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Post bias on GOP, health care?

Our Republican Readers Who Comment are fulminating over a Washington Post poll that says GOP voters are united in opposition to health-care legislation but frustrated and divided about their party's leadership. Several see the poll and the article as proof that the Post is biased against them.

There are always comments alleging Post bias on any political story. I have even seen both Democrats and Republicans point to the same sentence and take it as an attack on them. But GOP-inclined commenters are unusually vocal about this story, while at the same time attacking the Obama administration. Democrats, of course, are lobbing in a few shells of their own.

Political analyst Dan Balz and pollster Jon Cohen write that despite unity on the health care issue, "there is... broad frustration among Republican voters about the party's direction, detachment from its congressional representatives and a schism over its priorities."

We'll start with the conversation about politics and judithod, who helped set the tone in writing, "The dismal Obama presidency should unite all thinking Americans against ever electing anyone who has no record of leadership or achievement."

glenglish said, "...As long as the Democrats keep putting out good ideas and the Republicans keep bashing them 'just because they are Democrat ideas' the Republicans will continue to quarry a new floor for rock bottom."

wmpowellfan wrote, "It's not just the Republicans who are unhappy with obama's presidency, which is disastrous on every level (of course, his strong commitment to international apology, golfing and date night gets "A for effort"). With a presidential approval index of -15, obama is proving a bitter disappointment to all but the most punch-drunk Koolaid Kids."

But publish said, "A party that endorses hate cannot win in the long term because hate has no boundaries. Those in the "party of hate" will increasingly hate themselves."

jbento wrote, "Oh so now the Republicans are going to become fiscally conservative. That is a beauty considering they put our economy in the toilet and have made us debtors to China so we can pay for the unnecessary wars they lied us into or have they found the WMD. Repugnlicans are deluded if they think the majority of the American electorate is going to forget quickly who got us into this mess..."

Jeff-for-progress said, "...If Republicans had their heads screwed on right (and not too tightly), they would be considering someone like Olympia Snowe who is a fiscal conservative and social moderate as their party head. Instead, you have a former moderate, Pawlenty, attempting to prove his bona fides toying with the idea of whether to throw Snowe out of the party..."

harkadahl wrote, "For decades the GOP cultivated a base that was ignorant, racist, sexually medieval and frightened of the world outside America. The risk of creating such an emotionally and intellectually pre-pubescent base is that the monster will outgrow it's handlers and become an incoherent tantrum thrower, impossible to please, painful to be around. The GOP leadership is now reaping the cynnical and immoral manipulation of it's base that it has sown."

To which DwightCollins replied, "written like a true ignoramus..."

To which waterbirds added, "Mr. Collins - again and forever - resorts to playground name-calling - because there is no rational defense of what the GOP is or does anymore .... and all ranting and raving and labels won't change the facts..."

csa178 wrote, "If the GOP doesn't get it's house in order we will be saddled with a total of 8 years of Barack Obama and the end of the American dream! Problem I see is that the far-right of the Republican Party just won't accept anyone who disagrees with its far right thinking and radical born again ideas..."

nosuchluck said, "...Next year I am voting against every incumbant I am allowed to. I am sick and tired of this whole Congress; Democrap and Repugnantcan. Hopefully enough actual tax payers out there share my feelings and we can send a small messege. In 2012 I will again vote against all incumbants..."

fenoy wrote... "Any 'Republican' who works with Obama on energy and climate change legislation is not a 'Republican' and should be challenged by an actual Republican. The same is true for health care. America does not need the socialist budget busting job killing schemes that Obama and the left wing Democrats are putting forth."

But drwho9437 said, "As someone with some conservative views, I have to say I support a thoughtful liberal over a thoughtless conservative. As long as the GOP lacks intelligent leadership it will have a nearly impossible time. The religious right and the xenophobic people are two great examples of items I'd like gone."

And now to some of the comments alleging Post bias:

Realist20 wrote, "This is great - a Washington Post Poll canvassing the Republican party - does anyone with a brain believe the Post's numbers... The days of objectivity left the Post long ago. The whole idea of this article was to attack the GOP and buttress the Dems..."

nychap44 said, "With Obama down in the polls and his push for health care reform that the majority of the people do not it is time to try to paint the GOP as a party who is divided and leaderless. Good try. We all know what you are up to. We know exactly what we are doing and you don't."

honorswar26 wrote, "It's not just television news that was very bias against Sarah Palin. It was also national newpapers like the Washington Post and the New York Times that mistreated Sarah Palin in a similiar manner. Conservatives have the right idea about the direction of the country, yet commentators from YOUR paper continue to insist on calling us the "lunatic right". Speak in a fair and balanced manner or just shut up, will you?"

chod1560equines said, "The Washington Post apparently believes if they ignore the disarray which characterizes the "Do Nothing Democrats" no one will notice their political party, which is numerically in control, have accomplished little to nothing..."

relictele wrote, "I absolutely love it....the patient's health is improving so the WaPo wants to administer a dose of schizophrenia. Reporting is so 20th Century. Advocacy posing as journalism is the new paradigm."

TBsportsguy said, "Much ado about nothing, the libs are in panic mode and this article is a lot of wishful thinking. November 2, 2010 Change we can believe in."

But cisconwa sees the Post as pro Republican in writing, "...despite Fox or WaPo fear based propaganda, Obama continues to win. I'm hoping that these dimwits will remain so divided that they get schooled at the polls... Watching the Repubs implode is so much fun!"

We'll close with michaelp2, who wrote, "Oh, I wish we had a political party of the people, by the people, and for the people, rather than two conglomerations of special interests portraying themselves as Robin Hoods and other other guys as Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham."

