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McConnell: Fixer or Party Leader?

Our Democratic Readers Who Comment are having a ton of fun this morning with Perry Bacon Jr.'s profile of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).

That's predictable. But political stories usually produce a comment food fight, and Republican-sounding comments are hard to find on this story, at least at this point.

Bacon writes that McConnell "is shifting his role from behind-the-scenes fixer to party leader," and recalls that McConnell was once referred to as Darth Vader. Many comments pick up on that theme in addition to overusing the "party of no" label.

We'll start with ndbltwy, who wrote, "I'm sure the Democrats are shaking in their boots. Just like Harry Reid strikes fear in the GOP."

demtse asked, "Darth Vader? Mitch, I know Darth Vader, and you're no Darth Vader. You're more like Wimpy, of Popeye fame..."

COWENS99 added, "Senator McConnell... is no Darth Vader he is "Senator Slow, Senator Stop and Senator Reverse, all in one...If he is the Republican leader of the senate, after 2010 there will be about 20 Republican senators left... All a bunch of old white men who haven't had a good idea since cold beer ."

And kimkimminni1 said, "I'd say that McConnell is definitely a space case and Luke Skywalker would of probably had him evaporated long ago for obstruction of progress..."

Enough of that.

pgr88 asked, "Why can't Democrats come up with anything new? It's always the same old 19th century, knee-jerk, let's-have-Government-take-it-over-from-the-oh-so-evil-Capitalists, Doctors, Traders (fill in the blank). No wonder Americans are seeing through Obama's charade."

To which marecek responded, "The Democrats have come up with plenty new... it's just that your ilk have been petrified by the Rethugs into being against it at any cost without even thinking about it... What should be foremost is what works and what is in the general public interest, not your worn-out and discredited 19TH CENTURY ideology..."

knjincvc asked, "It's a little late to be party leader isn't it? While McConnell sat on the side lines the main street party selected Palin, Gingrich and Limbaugh. What took so long?..."

Tomcat3 said "This article brings one thought and only one thought to my mind: How far the republican party has fallen. There used to be any number of capable republican senators, now there are none. That's why you see blowhards like Limbaugh setting the agenda. And has-beens like Gingrich..."

Realist7598462 wrote, "He, and his kind, are the poster children for what is wrong with congress. Obstruct rather than admit someone else has a good idea; obfuscate for the sake of a sound bite; impede rather than work to resolve. They have forgotten that they work for those that elect them, not those that bribe them."

Bob22003 said, "Senator McConnell is also carefully choosing his battles because he managed only a relatively narrow win [53 to 47 percent] for his Senate seat last year. Mitch got the message that moderation is valued even in rightward-leaning Kentucky."

Anadromous2 wrote, "What a crock! Anyone who's paying attention knows that the Republicans are riding out this half of the legislative session. McConnell and the GOP are keeping their heads down until the Congress comes back in September, and even then the GOP will come back with an agenda that is geared for the usual election year politics..."

losthorizon10 said, "Gee Washington Post, thanks so much for profiling a failed GOP hack who helped drive America into a ditch. We need to read more about these hypocritical, incompetent, corrupt losers..."

fabricmaven1 wrote, "Listening to Mitch McConell, Newt Gingrich, Eric Cantor, is like revisiting The Wizard of Oz. These guys do not realize that "We are not in Kansas anymore". The Curtain has been pulled down and they are exposed for who they are. No ideas. Just the party of No."

SmileySam added, "Anyone who beleives the title of this article just doesn't pay attention to what goes on in the Senate. Mitch has said No to every vote, nomination, cloture, suggestion, or even an order of Danish. The Party of No is alive and well living in the Senate."

tinyjab40 said, "Another old white guy. When I think of the GOP, I think of Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, McConnell, Lindsey Graham, John Boehner and the like. No moderates and no minorities in any real position of power. Steele is just a front who is often attacked by his own party. His presence just underlines what the GOP really is..."

And csfoster2000 wrote, "The Repudiated Republican Party of No is solely focused on hopefully putting President Obama in no-win situations thinking that doing so is a win-win for them when the reality is they are self-creating their own lose-lose scenario for the next 16 years."

We'll close with MPatalinjug, who wrote, "...Senator Mitch McConnell must appear to be wimpy to Republicans. If he says he is opposed to the Obama plan to reform health care, that is only to be expected of him as the Minority Leader. But if he gives the impression that he is on board with the other Obama initiatives, that is where he is at odds with Republicans--and with Rush Limbaugh."

All comments on this article are here.

By Doug Feaver  |  June 22, 2009; 9:42 AM ET
Categories:  Republicans , Senate  | Tags: McConnell, Republicans, Senate  
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Senator Mitch McConnell is a slick partisan, plutocratic politician who represents the wealthy special interests in Kentucky and the United States. He is a negative campaigner-legislator. McConnell is the Senate's Senator "NO." His recent re-election to a fifth six year term sure doesn't speak well for Kentucky voters. McConnell is not a statesman; he is a consummate politician.

Posted by: PaulWhiteley | June 23, 2009 11:29 AM | Report abuse

For all of the Hollywood and entertainment hacks that the Democraps have, you would at least think they could come up with something original?

The Kleptocrats were labled the "Party of No" after Al Gore failed to steal the 2000 election.

Posted by: BO_Stinks | June 22, 2009 3:41 PM | Report abuse

McConell as Darth vader, makes sense because all republicans remind me of darth vader. Cold, unwilling to allow disagreement and freedom of expression or different opinions.And when you express a different view, they send of their clones, Rush, Newt,Sean and the rest to seek and destroy.Yeah that fits for all republicans.

Posted by: Realistic2 | June 22, 2009 11:31 AM | Report abuse

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