy in action and all - but isn't the outcome all that matters?

Posted by: Matt | October 13, 2008 12:14 PM | Report abuse

Rye Bread:

90% of "blacks" historically vote for the Democratic candidate. For Gore, for Kerry, for Clinton. Likely no matter the democratic nominee, that woudl be the same. It's not skin color (nice try).

Posted by: rico | October 13, 2008 12:12 PM | Report abuse

"Democrats need to look in the mirror. Why are over 90% of blacks voting for Obama (at least during the primaries). It is just as racist to vote for him because he's black as it is to vote against him. Liberals seem to think that they are less racist because they are voting for someone because of an inherent trait like the color of someone's skin. Vote for or against someone because of policies, not because it makes you think you're less racist than those Republicans."

Maybe because over 85% of african americans ALWAYS vote democratic.

You logic is idiotic. If you were voting for policies, you would vote for Obama. At least he knows the economy and the constitution.

Posted by: TIM | October 13, 2008 12:12 PM | Report abuse

Fear Not, America. This election is going to be a landslide victory for Obama. Remember, there's no such thing as bad publicity. The Dems spent all their time talking about Bush at every political rally in 2004 and we ended up with more Bush. Now, the GOP spends all its advertising dollars putting Barrack's image on TV and he's all they can talk about at their rallies. Hate to be new age, but it's the Law of Attraction. If you spend all your time thinking about how you don't want something, you end up getting it. It's a lesson the GOP will learn this year. I'm telling you, Obama will get over 350 electoral votes. The race will be over before the polls close in California. Hope springs eternal. And beats fear every time.

Posted by: Kevin Williamson | October 13, 2008 12:10 PM | Report abuse


I am conservative, have a B.A. degree and am not working in a political
campaign. Millions of America’s young people are responsible, moral, good students. They do not deserve a President McCain who was 894th in a class of 899. Who, as a womanizer, married one month after he broke up his first family. McCain’s second wife, Cindy Hensley, is the daughter of a very rich beer distributor. Cindy confessed to drug addiction and to stealing drugs.

Our young people do not deserve a V.P. whose unmarried, pregnant teenage daughter is practically glorified by the right wing. (The church seems to teach that God programmed us to sin, that we just can‘t help it). The Alaska state legislature says that Gov. Sarah Palin is guilty of ethics violations and of abuse of power. She also is guilty of lying and distortion. The tabloids won’t have to find fresh material for years to come with McCain, Cindy, and Palin in the White House.

So, can you tell me why so many conservative preachers and church goers support these two? Is it the Faith Based Initiative that gives so much money to churches? Regarding gay marriage, the two candidates’ positions are identical and McCain did support abortion.

I have confidence in Obama’s good sense and compassion. Morally, the Obamas are the opposite of McCain and Palin. I don’t understand.

Posted by: Adelaidea1 | October 13, 2008 12:08 PM | Report abuse

Polls cannot create an acurate truth of what the outcome will be. That is why the polsters all put in the 3% error. Doesn't anyone remember the Dem runoffs and Hillary won some of the eastcoast states even though the polls indicated Sen Obama had 5-7% leads? Also, I tend to believe most conservatives don't particate in polls.

Zogby rules!

Let's hope the Silent Majority will be out in force on Nov 4th.

Rich n Jax

Posted by: RichnJax | October 13, 2008 12:03 PM | Report abuse

OBAMA is the best man for the job. He is smart, determined and makes McCain look like the has-been that he is.

I would hate to be in an America where McCain and his haters are in power. They need GOD in their lives.

Posted by: floridaqueen | October 13, 2008 12:03 PM | Report abuse

All the way through this campaign I have been confident that Obama would prevail. He just needed to remind everyone of the damage Bush has done to the economy and show that in all major respects McCain's proposals were identical to those of Bush. McCain's approach was to drive the campaign into emotional issues. The latest financial debacle has effectively eliminated this avenue.

Palin was an extremely bad move and she has been hung out to dry. She is not allowed to go too far in attacking Obama and she brings no economic knowledge and is an intellectual lightweight. Her role is relegated to maintaining the base.

Obama has more funds and more people all backed up by the financial elephant at the kitchen table.

Barring some international crisis this thing is over folks. The fat lady is warming up.

Posted by: cataplasm | October 13, 2008 12:03 PM | Report abuse

Alas - The election for President of the United States has finally become JUST a beauty contest - great saddness

Posted by: Jim | October 13, 2008 12:01 PM | Report abuse

No complacency!

It is crucial that everyone VOTE.

Regardless of poll reporting, this election has not occurred. Even if you think there's NO WAY your state could "go the wrong way," you really have to get out there and make sure you have the chance to be heard.


