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Snow, Republicans, Obama

For those who live outside the Northeast Corridor, the stories attracting attention and heavy comment streams are about a new Washington Post-ABC News poll that says Republicans are gaining political ground on Democrats as President Obama tries the personal approach to bridge the partisan divide.

For those of us who live right here in Washington the only subject that really matters is the snow, which just keeps on falling. The regular updates and explanations from's Capital Weather Gang get a lot of comments along with updates from around the region.

There is strong reader response to commentary by my good friend Jo-Ann Armao, now an editorial writer and formerly the Metropolitan Editor, who has made a second career out of belittling the rest of us for complaining when it snows, because she is from Buffalo, where it really snows. Meanwhile those 4-foot-high snow berms sitting in the middle and on the sides of Duke Street in Alexandria where I live and the ice dam that fell off a bank building and crashed onto the sidewalk yesterday just after I passed under it suggest that this storm is not a figment of the Washington Metro area imagination. blizzard

Depending on where one lives in the Washington Metro area, snowfall totaled between 18 and 36 inches before the second storm started Tuesday evening and continues this morning. There is about 5 inches of new snow outside my door and it's supposed to keep on snowing for much of the day. Some entrepreneurial neighbors in my condo building have constructed a splendid igloo in the courtyard.

We'll start with comments about Armao and Buffalo:

aztecterp said, "I'm one of those Washingtonians who cannot stand listening to others pump up their low self esteems when it snows by mentioning that they are from some northern region that gets lots of snow and how what we get is nothing. Give me a break, it's all relative..."

dcourtney50 wrote, "As one of the endless supply of ex-WNY'ers, I'll say this was a very legit snowstorm. Call it a blizzard or not, my back still hurts from all the shoveling. That said, this area still has a ways to go to catch up to an average snow in in the Buffalo area... We all have our burden to bear. Some stories of our better storms.

Northern Vermonter wrote, "A mere 20 to 30 inches in light winds and you rednecks want to call that a blizzard? What is all the talk of shovelling? Just let your dogs out and they will break trail for you. Then put on your snowshoes, get out to your plow truck and clear your road. Shouldn't take more than half an hour, then GO TO WORK! Get up an hour early if a big snow is forecast and you will be the first one there. That's what the rest of the country does, 'ceptin the flatlanders, of course. It would probably help if you put winter tires on your limos as well.

mamapanda said, "Well, see, it's like this. Those of us in the rest of the nation who have endured both blizzards and and heavy-snow non-blizzards are the same people who often feel persecuted, ignored, or devalued by Washington. We realize you've got a lot of snow; we know you aren't accustomed to dealing with it. We just really, really enjoy the thought that for once, it's you, not us, getting picked on."

Armao gets support from chapoutier, who wrote, "...if folks in and around DC don't want people from snowier regions mocking the fact that they can't deal with real snow the once every 7 years they actually get it, maybe they should start acting like they weren't total idiots in dealing with it. If you want to earn some snow cred, you would do well to start by actually removing all the snow from your car before you take off..."

seriouslywondering said, "I'm from Michigan. So I'm used to snow. This is a semi-southern state that doesn't normally get this much snow so they don't have the equipment, etc. to deal with it. But I've been here 4 years and Personally, I am impressed by the speed in which the streets were cleared. Why don't you move back to NY and go for a long walk in the snow. You'll be happier"

dsk36 wrote, "Thank God. As a native Chicagoan, I share in your absolute exhaustion with DC area residents and their histrionics in the face of inclement weather. Now quick area residents - get defensive and tell me how much you don't want me here paying more taxes than the vast majority of you!"

douglaslbarber said, "Gotta hand it to those Yanks. The get blizzards, think barbecue comes from a crock pot, and make cornbread with yellow corn meal and sugar. No wonder they're so dour."

rnmelendez wrote, "Please spare us your uppity baloney. This is a blizzard. For this region. Some of purposely don't live in uppity New York because of this white crap. We don't have the equipment because of the frequency of snow and amount. Take your tired backside and go back to Uppityville."

Now to some comments from the Capital Weather Gang blog:

We'll start with ksrgatorfn1, who wrote, "...A quick glance outside this morning shows everything covered in white...including the black pavement we had so meticulously uncovered on Sunday. *sigh* Any idea how much sleet/freezing rain fell to make the snow/ice sandwich we are going to end up with?"

tbva said, "Falls Church: we have a multi-crunch with each a sugar wafer with layers. Heavy snow for shoveling. About 3-4 on the ground"

random-adam wrote, "Just walked five blocks from my home to my office in downtown Silver Spring. Only cars I saw moving on the road were a dually pickup and a John Deere front end loader..."

leesweet said, "Now we're getting heavy snow in SE Loudoun. This could really be the extra five inches if it keeps up."

jadmirel wrote, "...I have a 42-mile commute (round-trip) from Manassas to Tyson's Corner, and I'm certainly not going to risk it, at least not this morning. At this hour (0530) it looks like a light mix here, but will likely change back to all snow again soon. People were actually clearing off their vehicles late last night during the lull; talk about wasted effort."

Finally, there have been a lot of complaints about Metro's performance, particularly its inability to run trains above ground. For example,
Sunshine_Bobby_Carpenter_Is_Too_Pessimistic_For_Me, said to Dr. Gridlock, "Weak. Just very weak, Metro," he said.

By Doug Feaver  |  February 10, 2010; 6:28 AM ET
 | Tags: Blizzard, Snow  
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I know its cold here down south and its suppose to snow a couple of inches friday but its not suppose to snow only snows here about once every 10 yrs.All i can say is dont let it snow, dont let it snow, dont let it snow.Only the kids will like it.Spring spring where art thou?

Posted by: smorrow | February 10, 2010 7:41 PM | Report abuse

No question, there are some pluses. There's also cabin fever, a minus.

Posted by: Doug_Feaver | February 10, 2010 2:59 PM | Report abuse

I've been having a fine time. Lots of whole-body exercise, and the air smells wonderful -- no exhaust fumes at all.

Posted by: ScienceTim | February 10, 2010 2:24 PM | Report abuse

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