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Win Brings Change -- in Tone of Comments

The angry tracts and rejoinders that our Readers Who Comment posted throughout the coverage of this extended presidential campaign took on a different and, for the most part, more civilized tone Tuesday. Many of our regular verbal bomb throwers seemed to be on the sidelines instead of composing tracts that ended with the word Nobama.

That more civilized tone seems to be holding today with President-elect Barack Obama's triumph, although there are certainly exceptions. The Washington Post's lead editorial said, "Mr. Obama's victory is momentous for the opportunity it presents to put the country on a new and better path, imbued, as he said last night, with a new spirit of patriotism, service and responsibility."

Comments on that editorial at this hour generally reflect the same positive tone of those on the many news articles. There are, of course, several comments accusing the Post and other "MSM" of blatantly favoring Obama and thereby causing Sen. John McCain's defeat. There are number of posts from foreigners praising U.S. voters for their decision. There are comments complimenting McCain for his gracious concession speech.

Several writers expressed the emotions you could see last night on the faces of Howard University students, Jesse Jackson and Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), as he recalled his days alongside Martin Luther King Jr. and a dream Lewis has lived to see.

luvmynaturalhair was the second to comment and said:
"President Barack Obama
First Lady Michelle Obama
First Daughters Malia and Sasha Obama
We love you!!!! We are so very, very proud to have you as our 44th President of the United States of America and the First Family of our nation!!! Congratulations!!!!!!"

And Charlene-K wrote, "We have elected the American Dream. Not the man, who is flawed, but the Dream itself. The real winner here is America."

Martinedwinandersen said, "Obama didn't just win tonight. The United States regained its soul ... Integrity and Honor!!!"

CHICO13 was somewhat less elegant in writing, "More than anything I see this historic victory as a big middle finger to all the racist xenophobes out there. The people have spoken. You're not welcome in this country anymore."

But TheodoreRoosevelt said, "...I am already looking forward to the Liberal trouncing in 2010 when Americans finally get to see just what Obama stands for... He can't get away with a speech and a smile anymore he and a Democrat controled Congress had better produce..."

PakiBoyAtLarge opined that "The son of a Muslim African man and an atheist white woman has been elected to fix the damage caused by the neoconservatives to the United States and the world."

FsG0012 said, "McCain's concession speech was one of the best I have ever seen him give. Pretty classy. I wish that sentiment would take hold with the hard-core Republican base, but it undoubtedly won't. So I guess reasonable Democrats, Republicans, and Independents will have to leave them to die as we get to work fixing the mess."

But dsrobins wrote, "Sorry, but McCain forfeited all the respect he might have been due by the way he conducted his ugly campaign. Goodbye and good riddance to him and Sarah."

shahaffan said, "The world will watch very closely the steps taken by President Obama. Hope he will not be a president of wars. Hope he brings peace in the world. Hope he uses common sense and start dialogue with those who do not agree with Americans ruthless policy of killing innocent civilians in remote areas of the world."

CrannBuidhe one of several self-identified foreigners who posted, said, "...The American Dream exists and is very much alive, thanks to you [American voters], because you believe, like President Barack Obama believes in you. You set an example to the world... This is something which is (still) not possible in Europe or anywhere else in this world..."

jakdunlop wrote, "The American electorate has taken a massive step towards reassuring those of us from outside the USA that your country's values have not been lost by those that truly matter - the people themselves. All the best to your president-elect."

Richard_Georg_Engstrom said, "Congratulations to all you Americans! This is great change - also for all us living outside of your continent... Has the colour of Barack Obama's skin possibly helped him to get such wide sympathy for his vision on real change? Has the colour of his skin possibly gained his chances to be the new President of the USA? If so, thanks God for that!"

diehardlib charged that "The real winner in this election was the media. The Washington Post and other biased outlets gave Obama saint-like treatment, while trashing McCain and especially Palin at every juncture. It's more than a bit scary to me that the media can anoint a president through biased journalism. I just hope they're right..."

speedo1 complained that "I know more about joe the plumber than obama. The MSM got this guy elected after 8 years of destroying the right."

And DwightCollins said, "now that obama has been elected, wapo and the mass media should know that we will blame them for his actions and the consecuences of such in the years to come... will obama fulfill any of his promises, I don't think so... you say he can lead... you better be right... you will be held accountable..."

We'll close with a comment from a person with the same screen name as the real executive editor of the New York Times. BillKeller wrote, "Hope does not disappoint. We, the people, understand that."

All comments on the editorial are here.

By Doug Feaver  |  November 5, 2008; 9:25 AM ET
Categories:  Obama , Presidential Politics  | Tags: McCain, Obama  
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Obama has such as easy act to follow it will be almost impossible for him not to make things better.
W will slink away never to be heard from again probably to his new 100 thousand acre "ranch" in South America where he can't be extradited and prosecuted.

Posted by: tomkat1 | November 6, 2008 7:51 AM | Report abuse

Growing up a half Jewish kid in Michigan in the 60's (born '59) I listened to Motown, cheered my favorite African-American athletes but didn't quite grasp the significance of civil rights until I got to college in the late 70's. I hadn't really understood that these gifted musicians and artists were truly considered by many to be less than white people. Of course I was aware of the N word. I understood cruelty and played sports so I understood competition could bring out the ugly in kids. Af-American kids were always marginalized in my school system but we were just kids so they were still just kids to (most of) us. Now, 40 years later, we've hopefully grown up enough to embrace these types of cultural but ultimately positive differences and get on with the important job of GETTING ALONG!


the KING is DEAD...

Posted by: Mitchavery7 | November 6, 2008 12:21 AM | Report abuse

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