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The Iranian Missile Test

While most of Our Readers Who Comment this morning are decrying the sad state of the Washington Redskins, the other story drawing significant comments is Iran's announcement that it has test-fired at least two short-range missiles.

As Walter Pincus and Karen DeYoung write, this comes at a time when "Obama administration officials said they had the international support necessary to impose crippling sanctions if Tehran does not stop construction on a new uranium-enrichment plant and allow immediate inspections."

The combination of Iranian missiles and nukes has set off a sometimes disturbing debate among our readers, with several comments suggesting U.S. concerns about Iran are really about supporting Israel and asking why we should do that. Several also express concerns that the Obama Administration's response will be nothing but talk.

We'll start with MaximilianX, who wrote, "...The U.N. has a huge discussion on the fact that Iran is developing weapons- nuclear in particular and weapons just in general... and Iran's response is to fire more missiles? Am I the only one who believes this behavior is a lot like that of a spoiled child? Of course, the question here, then, is who the parent is supposed to be?..."

islandmon said, "The US and Israel are just upset that Iran was able to build a facility that will be very hard to destroy whether it is legal or not. Israel want to set Middle east policy and a strong Iran doesn't fit their plans. The US is afraid to challenge Israel as edvidenced by Israel putting the US in their place concerning settlements so it will go along with whatever Israel decides..."

rbe1 wrote, "So now firing missiles as part of testing is proscribed by the United States of Israel ? Did the missiles cross Iran's borders ? With a bellicose Israel in the region, just itching to get us all involved in yet another war, if I were the Iranians, I'd be testing everything I could."

apple2346 wrote, "The American people are sick of being used as patsies for Israel's paranoia. The U.S. came out against the Iranian nuke program probably because Bibi promised Obama he'd stop building "settlements" in the Occupied Territories. Don't hold your breath, Mr. President. The Iranians are testing their short range missle because they know that Israel is going to bomb their nuke facilities and wants to defend itself..."

And kogejoe said, "...The REAL reason the US and Israel don't want Iran to get the a-bomb is quite simple; it's hard to attack a country with the deference of nuclear power. A country in the Middle East with nukes (aside from good ol' Isreal of course...) would be the only thing standing in the way between the US/Israel and total dominance..."

beebop1 wrote, "Yikes. You would think that all of the world's problems can be laid at the feet of the Jews. Some of you people need to get a grip."

ziggyzap argued that "...Last time I looked, Iran had the right to test-fire missiles, just as the USA, Britain, France and other nations do. So what's the problem and why is this making headlines?... it's just another step in the course of deliberately tarring Iran with a brush when Iran has done nothing illegal. It's another WMD in Iraq scheme - make Iran look like it's doing something illegal and dangerous, even when there's not a shred of evidence to support it..."

thebobbob said, "Iran should understand that nuclear armed missiles in the hands of religious fanatics with a tenuous grip on reality (holocaust-denial) will not be accepted by The West. They may argue, they may prevaricate but the second they think that Iran is prepared to use these weapons, Mesopotamia vanishes. Bet on it."

But kshutur said, "Mesopotamia is not Iran! Mesopotamia used to be Iraq and thanks to the "insert various names here," it is vanished. secondly, US spends 1 trillion dollars on its military. How much does Iran spend?" [Parts of Iran are considered to be in Mesopotamia.]

And wturecki added, "the bobbob has not, apparently, drowned in the apple barrel yet. there's been a vigil."

gardeo said, "They know the west will negotiate and delay action and then when they get a full fledged weapon Hilary and Obama will have delayed too long and will have to try a new approach. Leave it to the Jews they will take care of the little dictator."

Tarheelz1 asked, "Now what? More 'meaningful dialogue'???"

vaman1 wrote, "NO, there is no global support. China is not going to support it and Russia has a strategic agreement that both China and Russia go along together. It means neither Russia nor China will support it. They want to play with President Obama..."

chawsheen said, "What a shame! U.S. has a long-run national interest with Iran. At the end of the day you shall see the same corporate media hailing the friendly and close realtions with the present system in Iran. What is, then, lacking? Just U.S. recognize the rightful status of Iran as a regional power..."

Realist20 wrote, "Iran is giving Obama the same treatment they gave Jimmy Carter. They know Barry won't do anything, so they do as they wish and continue building a Nuclear weapon. Meanwhile, Barack will work on a very harshly worded statement and wonder later why it didn't stop Iran in their tracks..."

We'll close with the wishful thinking but amusing suggestion of jato11, who wrote, "It's time to rent: 'The Mouse that Roared.', " a fabulous Peter Sellers movie.