All comments on this article are here.

By Doug Feaver  |  November 30, 2009; 6:49 AM ET
Categories:  Obama , Polling , Republicans  | Tags: Obama, Polling, Republicans  
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This is hilarious, truly.
Day after day for months, WaPo and most other media run stories about Democratic divisions and discord. One piece about Republican discord sets them off? Unbelievable.
One of the biggest myths that needs dispelling is the myth of the liberal media.

Posted by: bdunn1 | November 30, 2009 8:13 PM | Report abuse

I find the WaPo to mostly biased in favor of conservatives and republicans, certainly not against them. Your reporters and columnists seem to have no problems loyally regurgitating whatever bogus and misleading conservative talking-points-of-the-day they find floating around their Georgetown cocktail parties as gospel truth.

Actual journalism is dead at the WaPo.

Posted by: cfeher | November 30, 2009 8:10 PM | Report abuse

It’s hard for me to put much sustenance in polls and statistics since both the right and left seem to only use those numbers that enhance or attempt to influence the populace to their point of view. I’m also very disappointed in the GOP who has become the great hypocrites of the new century. When did they provide fiscal restraint when they were in power for 12 years (1994-2006)? Their policies started 2 wars and brought the world to a near economic collapse.

The GOP hypocrisy knows no bounds. While Obama attempts to get all pertinent information and make an intelligent decision regarding our Afghanistan policy, the W. administration chose to ignore the military request for more boots on the ground for 8 months yet now Cheney accuses Obama of “dithering” on his decision. The budget looks pretty bleak. Yet, under GOP rule, the cost of the wars was not included in the budget. Since Obama has included the true cost of these wars our new transparent budget obviously looks worse than when many costs were hidden. The TARP fund was sold to the public as a way to get “bad assets” off the books but in reality gave billions of tax payer dollars to favored Wall Street firms, who have seen massive gains since March and have reverted back to “business as usual”. These are just a few examples.

The Obama administration has been less effective than we hoped but I have to say, part of the reason is because the GOP has decided to stop participating in the process of governing. It is easier to just say “no” to everything as opposed to producing any alternatives that would actually work. The outrageous accusations coming from the right have no basis in reality. In the end I guess it boils down to whom you chose to believe. Conservative republicans will continue to listen to the likes of Limbaugh, Beck, Coulter etc. and the left will continue to adhear to the beliefs of left wing pundits. The choice we Americans need to make is, what do we want our society to look like?

Posted by: dncevans | November 30, 2009 8:08 PM | Report abuse

Its amazing to me that the people in the Democratic party who hated Bush with a hot white hatred, calling him everything from a monkey to the devil, are the ones turning around to call the Republicans the party of hate. I see haters on both sides.

The next ironic thing is Democrats calling Republicans the party of no. This is almost comical due to the fact that Democrats created the judicial filibuster to add the 'party of no atmosphere' they had during the Bush presidency.

Posted by: thelaw1 | November 30, 2009 6:06 PM | Report abuse

What the WaPo needs to do is research how many of these so called republicans commenting are actually people and not some "Think Tank" (and I use "think" very loosely) staff flunkies hired to overly promote a message to make it appear mainstream. I have A Lot of republican friends and I will be honest, none are like the idiots who respond to WaPo articles. Maybe because I'm on the east coast, who knows. To actually debate or even learn on these boards is becoming impossible and pointless. I mean think about it, if WaPo is so biased why would republicans read it so often, let alone respond and comment? I sure as heck don't watch Fox.

Posted by: doesntmatter | November 30, 2009 4:13 PM | Report abuse

The Post reflexively refers to the Republican Party as a "grand" organization, by use of the branding statement "GOP."

If that's not proof of institutional bias, I don't know what is.

Posted by: mattintx | November 30, 2009 3:59 PM | Report abuse

Stop wasting our time defending Sarah Palin against any article published that is negative. It frightens the hell out of me that anyone would have a positive view of an ignorant woman who will stop at nothing to put herself in the limelight.

When she exposes her ignorance and reassesses the negative views from any of the media, she will understand that if she puts herself out there, she is game for anyone.

If she discontinues her flaunting of her own image of herself, she will take a good look the denial she holds so closely. She is one of the most disillusioned people new on the political scene and one of the least qualified to make any public statements.

Posted by: gfaigen | November 30, 2009 2:00 PM | Report abuse

There are two current stories that make me think the Washington Post is a card carrying member of the left leaning establishment media. (1)The refusal of any real discussion or analysis arising from the data taken from the climate center in England. (2) The constant publishing of stories and opinions about Sarah Palin, who holds no office but is a handy target for demonization as prescribed by the Saul Alinsky playbook.

Posted by: edbyronadams | November 30, 2009 12:55 PM | Report abuse

As a member of a minority group and one who voted for Mr. Obama, I can guarantee you that my dislike for him and his liberal policies, have nothing to do with the fact that he is black and a democrat. So far, he has simply been a total failure. The economy is in chaos,unemployment is a national shame, our national debt is around 12 trillion,the illegal invasion from the south continues(about 30 million by now) and he plans to give them all amnesty, the re-distribution of wealth is a disgrace. What ever happened to hard work, pay your taxes and go about your business. If he continues on this path, his, will be the worse administration EVER. Can't wait for 2012.

Posted by: Persistence62 | November 30, 2009 12:21 PM | Report abuse

I think the questions were set up to make Republicans look like bratty toddlers, or petulant teenagers at best. Angry, really? What adult uses that word?

Posted by: nepenthe | November 30, 2009 11:27 AM | Report abuse

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