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Oil and wildlife don't mix

Many of our Readers Who Comment are in verbal agony over the plight of the birds and fish and other wildlife perishing in the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.

While everyone hopes the so-called "top kill" will seal the well, the damage is done and readers are furious with everybody -- BP, President Obama, the previous Bush administration, our conflicting demands for oil and an expectation no harm will come to the planet as a result.

While the politicians and technicians deal with the spill, Juliet Eilperin and David A. Fahrenthold write, "In nature, oil is a versatile killer. It smothers the tiny animals that make up a coral reef. It suffocates blades of marsh grass, cutting them off from air and sunlight. It clumps up a bird's feathers, leaving it unable to fly; then, trying to remove the oil, birds swallow it."

We'll start with seakeys, who wrote, "If this doesn't shake the conscience of where humanity and the rest of this magnificent planet meets, I'm afraid we will end it all in one slow motion flush... If there is anything good that could possibly come of this disaster, it's that it will stand as the point in our history that we as a species recognize that we really do control our destiny, and that we are capable of changing how we leave our footprint for future generations. Get it done."

eaglehawkaroundsince1937 said, "The real victims are us folks. We can post and post of all the greed and injustice, we can blame tell the cows come home. Soon the cows may not come home. The food chain will be broken. Who is to blame? Oh come on just read all the silly blaming being posted here.This is a horrible castatropic crisis here..."

justoneperson1 wrote, "Why is anyone surprised, you can't pour this black goo into the ocean for over 5 weeks and not cause a holocaust. Couple that with all the chemicals that BP has been using as a dispersant and the timing of it being springtime in the warm waters of the Gulf and you have the making of such misery that my heart breaks to think of the suffering of all those animals..."

kobuk said, "I live in interior Alaska, and for every year since Exxon Valdez, I look in spring for the bird migrations--in the spring to show they are still alive, and when the leave in the fall, fearful that they will not come back. Nothing is to be taken for granted now..."

laurelphoto suggested that "Every incident of an oiled bird should be filmed, date timr stmped, and televised worldwide over the BP logo. And also incorporated into shows just like other product placement. Likewise dead turtles, dolphins, and all other lifeforms."

Vickie803 wrote, "This is an outrage beyond words. To have drilled for oil without the technology to deal with this is criminal. Obama's administration's lack of response is the icing in the cake. Tragic and culpable. It won't help the suffering they have caused, but those responsible should spend time in jail."

Justlistening said, "But our demand for oil rages unabated, while our outcry continues"

tdp2012 wrote, "This has all the earmarks of a bad sci-fi movie. This delicate environment is being destroyed by the greed of a BIG OIL company and with the government that allowed this to happen by waiving EIR's and not insisting on viable, redundant contingency plans. It's another fine example of corruption and greed at the expense of the planet and it's living, breathing, inhabitants..."

bretb said, "BP knows what the only solution is, and that is drilling relief wells, which will take a minimum of 60 more days. Everything in the mean time is pure media propaganda to show they are doing "something"..."

farmsnorton wrote, "The fishermen are screaming that no one is in charge down there. If they were allowed to act they could save more of the marsh. They are furious with Obama but Mr. arrogant needs to campaign for Boxer and play some more golf. I would rather vote for Mickey Mouse than vote for him or his party again. Ex democrat"

smoke111 said, "This is heart wrenching. Those poor birds -- such a miserable fate."

And Rubiconski wrote, "It IS the presidents job to defend our shores....
Even from criminally negligent oil companies."

fare777 said, "I guess the Cracker Tea Baggers finally got what they wanted. They voted for oil drilling and no government regulation and now they are crying and whining about government response. Newsflash to morons, the government does not drill oil wells, the government does not have the equipment, the government does not have the trained staff. The oil companies do. So quit your two faced whining and crying about the government that you didn't want involved anyway..."