Posted by: blunderdog | October 13, 2008 12:00 PM | Report abuse

Democrats need to look in the mirror. Why are over 90% of blacks voting for Obama (at least during the primaries). It is just as racist to vote for him because he's black as it is to vote against him. Liberals seem to think that they are less racist because they are voting for someone because of an inherent trait like the color of someone's skin. Vote for or against someone because of policies, not because it makes you think you're less racist than those Republicans.

Posted by: Rye Bread | October 13, 2008 11:59 AM | Report abuse

when obama wins maybe mccain can be president of oklahoma where he's up by 30+ points. and then we will encourage oklahoma to secede.

Posted by: jojorider | October 13, 2008 11:58 AM | Report abuse

Obama should be indicted shortly for his dealings with Rezko. Rezko is making deals right now to lessen his sentence. There is a lot more evidence against Obama than there was against Senator Stevens.

Posted by: MyView49 | October 13, 2008 11:58 AM | Report abuse

It was welcome news to see the market up this morning (10/13/08). However, it should be noted that we are IN this situation to begin with because of failed economic policies and gutted regulatory oversight (ie: SEC) by the BUSH administration. Isn't it ironic that the same "free market" Republicans have the US Government now owning portions of homes, financial institutions, etc. Who are the REAL socialists here? A vote for McCain/Palin is a vote to continue down this path. Obama/Biden for me.

I'm Jim Gray, and I approved this message.

Posted by: Jim in Tennessee | October 13, 2008 11:56 AM | Report abuse

I don't know if I would trust a Zogby Poll. Zogby Poll called me over the weekend. I live in Montana, where we aren't required to declare a party affiliation to register to vote. Since I told them I was not registered as a Democrat OR a Republican, they wouldn't let me tell them who I was voting for.

I was disqualified from answering that question because I wouldn't tell them which party I am affiliated with.

How bogus is that?

They asked me a lot of really bizarre questions, like had I read "Atlas Shrugged", by Ayn Rand. (No, but I know the plot line, and yes, I think she was right.)

And let me tell you, the guy who polled me was almost illiterate. He couldn't read very fast, and he couldn't even pronounce the name of the book OR the name of the author. I had to help him out with that part. The people Zogby hires to do the "polls" are people who can't get jobs other than telemarketing jobs; at least that was my impression.

I ended up talking to his supervisor, because I was mad that I couldn't tell them I was voting for Obama. My presidential vote made no difference to them, based on my answer to other questions.

Somebody, please explain that to me!

Posted by: mavisdarling | October 13, 2008 11:53 AM | Report abuse

well clinton did pass a stupid bill on that one. i will admit that. but Bush has put in a bad way.We were hit by terrorist when he took office. he is to blame for that. Bush took us into a war we should have never been in.Bush started this war with the terrorist because of his doings.If Clinton stayed in office we would have never been hit.

Posted by: dan | October 13, 2008 11:52 AM | Report abuse

I am somewhat humored by several of the comments here. Most are not helpful, while now and then someone tries to take an honest, almost impartial look at the race between McCain and Obama.

A friend of mine said, 'I wouldn't want to be the winner'. Being a staunch Republican, he also added, 'I hope Obama wins just so he can be blamed for all these problems we're having'.

Sad but true - we place too much importance on the office of the presidency. In theory it is equally important that we focus on the congressional elections since they make up the other two thirds of our government. Yes, we hear almost nothing about those.

I for one will be relieved when the election is over and done with. Good luck (and my support) goes with the winner.

Posted by: jhalliday | October 13, 2008 11:51 AM | Report abuse

Desperation can make a person go completely crazy. I see this happening to John McCain. Veer here, veer there, veer everywhere and maybe something will work to his benefit. McCain has proven time and again he is not a sane, thinking man. McCain wrote in one of his books: "I ran for president in 2000, not because I wanted to change policies, but to fulfill my life-time ambition to be president" Well, here we are in 2008 and "McCain is still running for president, not because I want to change policies but to fulfill my life-time ambition to be president and this is my last chance to do so. In that same book he said he had lied to the American people in order to get their votes. Guess what? McCain is still lying to the American people to get their votes. By making such admissions in reference to his candidacy for President in 200, he is confessing that the McCain of 2000 is no different than the McCain of 2008. Why would anyone want him at the helm of our ship? McCain really has NOT changed and will NEVER change. He believes because he was a POW that that somehow should put him in the White House. Wrong!!

