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Readers spin Tuesday's elections

Our Democratic Readers Who Comment this morning on Tuesday's elections say too many people don't have jobs and health care reform should pass. Our Republican Readers cheer their glorious gubernatorial victories in New Jersey and Virginia and attack big government. However, neither group seems particularly happy with the way things are.

Reader comments come in response to a two-story package that says Democrats are having a nervous debate about where they should go after losing in Virginia and New Jersey and the Republicans face ideological fissures as they contemplate their loss of an upstate New York congressional district they had held for more than a century.

First to the comments on the story about Democrats.

tarheelraj was one of several who suggested in a variety of interesting word choices that "Its about jobs you idiots. The voters are making a clear statement. Until they are able to find jobs your jobs aren't safe either. Hurry up and pass a healthcare bill (which you should have done months ago) and then focus 100% on job creation programs. How hard is that to understand?"

mike85 wrote, "I find it hard to believe that at least outwardly the Democratic leadership seems to have so completely misread the results of the NJ and Virginia elections. The voters were adamant that they were disgusted with the direction of the country, the bailouts, the excessive spending, the socialization of America and Obamacare..."

douglaslbarber said, "There's not much you can do with an electorate that believes that the deep-seated economic problems that surfaced in 2008 now represent a failure of the Democratic party."

PTaylor8336 wrote, "From 2001-2008 George W. Bush and his lackeys on Capitol Hill drove this nation into an economic ditch with reckless deficit spending. I don't recall one those Republican lackeys protesting (John Boehner, Eric Cantor and others) the spending under George W. Bush-- not until a Democrat was elected to the White House did these lackeys become born-again deficit hawks howling daily about deficit spending..."

cjones210 said, "Just wondering....the polls show that the voters in VA and NJ still approve of Obama. Considering that anyone that disagrees with Obama's policies is called a racist and other wonderful names, I wonder if they just told the polsters they were still ok with Obama while knowing they were going to place a vote against his policies?..."

orange3 wrote, "If democrats pass health care they go into the 2010 elections with a solid achievement on something nobody has been able to do in fifty years. If they allow helath care to be killed they will have nothing going into the 2010 elections. Nobody gives a damn about climate change as an election driver."

kathymac1 said, "Let me make sure I have this right, the liberal's theory is that independents voted for more conservative republicans because they (the dems) did not move fast enough to get the health care bill through?? What kind of logic is that? Oh sorry should not have asked that questions, after all we are talking about liberals."

stevensp1 wrote, "Get a clearer message going, or get out of the way of the Repulican radicals who are hounding you. Pass healthcare reform now! Pass finanicial reform regulations that make sense and work! Ignore concensus with the Republican moderates and get the Democrats moving!"

All comments on this article are here.

And now to comments on the story about Republicans:

The first paragraph of the story about what the elections meant to the GOP referred to "idological fissures" within Republican ranks, causing funbowhunter to ask, "What about the fact that democrats can't get the health care fraud bill passed, do they have ideological fissures as well? Your articles are so liberally biased, and you wonder why your subscriptions are tanking, and why there are empty cubicles in the office, yours may be next."

Fiftycaltx1 said, "The FIRST thing to do is NOT listen to the hate/leftist media on how to "fix" the party. Next is to throw out the "little leftist lite" model of McCain. Snowe, Spectre and others that think the media will love the us if we mimic the leftists."

chi-town wrote, "With their opposition to extending unemployment benefits, I wonder who Republicans think their constituency is. Sometimes (many times), they make no sense whatsoever. Are they anti-American, or what? I'll take the two seat gain the Dems just had in the House. Makes it just that much easier to pass health reform and maybe another stimulus bill."

nyrunner101 asked, "How dare any of the current crop of Republicans claim that they are fighting for anyone's freedom? They cheered the defeat of gay marraige in Maine and many, if not most, are against even civil partnerships for gay couples. Those are the facts and the facts state that Republicans are against freedom and equality for all Americans..."

peter777 wrote, "Appears that GOP thinks they won in Virginia and NJ because of the conservative credentials of the candidates. Well, let them be surprised at the result of thinking that far right agenda is what the voters want. Those candidates won because Deeds ran an incompetent campaign and the people don't like the the incumbent NJ governor."

daylight1452 said, "The GOP has nothing to celebrate - we are not happy with them either... The GOP needs to stop nominating the spineless jelly fish who continue to support the expansion of an oppressive government and nominate those who will represent the view of main stream America; less government and fewer taxes."

boski66 wrote, "If the progressive liberals would stop screaming for universal health care and acknowledge that there are other ways to solve this problem, then we could have some adult conversations about the issues... We will never solve the unemployment problems until we take matters into the hands of the private sector, not the government. Big government is controlling and ineffective and just plain crazy."

We'll close with prossers7, who said, "REPUBLICANS = Have not learned from their mistakes and are certain to repeat them, thereby disappointing the American public again and again. DEMOCRATS = Have not learned from their mistakes and are certain to repeat them, thereby disappointing the American public again and again... Both parties are failures."

All comments on this article are here.

By Doug Feaver  |  November 5, 2009; 7:17 AM ET
 | Tags: Democrats, New Jersey, Politics, Republicans, Virginia  
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Shedding political light. A few years ago things were looking dark so you went to Home Depot, told them your problem, and they sold you some 40 watt bulbs. Well as time past it finally dawned on you that the problem still existed so you decided to change the bulbs. This time you went to Lowes, told them your problem, and they sold you some 40 watt bulbs.

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