curbludgeon suggested, "...Gather up the senior BP execs, dress them in blaze orange jumpsuits and get them out on the beaches, cleaning up the land, water and wildlife they sullied through gross negligence and obscene greed ...after a month or so of ten hour days, pressure-wash the crude off the CEOs and feed them to the orcas at SeaWorld--air it on Reality TV ... maybe then, people who should know better won't cut corners when it comes to the general welfare of the people and the planet"

pamschuh9 gets my vote for idiotic question of the month in asking, "Has anybody considered that OBAMA ordered the spill so that he might look like a "New Deal" type President and roll out a brand new Works Progress Administration; surely he'll create and save jobs with HIS oil spill."

meinsenkaye007 wrote, "We can hope for a hurricane strong enough to scrub clean the shoreline and push the oil all the way to Washington DC."

daylight1452 said, "The State the State of Louisiana for more than a month, has requested permission from the federal government to extend the barrier islands so as to prevent the oil from reaching the main shore. In true Katrina style, the federal government has to "study" the request. While it is bad enough for our country to face this disaster, we are now confronted with a federal government that is too incompetent to deal with the matters they could control."

But transtique1 replied, "The problem is that there are insufficient resources available to do squat. Yell and scream at the Federal Government all you want, but the scope of this man-made tragedy is way beyond where an expeditious man-made wetlands protection solution is possible. Dredging and barriers could ultimately do more harm than good... An intelligent response is better than an overly rushed response."

We'll close with norriehoyt, who asked, "Hey, Sarah Palin, how's that Drill Baby Drill thing workin out for ya these days?"

All comments on this article are here.

By Doug Feaver  |  May 27, 2010; 9:03 AM ET
Categories:  Oil  | Tags: BP, Gulf of Mexico, Obama, Oil, wildlife  
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Remember November

Remember November, two thousand and eight?
Drill, baby, drill
And the result we now can see, that’s impossible to negate?
Spill, baby, spill
Do oily birds and oily fish have anything to say?
Kill, baby, kill
How ‘bout all the money, that the taxpayers now will pay?
Bill, baby, bill
Do you believe BP’s promise to clean up all the soil?
Nill, baby, nill
Knowing half-governor Palin’s true function for Big Oil?
Shill, baby, shill
Do Tea Baggers sorely need a real good education?
Shrill, baby, shrill
Like Republican’s sermonizing for far less regulation?
Swill, baby, swill
Finger pointing’s not the time where’pon we ought to dwell.
Chill, baby, chill
Now’s the time to dig some berms and cap that blasted well.
Fill, baby, fill

Posted by: watchful | June 3, 2010 12:41 AM | Report abuse

Obama's indecision is going to cost him dearly. After 38 days -- 38 days -- he has finally taken timid action on off shore drilling. Well WHOOPTY DO!!

Oil is now in the marshes; the fishing industry is at a STOP in Louisiana, and soon to be in Mississippi, and Lord only know in Alabama and Florida; the tourist trade for this season -- as a minimum -- is ruined; allied jobs surrounding fishing, shore agriculture, and tourism are over; and unknown long term illness lurk!

While Obama will point fingers at others, will attempt to shift blame to Bush/Cheney, the fact is -- like in so many other cases the past 16 months -- his inexperienced dithering has cost this Nation dearly. His bureaucracy FAILED to address request from local governments for them to help themselves -- and now, we all have to admit that when you EARN the IRE of the RAGIN' CAJUN, you have a problem. Obama has a problem -- A BIG PROBLEM!!

PS: Know he will be able to rest up during his vacation this weekend, and will skip the Memorial Day observance at Arlington! Thanks a lot Obama!! Enjoy your golf!!!!

Posted by: wheeljc | May 27, 2010 12:43 PM | Report abuse

I, too, do care totally about the wildlife BUT where are the stories, compassion, and follow-ups on the 11 men who died in this disaster? We hear only about the birds and turtles. Were I family of one of those men, I would be crushed by the seeming indifference to their deaths and the overwhelming outpouring of concern for the animal life. This is impossible to understand.

Posted by: Aquasco | May 27, 2010 11:41 AM | Report abuse

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