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Defeat the incumbents!

Our Readers Who Comment are strengthening the validity of a new Washington Post-ABC News poll as they express strong anti-incumbent sentiment, general unhappiness with the way things are in Washington, but some positives for President Obama.

As is always the case with such stories, a number of readers see the poll as being intentionally canted to one side or the other as part of the mainstream media conspiracy and not representative of their views or those of anyone they know. They predict different 2012 election outcomes, call for term limits for Congress, and generally sound unhappy about the way things are. Who can blame them?

As Dan Balz and pollster Jon Cohen write,"Dissatisfaction is widespread, crossing party lines, ideologies and virtually all groups of voters. Less than a quarter of independents and just three in 10 Republicans say they're leaning toward backing an incumbent this fall. Even among Democrats, who control the House, the Senate and the White House, opinion is evenly divided on the question."

We'll start with BrianX9's pessimistic evaluation of Americans: "Half of voters think they can eat free lunches forever, because that's what the Dems offer. The other half wants to "take back our country" from the non-Caucasian, homosexual socialists who have ruined everything. It's entitlement vs. hatred, with almost no center. A true centrist would garner about 1% of the votes, the actual proportion of reasonable people in this country..."

Now to a few rants about polls that produce results readers don't like:

dagner49 wrote, "good try to trying to make the dems and obama look better than they are.the only thing the post forgot was the paid political add notice."

And shadowmagician said, "I personally blame the MSM for these strange poll numbers - how can they report the most ridiculous nonsense ("death panels","he's a nazi-socialist") claiming it's "fair and balanced", and also claim to be journalists? They are more interested in a paycheck and name recognition than educating the public on the issues and researching the claims and giving the lie to obvious falsehoods!"

To which thelaw1 responded, "The MSM is not reporting what you claim. They are trying to portray him as a centrist in an almost desperate way. They invested so much to get him elected. It cost the MSM their credibility. Fox news is not part of the MSM."

And txoh offered, "Your poll obviously didn't include me or anyone I know. No one I know or work with has anything good to say about Obama and the dems in general. You better get away from the beltway and come take a closer look at the attitude in "flyover" country - it's not anti-incumbent as much as it is anti democrat."

Now to other comments beginning with parkerjere, who wrote, "Of course the people are disgusted with government. But it's a lot easier to vote somebody out than it is to find someone worthy to vote in. Who actually has a working plan to get us out of this terrible economic situation? What political party has a program to address these issues? Nobody and none as far as I can see."

thelaw1 said, "Well, November will be the bell weather. It will clearly be a referendum on the Obama agenda."

And murf1 wrote, "Fluff talk it all you want. But just wait and see the size of the Tsunami headed your way, Dems, I can assure you that it will be huge."

gbcoleman871 said, "...I want more independents, but I think President Obama has been great. He listens to different view points, and trys to reason with the opposition that I think is just getting more and more crazy, and then he makes a reasoned decision that comes down on the side of the American people. He really wants to end gridlock, and do something good for the American people and this is what the party of Hell No is so afraid of..."

An unhappy mibrooks27 concluded an extended post with "...we're not going to re-elect incumbents and not just those idiot Democrats, either. The world wide disaster we are mired in was the only bipartisan thing accomplished by Washington. We really need to wreck both of the old parties."

The poll story began with "Members of Congress face the most anti-incumbent electorate since 1994." This prompted johnhiggins1990 to write, "Or you could say "Democrats Have Screwed Themselves and Will Lose Control of the House".
Really, isn't it obvious that Obama/Pelosi/Reid have destroyed the Democratic Party?

But camera_eye_11 wrote, "Still, for President Obama and his party, there are some positive signs in the poll. The public trusts Democrats more than Republicans to handle the major problems facing the country by a double-digit margin, giving Democrats a bigger lead than they held two months ago, when Congress was engaged in the long endgame over divisive health-care legislation..."

lindagarner18 wrote, "I would say that there has been gross incompetence in the white house since the days of Jimmy Carter, but that's no excuse for it to continue to be that way! As far as polls go... November is the only real poll that will matter!"