Posted by: NinaK | October 13, 2008 11:49 AM | Report abuse

i think people should really sit down and thanks about what party really started this mess. Clinton passed a bill that let lenders lend money to the poor. Clinton said get out and give the poor a chance to buy a house of their own. What a good idea every bank jumped on it and the poor went crazy and bought their dream home.yes America was doing great. Then Bush came into office. Those loans witch the poor could pay at the time they took them out was doing great. then the 10 year mark came where their payments went up and they could no longer pay their loans.They didn't read that fine print that said it would go up thinking they would have the same payment their whole time.That was the person who took out the loans fault for not reading the fine print.because of this the market crashed.It was Bush who was in office when these big payments came up and the market crashed. was it Bush who passed that bill to make it where these people could by a home no it was clinton.Clinton should have never passed that bill it was bad judgment.The people should have not taken out those loan if they couldn't pay the bigger payments when they came up that was bad judgment.Congress should have seen it coming that was bad judgment.Congress is controlled by dem's. Dem's are so scared to say they messed up.. maybe if they admit they had a hand in this like they did things would be different.But they will never admit they were the cause of anything. it so sad .

Posted by: Lane | October 13, 2008 11:46 AM | Report abuse

I am so sick of right-wingers' prejudiced attacks on Obama...complaining about his "un-American-sounding name" and the like. It makes me sick to my stomach to think of all the people in this country that are so bigoted. I suppose when you have nothing real to attack him about, it comes down to the name, right? How very first grade of you.

Also, in response to Manolete's comment (I suppose the better thing to do would be just not to respond, but I'm curious) Obama has all but left Palin alone. Saying he is "mugging" her has racist undertones. Akin to the SNL skit, I find it highly amusing that the GOP suddenly cares about sexism, when they were conducting the train 'o sexism on Hillary Clinton a few months back.

Yes, I have intelligent Republican friends. I can tell you that most of the Republicans posting comments on these boards only hurt your cause. If you're going to make racist, prejudiced, or inane attacks, help your cause and don't comment. If you want to talk about the ISSUES, that's another thing entirely.

Hope > Fear. Obama/Biden '08.

Posted by: Heather | October 13, 2008 11:46 AM | Report abuse

Come on, you WaPo staffers wrote these comments yourselves on your Blackberries during happy hour. Right?

Surely regular people have better things to do than write this treacle.

But, it's entertaining. Goodbye, Republicans. To paraphrase you in 2004, we are going to win, get over it.

Posted by: WileECoyote | October 13, 2008 11:45 AM | Report abuse


"I was exonerated".

The truth. Guilty of abuse of power, for personal gain.

Broke a statute, abuse of power.


Posted by: bruce Becker, D.D. | October 13, 2008 11:44 AM | Report abuse

First he calls himself a Maverick.

Now he is saying he is an Underdog.

People are defined by their actions, not by what they call themselves.

What he is, really, is a Naked Emperor who is slow to realize that people know it.

Posted by: James | October 13, 2008 11:44 AM | Report abuse

Women of America Unite,huh !!! you sitll would not be happy if Ms Clinton was President and Ms Palin was VP.

Posted by: The watcher | October 13, 2008 11:44 AM | Report abuse

The reason you have fewer Republicans commenting is reasonable people are beginning to believe that the Post is unable to merely report the news. If the Post truly wants to remain journalistic, then it should refrain from taking sides with Democrats on EVERY issue. We want to know the news - leave commentary in the Opinion section. It's amazing McCain is even in this race still with the media and liberal newspapers like the Post in Obama's corner.

Posted by: Rye Bread | October 13, 2008 11:43 AM | Report abuse

Am i the only one here who thinks that there's a part America that is more racist that anybody has ever imagined?
Could anybody tell me what's so wrong about having a black president?

Posted by: Hilbilly | October 13, 2008 11:43 AM | Report abuse

the false statements about Obama are a critique of the American pysche. The GOP partisans lie about his ethicity, lie about his religion. And since when is ethnicity or religion not ok in America?

Is white protestant Christian the only ok thing to BE?

The GOP is based on lies and manipulating the naive.

www.POCM.INFO for a critique of the Christian "point of view" that is driving this political season.

Posted by: bruce Becker, D.D. | October 13, 2008 11:42 AM | Report abuse

I hate you Repiglican pieces of garbage... I really do...

Posted by: gerald clough | October 13, 2008 11:42 AM | Report abuse

Hell, I'm voting for Obama because of his name.

Posted by: Iam Lost | October 13, 2008 11:42 AM | Report abuse

mckane has lost the support of many republicons this past few weeks as well. The moderates are disgusted with his slanderous campaign of hate mongering. The hard right are turned off by his suggestion that the federal government buy everybodies houses. And everyone is turned off by Caribou Barbie and her insipid hate speech and her abuse of power in the only serious government job she ever held. What is to be said?

