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Powell's Endorsement

The article about Colin L. Powell's endorsement of Democrat Barack Obama on Meet the Press has generated more than 1,400 comments since it first appeared Sunday afternoon.

Many comments simply allege that Powell's endorsement is about race, since both he and Obama are African American. Others decry that characterization.

There are cheers and boos for Powell's endorsement for other reasons. A number or writers chastise Powell for his support of the Iraq War, including his statement that his February 2003 United Nations speech "on Iraq's supposed weapons of mass destruction was based on faulty intelligence and remains a 'blot' on his record," as Karen DeYoung writes.

And, as is true in comments on all political stories, there are predictions of victory for both candidates.

We'll start with the first post on this story. Frigistan wrote, "Powell didn't just endorse Obama/Biden, he just eviscerated McCain/Palin."

Six minutes later came the first of many posts to suggest that Powell's endorsement was really about race. providenceLove said, "...Please, it is clear Powell would endorse Obama from day one... Racism at its worse..."

somers91 said, "the voters are wondering if Obama was all 'white' if colin would have endorsed him? on nov 4th look out for the answer."

To which infuse replied, "...if Obama's race were the issue, he could have come out for Obama nine or ten months ago. But he didn't."

And patryot wrote, "The amount of recism that seeps into the right wing remarks here are really frightening. Aren't you all late for your KKK meeting?"

But osullivanc1 wrote, "It's pretty sad that the wingnuts and neocons are now setting upon General Powell with their smears and race card tactics. But perhaps they too sense that Powell's endorsement is also an indictment of the neocon foreign policy madness of the past few years..."

Dipsy said, "I have always respected Colin Powell until he caved into the neocons and delivered the Cheney lies to the people about Iraq. Hopefully he can redeem his reputation by endorsing Obama."

ophelia3 wrote. "...Powell sat in the UN and gave a cartoonish presentation that led to an unjust war... Powell never spoke out against the crimes, the torture. He waited until Bush fired him...Powell may well have superior judgement in other areas but his views of authority and accountability are defective. He doesn't seem to see a problem with leaders who view themselves as superior and unaccountable."

ridagana said, "After Powell's lies in front of the UN I consider him a traitor. If he were a Hitler Germany officer in WW2 we would have hung him by now. Unbelievable that we are still supporting this clown."

kolbkl added, "Well, the General has been famously duped before. Why break the streak now?"

And castillomark said, "...General Powell has vindicated himself from the taint and horror he was stuck with the Bush administration. Great to see!"

juzsmart suggested that "For McCain to win now, he needs to get George Bush to endorse Obama."

Annie11 wrote, "Mr. Powell's voice is one I respect... I suppose he will now be swiftboated by the Limbaughs and other race baiters who will insist that he could only come to these conclusions because he is black. Well this white independent came to these conclusions as well and I was moved to hear Mr. Powell say much more eloquently than I ever could... why he has chosen Obama."

NYLiberal said, "Here's a suggestion for all the McCain/Palin supporters railing against General Powell: turnoff your computer, put on your coat, get some McCain/Palin literature, and go out knocking on doors... Sitting here spewing nonsense is not going to win the election for McCain/Palin."

csfoster2000 said, "...Today, Colin Powell has officially charged the Republican Party to rediscover and redefine itself in the best interest of America and Americans as a whole or otherwise continue to suffer the consequences of becoming widely known as.......The Repudiated Republican Party"

173rd wrote, "Honorable man, excellent military man, scruples, intelligence, calm, cool, and collected. I can see why the neo-cons dislike him. He's not a clanging cymbal and an empty vessel. The man uses his head."

millerroberta wrote, "...Great wealth has made us great. Great wealth amassed by great people. If the U.S. is merely to become a country that "aspires" to greatness through the distribution of wealth to the undeserving poor then how are we better than Europe?"

ORNOT replied, "...yes sir the Robber Barons of the past and present were and are great people. Their blood is soaking the battlefields of the world as we speak... What ever gave you the idea we are better then Europe?... The irony is that as long as you fight against economic justice for the workers, the quicker the people will turn to socialism and socialistic type programs to insure they get their share of the American dream..."

bluntnhonest said, "Obama is a socialist, folks: get insurance or be fined. Don't pay the fine and go to jail. What's next, Obama? Get an abortion or go to jail as well? Obama wants to tell America what to do: period. A true American could not vote for Obama."

We'll close with two comments, one supporting Powell, the other not. Allen6 said, "... This is a powerful moment in the campaign, and it helps Senator Obama's campaign immensely. It shows that a major figure in American politics has chosen the best candidate - Senator Obama."

And StudyUp wrote, "...This announcement, at this time, in this fashion is not indicative of a statesman... What position in this party have you negotiated? I'm curious to see where you show up next and how you try to convince us you didn't know what was going on ... again..."

All comments on this article are here.

By Doug Feaver  |  October 20, 2008; 9:49 AM ET
Categories:  Obama , Presidential Politics , Racism  | Tags: Obama, Powell, Racism  
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Powell wants now to be on the Right side of history.

Fortunately, there's room for every one there, as long as there is the understanding that when one's personal understanding is wrong, one CAN NOT be on the Right side of any thing.

Let's hope everyone's nderstanding is clear, meaning from greed for power, fame, money, and glory so that indeed a cause greater than oneself can be worked for.

Posted by: ElMugroso | October 20, 2008 2:33 PM | Report abuse

Palin the clueless and twisted woman charged Obama of being a tax socialist. I am actually impressed that she knows the word socialism, although I doubt she actually knows the meaning of that word.

Posted by: thisworld | October 20, 2008 2:22 PM | Report abuse

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