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No Mandate for Mandated Health Insurance

The milk of human kindness and a sense of social responsibility are not exactly flowing from our Readers Who Comment as they debate the prospect of mandated health-care insurance.

Ceci Connolly writes that such such a requirement is one of the "few common threads running through all three bills being considered in Congress, greatly increasing the likelihood it will survive the legislative process."

Several readers complain that illegals will get free care; many think the government can't run anything and even if it did it well it would be (gasp!) socialism. A number are concerned that the profits made by the hated pharmaceutical and insurance companies will increase exponentially and a few ask Why Not Single Payer or Public Option.

We'll start with mandog, who wrote, "There is a fundamental flaw with mandating health coverage like car insurance. As a user of public transit, I am not required to have auto insurance. But more fundamental flaw is placing a mandate upon those who cannot afford it, and then having the government pay for it--and we know that the government (read: tax-paying Americans) will pay for the subsidy... We cannot function as a society when large segments of the population take from society and never give back."

To which postfan1 replied, "There is a fundamental flaw with your logic. As a user of public transport, part of your fare is covering insurance. You just don't notice it as much because it is spread over many users. There is no free ride."

And kevin1231, said "...This mandate is garbage..ask any state officials and you will find that about 10 percent of people do not have car insurance... The health care should be financed by taxes, like any other public service. How do you get people to buy health coverage who barely can afford to eat?"

UncleWillie wrote, "At last a provision that makes sense. There's too many uninsured who don't anticipate a visit to the emergency room and thus drive up costs for everyone. Maybe if they were made liable for their costs, and could have their wages garnished there would be less betting with other peoples money..."

tsapp77 asked, "Who pays for the Americans who can't afford a policy and the illegals? The government--meaning the taxpayers, of course."

And dkidwell61 wrote, "Over 85% of Americans have health insurance!!! 10% of those who do not are illegal aliens, another 10% can afford it but choose not too. Why should the entire "working" system be turned upside down for a small minority that can be addressed within the current private system!!?? The government does NOTHING efficiently or effectively except spend our money!! This is no exception!!..."

Bradley Herring, a health economist at Johns Hopkins University, said in the article that "Without an individual mandate, you're never going to get to universal coverage." That caused MartinZook to predict, "Bingo. And we are headed to universal coverage. It's just a matter of when."

truth_hurts_20111 wrote, "For 6 months, the lib-tards have been screaming, "It's not socialized medicine! It's just a public OPTION! We just want a public OPTION!" What part of "every American would be required to carry health insurance" do you see as "optional", lib-tards ?... Obama's forcing socialized medicine on the citizens of the U.S. That's socialism."

VernonC said, "Stupid plan, what will they do with someone who doesn't have their mandated insurance and shows up in the emergency room holding his guts in from a penetrating wound? Sorry, bud, no insurance, no care."

sarlat wrote, "My nephew was born with a " pre-existing" condition... without ongoing care he would die. Once he turns 25 he will no longer be on his parents health plan. With out some sort of public option, then he dies. Yeah, I want to see a public health plan that does not exclude him. To all you selfish self serving right wing nut jobs, that think this is socialism or communism get a clue. This is just making a basic necessity available to everyone..."

To which dottydo replied, "Medicare will cover him, and most States step up with full coverage for disability in their welfare systems. Why not simply educate yourself instead of asking for a change we don't want?"

kansasgal1 asked, "If mandated health care is such a threat, then why is the health care industry spending 1.5 million dollars a day of our dollars paid in premiums to them a day to fight health reform. why are doctors lobboyig groups fighting wiht huge amounts of dollars, too... We are paying them to go against our best interests! How stupid are right wingers?"

edmundsingleton1 added, "Unemployment insurance, social security and other public benefits work because it is mandatary, all for one and one for all..."

Socrates2 wrote, "How about limiting the profits of the private insurers and pharma, since they'll be fattening at an alarming rate under a universal mandate? Limit the profits or tax away the excess...otherwise it's unlimited feeding at the public trough for them."

atthun asked, "And just what happens if a person cannot afford health insurance? Do we put them in jail and give them 3 hot meals, a place to sleep and free medical care? This is just another way to make sure insurance companies make more money. BS is what I call the so-called Health Care Reform. It's not about's about how much money insurance companies, drug companies and congressmen can extort from the American citizens."

ranyhyn said, "...Single-payer is the way to go, or leave it as it is and let me keep what little money I have so I can feed myself and pay my rent and NOT go on welfare. I am a die-hard liberal, but I don't abuse the social safety net. I don't want to use it. Don't force me to! Thanks for nothing, Democrats. Thanks for absolutely nothing, Mr. President."

dcmotor wrote, "Last year, the average price nationwide for health insurance purchased through an employer was $12,680 for a family plan and $4,700 for an individual, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. $400 per month to have an insurance company deny you benefits. President Obama if this is your answer to public option, it sucks."

Haien said, "Universal coverage is important, but it must be paired with reforms to bring costs down."

FergusonFoont wrote, "If there is a proper public option then I can support this. Without the public option I absolutely and utterly oppose any mandate that I give my hard earned money to any profit-making private corporation, PARTICULARLY a health insurance company..."

jimarush said, "..The American Public is driving this mania. The healthcare debate is not and has never been about healthcare. The healthcare debate is a political, racist debate between the haves and the have-nots. People with money or people who are fortunate to have healthcare through their employer are against healthcare changes. This debate allows their caste system mentality and racial hatreds to be manifested without challenge..."

rplat said, " 'Mandated'? Of course, that's perfect for this socialist state and its Marxist regime. This country is speeding down the sewer at warp speed and the left wing media is cheering it on."

We'll close with mosthind, who wrote, "The really really great thing is that nobody in power is swayed by the trolls on this and other boards spewing their scripts to try and stop plans for universal health care."

All comments on this article are here.

By Doug Feaver  |  July 22, 2009; 7:33 AM ET
Categories:  Health-Care Insurance  | Tags: Health Care Reform  
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i hate to say it ,but we need to cover everyone because health insuance cost are more than rent for many people those who don't have it go to emergency cost to taxpayer many xxxtimes more than a good basic plan [welfare] use basic plan no [vouchers] use basic plan [bankrupcy medicial cost], basic plan should stop that. copays should go up the more you use the plan %50 copay rebate for not useing the plan.YOU HAVE TO FACTOR IN MEDICAL BANKRUPCYS WELFARE, VOUCHERS,EMERGENCY ROOM COST OF OUR PRECENT SYSTEM YES WE CAN SAVE BY HEALTH CARE REFORM..ABUT WE HAVE CONTROL EXCESSIVE SALARYS AND BONUSES.GREED HAS RUINED A GOOD INDUSTRY.

Posted by: theoldmansays | July 22, 2009 10:10 AM | Report abuse

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