All comments on this article are here.

By Doug Feaver  |  September 28, 2009; 7:58 AM ET
 | Tags: Iran, Israel, Missiles  
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Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister said “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” This is exactly the maxim being adopted by Israeli leaders who are spreading lies, disinformation and half-truths about Iran in order to get the madman in Washington D.C. and his gang of neocons and war criminals to attack another Muslim country on Israel’s behalf.

The question is, will the "free" media like Washington Post allow this to happen again like Iraq.

Posted by: ardestani | September 29, 2009 3:00 PM | Report abuse

Obama: Then let me look around, so I can ease the UN's collective mind. I'm sorry, but the UN must be firm with you. Let me in, or else.
Ahmadinejad: Or else what?
Obama: Or else we will be very angry with you... and we will write you a letter, telling you how angry we are.

Posted by: THX1178 | September 29, 2009 8:47 AM | Report abuse

WHY shouldn't Iran be testing missiles?

I believe Israel is always arguing that "it has the right to defend itself."

Is it not acceptable that Iran have the same right?

The only "threat" I'm seeing here is that of Israel on Iran.

Posted by: kogejoe | September 29, 2009 5:00 AM | Report abuse

WWII's "holocaust", perpetrated by Germany, assisted by France, the U.S.S.R., and many other European nation-states over-run by Nazis--and their anti-semitic European sympathisers, who refused to understand why that jew-boy, Jesus, wasn't revered as the "Son of God" by them Jews--was "solved" by an ever-anti-semitic European "answer": Let's send 'em back to where they wanna go; to Israel, their self-proclaimed "homeland". So Europe gets rid of millions of its still-alive anti-Christs, shipping them to the very homeland they'd prayed to go back to for about 1,500 years: to return to the Old Testament's Judea/Samaria. "Jesus" (not his actual name), who'd "fathered" the Christian religion--by acting as the religious, orthodox Jew that he was for all of his short, adult life--had left (for about 1900 years) a Europe where those who didn't believe He was the "Son of God" were segregated from most European societies, and were beaten/killed by the same brand of numbskulls that did/still do the same to black U.S. citizenry (or anyone who doesn't quite "fit in"). The noxious anti-semitism still spouted, via the Wasington Post and many other U.S.A. media-entities, makes me figure that a 9mm carbine is a better friend than a .32-revolver, even if one has both.

Posted by: marc85 | September 28, 2009 5:39 PM | Report abuse

Israel need the USA for help?

Guess that old covenant expired.

Posted by: michaelfairbanks | September 28, 2009 4:51 PM | Report abuse

Who could like the Iranian régime? Nevertheless, with the American media and 3rd Country enthusiasts drooling for an attack and with enemies such as that country, the US, the UK and, formerly, Iraq, who can be surprised the Iranians are upping the defence ante? Further, it seems the US president may be being pushed into the "military option" in order to "butch up" his pinkish defence credentials. Too, I suppose there's a major effort going on now to "unite" the Security Council behind an attack, unlike the débacle that occurred with Iraq. It's not just Ahmadinejad and the mad mullahs who need a talking to.

Posted by: HassanAliAl-Hadoodi | September 28, 2009 4:44 PM | Report abuse

US is now a limping hose, being brought down by the economic recession. US Dollar is now being depreciated massively against other currencies. Oh Ba Ma, please, keep on printing money to support Israel in its evils activities around the world. But, somehow the world will come to know about it, especially the plot to assassinate the exile Honduras President taken by Israel. The attempt failed. It seems that Zionism is in every corner of the world to destabilize countries that do not bow to wills of Uncle Sam. The Arabian had been the victim of Zionism activities, but sad to say that the Arabian are ignorance to realize this reality. It is good to see that Countries of Latin American & African Union had merger to establish a strong partnership to counter this Zionism evils activities. The time for Israel is over when US had lost its credibility. World leaders began to question the sincerity of UN Security Council until they plan to have a NEW IMPARTIAL PERMANENT VETO WIELDING MEMBER FOR MIDEAST NATIONS.

Posted by: evergreen2so | September 28, 2009 2:16 PM | Report abuse

There is a major blunder the MSM seems to have ignored in the negotiating stance with Iran.

Obama gave up a powerful element when he backed off the Europe based missile shield without concessions from Putin.

Russia continues it’s rhetoric, and now there is little chance that Iran's leadership will fall into line on the nuclear arms front.

… And forget about sanctions.


Posted by: JamesRaider | September 28, 2009 1:30 PM | Report abuse

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