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Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party

Our Readers Who Comment do not agree on what Tuesday night's election results mean.

Some think it's all about throwing out incumbents like Sen. Arlen Specter (D-formerly-R-Pa.), but several argue that structure is a media-driven invention. Some think it's a repudiation of President Obama. Some say Rand Paul's win in Kentucky's Republican Senate primary means the Tea Party is off and running. But there is little rejoicing.

As Dan Balz and Chris Cillizza write, "The Kentucky race underscored the energy of anti-government conservatives who intend to shake up the capital. But the results in Pennsylvania's special House election [where Democrats held a vacant seat] will raise questions about whether Republicans will be able to take control of the House in November, as many of their leaders have predicted."

We'll start with cmastr , who wrote, "Throw them all out. Time to take back the country, and make these politicians report to the public, instead of the special interest groups."

But John1263 said, "In PA Democratic primary voters chose a young energetic Democrat over an 80 year old reagan republicon. Hardly an "anti-incumbant" groundwell. Paul got fewer votes than either of the Democratic candidates that he will face in November. republicons may be restling with the tea bag crowd they paid for, but Democrats choosing a Democrat and one that will easily defeat the crazy right winger in the general election is not even a real story."

And rocky wrote, "Tuesday's results were the most powerful indicator to date of the voter anger and dissatisfaction that has shaped the political climate all year. This was no anti-incumbent anger with the Specter situation. Sestak was a DC politician - this was a genuine well fought primary - the authors are trying to read into this a hypothesis that they desperately want to weave into the headline. C'mon writers."

DaveinNorthridge said, "Actually, Sestak and what's likely to be Blanche Lincoln's defeat in the runoff [in Arkansas] is anti-Obama, and specifically anti-Emanuel. Democratic voters apparently want REAL democrats... We've all been the victims of the stuff the president didn't want to do over the past year, now, at least in these states, we're saying 'enough.' "

wmpowellfan wrote, "Specter's party switch was a blatant nose-thumbing at voters. But the ultimate message here is a vote against comrade obama and his Communist regime."

asmith1 said, "Specter fiddled in the Congressional bi-partisan band for five terms, while America burned. Did the man really think all he had to do was change jackets to make that go away?..."

But cms1 wrote, "Excuse me my friends, but, Arlen Specter is 80 years old. He has been in Congress for THIRTY YEARS... and, so, after 30 years, he finally loses an election. Does this portend a huge shift in American politics? Does this mean anything at all? It simply means that an eighty year old man who tried to swing with the wind of current politics, as he read them, lost. That's all..."

John1263 said, "...Not a single Democrat that I spoke to during this campaign said boo about Obama. They liked Sestak, and viewed specter as a republicon. An easy easy choice and not in any way related to any of this hooey in the papers or in your fantasies."

bourassa1 wrote, "If Rand Paul shares his father's views on the wars and on military spending, then I say more power to him... Sadly I know that the average Tea Partier is really a conventional Bush-base militarist maniac...The average Teabagger waffles about liberty, yet somehow always comes out to defend wire-tapping, drug testing, police brutality, new stop-and-search powers etc. No, the Paul family and the real Tea Party are two very different things. The Pauls are libertarians - The Teabaggers are just angry Republicans."

lmreade said, "...I'm a little amazed at the spin put on last nights vote, First Rand Paul a tea party victory, for goodness sake it's Kentucky. Paul is an intellectual Liberal compared to Bunning,a net loss for the tea party if you ask me. Second Spector drove moderates crazy over the past 20 yaers, we always thought we could count on him when the going got tough, yet he was always a shill for the republicans..."

seve2yoo wrote, "...There was no incumbent running in the KY Senate race, so what "anti-Washington" sentiment does Paul's win "prove?" NOTHING. That's like me saying the Dem's retention of Murtha's seat proves there is no anti-Washington sentiment at all. And Sestak defeated a party-switcher..., not necessarily anti-incumbent sentiment. This trumped up editorial drama belongs in the Enquirer, not the Post.

Midwestmoviewriter said, "If either political party would go traditional like well from 1860 to 1992 perhaps then we would support an incumbent.
But they like to switch. Democrats at one time supported civil rights instead of slavery.
Democrats use[d] to support the rights of the unions and people... And the Republicans, well they let the tea baggers harrass minority congrespersons and spit on blacks. Then they deny climate change, ( warmest year ever recorded)...Time for a third party GO GREEN GO GREEN PARTY."

Realist201 wrote, "...America realizes the mistake they made in 2008 when they elected an incompetent, inexperienced socialist community organizer to be President of the United States.......the midterms are just the beginnign of the GOP tsunami which will end when Obama is routed in 2012, just as the previous inept Democratic Socialist, Jimmy Carter was."

JohnAdams1, getting back to basics, asked, "jobs? where are the jobs?"

We'll close with dryrunfarm1, who wrote, "...all you folks are making the same mistake, trying to read the future in tea leaves. November will come, and people will vote. Even after the votes are counted, given Americans' poor rate of participation in the democratic process, we won't really know whose message the people prefer, we'll only know who managed to get the most votes...Yelling each other down on this page and pages like it... is infantile. Why not try actually arguing ideas instead of calling each other and their dogs names?"

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By Doug Feaver  |  May 19, 2010; 9:13 AM ET
 | Tags: Democrats, Paul, Republicans, Sestak, Specter, Tea Party  
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