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Virginia Democrats Solid for Deeds

Our Readers Who Comment on R. Creigh Deeds' overwhelming victory Tuesday in the Virginia Democratic Primary for governor seem to be mostly Democrats and seem to think they have a good shot at winning the general election.

They are also snarling at each other in a manner that reminds me of the taunts exchanged in the parking lot after a high school basketball game. Supporters of the two losing candidates are also mad at the Post -- and particularly its May 22 editorial that firmly endorsed Deeds. It'll take a week or two for party harmony to return.

A few Republican voices in the comments express support for their nominee, former state Attorney General Robert F. McDonnell. But many Democrats commenting seem to feel that Deeds has a better chance against McDonnell than either of the other two Democratic candidates would have had.

We'll start with a comment from an apparent Republican, FitzBroken, who wrote, "I would have preferred to face McCauliffe. Now the Dem's have claimed the middle, and the heat will be on McDonnell to steer clear of the Limbaugh/Corey Stewart extremists in the Republican Party of VA."

pcc7407 said, "Voters were wise today. Deeds is the type of Democrat that can win the Virginia Governorship. Unfortunately, Brian Moran would not have garnered enough votes downstate, and McAullife..... hmmm. I'm not sure why he ran in this race and who paid for all of those mass mailings!..."

concepcion611 wrote, "...I'm a liberal Democrat, and I don't like everything Deeds stands for. But I'm sick of the Northern Virginians (especially the Alexandria idiots) who can't see anything past their own backyards. Deeds can win "outside of the Beltway" and keep McDonnell out of office. Neither of those slick city boys stood a chance."

ripvanwinkleincollege said, "If anyone from Mr. Deeds' staff reads these posts, I just hope he will please, please, please DO SOMETHING about the awful traffic bottlenecks in Northern Virginia and also provide additional funds for Metro and VRE for expanded services..."

mclem complained that "Virginia can thank the conservative Fred Hiatt [Post editorial page editor] and the Washington Post editorial page for a republican Gov in VA this November. Consistent with this papers anti-energy conservation and increasingly conservative stance, this reinforces a decline in the this papers credibility."

The article said that "Deeds beat Brian Moran and Terry McAuliffe in every region of the state ...despite ... relatively conservatives position that are out of line with many of the area's voters." This caused AWWNats to ask writer Anita Kumar, "Really? Did you proof read what you wrote, or did you just blather the WAPO party line? One of Obama's new states just revolted. Yes Virginia!"

And zippypinhead1 added, "...Apparently NOT so out of touch with many of Northern Virginia's voters, after all! WaPo, when are you going to stop assuming that all of NoVA shares the worldview of the well-off Georgetown wannabes of North Arlington?"

kewhitaker, who obviously didn't read the whole story, wrote, "Um, a question. Deeds crushed his opponents, yet you chose exclusively to quote voters who went for the soundly defeated Moran and the happy carpetbagger McAullife. Would it not have been more instructive to readers to understand why voters went for the winner?"

Citizen0 wrote, "Thank God. I am tired of rich candidates "with entrenched political ties." These entitled candidates should go to work at Goldman Sachs, where entitlement is the prevailing attitude."

adjjones said, "Bravo. This helps the moderate Republicans in their selection process for governor. Deeds has proven his ability at working with both parties in building a better Commonwealth. The prediction: Deeds with 57% of the electorate."

dlopata added, "The Republicans now don't stand a chance of taking back Virginia in the fall. Great news!"

But VaPatriot said, "No "stunner" here in the real Virginia, WaPo. You could feel it in the air... Virginians aren't pumped about anything Democrat/Obama/Pelosi/Reid...Sorry Blue Statists, it's looking like the real conservative McDonnell FTW!"

FitzBroken wrote, "..."now that the Dem's seem to want to stake out the moderate middle, McDonnell will be forced to steer clear of the far right extremists ... even if they do provide a cheap source of votes ... because this will mean more lost ground among moderates and independents... Good news for moderate Republicans of Virginia (who want to see the party rebound)."

Txgentleman said, "Wow! A pro-gun conservative Democrat beats out the ultra left wingers running for the same job. You think that the Virginia voters already realize they made a mistake in voting for Obama and his left wing radicalism and now are planning to go back to their true conservative beliefs?"

But yameenzusnet wrote, "My take: people are tired of ideology-driven campaigns. They want to focus on issues that relate to their daily lives."

trambusto predicted, "Northern Virginia can plan its seccession now. We won't see squat from Richmond ever again."

jthebear predicrted, "As a candidate for governor, Deeds could well be the Democrat to defeat the extreme rightwingnut Bob McDonald and further diminish the Pat Robertson regression in Virginia"

kashe asked a question we debate in the newsroom all the time: "Does anyone think a moderator would be a good idea for comments? The trash talk is a big turn off...."

We'll close with tigman_2, who wrote, "I'd like to thank each candidate for a largely relevant campaign. Not one candidate suggested initiatives for one region of the state at the expense of another. Deeds just has the whole package."

All comments on this article are here.

By Doug Feaver  |  June 10, 2009; 7:51 AM ET
Categories:  Democrats , Virginia Politics  | Tags: Deeds, Democrats, Virginia Politics  
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McAuliffe and the Hillary Clinton race [curse] against Obama.

MANY OF YOU WHO ARE ASLEEP TO POLITICS the real and only race for the Presidency was NOT IN THE GENERAL ELECTION!!!!!!


THE REAL presidential RACE WAS OBAMA AND HILLARY CLINTON IN THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY…after the winner surfaced from this race they were a shoe-in to win against McCain!!!!

Any well educated person could see this coming…then why not you and others???

Did it occur to you sleeping citizens that Obama and the Hillary race was about TWO FINANCIAL EMPIRES….CHICAGO [old money/stock exchange/financial hub to the mid-west] .....AND the NEW YORK[mid-aged money/financial hub].

Chicago’s old money won against hurting and trying to stay in the financial game New York’s financial district and financial families!!!!!

Once Chicago finance won against NY finance who did McCain have to back him???? Now, one of you students answer this question.

See my next blog…on How Moran Early Edge Unwound.

Wake up…Virginians

Calvin H. Gurley

Posted by: CalvinGurley | June 11, 2009 8:06 AM | Report abuse



I will bet any of you VIRGINIANS!!!!!
Wickerparkbob…hz9604 and especially [all over the board] JPRS and Virginians JUST DON’T SEEM TO GET IT.

The Washington Post played you as fools to brainwash you to vote for the WEAKEST DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE….CREIGH DEEDS!!!!!! AN ALREADY LOSER TO McDonnell.


Virginians…you need to wake and stand on your own TWO FEET without the Wash. Post telling you who you should vote for.

Wake up.
Calvin H. Gurley

Posted by: CalvinGurley | June 11, 2009 7:57 AM | Report abuse

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