Georgetowner1 asked, "Can't we please have a third party called the Pragmatic Party? It would consist of politicians who strive for balanced budgets and neutral rulings on social issues (i.e. abortion may be legal but taxpayers don't have to pay for them if we think it is wrong thing to do, etc.)..."

Charles15 wrote, "Oh- the people are angry... They are going to take their anger out on incumbebts come November, especially if they are Democrats. Thats it kids, blame every one but yourself... You were maxing your credit cards, you were believing the B/S that your assets would continue to appreciate in value- you borrowed against those assets which are now worth next to nought. You were living in a state of delusion, And now you blame everyone else when you are just as much to blame as enyone..."

lorddunsmore said, "The Dems better a plan for reducing the budget deficit. I don't want to hear "its Bush's fault". He's gone; deal with his legacy as well as Obama's latest faux paus that didn't do anything except create more, dangerous debt for the country."

Lopetto1 observed, "Wow, a lot of hatred in these posts. lots of predictions too. Funny how hatred can taint one's perception of reality. Can't wait for November to come. There are going to be a lot of disappointed people. I place my bets on Obama, the Democrats and the People."

ad4hk2004 wrote, "The President is limited to two terms and so should be every one of the Congress... Two terms and back to making a living and paying their own bills in the real world, right along with the rest of us tax paying chumps!"

We'll close with tryreason, who wrote, "We are a Democracy and we have the government we deserve. If all of the malcontents would take the time to educate themselves and vote accordingly our government would function a whole lot better and I don't think attending a lynch party disguised as a tea party is the same as an education. Go ahead America, shoot yourself in the foot once again!"

All comments on this article are here.

By Doug Feaver  |  April 28, 2010; 9:36 AM ET
Categories:  Polling  | Tags: Democrats, Obama, Polling, Republicans  
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I've reviewed the survey and then I read the comments. I personally would believe that Presideent OBAMA should be relected. I look at Fox plus I look at other Statios(MSNBC, ABC, CNN

Posted by: newsman65 | April 28, 2010 1:58 PM | Report abuse

Everyone has something to complain about yet NO ONE HAS ANY ANSWERS. Listening to the GOP, they only say THE DEMS ARE BAD FOR THE COUNTRY - but have no real plans. Their only idea is to BLOCK anything instead of standing for something,

Then there are the DEMS whose only speal is to say THE REPUB block everything and wont work together on anything.

No matter how much OBAMA may want to lead, there is not one person out there willing to go against the GRAIN or against a POLL to actually do the work for the country.

Those few that do seem to want to work are slowly giving up or are the subject of very partisan fighting. I mean look at Lindsey Graham. I have admired him because he always seened to want to listen and work.. John McCain as well, but more recently he has forgotten who he is and what he stands for.
They are all out to WIN for themselves and forget they are there to work for us.

I am not sure what we as people can do to remind them of their duties as it seems as soon as they hit the beltway, all bets are off.

Posted by: racerdoc | April 28, 2010 11:38 AM | Report abuse

YAWN! This reporting is what's wrong with our nation. All the media seem capable of doing is staring into opinions until stupid opines about idiot. No wonder the media keeps missing the big stories of weapons of mass destruction, Wall Street shenanigans, mortgage catastrophes and the like. They are too busy asking stupid people stupid questions. The biggest disaster in our nation is the bumbling media pretending to be journalism. Please go look for a real story, and don't come back until you have one.

Posted by: TeddyRoosevelt | April 28, 2010 11:28 AM | Report abuse

Obama is no progressive. I will be voting to the left of Obama and all incumbents in 2010.

Posted by: anarcho-liberal-tarian | April 28, 2010 11:11 AM | Report abuse

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