Posted by: Brandon | October 13, 2008 11:41 AM | Report abuse

I wonder how McCain will answer for his support of the rescue package full of pork, since he self-ritously claims he'll veto every bill with pork.

Posted by: Keith | October 13, 2008 11:40 AM | Report abuse

How About...

John Hussein McBush?


Posted by: Steve Hussein O'Brien | October 13, 2008 11:40 AM | Report abuse

the propagandist Manolete continues to falsely state Palin is the VP.
Also lies that Obama mugged her. When? NO SUCH THING.

Palin lies about Obama. that's the truth.

Palin's lie of the week. I was exonerated of all charges.

Well actually, Palin is found guilty of abuse of power, using her office for personal gain. And yes, she fired the chief legally but her harassment of the trooper is/was not legal.

Posted by: Bruce Becker, D.D. | October 13, 2008 11:38 AM | Report abuse

Why are so many republicans picking on Obama's name? He was given the name by his parents, he did not choose it at birth.

You mean like calling McCain.. McShame or McBush.. Fine let's not pick on names lets ask how come it's NEVER pointed out McCain is NO more a part of the Bush administation than Obama or Biden is. Yet anything that goes wrong with the economy it's assumed it's as much McCain's FAULT as it is Bush. Or how about Obama in his short career has done NOTHING in the private sector or in government to show he knows the first thing on what to do to in an economic crisis. Yet he can get away with saying he is the guy who will bring Change... But what kind of change??? Is really raising the taxes on 5% of the people who pay 40% of the taxes now what will bring this economy around? "From each, according to his ability; to each, according to his need." Sounds great on paper, until you realize it's a quote from Karl Marx.

Posted by: rss | October 13, 2008 11:37 AM | Report abuse

Posted by: Before you vote | October 13, 2008 11:35 AM | Report abuse

Who does these polls? I am 48 and have never been polled. Who says Obama has the lead. Do they just call his family memebers and relatives? I never trust poll percentages.

Posted by: JaxFlorida | October 13, 2008 11:34 AM | Report abuse

The GOP is right where they want to be. Losing this one.

John McCain may want to win, but the RNC doesn't. A large recession is looming. The Republicans want to be economic saviors in 8 years, not economic scapegoats now.

Posted by: ian | October 13, 2008 11:28 AM | Report abuse

It must be hard for republcians to defend their party's action, both in governance and this campaign. If they had any sense they wouldn't comment

Posted by: TexDem | October 13, 2008 11:23 AM | Report abuse

Posted by: Losing freedoms | October 13, 2008 11:20 AM | Report abuse

Why are so many republicans picking on Obama's name? He was given the name by his parents, he did not choose it at birth.

It is the most ridiculous thing when we consider that the American ambassador to the UN is an Afghan muslim called Khalid and no-one is complaining about that.

The reality is that like Australia, America has people from every corner of the globe and every name is American.

Why not just say you don't like black people instead of whining about a name?

Posted by: Marilyn | October 13, 2008 11:15 AM | Report abuse

Im all for Obama just because it seem that he is the right NOBLE Man for the job. To make the United States a much better place for parents to raise their children. So Obama keep doing what your doing

Posted by: Gonzales TX. | October 13, 2008 11:13 AM | Report abuse

See the best Sarah Palin impersonators, short clip. Very Funny.

See What they didnt show during the debate
What the media didnt cover, the debate outtakes. A tense moment between tom brokaw and John McCain.

Posted by: Anonymous | October 13, 2008 11:11 AM | Report abuse

Obama supporters should not take great comfort in the polls. Nothing I have read so far defintively factors in the "Bradley" effect. Some pollsters say that effect is not reliably measurable, others that it is irrelevant in 2008. The lack of data on this worrisome. I suspect that the lead is far smaller and the distance between McCain much closer. I hope I am wrong.

Posted by: lakewood1 | October 13, 2008 11:11 AM | Report abuse

I wish Obama were ahead by 20 points, or 30! There never seems to be enough of a point spread. I guess I have become snakebit by polls. We have gone into election day before with leads only to see some pretty scurrilous activity around polling centers.

But, one thing I have learned about the polls. When Obama gains a lead, the tone on the right gets angrier and angrier. It is almost as if they think the White House belongs to them. The comments form that old buffoon the other day about how "really mad" he was is indicative of that. The right wing in this country just cannot imagine that anyone other than themselves have the capacity to be impassioned and angry.

Notably, that old coot's anger had nothing to do with any of the problems we are facing and who caused them. He was simply out of his skull with rage over the fact that his "team" was losing. That tells you all y9ou need to know about what a worthless, bankrupt, silly, irrelevant, obsolete political movement he is a part of.

Posted by: Jaxas | October 13, 2008 10:56 AM | Report abuse

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