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Praise, derision for Obama's State of the Union

President Obama used the word jobs 23 times in his State of the Union address last night, and that term is also getting overworked by our Readers Who Comment this morning as they either praise or villify the president for his speech and his leadership of the country.

Our regulars have been arguing about the pluses and minuses of Obama since well before the election that put him in office and that sometimes uncivilized discussion continued after the president's speech. There is praise from those who see forthrightness and vision and vilification from those who see dishonesty and incompetence. Health care is on the minds of some readers, as are energy policy and the budget deficit. Interestingly there were relatively few comments about terrorism and war.

As Anne E. Kornblut and Michael D. Shear write, "Obama did not use the occasion to build momentum for far-reaching new policies, instead calling for Congress to complete the tasks already at hand, including 'another look' at health-care reform, funding more education programs, imposing stiffer regulations on Wall Street and pursuing a more ambitious energy policy."

We'll start with comments from both sides:

fenoy wrote, " 'We face a deficit of trust' A major, major part of that deficit of trust is because we have a president that if his mouth is moving he is lying. Has any president ever told as many lies in one speech as Obama has tonight?"

But insighter asked, "...Did you listen to the Obama speech? It was masterful. He delivered it with style and grace, and it was a positive statement, honestly and intelligently made, of the state of the Union... One thing is beyond dispute: Obama is an intelligent, caring leader who is thoughtfully putting together and pursuing a plan for America and the American people that is fair, just, sensible, and realistic. The nation cannot do wrong by following his lead..."

Aprogressiveindependent wrote, "Unless Obama's speech is accompanied by tangible, viable policies that facilitate creating about ten million new jobs and pass health care reform, not special interest, back room deals... his performance tonight will have been mere propaganda to try to restore his political popularity..."

JamesChristian added, "Money where your mouth is, Obama. Drill for our own oil, build nuclear power, give lots of tax bennies for companies to bring back our manufacturing. THAT is how you create jobs, not with more give-aways to your cronies."

And demtse said, "The right has changed strategies in order to kill health care reform. They are now pushing for "jobs" as a way to re-focus Obama's agenda. Obama, the multi-tasker, should not be swayed by this attempt at mis-direction. He should keep the focus on health care reform, while pushing for a jobs progam..."

mibrooks27 wrote, "Oh, his mission is jobs, but I still hear Obama and the Republican response advocating "globalization". So tell us, guys, how do we get JOBS and continue to outsource them to China and India?"

Logic3 opined that "Instead of reassuring American citizens of their security, Prez Obama, picked a fight with The Supreme Court Justices and 50% of Congress."

Nebolex suggested that "Obama has an opportunity: rather than redistribute wealth, encourage the creation of wealth from the bottom up. Small business entrepeneuership should be incentivized."

IIntgrty wrote, "President Obama allocates way too much credence to those who have no cause, give no effort, reach for no goals, dream no dreams. He appeals to the underachievers, and not to the doers, the thinkers, the dreamers--people we need to support in our quest to restore our country to greatness and economic stability."

translator001 said, "I sense that both democrats and republicans are going to be feeling that the president may have crossed that magic line that all past presidents have felt could not be crossed: the line in which we dare to make a very realistic assessment of the United States of America. He more than any other president has uttered the unspeakable: America has not always been right and many presidents have for decades advanced policies that have proven to go against the basic interests of the American people..."

patisok wrote, "Great speech for you haters out there nothing will suffice. You all in the GOP had 8 years to do things right. You mean to tell me your Sec. of Treasury did not see the economic meltdown coming. Where the hell was he? I pray Congress was listening for all of our sakes. I am so tired of the party of NO..."

ATLGuy said, "It's a little disconcerting to see the President say that banks should forgo their bonus and give back to the taxpayers and yet see the Republicans sitting there. Very disconcerting. I think they've rode their wave of opposition for as long as they could and the issues the President intends to tackle before the election will make them lose favor with the public rather quickly."

JD76 wrote, "In my opinion, the speech was just what this country needed. To all of you who will now attempt to tear it to shreds, all I have to say is, if you do not start seriously looking at the problems that we as a nation face and start coming up with viable solutions that will help you friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens, you should just shut the hell up, get out of the way, and let the rest of us try to reconstruct the nation that our founders intended it to be..."

nateminor asked, "What if the Republican's are reading the wrong Tea Leaves... The Tea Party will make strange bedfellows, in the long run, they will tarnish the Republican's brand and undermine the Republican's leadership..."

dolph924 wrote, "Nice words. Now,stop being a wimpy professor and stand up to the obstructionist GOP, the DINOs and scum like Joe Lieberman. I could care less about your words when you go along with triangulating advisors like Emmanuel and let the GOP make a fool of you in the Senate. Sorry, that's just the way it is. Lead or get out of the way!"

wheeljc asked, "...If Washington is as dysfunctional as you claim (and I do agree with the assessment), why on earth should American citizens send one more dime to Washington to waste? Why should we place our future health care, security, commercial viability into a dysfunctional quagmire?"

epespinoza43 wrote, "What I find most disturbing about the Republicans is the manner in which they dispute any and all actions suggested by the current administration with a NIH attitude. If it didn't come from the GOP it can't possibly be any good. Similarly, large business seems to be doing the same thing: Gimme the money but don't ask me to do anything for the country."

TDK5 asked, "When will we have a President that respects more than the radical portion of the population?"

Larry45 wrote, "Obama continues to use the word "we" when referring to the problems he and Pelosi and Reed have created such as "we underestimated the situation in the Middle East" and "we face a deficit of trust"... Obama you are out of touch with America. It is not appropriate for you to include us in your "we" created this mess and you are responsible for it."

We'll close with OleLadySquawking, who wrote, "One thing I know for sure, if Pres. Obama had to sit and talk to the posters on here face to face, in front of the nation, I know which one I would be voting for tomorrow. I say this with much respect and pride in my last vote, Pure class, Mr. President!"

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By Doug Feaver  |  January 28, 2010; 7:17 AM ET
 | Tags: Obama, State of the Union  
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I honestly think all the people who are talking badly about OUR president need to understand that Obama wants YOUR opinon in how to help.. he is not trying to lie, or make our country in a even worse state. We all need to work with one another and stop trying to bring down our leader.. stop being so childish and grow up.

Posted by: jlshannon22 | January 28, 2010 11:15 AM | Report abuse

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