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Readers Debate Growth, Socialism

Our Readers Who Comment are rerunning standard Democratic-Republican economic talking points this morning as they review President Obama's statement that the U.S. cannot be the only source of global growth.

As Anthony Faiola reports from London, where the global economic summit is opening, "major European powers are firmly resisting calls to further open their coffers and cut taxes to spur the global economy."

Some readers are calling Obama a socialist (and worse) for the steps the U.S. government has already taken. There's anger about the costs of the bailout already and about the government role in the automobile industry. On the other side, Obama supporters are asking: Do you think government should do nothing? Not a happy crowd.

We'll start with wmboyd, who wrote, "Day Late. Dollar Short. Obama finally reads the paper and realizes the US owes more than it's net worth. Enlightened, he tells the world (which is amazed it took this long for him to realize it)."

But fishingriver said, "Four words that frighten the beejabbers out of Republicans- 'Things are getting better.' "

joe_potosky wrote, "[German Chancellor Angela] Merkel has an election in six months and [French President Nicolas] Sarkozy is always on the hotseat. The threats are for public consumption at home. Most issues have been worked out all in advance. They just want to save face. Now if Shrub were President the threats over regulation would have a greater sense of urgency and for good reason..."

Jerusalimight said, "Obama is running defense for corporate greed. Instead of cutting back the big bankers' multi-gazillion dollar salaries and bonuses, he's twisting arms to get the rest of the world to keep paying them...Obama wants to take your money and dole it out to his friends. He's a Republican."

Tupac_Goldstein wrote, "In this France and Germany are right. The United States DID initiate the collapse..."

edanddot said, "Regulations? Obama wants none of that. His priority is Wall Street, not Main Street."

Reisrrk wrote, "Obama is a one-world socialist who really hates America and its majority population."

kubrickstan said, "Take a deep breath America, everything's gonna be alright. It's better to have friends, then enemy's, better to work together and not divide, better to take the blame and understand from the mistakes make... Of course there are the wacko's, but these wacko's are from all races and religions. Better days ahead America. Were finally moving forward, and it's about time."

But fenoy wrote, "Given the past 60 days it would appear that Obama the Socialist will not be happy until he bankrupts America and we have an economy second to Yemen. We are definitely going to need the Hope because Change is what we are getting."

Pebble1776 suggested that "The best thing Americans can do is save money. We can fund our own government bonds and the rest of the exporting world can play their mercantilism games with each other."

book134 predicted that "The so-called taxpayer funded Trillion dollar Corporate Welfare known as TARP & Stimulus efforts initiated by this utterly corrupt government will delay but not stop the impending economic depression... And Obama seems intent on repeating many of the policy mistakes made by FDR. We're in for a world of hurt before all this is over."

lindakinne said, "Kudos to Obama for telling the world we're no longer going to spend our taxpayers' money to appease and fix everybody else's problems... Even though AIG is a key culprit in our current "great recession," banks and investors around the globe took great advantage of the firm's faulty insurance policies. And its our taxpayers' money that's being spent to pay them off... Obama is being wise when he says the world must kick in both funds and ideas on how to fix the "global" economy..."

graced8669 wrote, "Well, at last, a President who at least recognizes that Americans cannot support the world!!! Now to put action to the words and stop giving our money away! We, the workers, have been brought to our knees. We have the least protection of any of the European countries, including no decent access to affordable healthcare, and still we are expected to send billions to all the others..."

bowspray said, "Obama has low expectations for our nation and it is not a surprise.He continues to talk out both sides of his mouth with a statement that claims we need to clean up our fiscal mess, while his administration explodes a budget of deficits as far as the eye can see.He wants to drive the US to European Socialism, even after all the evidence confirms it has failed."

We'll close with this exchange, a classic example of comment outrage not going unchallenged:
mharwick wrote, " 'I came here to listen,' Obama said, 'not to lecture.'
Then why lecture? The community organizer from the bowels of corruption that never worked a day in a real job...He is now CEO of GM. and Chrysler. He runs our banks and our insurance companies. He is our ersatz messiah and Germany will recognize the symptoms America is suffering from their mesmerized, drooling acceptance of and elevation of Adolph Hitler..."

MUPPET responded, "...I guess to you working as a community organizer is not a job... But no, he wanted to actually help people, so he took a low paying job in an urban city and tried to actually make a difference... And as for the snarky Hitler should be ashamed of yourself... You are such a hater. You are what's so wrong with our country today... This is the time we should all pull together and support our ELECTED president..."

All comments on this article are here.

By Doug Feaver  |  April 2, 2009; 9:05 AM ET
Categories:  Bailout , Economy Watch , Obama  | Tags: Bailout, Economy Watch, Europe, Obama  
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In 1787, when the Constitution was adopted, the the backbone of the American economy consisted of thousands of small, independent tradesmen, manufacturers and landowners. However, as the nineteenth century progressed, there was an increasing concentration of wealth in the hands of fewer and fewer people, many of whom became known as Robber Barons, including Harriman, Hill, Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, DuPont, Insull, etc. These were railroad magnates, oil magnates, industrialists and bankers.

The social legislation of the early twentieth century, instituted by Republican reformers such as Teddy Roosevelt and other "trust-busters" -- including estate taxes, progressive income taxes, etc. -- was designed to break up these dynasties, eliminate the huge concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, and restore the American economy to the more widespread distribution of wealth which existed at the time of our nation's inception.

This social legislation resulted in a slight "re-distribution of wealth", not in any attempt to bring Socialism or Communism to these shores, but rather to try and restore the kind of economy that existed at the time of our Founding Fathers -- a fairer, more equitable, more widespread distribution of America's wealth than had developed by the end of the nineteenth century.

Today's Conservatives are exactly the opposite of what they present themselves to be. Today's Conservatives favor an increasing concentration of wealth in the hands of fewer and fewer people, and they oppose any legislation that would restore the more equitable society that existed at the time of our Founding Fathers. They are diametrically opposed to the American Dream and to the economic system upon which our nation was founded. Today's Conservatives are "American Patriots" in the same way that "the wolf in sheep's clothing" was a sheep.

Please visit my Blog: "Conservatives Are America's Real Terrorists"

Posted by: cjprentiss | April 5, 2009 11:04 PM | Report abuse

What debate!? There is no debate here nor apparently is one necessary. 66% of the country is on board with Obama. This morning, the DOW is soaring above 8000. All of those flatheaded, deadend critics who label Obama a socialist are calling two thirds of the country a bunch of socialists. Can't they see that?

Posted by: jaxas | April 2, 2009 11:31 AM | Report abuse

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