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Party over for Steele and the RNC?

Our Readers Who Comment are having wonderful time with Kathleen Parker's column this morning which suggests that the Republican National Committee might be better off without Michael Steele as its chairman after that $2,000 lesbian bondage strip club expenditure.

Parker is a self-described conservative but several readers presume otherwise in congratulating her for wisdom on this subject. Republican-sounding correspondents defend Steele, note that he has raised lots of money, that Republican candidates have done very well recently and predict that they will do particularly well in November. Democratic-sounding readers cheer. The comment stream also includes a significant number of attempts at humor, not all of them appropriate for a family audience.

As Parker writes, "RNC and lesbian bondage are now tattooed on the American brain, and the buck stops at the top. Moreover, if G-string spending were the single offense under Steele's leadership, then perhaps this stain would fade, as have others, in time for Republicans to tap into voter frustration. Alas, this is hardly the first or the worst example of Steele's leadership deficit."

We'll start with auntywbush, who wrote, "Reading the comments, i respect the courage it took for a conservative to write this article. As a pre-Bush and now-ex republican, I want Steele to stay and shrink down the GOP, so that we can start a new conservative party- one built on constructive engagement with liberals rather than obstruction and h-ll NO."

For example, wewintheylose said, "As usual, ditzbag Parker has been distracted by the Leftist flash bang grenade in the corner of the room. Last I checked, Steele hasn't rammed a catastrophic healthcare law down America's throat against their will. Focus Parker, focus.."

But maiapapaya replied, "Kathleen Parker is not a "ditzbag." She happens to be one of the smartest people in your party. A moderate Republican, what a concept! I'm a liberal and disagree with her lots, but you're wrong."

dolph924 said, "You are known by the company you keep,and once again, Ms.Parker, you seem appalled by those leading the GOP. Time to consider leaving? There just doesn't seem to be any place in the GOP for anyone with any intellect these days."

troisieme wrote, "Nobody in politics has a monopoly on morality - for your [South Carolina Gov. Mark] Sanford I can offer you a [former New York Gov. Eliot] Spitzer - but the hypocrisy is a bit more worrisome for the Republicans because they have cultivated a certain image that the Democrats have left alone. The real hypocrisy of the Republicans is that they are willing to spend billions to kill muslims abroad but not a cent to help Americans at home."

Realist20 wrote, "The Dems are frightened to death of Steele - he managed GOP upsets in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts, and the Dems want him long gone before the mid-terms as Steele has engineered the takeover of Ted Kennedy's seat, and the upcoming mid-terms look to be a GOP tsunami.....Steele is going nowhere and he will be there for the Republican celebrations after the mid-term elections...most all those that voted for the socialist health plan are dead meat."

wilsonjmichael said, "...for me, the most disturbing aspect of this story is not the risque sexual entertainment. It is the abuse of those who contribute to any cause and expect their dollars to further a cause and instead are funding a good time for moral and intellectual imbeciles..."

truthhurts wrote, "Steele is like a stripper, if people keep putting dollars in his G-String, he won't leave the stage. Every time a Democratic messes up Republican radicals scream "HE SHOULD RESIGN !!!" Personally, I don't care what is done to the leader of Uriah Heep's Party."

Alka-Seltzer said, "The party is over for Steele you say. Not until after the 2010 elections lol. Elections First! But really, what's all the fuss about? The RNC is just giving all those good god fearing RNC high roller supporters what they want so no problem. Michael and his crew are realist, he knows the true face of his republican party."

army164 wrote, "Let's see, fire Steele and you not only risk alienating the 6% of black Americans who somehow and for some reason vote Republican but also remove the only non-white face in the Republican Party; the face Republicans can point to and say; "see we aren't a racist, prejudiced party, just look who our chairman is". Guess you could fire him and appoint Al Keyes or Armstrong Williams."

Jimpol said, "Michael Steele needs to step aside....RNC under his leadership has hit a low."

gava2 wrote, "This is just a fine effort to paint the RNC in a bad light. Good try but you will not get any traction here as you try to smear MR Steele who had nothing to do with this mess. Another thing you don't have to worry about is the RNC stocking champagne for November. The stocking will be full of cash which will result in the liberal left being defeated handidly."

Which inspired mnjam to suggest, "You mean handily, don't you? Maybe you should learn to spell before calling the next election."

DwightCollins, who can be depended upon to find the bright side for Republicans, wrote, "seems the me the dems are so worried that they want to dismantle the RNC... the november election is about JOBS... and so far obama is a loser on this subject..."

Thinking4 wrote, "Many Democrats are not all that thrilled with Tim Kaine [former Virginia governor and chairman of the Democratic National committee] but compared to Steele he is great! The self-serving book, speaking fees and bopping around the country on private jets has allowed people to peek at the fiscal conservativism the GOP trumpets while they practice entitlement. Whether it is a bondage club or "No" to anything the president is trying to do, we are watching. I have to admit that I laugh, a great deal."

All comments on this column are here.

By Doug Feaver  |  March 31, 2010; 5:58 AM ET
 | Tags: GOP, RNC, Republicans, Voyeur  
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